How Long Do You Cook Hotdogs On The Grill

Low Fat Franks Need Less Cook Time

How to cook hotdogs on the grill – Keep on Grillin’ – Cooking on the Grill How-To Tips Episode #3

Now whats this about low fat hot dogs ?

Some hot dogs, like beef or turkey, are low fat. This means that they will need a much shorter cook time than regular hot dogs.

Of course, most of the time the meat in hot dogs is pre-cooked, and the franks only need to be heated and left with char marks to make the meal complete.

But in some cases, the meat is mostly raw, and needs proper grilling. This is why you need to pay attention to the fat content.

A low fat frank means it will cook faster, and dry out faster. Nothings more disappointing than dry grilled meat, and hot dogs are no exception.

So, getting a higher fat pork hot dog will mean it grills slower, but will have a hard time drying out.

Its also the fats that youll notice sort of bubbling under the surface of the hot dog, and if you somehow pierce the hot dog , youll notice them coming out.

When the hot dog does that on all sides, its done.

Hot Dog Method: Simply Grilled

  • Prep time: None
  • Grilling time: 6 minutes
  • Rating: 8.5/10

About This Method: For all you no-nonsense cooks, this technique from Good Housekeeping couldnt be simpler. You dont need to prep the hot dogs in any way no slicing, cutting, or pre-cooking the key is to cook them over medium heat, turning them frequently, until they start to expand but before they start sputtering.

Results: These hot dogs had the best snap with a stronger grill flavor than I thought theyd get over the moderate heat. They were surprisingly juicy, too solidly delicious, just with a teeny bit less oomph and less juiciness than the method below.

What Is The Best Temperature To Grill Hot Dogs

Before you throw the franks on, preheat the grill. For gas, preheat on high for 10 to 15 minutes. For a charcoal grill, preheat until the charcoal is covered with a white ash. Once the grill is heated, reduce the heat to medium for standard beef franks and to medium-low for beef franks with lower fat content.

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How To Grill Frozen Burger Patties

The great part about cooking frozen burgers is that you skip the mess of making the patties. They may take a few minutes longer to cook but there isnt any prep!

I have an entire post about how to grill burgers. But keep reading if you want more on frozen burgers specifically.

All in all, it takes about 10-15 minutes to grill a frozen burger patty from the moment you place it on the preheated grill grates to the moment the burger meets your lips.

There is no need to thaw your patties before you cook them. They will go straight from the freezer onto the grill.

How Do I Make Hot Dogs Better

How Long does it take To Grill Hotdogs?

5 Ways to Hit Your Hot Dogs out of the Park

  • Get your toppings grilling.
  • Wrap em in bacon.
  • Fried eggs are your friend.
  • Toast for better buns. Lets just get it out there: Hot dog buns are a little eh. This doesnt have to be the case, though.
  • More: For truly exceptional buns, make your own.
  • Put yourself in a pickle.
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    How Do You Cook Hot Dogs On A Gas Grill

    If you don’t have a charcoal grill, you can definitely use a gas grill. Start your grill on high, let it nice and hot. Once it’s hot, turn the burners down to medium heat and grill the hot dogs for 3 minutes, flip and grill another 3 minutes. Tent with foil and begin grilling your hot dog buns with butter.

    How To Boil Hot Dogs

    Boiling hot dogs in a pot of water is a quick, easy way to make a great tasting, juicy dog. This will ensure that your hot dogs are evenly cooked and flavorful.

    Fill a medium-sized saucepan halfway with water and bring to a boil over high heat.

    Once it is boiling, add in as many dogs as you wish to eat. Let the hot dogs cook for about 6-7 minutes until plump.

    Turn heat off.

    To keep uneaten dogs warm leave in the hot water, covered or not.

    Pro Tip:

    To add more flavor use a can of beer.

    Add some spices to the water/beer:

    • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
    • 1/2 teaspoon Italian spice mix
    • 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper

    Take to a new level by sauteing the frankfurters, a quick way to make them crispy.

    • After boiling the dogs heat a skillet at medium-high heat and add a little olive oil to the pan.
    • Split the dogs in half, but not all the way through, lengthwise.
    • When the oil is hot place dog into pan split-side down and saute until brown and crispy.

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    Hot Dog Method: Spiralized

    • Prep time: 3 1/2 minutes
    • Grilling time: 6 minutes
    • Rating: 10/10

    About This Method: Weve seen this method a few different places, but we went with this video from Chowhound to get the technique just right. You start by inserting a skewer all the way down the length of the frank. Then holding a paring knife at an angle and twirling the hot dog as you go, you cut a spiral down the hot dog, cutting all the way down to the skewer. When you remove the skewer you magically have a hot dog that looks a little like a corkscrew or spring. You then grill the little twirly guys over medium-high heat, turning occasionally.

