How To Build An Outdoor Grill Area

Best Diy Grill Stations To Bbq At Home

How to build an outdoor Grill or BBQ area

If you are planning to make barbecue grilling a way of your life, then a grill station is a must-have barbecue setup for you. A well-designed grill station gives you a large space to work, prepare food, store tools, and also serve the guests.

Lots of people like to build their own grill stations. Meanwhile, grill stations are also easy to DIY and budget-friendly.

We have gone through many DIY grill station plans and picked up the 20 best DIY grill station ideas to help you BBQ at home easier and happier.

Double Check And Clean Up

Run a check over everything: make sure the countertop is staying in place where it needs to be, check the screws on the aluminum plating.

Now is your chance to act as your work at OSHA and youre going to either pass or fail this setup.

Check that everything is level and that all concrete dust has been cleaned up from the area.

I recommend sweeping and perhaps vacuuming out the new cabinet space just to be sure, and wiping down the counter and grill lid to ensure there are no fingerprints.

Take a step back and look at what youve done. You made that!

Lay The Rest Of The Cinder Blocks

The cabinet is in, the vents are in, and the grill is in place.

Lay the rest of your cinder blocks so that your wall meets the countertop level that you want for the grill stand.

Take the time to make sure everything is level, that everything is even, and just do a quick quality assurance over the whole thing.

Lay the concrete and then your blocks, and let it dry for an appropriate amount of time.

Theres been a lot of waiting in this project, but youre nearing the finish line, and its all about to be worth it.

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Common Options In Building An Outdoor Kitchen

  • Building an outdoor kitchen with wood frame

Wood remains a popular material with outdoor kitchens because of its elegance and natural look. There are many plans online that tell you how to build an outdoor kitchen with wood frame, but if youre going this route, remember to purchase insulated jackets for safety. Wood is a combustible material, so you need insulated jackets to prevent fires from happening.

  • Building an outdoor kitchen with cinder blocks

Cinder blocks give off an aesthetic, rustic vibe to outdoor kitchens. As such, it doesnt come as a surprise that many homeowners want to know how to build an outdoor kitchen with cinder blocks. This material is easy to build and easy to customize as well, so you dont have to be a DIY master to create this project.

The important thing is to get your measurements right. Cinder blocks are typically 16 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 8 inches tall. However, theyre also available in other standard sizes. Also note that this can vary from block to block, so make sure you got your measurements right and add some wiggle room so you wont have any problems down the road.

  • Building an outdoor kitchen on a budget

It can be tricky to know how to build an outdoor kitchen on a budget because the cost of the construction itself and the appliances you need can be intimidating at first glance. Still, it depends on the space and materials youre going to use.

  • Building an outdoor kitchen with pavers
  • Building an outdoor kitchen on a deck

Highest Quality Material For Ourdoor Kitchens

How We DIYed Our Built

Outdoor kitchens are a big investment. The last thing you want is to spend a bunch of time and money Only to have your outdoor kitchen break down in a couple years.

Thats frustrating.

We avoid this problem by using the highest quality materials possible. Our concrete surrounds are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Thats how confident we are in our product!

And as I mentioned before We use non-combustible materials. So you dont have to worry about installing our kitchens on your deck.

The RTA outdoor kitchen is designed to withstand the elements. Whether you live on the coast or in a northern climate, our kitchens stand the test of time.

We can prove it too.

Can you tell the difference between these two pictures?

Me neither.

These pictures were taken three years apart. This particular outdoor kitchen on a patio is located in Michigan. As you know, they have harsh winters!

The quality doesnt stop at our surrounds, either.

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Too Much Counter Space What Have I Done Said Nobody Ever

Half the fun of any new outdoor kitchen is stocking it far and wide with crafty new toys . Better pump those brakes in all the excitement of designing a dream outdoor kitchen, many clients forget the importance of empty counter space. Where else will you prepare and serve food, store overflow trays for grilled grub, or keep favored utensils in reach? While planning that patio paradise, ensure you leave ample counter space for easy and convenient outdoor cooking biased or not, Future You is already toasting to your eternal wisdom.

Prepare The Area For Your Construction

First you need to clean the area for the construction. Then, make the surface evenly leveled to provide the support for the whole structure. It is desirable to provide a stable foundation, however for the trial version you can use a paving slab on its own.

The bottom courses of bricks form a base for the BBQ grill. Here you can keep the wood which you can use as a fuel for barbecue.

