Gas Grill Propane Tank Refill

Should I Exchange Or Refill My Old Tank

How To Refill And Attach Your Propane Tank

Buying a 15- to 20-pound tank that you can exchange at the store could cost as much as $30 less than buying the same size outright. Exchanging the empty one for full ranges from $10 to $25.

If you only want to keep one small unit, the exchange program may be perfect for your needs. Otherwise, you might choose to pay the extra money for one you can refill on your own. Homeowners who maintain several small tanks, or who have easy access to a propane company, may prefer this option.

Paracos Bbq Tank Exchange

Exchange Locations

Look for our tank exchange cages at our partner retailers, including The Home Depot, 7-Eleven, Global Gas Stations, Nurseries, and more.

Exchange & Refill

Exchanging a BBQ propane tank for your grill is as easy as, drop off your empty propane tank, grab a new one or refill your own and go!

BBQ Grilling

Good food brings people together! Enjoy those moments! Surround yourself with good friends and great food. Happiness is a BBQ, Friends and a Backyard!

Replacing Your Propane Tanks

If your Weber Grill is propane-based, you should make sure you have a fuel supply at the ready before you start cooking. One extra convenience of a Weber natural gas grill is having a constant source of fuel, though propane can be economical and convenient for those who do not have natural gas in their house or who cannot install an additional gas line to their yard.

Yardville Supply offers new 20lb propane tanks at all of our Smiths Ace Hardware store locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. At our Yardville location you can have your propane tank refilled.

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Propane Accessories To Maximize Performance And Safety

Stock up on the right propane tank accessories to keep your propane tank properly maintained. Ace offers an extensive line of propane tank accessories, including the following:

Propane Hoses

These essential propane accessories let you connect your propane-based appliances to your propane cylinders. The adapter ends on propane hoses vary in sizes, so its important to check for a type that fits your specific tank and appliance.

The best thing about propane hoses is how easy they are to install. When purchasing a new hose, look for materials like high-quality rubber thats durable and strong to prevent the possibility of gas leaks.

Propane Tank Adapters and Fittings

Similar to propane hoses, propane tank adapters and fittings are also designed to make connections between propane tanks and propane-based appliances. Propane tank fittings are located on each end of propane hoses and adapters allow for connections of smaller propane cylinders to larger sizes. The most common propane tank adapter sizes include:

Propane Regulator Kits

One of the most important components of a propane tank is its propane regulator. Propane regulators control the flow of gas and lower the pressure of the propane tank to the appliance. They serve as safety barriers that help control the flow and distribution of propane gas.

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Do Prices Vary Throughout The Year

BBQ Propane Tank Refills

Yes, like most commodities based on supply and demand, propane prices do fluctuate throughout the year.

Propane is usually cheaper in the warmer months and gradually becomes more expensive in the winter.

While springtime is usually the time most have long since turned off their heating, it is the perfect time to top up your propane gas supply for your home so youre ready for next year.

Propane gas prices can be much cheaper in spring compared to peak winter prices.

One word of warning does not run out of gas! Emergency deliveries and refills are considerably more expensive and often will incur surcharges or hiked propane gas prices.

Many gas refilling companies will also do gas canister checks when a tank is completely empty too, and this will add additional charges to refilling your tank.

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Do Bbq Grills Come With Propane Tanks

No. These grills do not include a propane tank, so you have to either purchase or exchange one.

But, once you have your tank, you should inspect the condition before using it. Please look for any signs of rust or tarnish that may be dangerous.

Also, check whether the gas container has any dents on the exterior since they can make the gas inside compress and leak, putting you at risk of fire.

Its also wise to check to place the tank correctly on the grill. Dont place it far away from the connector, or it may leak.

Also, place it where it wont be knocked over and about 10 feet from your house.

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Refilling A Propane Tank Overview

Most retailers will have a cage filled with new tanks located in the front of the store. Some may have a self-serve kiosk, while others require you get an associate to help you exchange or purchase a new tank. Some retailers such as Tractor Supply Plus allow you to keep your tank as they will fill your tank on site and only charge you for the amount of propane you purchased.

Some retailers can often offer a 30-day guarantee. If any problems persist during this time, you will be able to bring back your propane tank and either get a new one or get your money back.

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Shop Propane Gas Near You

Find propane near you at your closest Ace Hardware for new propane tanks for sale, refills and exchanges to keep your devices fueled all year long. Not sure if you should choose an exchange or refill? At Ace, we are happy to help you choose a safe, efficient and cost-beneficial option that works for you.

