How Do You Grill Chicken On The Grill

How Do You Cook A Whole Chicken On An Infrared Grill

GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST | how to grill juicy boneless chicken

There are many challenges in grilling and one of them is cooking chicken.

Grilling a whole chicken can be even more challenging when you consider the different techniques.

Lets take a look at a few of the ways I think its best to grill a whole chicken.

These grilling methods are for grilling an entire chicken as a whole, not just grilling parts and pieces.

I think youll discover your infrared grill does more than improve results and flavors.

Scroll down and discover chicken nirvana!

How Long Do I Grill Chicken Breast

The grilling time depends on the temperature of your grill and the thickness of the chicken breasts. The temperature of a charcoal grill is difficult to regulate, and not all gas grills have a temperature gauge.

Your total grilling time for this recipe comes down to how long your chicken breasts take to get to the right internal temperature. When they reach an internal temperature of 155°F on an instant-read thermometer inserted in the thickest part of the breast, take them off the grill. Cover in foil and let rest for 5 to 10 minutes. The breasts will continue to cook and reach the recommended 165°F internal temperature.

What Are Chicken Leg Quarters

Chicken leg quarters are the thigh and drumstick, also known as the leg, of a chicken. The thigh and leg is also a quarter of a chicken hence the name chicken leg quarters.

Both the thigh and the drumstick contain dark meat which can be fatty and juicy. Both being fatty and juicy bring a lot of flavor to the chicken.

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Baking Powder For The Win

Youve probably got a box of baking powder in the pantry, right? Time to put it to use!

Baking powder is mildly alkaline, according to the wise people at epicurious. Thanks to that property, it will cause proteins to contract, kind of like the boiling water.

So, if you add baking powder to your salt or rub and let the chicken sit in the fridge to dry, the baking powder will tighten as the salt extracts.

How Do I Cook Chicken Sausage On A Gas Grill

Margarita Grilled Chicken

One option is to poach the sausages in boiling water before grilling them. Then they just need a couple minutes on the grill to crisp up the skin. You can also grill the sausages entirely on the grill, but they need to be turned frequently so they dont burn. Generally speaking, they will need 6-8 minutes per side.

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How Do You Cook Chicken Breast On A Weber Charcoal Grill

When cooking chicken using the Weber kettle grill, start by

  • placing the chicken on direct medium heat while the lid is closed.
  • It should remain this way until the meat is firm to the touch and does no longer appear pinkish in the middle.
  • Then flip the breast once or twice, a process known as the breasts reverse sear method.
  • Why Make Grilled Chicken

    Grilling chicken might look intimidating, especially if you arent a seasoned griller. Were here to tell you that its actually easier than you might think to make grilled chicken! Plus, we know youll love the outcome.

    Easier cleanup: There is no splattering involved like pan seared chicken, and pretty much no clean-up at all.

    Juicy and Tender: by grilling your chicken breasts at high heat, they come out super juicy and tender.

    Amazing flavor: a little bit of jar will do your chicken breasts some good!

    Super customizable: whether you are using a chicken marinade or a chicken dry rub, flavor combinations are endless.

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    Turn The Chicken Over

    Now its time to flip the bird .

    The fat will have dissolved on the skin by now and this would be the perfect time to turn it over.

    To determine whether the chicken is ready, the chicken should not stick to the grates when you try to flip it.

    The skin should also come up easily and if thats not the case, then you should leave it on the grill for a few minutes.

    Should I Boil Sausage Before Grilling

    How to Grill Bone-In Chicken Parts

    For better grilled sausage, poach them first before putting them on the grill. Put the uncooked sausages in a saucepan with cold cooking liquid like water, chicken stock, beer, or wine until theyre just covered. Slowly poach the sausages over low heat until they reach an internal temperature of 150 degrees.

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    How To Grill Chicken On A Gas Grill

    Cooking boneless chicken breasts is seen as one of the easiest bbq skills to master. But slow down there, my grilling friend. There are a few tips that will help turn you from BBQ fan to BBQ pro. Heres how to grill chicken on a gas grill.

    Grilled chicken recipes have long been a staple in our household. Its my favorite meat to cook with by some way, with it taking centre place in some of my best BBQ recipes. My fondest memories of summer involve cooking up beautiful chicken breasts on our terrace.

    Dont get me wrong, I still love grilled burgers and steaks, but neither come close to chicken for me. Whether its simple chicken burgers or elaborate kebabs, theres a great grilled chicken recipe for any meat eater.

    But grilling chicken is something that isnt as easy as it looks. They can dry out really quickly, which is enough to leave any BBQ party flat.

    Chicken can easily be cooked on a gas grill at 425°F/220°C. Just grill for 5 minutes on each side, or until the meats internal temperature hits 165°F/75°C.

    The secret to a perfectly grilled chicken doesnt just lie in its time on the grill, but also the preparation time before. With pre-seasoning and brining as crucial a step as any.

    Heres my step-by-step guide to show you how to grill chicken on a gas grill.