    Results: Be still my heart! If you like crispy edges without sacrificing juiciness , this technique is top dog. As the franks cook, they open up more and more with each turn, elongating the spring shape. What that does is create lots of surface area for irresistible crispy-charred edges, plus open pockets for all those luscious toppings to ooze down into once you place the hot dog in a bun. And because the hot dog spring stretches out as it cooks, its guaranteed to fit or even spill over the ends of your bun. Unlike the fish scale or crosshatch method, which yield sharper cut edges that slightly toughen as they char, every bit of these spiral-cut dogs stay supremely juicy and tender even after charring. Ill never grill a hot dog another way again.

    Details On How Long To Cook Hotdogs On George Foreman Grill

    How To Grill Hot Dogs

    Hot dogs in general do not require much time to be cook or grill. However, while cooking or grilling hot dogs you should be vigilant as they get burnt very easily. Moreover, you also have to make sure that you do not overcook them or burn the outer layer of the hot dogs.

    Generally, it takes around 6t to 10 minutes to grill or cook the hot dogs on foreman grill. You can cook your hot dogs on both electric as well as gas grill. There are multiple recipes to cook hot dogs on George foreman grill but following is one of the most classic recipes to make hot dogs on George foreman grill.

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    How Long To Grill Hot Dogs

    Grilled franks ! Who needs an excuse to grill some delicious hot dogs ? No one, and no ones going to stop you from throwing a few on the grill right now.

    But how long should you grill the hot dogs to get the best flavor out of them ?

    As it turns out, the major frank types have different cook times, so lets get into details.

    How To Grill Hotdogs On A Gas Grill

    Make perfectly plump, juicy, grill-kissed sausages and franks using this simple two-step technique, which is the best way to cook hot dogs.

    Cooking hot dogs on the grill or over an open fire is a favorite summertime activity. However, if the weather isn’t ideal, you can also cook hot dogs on the stove. According to the USDA , one hot dog contains 170 calories and 16 grams of fat.

    Grill your dogs and sausages, then transfer them to the water bath to hold them. They will stay moist and tasty for a long time. When a customer orders one, pull it out of the water and toss it back on the grill for a few seconds just for show, then serve it up.

    You can grill your hotdogs with your outdoor grill. A panini maker in another great way to enjoy a hotdog, by placing them diagonally in the panini maker your hotdogs will stay in place. Close the lid and let the hotdogs cook for 7-9 minutes on medium heat.

    Seattle-Style Hot Dogs by Carrie Mashaney. 4. The charcoal is still black . In general, when you’re grilling, make sure the coals have turned white in color before you add any food to the grates.

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    You’re Just Buying Any Old Hot Dogs

    The term “hot dog” does not mean a specific type of meat, and many hot dogs on the market contain a mixture of both pork and beef. While very few people would classify a hot dog as a health food, there are a lot of brands out there with meats that contain more filler than food. Harmon advises taking a closer look at that hot dog packaging before checking out.

    I avoid buying pork hotdogs, I recommend going with all-beef because they tend to grill better due to having a higher fat content, he said.

    How Long To Cook Hot Dogs On Electric Grill

    Deep South Dish: Skillet Hot Dog Chili Sauce

    Most hot dogs are already actually cooked so you can remove them from the grill whenever you wish. Generally youll get good grill marks after about 5 minutes. Leave them on for 2 to 3 minutes more and turn during cooking if desired for even grilling marks. Be sure to serve with fresh buns for best taste!.

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    How To Roast Hot Dogs Over An Open Flame Or Campfire

    Hot dogs are an easy meal when camping. You do not need to worry about marinating them or trimming them. You just want to keep them cold until it is time to cook.

    Know beforehand whether you will be using a stick you find at your cooking location, a grilling fork which you pack in, or a grilling basket. If using a stick try to find a double-pronged stick, it will make the task much easier. A double-pronged stick is easier to use because it holds the frank more firmly. A single-pronged stick may lead to losing your dog in the fire.

    • Build a fire and allow the coals to turn orange. You want to cook over the coals or controlled, small flames, so you do not burn yourself or the dog.
    • You do not want the dog to fall into the fire because you were jerking around trying not to get burnt.
    • If using a stick it will be easiest to cut a hole in the dog with a knife rather than force the stick through, two holes if a double-pronged stick.
    • Turn the frank constantly over the fire until its fully heated approximately 2-4 minutes.
    • Enjoy

    How Do You Know When Hotdogs Are Done On The Grill

    On a charcoal grill, this entails moving the embers to one side on a gas grill, it entails turning on half of the burners to cook the food. Place the hot dogs on the grill and dont take your eyes off them! Continue to flip them to create grill marks all over them, and keep a close eye on them. The moment they begin to expand but before they begin to splutter, they are over.