How Much Does It Cost To Fill A Propane Tank

How to Save Money on Propane Tanks For Your Grill or RV

The cost to refill a propane tank varies from $3.00 – $4.00 a gallon at most U-Haul propane refill locations. Compared to exchanging a tank, which on average costs from $5.00 – $6.00 a gallon. On average, you spend less per gallon by refilling your propane tank rather than exchanging it. That’s more money in your pocket to fill up your propane tank on your next visit!

When you refill your propane tank, you also get more bang for your buck than exchanging it. For example, many companies only fill their 20-lb propane exchange tanks to 15 lbs. Even though you’re paying for a full tank, you’ll receive less and youll have to exchange it for another tank again. Plus, if you choose to refill your tank as opposed to exchanging it, youll have to do it less often because you get more propane when you refill.

The graphic below helps demonstrate that you’ll be getting 33 percent more when you refill your 20-lb propane tank rather than exchanging it:

If your tank is not completely empty, you will lose the propane that’s left in it if you exchange your old tank for a new one. However, when you refill your propane tank, you’ll never lose the propane you’ve already paid for, and you’ll only pay for the propane you need.

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Advantages Of Propane Tank Exchange

If you exchange a tank rather than refilling, the process is fast and convenient. It is easier to find an exchange location that is open at odd hours, during nights, or weekends. There are usually far more exchange locations than refill stations. Many are at convenience stores, gas stations, chain stores like Wal-Mart and Home Depot, and grocery stores. In addition, there are services such as Forklift Propane Exchange and Propane Taxi that will deliver exchange tanks to your home or business.

With an exchange, you are assured that the tank is inspected, cleaned, leak-tested, and has up-to-date safety information and instructions printed on the tank. The tank will also have been requalified on its designated schedule. If you receive a tank in exchange that has a leak or problem, you should be able to take up the issue with the vendor.

Which Propane Tank Size Do You Need

The most common type of gas container is the propane cylinder, which is also referred to as a propane tank. Propane gas cylinders come in many different shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking to heat your entire home or just fire up your grill, we’ll help you find the right propane near you.

The propane tank size you choose will depend on your heating needs:

  • 16-ounce: These small propane tanks are often used to fuel items like tabletop grills and propane torches.
  • 20-pound: A popular residential propane cylinder size, these tanks are typically used on propane gas grills, fireplaces and modest household appliances. They typically hold just under five gallons of propane and are fairly lightweight.
  • 30-pound: Approximately two feet tall, 30-pound propane cylinders hold around seven gallons of propane and are easily portable.
  • 100-pound: A good choice for heating devices like gas cooking ranges and indoor fireplaces, these propane cylinders hold nearly 25 gallons of propane.

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Open The Larger 20lb Tanks Valve

With everything inverted, VERY SLOWLY open the valve on the Larger Propane Tank until you hear the transfer of propane taking place.

Keep everything inverted during this part of the process so maximum liquid transfer takes place.

Note: If you are filling multiple 1lb propane tanks, dont forget to refill your BBQ gas tank before your next barbecue party.

There is nothing worse than telling your guests you forgot you used your home tank to refill your camping gear and you begin frantically searching for the nearest propane refill near me that is open on a Sunday afternoon in order to finish cooking the hamburgers!

UPDATE: Thank you to Steve who mentioned in a comment that new propane valves have a sudden lock out safety feature To avoid triggering the sudden lock out, just open the valve much more slowly at first. There will be a point where there is enough pressure in the little bottle to keep the safety valve from closing, then you can fully open the large tank valve.

Are You Getting What You Give

BBQ Grill Saver 1lb Propane Tank Gas Adapter Refill Brass Cook Backup ...

So you have your new grill and you have your new propane tank. Now lets just go and exchange this empty tank for a full one. Wait, wait, wait. You have a new 20lb propane tank, your tank comes with an automatic 12-year certification. After 12 years 20lb propane tanks must re-qualified by a trained inspector. Exchange companies do this as a matter of course.

When the tanks are re-qualified, a sticker is placed on them that allows to the tank to remain in operation for 5 more years. At the end of that 5 years, the tanks must be inspected again and then can be given another 5-year certification sticker. This goes on and on until the tank is deemed no longer safe. So when exchanging you may not be getting a new tank, but it will be certified.

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Where Can I Refill My Propane Tank

Now that you know where to find a propane tank, youre probably wondering where you can get it refilled.

The good news is that most places that sell propane tanks will also refill them. All you need to do is bring your empty tank back to the store and they will take care of the rest.

If youre not sure, just give them a call and they will let you know.

Refilling Vs Exchanging Your Propane Cylinders

Propane cylinder refills offer some advantages over cylinder exchanges like those at your local gas station or convenience store.

