How To Build An Outdoor Grill Station

Diy Outdoor Serving Station:

Building Outdoor Smoker Grill Station

Clone this wall hanging serving station for your outdoor or garden that is super easy to make! Just like the Murphy bar this hand-built serving station also comes with a folding down flat surface that is supported by the metal chains! Here this serving station is made of pine boards and comes with a box unit that is mounted on the wall and also has built-in compartments! Next, it comes with the hinged lid that folds down to give a flat surface to work on! Paint you finally finished in a desired way, here it comes in dark pink and white appeal and the folding down surface has also been personalized with vinyl lettering used as stencils! Complete project guides and tutorial here classyclutter

Repurposed Cabinet Outdoor Kitchen

If you are really looking to build your outdoor kitchen on a budget, you can check with thrift stores or salvage yards to see if you can come up with some old kitchen cabinets. Then you just have to redo those and make them fit into your outdoor cooking space. Add some bricks or stones to dress them up a bit. This is a really cheap and easy way to create an outdoor kitchen, and you can have it easily completed in a weekend.

Plans: bhg

Designing A Grilling Station

Youre thinking about adding a deck or patio in the backyard, and youre ready to step it up a notch by incorporating an outdoor grill. How about combining a stainless-steel gas grill and a new patio or deck in an open-air grilling station? Whether its inspired by a pergola or by a gazebo, the structure will keep the sun off your back and the rain off your shiny new grill, and it will look better than a grill simply parked on a corner of the deck.

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Upcycled Pallet Outdoor Frill

Pallets are great for turning into everyday house items. Theyre cheap and pretty easy to get a hold of.

We have a repurposed pallet coffee tables, and Ive seen plenty of seats, TV tables, and patios made from repurposing the wood. But they come into their own with a pallet BBQ island.

The pallets make it easy to create the main structure of your island, and are arranged around corrugated tin for a strong skeleton.

Planter Box Diy Bbq Island

Grill Station

Two wood planters boxes and some sheet metal can be transformed into a rolling DIY BBQ island. This free-standing island can hold all the food serving utensils behind cabinet doors and provide a work surface on top.

Easy to build and easy to roll around to whatever location its needed. By using wood planter boxes for the majority of the construction, most of the work is already done for you.

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Mr Goats Fathers Day Gift

This DIY grill station for charcoal Weber grill is small yet stunning. The drawer feature at the bottom portion makes this DIY unique.

The project plan is divided into three sections shopping list, cut list, and step-by-step instructions below each illustrative figure with dimensions. Thus, this DIY tutorial is very easy to follow along.

Diy Outdoor Grill Station

Make an outdoor grill station effortlessly and efficiently with proband, metal grills, lumber and screws. The main reason to consider the proband is to adjust the metal on the lumber firmly. You will be excited to know that this project will cost you less than $150. Moreover, adjust the stone veneer on the metal grills with an adhesive solution instead of gravel for your ease. One more thing, this is not a one-day project. Therefore, its better to work on this grill station at the weekend or holidays. unexpectedelegance

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Veneer The Rest Of The Frame

  • After setting the first course around all four sides, start the second from the same corner, alternating the orientation of the L-shaped corner piece.
  • Continue setting subsequent courses, incorporating stones of varying sizes for a natural look. Minimize cuts by dry-fitting several stones at a time and piecing them together like a puzzle.
  • Do not lay any stones over the flanges of the cabinet boxes.
  • Position straight-cut stones along the top edge so they sit flat against the underside of the counter.

Cedar Outdoor Kitchen Plan

How to Build a BBQ Grilling Station or Grill Surround

What would be better than creating your own outdoor kitchen for summer evenings and gatherings? This modern style and super comfortable cedar outdoor kitchen include the sink area, sitting space and countertops. You require a laminate board, polystyrene foam, concrete mixture, and cedar posts for making this kitchen. Additionally, the required tools are a miter saw, drill, tape measure and carpenter square. One more thing, you should have advanced-level crafting skills if you want to work on this DIY outdoor kitchen. lowes

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Portable Outdoor Kitchen / Diy Traeger Outdoor Kitchen

The portable outdoor kitchen OR diy traeger outdoor kitchen is super easy to build and inexpensive. Therefore, if you want to enjoy cooking in your backyard just for a few days or at a gathering, this plan is best to consider. You can make this kitchen super comfortable with a wooden supply according to your design. Add wheels on the ends of this portable kitchen. So, you can move it easily wherever you want after cooking. You can add a BBQ panel and also a sink area. Lastly, add the concrete top comfortably. instructables

Outdoor Grill Station Dimensions

Creating an outdoor grill station requires a bit of knowledge about standardized dimensions. These values massively help in designing areas that are convenient and safe. Not keeping to them is actually the no.1 reason for a remodel.