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    How Do You Cook Hot Dogs On A Charcoal Grill

    On a charcoal grill, that means banking the coals to one side on gas, turning on half the burners. Place the hot dogs over the heat and dont walk away! Keep turning them to get grill marks all around and watch them carefully. When they start to expand but before they start sputtering, theyre done.

    How Long To Grill Frozen Burgers

    How to Cook Hot Dogs in the Oven by Broiling or Baking : Home-Cooked Meals

    Frozen burgers are great to have on hand. Not only do they last a long time but they are great when you are in a bind and can just be thrown on the grill.

    Something to keep in mind is that they cook slightly differently than a fresh hamburger patty.

    So the question at hand is, how long does it take to grill frozen burgers. Lets go through the steps it takes to grill a frozen burger patty and just how long it will take.

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    How To Grill Hot Dogs

    Is there a better comfort food at a backyard barbecue or baseball game than a good old-fashioned hot dog? Theyre an affordable crowd-pleaser that are more versatile than people give them credit for.

    Whether youre sticking to ketchup or are interested in experimenting with bacon, cream cheese, and more, well tell you everything youve ever wanted to know about grilling hot dogs.

    How Do You Cook Hotdogs On The Grill


  • Preheat a grill to a medium temperature. Lightly coat the grill grates with cooking oil. Grill the hot dogs, rotating occasionally, for 5 to 7 minutes, or until they are lightly browned in areas, sprinkling with barbecue sauce during the last minute of cooking. Grill the buns for about 30 seconds on each side until they are lightly toasted. Place the hot dogs on the buns and serve immediately.
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    Consider Bathing Your Hot Dogs Before Grilling

    Boiling hot dogs for a long time before grilling is a bad move, but “bathing” them in flavorful liquid might actually make your hot dogs tastier.

    “Keep an aluminum pan filled with a mixture of hot beer, onions, and seasonings on indirect heat and place your hot dogs in before grilling,” Busha told Insider. “This not only warms the hot dogs but also helps firm up that natural casing without breaking it.”

    Right before serving, simply pluck the hot dogs from their bath and give them a perfect char on the grill.

    How Long To Cook Hotdogs On George Foreman Grill

    How Long does it take To Grill Hotdogs?

    How Long To Cook Hotdogs on George Foreman Grill? Hotdogs are one of the most widely eaten food items all around the world. They are not only used as a meal but are also sold at road side for the wayfarers. Apart from being sold as a road side food, the hot dogs are collectively served as a complete meal during breakfast, brunch, lunch, hi-teas and dinner as well.

    The art is all about cooking hot dogs. They have to be cooked carefully to keep the outside skin crisp and keeping the inner soft, tender and moist. There are various types ad styles for cooking hot dogs. People customize the recipes according to their preferences. In addition to this, some people prefer purchasing the readymade hot dogs while others make the hot dogs themselves.

    You can customize the recipes of your hot dogs according to your needs and wants. You can add in multiple kinds of spices or just restrict the hot dogs to salt and pepper seasoning. Most common types of spices used to make hot dogs include kosher salt, black pepper, white pepper, cayenne pepper, paprika and mustard paste or Dijon mustard at times.

    The most important factor which accounts for grilling any food irrespective of their type and kind is the internal temperature of the food. The internal temperature of the food signifies if the food is correctly cooked and is tender or not. When the internal temperature reaches a specific value, it signifies that your food is tender and ready to be served.

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    Can I Steam Hot Dogs

    Steaming hot dogs is an alternative to boiling. It reheats them fully though does not add more flavor as with grilling or pan frying. In a pot with a steamer insert, or using a steamer basket inserted into a pot, add a couple inches of water.

    How To Steam Hot Dogs

    Steaming hot dogs is similar to boiling. It heats them thoroughly but does not add flavor.

    Using a steamer insert or basket placed it in a pot with a couple of inches of water. Place the frankfurters in the basket so they are not in direct contact with the water and bring to a boil.

    Cook until the internal temperature reaches 140 degrees, approximately 5 minutes. The temperature can be measured ready with an instant-read thermometer.

    Steaming or boiling are the most common methods to heat hot dogs. Both methods add nothing to the flavor and actually reduce the taste and texture of the dogs.

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    Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs Skillet

    A really popular take on the hotdog is a bacon-wrapped version. If you want to make one at home, the key is to wrap the bacon around the hotdog before you start cooking. This will prove completely impossible if you cook the bacon first. Then, secure it in place with a few toothpicks along the length of the hotdog to prevent it from uncurling as you cook. You can then cook it un a skillet in the usual way. Dont forget to remove the toothpicks before you enjoy them! Many people enjoy eating these hotdogs in a bun with cheese and chopped jalapeños.

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