What Should I Grill This Weekend

Pellet Grill Recipes You Have To Try On Your Smokepro Or Woodwind Pellet Grill


You may have heard of pellet grills and wondered what all the hype is about. Its just a grill, right? What can you cook on a pellet grill that you cant on a propane grill? Plenty, my friend. In fact, there are a few foods you simply havent experienced unless youve cooked them on a SmokePro pellet grill. These pellet grill recipes are here to change your life. Or, at least, your taste buds.

Garlicky Prawns With Parsley Lemon And Radicchio

This is an easy, buttery centerpiece for your summer barbecues

With all the flavours of the summer, these juicy prawns drizzled in butter and topped with fresh herbs and leaves make an impressive centrepiece without being difficult to make. It can be prepared ahead leaving you to relax and enjoy a glass of wine with your guests. Served with crusty bread that can be griddled on the barbecue for a smoky flavour theyre a real showstopper dish for outdoor entertaining.

Makes: 4 servings

1 tsp of dried red chilli, crumbled finely

4 cloves of garlic, crushed

1 bunch of flat leaf parsley, leaves only, chopped

Juice of one lemon

1 tbsp of dry sherry

Leaves of radicchio

Crusty bread, torn or thickly sliced


1. Start by peeling the prawns, discard the shell but reserve the heads. Place a large, heavy based pan over a medium to low heat. When warm add the butter and allow to melt.

2. Once the butter is melted and beginning to foam add the prawn heads. When they are bright red squeeze the juice from the heads into the pan .

3. Remove the heads and discard. You will be left with a beautiful, flavourful sauce that will really enhance the flavour of the final dish. Add the chilli and garlic, reduce the heat slightly and cook for 30 seconds or so,being careful that the garlic does not burn.

4. Add the prawns and cook for 1 minute or until just translucent.

5. Squeeze over the lemon juice, add the sherry and parsley and stir well to combine.

6. Finally add the radicchio.

Why Is Grilled Chicken Bad For You

That char contains compounds called heterocyclic amines , which have been linked to cancer. One 2009 study found that those who prefer their meat very well done on the grill could increase their risk of pancreatic cancer. And another study in 2015 linked the consumption with grilled meats with kidney cancer.

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What To Throw On The Grill This Weekend

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Wondering what to throw on the grill this weekend? Heres how to cook just about everything. From burgers to chicken to shrimp everything tastes better on the grill.

Now that were officially in the middle of the summer, you probably want to be outside grilling just about everything. Here are recipes for everything you could ever want to throw on the grill.

About Christine

Hi! Im Christine. My passion is creating recipes that take less time in the kitchen, so that we can all spend more time enjoying life! Im a busy single mom of two, so I totally get how tough it can be. Thats why Ive been figuring things out for my own family, and thats why I want to share this knowledge with others. I now help over 2 million people a month get delicious meals onto their tables. Come along with me and see how much easier it can be!

About Christine

Hi! Im Christine. My passion is creating recipes that take less time in the kitchen, so that we can all spend more time enjoying life! Im a busy single mom of two, so I totally get how tough it can be. Thats why Ive been figuring things out for my own family, and thats why I want to share this knowledge with others. I now help over 2 million people a month get delicious meals onto their tables. Come along with me and see how much easier it can be!

5 secrets to the Juiciest grilled meats!

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Best Grilled Meat Recipes

For many, grilled meat is the classic example of what’s so great about outdoor cookingbut the word’s gotten out, and folks are finding all sorts of foods that benefit from some time over the coals . There’s grilled salad, grilled pizza, grilled cheese , grilled cake, grilled seafood, grilled beer-can cabbage. But even though it’s sharing the spotlight, grilled meat still has a role to play. Whether it’s pork, beef, or lamb, we’ve rounded up our favorite grilled meat recipes for you to check back in on all summer long.

What To Grill This Weekend

With warm, but not stifling, weather and a break from the wind on its way, this weekend is a great time to fire up the grill. Its also Mothers Day weekend, so you may already be planning an outdoor celebration! If Mothers Day isnt your thing, check out this blog we wrote about alternative ways you can spend the day .

We received our first local peaches of the season this week! Try them in this grilled stone fruit and prosciutto salad recipe that comes together in just 30 miuntes. You can easily make this vegetarian or vegan by swapping cubed fontina or smashed green olives for the prosciutto.

Speaking of grillable fruit, spicy pineapple chicken kebabs served with a chilled Sauv Blanc are a crowd-pleasing appetizer or main. Ive also been dying to try this grilled pork tenderloin recipe with homemade rhubarb bbq sauce since I came across it a few weeks ago on National Co-op Grocers website.

If youre the type to endlessly nibble at family gatherings, which I am, try putting out this grilled vegetable antipasto with asparagus to satisfy the grazers. Psst, local asparagus is on sale for $3.99/pound through 5/11! Grilled artichokes with parmesan aioli and grilled scallions with romesco sauce fulfill this brief as well.