Crucial number for outdoor grill station are:

  • height, depth, and width
  • landing spaces for the grill,
  • prep space length.

So lets start from the beginning. How high, deep, and wide should an outdoor grill station be?

Outdoor grill station dimensions
Width 60+

These are just basic calculations, as all of these numbers have to be cut to your needs.

Outdoor grill station height depends on its users height. 36 standard is for people who are 52 61 high. If you are not in this range, this is not the height that will work best. In fact height of an outdoor grill station can vary from 30 42. If youre looking for a perfect fit, go ahead andread this article.

To figure out how deep a countertop should be, you have to find a grill. An outdoor grill station depth can vary from 24 up to 30. If you do not know yet what sort of grill you want to use, designing a deeper countertop is a way to go.

An outdoor grill station width depends on the size of the grill, prep area, and additional features. The absolute minimum is grill width increased by 36 of landing space .

Grill landing space side 1 Grill landing space side 2
12 24
Grill width

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Outdoor Grill Station Next To The Swimming Pool

If a swimming pool is important for your household members, you might want to add a grill station to it. With a bar counter, it is going to add a lot of function to your backyard.

For such a location, it is worth choosing finishes that are going to be resistant to water. Stone is always a good idea, but ceramic tiles with proper grout are going to work well too. Same with concrete.

It is important to know that the bar counter is a bit higher than a working top , and its worth buying chairs before building (their height varies too.

Rolling Outdoor Island Building Plans

17 Best DIY BBQ Island Ideas (Cinder Blocks, Wood, Cement &  More ...

We all love straightforward plans with no unnecessary bluffs, dont we? This outdoor island is fantastic at it has an in-built grill and also is easily movable. It is also quite spacious and has enough space to accommodate a few dishes.

All the material and tools required are mentioned in this plan and the step-by-step instruction is very clear and thorough.

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How To Build A Grill And Barbecue Station In Your Backyard

Posted byScott Stueber on Jun 22, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Love to entertain and cook outside? Then, its no surprise youre a barbecue and grill fan. It doesnt matter if its a summertime party or just a family meal, a grill and barbecue station will transform any patio into a backyard paradise. Whether its hot dogs, burgers, or smoked meats, the right space and type of grill will make cooking outdoors an amazing experience any time of the year. Here are some helpful tips thatll inspire you to create your own backyard paradise with a custom do-it-yourself grill station.

Different Types of Grills

Its important to choose a grill thatll suit your space, needs, and unique cooking style, before you design your barbecue station. Here are some examples of popular types of grills to help you decide which option will work best for you:

Charcoal. This classic choice is easy to use. Its affordably priced, but you may need lighter fluid to ignite the charcoal. While some people complain about using lighter fluid, the charcoal grill leaves your food tasting flavorful. A small hole in the bottom allows ash, burnt food, and grease to escape, but its a good idea to clean the grill regularly.

Wood. This grill is a great choice if youre fond of the taste of smoked meat. Pick your favorite type of wood to use as a fuel source. As the smoke seeps into the meat, it creates a marvelous, smoky flavor thats tasty for pork, beef, and chicken.

Dont Forget the Accessories

Diy Rustic Farmhouse Outdoor Kitchen

You have to love the rustic farmhouse look of this DIY outdoor kitchen. If the outside of your home is done in the farmhouse style, then this one is a must. You can build it in a weekend and its pretty simple. It includes a sink, bar and of course, a grill and fridge and it has a lovely pallet look that is sure to match your DIY outdoor farmhouse décor.


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Outdoor Grill Station Option : Freestanding Grill With A Cart

An outdoor grill station made out of a freestanding grill and a cart is a fundamental option. On average, it doesnt add too much to the backyards look, but that is not the goal with this option. Its supposed to be:

  • inexpensive,
  • compact,
  • easy to store and clean.

Usually, this option is made out of a freestanding grill, with landing spaces on both sides, and a cart. It can also consist of a built-in grill placed on a cart and a table . What is crucial about this option is the ease of building it.

Price-wise, this is the most tempting option. As mentioned before, an outdoor grill stations price depends vastly on the type of grill . You can easily buy an excellent quality 3-burner grill for $1000. A cart is going to cost an extra $100. This means you can have a brand new outdoor grill station for about $1,100.

If youre a beginner and do not know yet what type of grill you need, check this blog post about essentials.