When the base of the construction is formed and is stable you can set up a charcoal tray. In a trial version you can use an old cast iron tray or a cast iron sheet will do. Put the tray on the two front rows of the bricks that way to cover the whole surface. Leave the back course of bricks uncovered for extra support. Then align the bricks following the same pattern inside the tray to hold it in place. Dont forget to use a spirit level to check that the two opposite courses are aligned evenly.

After another course of bricks you need to think about setting up your grill. The first option is to use metal rods or brackets to support the grill. On the other side you can turn the bricks side-on creating a ledge on which you can out your grill.

Lay two more courses of bricks to shelter your barbecue from the winds. It prevents your fire from stopping burning as well as ash from rising up. Moreover, it covers up cooking food from dust and dead leaves.

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How To Design An Outdoor Grill Area

Nothing says summer quite like grilling outdoors, and if you’re a serious fan of throwing some steaks on the grill whenever the weather permits, having a dedicated area in your yard is a great idea. Designing an outdoor grill area can be a challenge because there are so many options to consider. However, if you focus on the basics and add extra amenities that fit your grilling and entertaining style, you’re sure to wind up with a top-notch grill area that you can enjoy all summer and beyond.

How To Build The Base Of The Brick Diy Grill

How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen or BBQ Grill Surround

Now when you decided on the location you need to prepare the area for the base. If you decide to build your grill inside the patio you dont need to worry about the base. However, if you are building on the open air, prepare the base typically you can make a concrete base yourself or to use concrete slabs.

Your base should be level and strong to hold the heavy BBQ construction.

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Attach Felt And Wire Lath

Your boxes should be starting to look like a kitchen island. Its time to add a layer of felt paper and wire lath.

  • Cover all plywood panels with builders felt. Youre going for a watertight seal.
  • Make sure the edges of one piece overlap the next by a few inches.
  • Starting from the bottom up, staple the felt in place.

Once youve got a tight layer of felt attached, add the wire:

  • Put on work gloves so you dont cut your hands.
  • On the lath, find which side has the wires facing up. The honeycombs should stick out.
  • Lay the wire lath onto the felt with the poking wires facing out. Take care not to brush up against the wire.
  • Like the felt, overlap your pieces by a few inches.
  • Use stainless steel roofing nails to fasten the wire lath to the frame.
  • Put nails vertically into the frame every 6 inches. Horizontally, put in nails every 12 inches.
  • Fasten the wire lath until all the felt is covered well.
  • Trim any excess lath with a pair of tin snips.

Now, carefully add the cabinets by following these steps:

  • Put the cabinet boxes into their places within the island.
  • Move them so the cabinet flanges are flush with the front of the island.
  • Secure the cabinet boxes to the frame with 2-inch deck screws.

Not Leaving Enough Counter Space

Because so many of us just see it as empty space we dont give enough priority to the importance of counter space in a cooking area. In fact, adequate counter space and food preparation areas are critical in your outdoor kitchen island, where you may be juggling many dishes at once. If your outdoor grill island is also going to double as an eating area with a bar style table, then you want to ensure there is enough room for you, your family and your guests to relax and eat comfortably without being cramped with too many cooking tools and appliances on the counter space. Consulting with an expert BBQ island designer can help you find the right balance between outdoor kitchen gadgets and preparation and dining space, so you get everything you need out of your kitchen island without being cramped in your space.

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Diy Outdoor Kitchen With Built

In this video, this YouTuber shows us how he took an old an ugly grilling station and incorporated it into an outdoor kitchen complete will barbecue surround and pergola. Its not a particularly difficult idea to copy if you have a few basic DIY skills, but it does show you whats possible if you know how to do it. This is a plan we enjoyed a lot!

Diy Patio Cooler Cart

BBQ cover

This DIY project made out of cart wood has a cooler box and a BBQ cart in one. It lets you have a bit more counter space to work with when grilling as well as storage space for grill accessories. It also uses cedar to withstand the elements and enhance the nice look.

This Patio Cooler Cart shared by Brad is simple to DIY. With only five steps, you can work out something that can serve as a patio as well as a grill cart:

  • Build the cooler base
  • Make grill storage bay and shelf
  • Build the patio cooler lid
  • Install the cooler drain and lower shelf
  • Finish and add hardware

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That Same History Inspires Each Of Our Handcrafted Grills

How to build your own argentine grill. How to build a cooking fire. Place these grill end pieces in the angle iron they’ll rest in when complete, then weld the grill bars to them. Make it a tight fit.