No meat? No problem! You can make grilled eggplant napoleons with halloumi, a salty, grillable cheese that announces the start of summer. Make smoky grilled tofu and broccoli over chilled rice vermicelli noodles for a hearty main course.

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Barbecued Sesame Sweet Potatoes

These glazed barbecue sesame sweet potatoes are the ultimate side for casual summer dining. Coated in a gorgeously sticky marinade of ginger, soy and garlic, they are full of flavour and a scattering of sesame seeds peanuts adds some satisfying crunch. Leave out the chillies if you want to tone down the heat for youngsters. These potato fries are also delicious dipped in barbecue sauce for extra smokiness.

Grilled Bacon Jalapeno Wraps

WHAT I ATE TODAY! (as an average teen lol)

These grilled bacon jalapeno wraps breathe new life to the classic poppers.

Heres a breakdown of what goes on in this dish: jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese and seasonings, wrapped in bacon, and grilled to perfection.

I mean. Its cheesy, savory, smoky, spicy all in one! How can you not fall in love?

Theyre so ridiculously addictive, even those who cant tolerate spicy food will ask for seconds.

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Grill Steaks For Flavor

If youre going to be grilling for a crowd, you dont want dried-out overcooked meat. Steaks with higher fat content, such as rib-eye, are pretty forgiving and always crowd pleasers.

Consider the reverse-sear method. With this technique, you can grill your steaks over low or indirect heat until they reach an internal temperature of about 110 degrees. Once the crowd is ready to eat, place the steaks over direct heat and cook them to order.

Grilled Banana With Chocolate And Crushed Peanut Brittle

gives us a super-smart, mess-free grilled dessertâbananas topped with a crunchy walnut praline. The clever secret is that you grill the banana in its peel, allowing it to get warm, jammy, and a little smoky on the inside. Eat it from the peel with your desired toppings, or spoon it over ice cream.

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High Tide Seafood Bar & Grill Gilbert Arizona

High Tide Seafood Bar & Grill is a family-friendly restaurant set within a spacious, contemporary shopping center on Val Vista Drive that specializes in ocean-fresh seafood, oysters, and authentic steam kettle cooking. The restaurant is committed to sourcing local ingredients and supporting local suppliers and uses only the freshest ingredients in all of their dishes, which include fresh fish and seafood, hearty prime beef and grain-fed chicken burgers, shucked oysters, and smoked short ribs. The restaurant also has an extensive wine list with wines from around the world which are perfectly paired with the cuisine, as well as a menu of handcrafted cocktails and imported spirits. High Tide Seafood Bar & Grill caters for private parties and functions and is open for lunch and dinner, seven days a week.

2540 S Val Vista Dr, Gilbert, AZ 85295, Phone: 480-821-9950

“Best Things to Do in Gilbert, Arizona for Locals & Tourists – Restaurants, Hotels” Back to Top or Beautiful places near me, what to do, restaurants for breakfast, travel guide, nearest beach

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What To Cook This Weekend

What Should I Grill Tonight?
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By Sam Sifton

Good morning. I wrote about the Philadelphia restaurateurs Mike Solomonov and Steven Cook this week, in a column for The Times that includes their recipe for Jerusalem mixed grill . I think that dish should absolutely be on your meal docket this weekend, to eat with hummus and pita.

Its not really a grilled dish. You make it on a griddle, or in a skillet. And while the recipe calls for a mix of chicken livers, hearts and chicken thighs, theres no reason to cook the offal if you dont want to or dont like it. You can make mixed grill with straight chicken instead. The spicing is the point, a kind of amplified baharat that provides a warm and intriguing, almost smoky flavor to the meat. Its ridiculously delicious, whether you make it into a pita pocket or simply mound the chicken on top of a few spoonfuls of hummus, as if it were polenta and the chicken a thick sauce.

Make Jerusalem mixed grill tonight, maybe? That way you can clear Saturday night for Melissa Clarks new recipe for baked polenta a taste of comfort as spring struggles to make itself known.

Other recipes to cook this weekend include my three-cup chicken, which Ive lately turned into a kind of stew that I cook with lamb, simmering chunks of shoulder in the sauce for 40 minutes or so, until theyre super tender, and serving over rice, with oven-roasted green beans drizzled with oyster sauce.

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Saluda Historic Depot Saluda North Carolina

The Saluda Historic Depot was established in 2016 to preserve the original 1903 railroad depot and showcase the history of early Saluda. The Depot has been turned into a train and heritage museum where visitors can learn all about the vital role of the railroad in the early days of Saluda. The various exhibits in the museum tell the tale of the pioneer era in Saluda by means of videos, narrative, artifacts and vintage photos. There is also a large diorama in one of the rooms where visitors can admire the miniature railway and learn about the difficulties faced by the early engineers and laborers who risked their lives to build the 3-mile Saluda Grade, the steepest standard gauge railroad in the U.S., which carried passengers and supplies up the steep mountains to Saluda.