    A Word About Pellet Grills

    Because pellet smokers can be easily set to low temperatures, you might think its a good idea to slow-cook the frozen chicken in this fashion. Our advice, however, is to avoid this temptation.

    Why? Because the colder parts of the chicken might spend too long in the danger zonethat is, in the range of 40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. These are the temperatures at which bacteria are most likely to grow. Thats why you should never cook frozen chicken in a slow cookerthe same risks apply. If you have a pellet grill, stick to the grilling method we described.

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    Cuts Of Chicken For Grilling

    In our kitchen, were most commonly making grilled chicken breasts, but you can grill every cut of chicken. They all serve a unique purpose.

    • Breast: it doesnt get much better than a perfectly grilled chicken breast! Chicken breast is lean and perfect for topping salads with.
    • Legs: having a party? Go chicken legs! Why? Theyre super flavorful, inexpensive, and easy to grill! Try our famous Grilled Chicken Legs recipe.
    • Thighs: my personal favorite cut of chicken to grill is chicken thighs. You can get the skin nice and crispy while keeping the meat juicy and delish.
    • Wings: game day? Try grilling your chicken wings for easy clean-up! You can use our dry rub or buffalo chicken wing recipes, but grill them instead!
    • Whole chicken: a whole chicken?! Thats right! You can grill an entire chicken and its easier than you think. Try our grilled beer butt chicken for starters!

    How To Grill Chicken In The Oven

    Mojo Grilled Chicken Recipe
    • Post author

    Do you know how to grill chicken in the oven that rivals what you can on your outdoor grill? Here are some tips if you have to make grilled chicken in the oven.

    If your gas grill or your charcoal grill are not available, ou can still get those dark grill marks and smoky flavors in your chicken, while keeping it plump and juicy. Learn to bbq chicken in the oven.

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    How Long To Grill Chicken Wings

    Like thighs and breasts, the USDA recommends a minimum internal temperature of 165 degrees F. Using an instant-read thermometer is the best way to know when your chicken wings are done, but you can use this estimated cooking time as a guide:

    • Whole chicken wings: 25 minutes total, flipping occasionally

    How Long To Grill Chicken Breasts

    According to the USDA, all poultry should be cooked to an internal temperature of 165 degrees F. Using an instant-read meat thermometer is really the only accurate way to gauge your chicken’s doneness. But in the case that you don’t have a thermometer, cut into the chicken and ensure that the juices run clear. Here are the estimated grilling times for chicken breasts, based on an internal temp of 165 degrees F.

    • Boneless chicken breasts: 7 to 8 minutes per side
    • Bone-in chicken breasts: 15 minutes per side

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    How To Grill Chicken Thighs

    There’s nothing like the smell of grilled food in the air to make your mouth water and stomach grumble. Since grilled chicken is a national favorite as the barbecue season ramps up, we’re covering How to Grill Chicken Thighs – American Made Grilling Tips! We will help you prep chicken every time that tastes fantastic, looks terrific, and retains its moistness and flavor to the last bite!

    Grilled chicken is a mainstay of home-cooked menus across the country because it’s relatively inexpensive and can be dressed up with a wide variety of flavor combinations. While many often opt for using the breast because it is leaner, the more robust flavor is in the thigh. The darker color of thighs is due to the extra skin covering the area, and their flavor is more intense thanks to the higher fat content.

    How To Grill Chicken Thighs: Bone

    How to Grill Chicken on a Gas Grill

    Your first decision when grilling chicken is whether to use bone-in or boneless skinless thighs. Both are great and have different advantages depending on the recipe and preference. Bone-in thighs are delightful for barbecue chicken because of the crispy skin, and they are easier to eat with your hands. Boneless skinless chicken thighs will grill faster and are better suited for tacos and dishes using sliced chicken.

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    Tips For How To Grill Chicken Without Drying It Out

    Grilled chicken is an incredibly versatile food. I am a huge fan of the flavor and protein boost that grilled chicken can add to just about any meal, from salad to stir fry to sandwiches, creating an incredible meal.

    However, theres an issue with grilled chicken: its often incredibly dry. Overdry, stringy chicken is far from incrediblemore like barely edible. Not exactly the stuff of culinary dreams.

    Luckily, attaining perfectly moist, evenly cooked, flavorful grilled chicken is within reach for chefs at any level. By following some simple kitchen wisdom in the ways of grilling chicken, youll be guaranteed great results every time.

    14 Tips for How to Grill Chicken without Drying It Out. Armed with these 14 simple tips, youll be well on your way to concocting perfectly moist grilled chicken dishes.

  • Start with good quality chicken. Perhaps this tip sounds like common sense, but its well worth a mention, because poor quality chicken is a key cause of dried-out, poorly cooked grilled chicken. If a chicken hasnt been properly fed or taken care of, it will reflect poorly on the flavor of the meat.
  • Buy the best chicken you can, from a trusted and ideally local source. The better the quality of the chicken you start with, the better the quality of your finished results. This guide is a helpful resource on how to buy the best chicken.