Create your fire in the brasero, and as the embers fall onto the fire brick, spread the burning coals under the. It may be made portable by attaching it to a heavy metal plate and placing it on top of the masonry barbecue. Our argentine brasero style grills feature ceramic fire brick that retain and distribute your cooking fires heat.

Based on an argentine grill design, we make both commercial bbq. These will detail the items that you need as well as the steps that you should take to build it. The first step is to build the basic structure where the bricks and firebox will sit.

We design and build exceptional quality wood and charcoal barbecue grills, used by some of the best chefs around the world. The unit should be placed on the fire pit side. Build a metal tray and rack into the brick structure, or build the structure around an existing grill.

Not to worry, we will give you a step by step guide on how to get your homemade santa maria grill built. Building your own parrilla will require masonry skills to level and lay the bricks correctly. Build the grill on top of a concrete slab, so that the heavy structure won’t sink into the ground.

Simple weld tacks will hold it together. Usa manufacture of argentinian inspired santa maria gaucho bbq grills.

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Lay Bricks End To End Around Perimeter Of Slab

Pour the Concrete Slab

Using metal grill grates as a guide, determine the size and placement of the brick barbecue. If you desire a barbecue with walls thicker than one course of bricks, account for that now. Mark off the area and clear away all grass and debris from the site. Excavate the area to a depth of 8. Use tamper to level and compact the ground. Add pea gravel to a height of 3 then compact and level with tamper.

Mix fast-drying cement according to manufacturer’s directions. Pour on top of gravel until the hole is filled to ground level. Smooth and level the cement pad using a trowel. Allow cement to cure for 24-48 hours.

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Diy Blocks Grill Station

Love the look of a built-in grill? Then use the cinder blocks and patio stones to build your special outdoor cooking station. This block grill station is super easy to DIY and it only takes an hour to put together.

The best part of this station is the flexibility of the setup. As a flexible grill surround, you can freely adjust any size of a grill. This way it can last for many years even you buying a new grill.

Round Brick Diy Grill

How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen Island | Done-In-A-Weekend Game Day Tips: Grill Like a Champion

Another simple idea of the BBQ grill is to build a round, fire pit kind of construction. It is some sort of the tower build from the bricks without a mortar. All you need it a bunch of bricks and some BBQ grilling grinds to cook on. When aligning the bricks in circle you dont need to try making the narrow gaps. Instead, wide gaps increase the air flow.

However, on the open space a strong wind can make the cooking very difficult or impossible. On the other side, building a round brick DIY grill can be beneficial in the garden or backyard. In other words you can build it anywhere in the sheltered area. In comparison to the first option, round BBQ is quite easy and quick to build. Moreover, to adjust the height of the grilling grid you just need to increase or decrease the number of bottom brick courses.

Now, for the base you can either make a concrete slab or find a place which is already laid with the paving slabs. Throughout the whole time make sure to check how even the courses are. This ensures the stability and durability of the whole construction.

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Install The Cabinet Door

Now that you have most of the frame done, you can install the cabinet door on the front of your unit.

This is going to be great for spare canister storage.

You can either drill holes through the steel and concrete to keep these in place, or you can use a series of steel L brackets to sort of wedge it into place.

Install The Second Course

Begin laying out the second course as seen in Pattern 2. Next remove the raised rings and split two AB Dublin center-split blocks. See for placement of the blocks. Removing the raised rings will create a smooth surface for the next course to be placed on top of. If there are any additional pieces left over they can be used when this pattern repeats.

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How Much Is A Built

Well, its not going to be cheap.

Ive done what I can to help you source materials in a cheap manner, but some things are unavoidable.

Instead of buying a steel frame, which could cost you upwards of $400 to $700, were going to be using cinder blocks to make the basic shape and wall.

This makes it a much more permanent fixture, but youre still going to have a way to remove your gas grill in the future without having to tear down the walls.

Most of the cost is going to come from the countertop, and the materials to actually prep the surface area for the cinder blocks.

Most of the cost is going to come from the countertop, and the materials to actually prep the surface area for the cinder blocks.

Ill list an optional part in this which, if you ignore, you could save about $200 on average, but its going to leave that ugly look of cinder blocks in the end.

If you want to hide those, youll opt-in for the aluminum squares.

Altogether, if you use the materials Ive outlined in this guide, you can expect to pay around $775 to $1,000 in total, depending on the materials you need.

However, this built-in outdoor grill is a permanent fixture that will look fantastic, and still give you access to remove your grill when it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Ive taken ventilation and storage into account as well.

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