Saluda Historic Depot, 32 West Main Street, Saluda, NC 28773, Phone: 828-769-9016

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Grilled Sausage And Pepper Heroes

This hearty sandwich comes together quickly on a small portable grill, making it perfect for a tailgate or picnic. Make the balsamic vinaigrette at home and take it along in a small jar. You can purchase the Italian sausage ring at an Italian butcher. If you cant get the cheese and parsley flavor, use any flavor you like. If youd like to make this on a full-size grill, you can cook everything at once and remove the ingredients as they finish cooking.

Get the Recipe: Grilled Sausage and Pepper Heroes

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Homemade Bbq Lamb Doner Kebab

Skip the trip to the kebab shop and make your own healthier version. Our gently spiced BBQ lamb donor kebabs are easy to make and sure to become a family favourite. Get the full ‘takeaway’ experience by pairing the lamb with classic accompaniments such as flatbreads, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and chips so everyone can get stuck in and build their own wraps.

Try more succulent barbecue lamb recipes, from kebabs to Greek-style butterflied lamb.

Gather A Selection Of Your Favourite Meats And Together Lets Prepare The Best Mixed Grill

Important BBQ Safety Tips For The Holiday Weekend

After leaving university, my first real job was working for the Ben and Yael Dunkelman, two of Torontos original foodies. Their restaurant became the perfect place from which they shared their love of food. It was here that I first learned the importance of partnering quality ingredients with culinary technique to produce superior, memorable flavours. This recipe for THE BEST MIXED GRILL is a tribute to them!

The entire recipe happened following a trip they took to California. Yael asked me to join them at table 9 shed instructed the chef to prepare a MIXED GRILL.

It wasnt long before a large platter of grilled meats arrived at the table, accompanied by a number of sauces. Yael guided us through tasting each we spoke of doneness, texture, flavour and the pleasure of being able to enjoy so many different flavours at one sitting. Everything, including the company, exceeded my expectations.

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Roblox Outage Lasts All Weekend And It’s Not Chipotle’s Fault: What Investors Should Know

A leading game is experiencing an outage affecting users all weekend long. While some blamed a popular restaurant chain, the gaming company has said that is not the case.

What Happened: Roblox, a game from Roblox Corporation , is unavailable to play for users over the weekend.

Issues were first reported on Thursday, Oct. 28 before the game was completely unavailable for more than two days.

The company has been regularly updating its Twitter followers on progress it is making and how it has identified the root cause of the issue.

No estimate has been given to when the game will be restored.

Roblox said it is working around the clock to resolve the outage and confirmed that it was not the result of a hack, the company told The Verge Saturday.

We are in the process of performing the necessary engineering and maintenance work to get Roblox back up and running as soon as possible. We apologize that our community is unable to be on Roblox during this time, a Roblox spokesperson told The Verge.

We have identified root cause and solution. We are working on getting things back online and we will keep you updated throughout the day.

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Why Its Important: The outage for Roblox comes as Facebook Inc rebranded itself as Meta and all eyes were on the metaverse and related companies. Roblox is considered a meta verse stock and could benefit from increased interest in the sector.

Baconneed We Say More

No recipe needed for this one. Just buy bacon, throw some Competition Blend pellets into the hopper, and experience the miracle of pellet grill bacon. Low and slow is good, medium heat is good, high heat is good. Its almost impossible to mess up. If youve ever wondered, What can I cook on a pellet grill? this should be the first thing you try.

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More Grilled Dinner Ideas

Mediterranean Stuffed Eggplant, page 179 of Love & Lemons Every DayServe this stuffed eggplant for dinner, and no one will leave the table hungry. French green lentils and bulgur make the filling nice and hearty, while sun-dried tomatoes, arugula, and fresh basil pack it with flavor.

Vegan Burrito BowlMove over, Chipotle! This homemade burrito bowl will knock the socks off any bowl youd get out to eat. Pineapple salsa offers a delicious sweet contrast to the spicy grilled mushrooms and peppers. If you dont have pineapple on hand, mango salsa or fresh tomato salsa would be great here too.

Spicy Black Bean & Mango Stuffed Peppers, page 165 of Love & Lemons Every DayI make stuffed peppers in the oven in the fall, but in the summer, I always throw them on the grill. It gives the peppers a nice char, which adds extra dimension to the bright mango, black bean, and corn filling here.

Grilled Corn TacosI bill this as a taco recipe, but the filling here is so tasty that Id be happy eating it as a salad, too! Its a zesty mix of feta cheese, tomatillo salsa verde, and summer bounty like cherry tomatoes, grilled green beans, and corn.

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