    How To Grill Chicken Thighs: Preparation

    Once the chicken has marinated for at least 30 minutes, it’s time to prep it for the grill. One of the essential steps to grilling the perfect chicken is to let it rise to room temperature.

    When chicken is marinating, it should always be refrigerated, so it doesn’t spoil. That cold chicken needs to be laid out flat, patted down with paper towels, and allowed to rise to room temperature. This will help the different pieces cook more uniformly and quickly on the grill.

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    How To Grill Chicken In The Oven: Buying The Right Stuff

    Get the best chicken you can afford. Organically raised chickens taste the best and their meat is the healthiest. Unfortunately, organically raised chickens are out of range for many peoples budgets. The next best is all natural and, if you cannot get that, free-range is good. If you must buy chicken off the shelf, get the brand that injects the least water and other stuff into the bird.

    If you do not already have one, get an instant read thermometer. These are great for indoor grilling, especially when grilling pieces of meat that are too small for a conventional meat thermometer. It also gives peace of mind for grilled meats that absolutely MUST be cooked thoroughly like pork and poultry. Your indoor grilled chicken will be be done at 165°F .

    Our Favorite Chicken Marinade

    Honey Thyme Grilled Chicken Recipe

    As I mentioned above, you can use whatever marinade you love. Here is our favorite marinade when grilling chicken. Its light, flavorful and delicious.

    Its based on this marinade recipe, but we add honey. We add the honey because we love how it caramelizes on the grill grates. You can marinate the chicken for as little as 20 minutes! Its that flavorful. Our easy chicken marinade has a tangy combination of lemon, garlic, red pepper flakes and mustard. This just might be one of the best marinades, ever.

    We love this flavor combination so much that weve used it to make baked chicken breasts and our incredible lemon chicken thighs.

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    How To Grill Chicken Thighs: Skin

    Grilling is all about balancing the perfect texture and crunch with the tender meat. For addictive, crispy skin, start grilling the thighs skin-side down first for 3-5 minutes. Then, flip them over so they can cook evenly without burning or overcooking. The skin crisps up nicely when grilled first, but you’ll find that if it’s on for too long, it will become overly crispy and tough to eat.

    Tips For Grilled Chicken Breast

    Dont grill chicken cold: As with most meats, you want to bring close to room temperature before grilling or cooking. This allows more even cooking throughout. If you grill directly from the fridge, the outside will cook much faster and you risk chairing before the center reaches the correct temperature.

    Allow chicken breast to sit about 30 minutes at room temperature before cooking. Not much longer or youll increase the risk of food contamination.

    Pre-season: Generously coat both sides of chicken with light olive oil and sprinkle with salt, pepper, and desired seasonings. The olive oil helps to hold in moisture while cooking, increases those nice golden sear marks and helps seasonings stick better to the meat.

    Preheat the grill: Preheat the gas grill to medium-high until the temp reaches 350-400° degrees F. The grill needs to be hot when you add chicken, allowing it to sear and cook evenly.

    How to add chicken breasts to gas grill: Lightly grease cooking grates of the preheated gas grill with vegetable oil spray or paper towel application to prevent sticking. Immediately add chicken with at least 2-3 inches between pieces. Close lid and cook.

    Reduce heat to medium midway: Rotate mid-way for even sear marks and cooking.

    Grilled chicken breast safe temp: Cook chicken breast just to an internal temperature of 165° F with an instant-read thermometer. Watch carefully and do not overcook.

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    Grilling Tips For The Best Chicken Thighs

    Wondering why you still cant get it right? Maybe these techniques will help:

    • Buy good quality chicken. A healthy and hormone-free chicken will obviously taste MUCH BETTER than one thats pumped with chemicals. Go for all-natural and free-range options for amazing flavorno matter the cooking method.
    • ALWAYS season your chicken well. Sprinkle on enough salt and pepper before grilling the chicken, so that its natural flavors become much more pronounced. When marinating, leave the sauce on for a few hours for the best results!
    • Monitor the grill temperature. Some grills temperature readings arent so accurate, so pay attention to the heat. If your chicken is browning too quickly, decrease the flame!
    • Keep a CLOSE eye on your chicken. If your grill is prone to flare-ups, move the chicken around so that it doesnt burn. Make sure its cooking evenly throughout the whole process!
    • Use a meat thermometer. This handy kitchen tool is SO HELPFUL because it takes guesswork out of the equation. Although you can slice the chicken to check for signs of pink, using a thermometer is more effective to determine doneness.
    • Try basting LAST! Although you place marinated chicken directly on the grill, some sugary sauces burn FAST, giving your final dish an unpleasant taste. Try basting when the chickens almost cooked through to avoid this!

    Prepare With A Meat Pounder


    With a rolling pen or meat pounder, gently pound the chicken on a counter or table surface. Do this until theyre about half an inch thick across the breast. Do this for each breast.

    Why do we do this? Well like with a lot of cooking methods, one of grillings biggest challenges is cooking meat evenly through. If we make our meat uniform in thickness then we help prevent the issue, while also making it easier to eat and cut.

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