Refills are often a more cost-effective alternative to propane cylinder replacements. To begin, you could save approximately $1.75 per gallon compared to the price of propane from a cylinder exchange.

Additionally, you only pay for the propane put into your cylinder during a refill. Consider if youre going to exchange a propane cylinder: Even if there isnt much propane left in it, you still paid for the gas and cant keep it. You get to keepand useall the propane you buy when you refill your cylinder.

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Weigh The 1lb Propane Refilled Cylinder

To ensure you have not exceeded the max-rated capacity of the 1 lb cylinder, use a Kitchen Scale to weigh the refilled cylinder and calculate the net propane weight by subtracting the empty weight from the new refilled weight.

Each model is different so check with your manufacturer for specific details.

UPDATE: Thank you to Tommy who mentioned in a comment to check the refilled bottle for leaks with soapy water he suggests 1 part Dawn Dish Soap to 10 parts water. Use a soap that has no phosphorus which attacks copper and brass. Now you are done and ready to use your refilled camping propane cylinder with some totally cool gear check these out!

After you get the hang of using your propane refill adapter, youll understand why we think it is one of the best propane camping gear items you should have in your toolbox!

We like using these tanks to power our propane heaters when tent camping in cold weather, see How To Heat A Tent Without Electricity for more tips.

We use our 1 lb propane tank with our camp torch to melt cheese in recipes like this yummy Camp Cast Iron Skillet Breakfast Nachos Recipe.

How To Maintain Your Propane Tank

How To Fix Your Propane Tank in 6 Easy Steps | Barbecues Galore

Now that you have your propane tank, you need to make sure you take care of it.

Here are a few tips on how to maintain your tank:

  • Store your propane tank in a cool, dry place.
  • Make sure the valve is closed when youre not using it.
  • Check the tank for leaks before each use.
  • Be sure to follow these tips so you can keep your propane tank in good condition.
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    Is Propane Cylinder Refilling Legal

    Laws vary by jurisdiction, so there is not one-single answer to this question.

    You should check with the authorities in your area regarding refilling 1 lb propane tanks whether they are the pre-filled disposable types of propane tanks or the refillable 1 lb propane tank camping style propane canisters.

    If it is not legal to refill these tanks, you might begin to call them propain tanks get it pain because nobody likes getting tickets from the authorities! LOL

    Cooking is one of the most common uses for 1lb camping propane tank fuel.

    We have amazing camp stove recipes you will be thrilled to eat!

    If youre looking for awesome ideas for yummy camping food, youre in the right place!

    Heres our entire camping recipes list.

    Stop Paying Too Much At Swap Programs

    The benefit to propane refills vs. propane tank swaps is simple: YOU ARE ONLY PAYING FOR WHAT YOU ARE GETTING. Propane tank swap programs charge a flat rate for each tank, so it doesnt matter if you are swapping a tank that still has propane left in it. Dont risk running out of propane while you have steaks on the grill! When you are running low, bring your tank to our propane refills center and have us top it up. You will only pay for the litres we pump.

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    Tips For Refilling Propane Tanks

    • Note tank expiration dates. Some refill stations refuse to refill tanks that are over a specified age limit, some older than five years. Be sure to note when your tank will expire.
    • You can get an older tank recertified to extend its lifespan if it is in good condition, but you will have to search for a recertification site in your area. You may also be able to exchange it for a newer one at some home improvement stores or other locations, though there may be a fee for this service.

    Benefits Of Exchanging Propane Tanks

    Small Propane Tank Cylinder Bottle 1 One Gallon Gas Refill BBQ Grill ...

    Using a propane exchange near you can offer a few benefits, including:

    • Greater Convenience:Exchanging a propane tank is a painless process. If you are short on time, this is the route you want to go as it is quick and easy.
    • Lasting Peace of Mind:When you get an exchanged tank, you have the peace of mind that the tank should be safety complaint and not expired as the tanks are inspected when they are exchanged.

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    Youre Thinking About The Changing Seasons

    As the weather shifts, youll start using your propane differently. And youll want to start off with a full tank whenever possible.

    If youre going through your checklist and getting your home ready for the changing seasons, schedule a refill appointment with your propane provider.

    This way, you wont have to worry about running out of fuel when you need it most.

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    How To Fill A Propane Tank

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    Propane is stored in liquid form in high-pressure tanks, and it turns into a gas when its pressure is lowered by opening the valve. Depending on the type of propane tank you have, you may be able to fill it on your own when its empty from a larger supply tank. Before you fill your propane tank, be sure to check that the tank is in good condition and that filling it yourself is legal in your area. If you can fill your tank, remember to be extremely careful since propane is flammable and could ignite!

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