For most outdoor chefs, a grill station is next after using a grill solely for barbecuing. For this majority creating an outdoor grill, the station will be $100 for a stainless steel outdoor cart. It is important to buy the outdoor-rated one to increase its longevity.

The cart can actually be used not only for cooking outside but also to bring comfortably prepped food from the kitchen and bring dirty dishes after a party. It can make a great difference for your back.

Diy Outdoor Deck Kitchen

Build with Roman – How to Build a Willard Grill Station w/ Kamado Pad – Tips and Tricks

This outdoor kitchen can be built right into your deck and it has everything that you need to entertain outdoors. You can of course, pick and choose what you include and the type of finish that you want stainless steel, etc. This one is pretty quick and easy to build and if you dont have a deck to build it on, you can build a small patio section pretty easily.

Plans: placeofmytaste

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Big Green Egg Grill Station

This DIY concrete top table especially holds a custom spot for your big green egg. So if you have a green egg, this BBQ island is your best choice.

Besides being a nice grill station to give you more space for food prep, there is a sliding barn door underneath to give you more options for storage.

One thing I love most about this DIY Green Egg Grill Station is the wear-resistant concrete top table plans. So you can have the station last for over years.

Diy Outdoor Grill Cart:

Put your spin on summer. This cart features all the features of a full-size cart in a simplified design. This cart can handle it all, whether you are grilling with just the family or feeding hundreds at your next neighborhood block party. The sturdy frame folds down for easy storage in the winter, while folding side shelves can be used year-round. With all-weather wheels, built-in side tables, an upper grilling area, and room for your grill accessories, this cart is all you need to prepare great meals on the go.

This DIY outdoor kitchen built-in grill station is an amazing addition to your patio. This outdoor grill station is built for two and is perfect for taking your outdoor kitchen and relaxation to a whole new level. The stunning design features a large grilling surface that benefits from its propane regulator and gas line and a chimney hood for exceptional ventilation. You will also love having this place as a gathering place as you can comfortably fit around this grill island.

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Cut A Hole For The Grill

Your grill needs a hole to drop into. Adjust the measurement to fit your grill if its more than 24 inches in diameter. The circle you will trace will be your cutting template.

If you’d like to estimate the circle first, use the grill lid. The lid will likely be slightly bigger than the grill width.

Use a nail and twine to draw a circle:

  • In the middle of the circle, lightly hammer in the nail. It should stand up without support.
  • Cut a 13-inch piece of twine.
  • Loop one side of the twine around the nail. Knot it tight.
  • Add a pencil to the other end of the twine. Make sure its 12 inches out.
  • Pull the twine taut and draw a circle around the nail. Keep the pencil straight up and down.
  • Verify your grill will fit inside that circle. If it doesnt, adjust the size of the circle.
  • Use a jigsaw to cut out the marked circle.

Glue in back panels and fasten them with screws for extra security:

  • Attach back panels with the 1-5/8-inch screws and glue.
  • Cover screw holes with wood patch.
  • Allow the wood patch to cure as directed on the package.

Tip: Check to see that the wood patch youre using is for exterior use. Wood putty tends to crack on exterior projects.

Different Styles Of Grill Stations

Outdoor Grill Station Ideas

There is a wide range of outdoor cooking grills that you can choose from. For example, there are grills out there that are sold together with their own stations, but these are a bit expensive. The most luxurious grilling stations are known as outdoor kitchens. These come equipped with all the things that can be found in your indoor kitchen, including a propane or charcoal powered grill. You can also choose a stainless steel finish and/or include a rinsing sink. A custom-built grill station can either be constructed by a pro or the homeowner himself, but why should you spend a ton of money when you can create your own custom-made grill station? You dont have to spend much since you can use any old lumber, steel, and pallets for your creative DIY grill station.

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Outdoor Grill Station Pergola

Pergola is an amazing solution for an outdoor grill station. It works especially well where the main concern is a scorcher, but with a permanent roof added , it can protect the area from rain and snow.

There are plenty of material options to choose from: wood, vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, CPVC, brick, and stone . The most common out of these is wood, but there is an option to choose a material that will work best in a specific backyard. It is important to check if the chosen material gets hot from the sun.

Make Your Own Grilling Cart:

Duplicate also this fantastic-looking grilling cart that provides three levels of shelves and comes with two additional boxes attached to either side of top-level for storage! Here the entire frame of this outdoor serving station is made of plumbing metal pipes and it also provides a towel rack! The shelving levels have been installed by drilling custom holes in their corner sides and hence they slide onto the metal pipes! Finally the wooden levels have been painted in light pink and the entire design has been finished with caster wheels! Grab the full free instructions and tutorial from here

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