How To Grill New York Steak

How To Cook A New York Steak On The Grill

How to Grill New York Steak –

Heres a quick recipe on how to cook a New York steak on the grill. If you have a good steak, this is a pretty simple thing to do: just a little salt and pepper and the right technique, and you have a great steak. We like to let the flavor of the New York stand out, so serve with simple sides like a salad or in this case some simple fried green beans and onions.

Now that grilling season is finally back in swing, I thawed out a New York steak that had been sitting in the freezer for a while just begging to be eaten. For those of you who havent tried one of our New Yorks, this is a full-flavored and quite tender steak that stands on its own without the help of seasonings or marinades. Just a little coarse salt and pepper does the trick. And the fat rind along the edge of the steak caramelizes beautifully to an almost bacon-like texture.

If you manage to have any leftovers, I like to slice very thin then quickly caramelize in butter and serve for breakfast with a slightly runny fried egg.

To serve this steak for dinner, try a light salad on the side, or as in the photos, a quick green bean stir fry. For the stir fry, just pan fry fresh green beans in butter with salt, pepper, and rosemary leaves until about half done, then add chopped onions and fry til caramelized. About three minutes from done, add some chopped mushrooms and garlic and a little more butter as needed to fry the mushrooms.

My Method For Grilling New York Strip Steaks

Sometimes Im in the mood for a really simple steak. Today was a salt and pepper day. I simply sprinkled salt and pepper on both sides of my huge steak.

Use a good quality Kosher salt and a coarse ground pepper. none of that table salt for a beautiful steak like this.

Once my grill was heated to the appropriate temperature I added my steak over direct heat. Make sure you have a probe thermometer on hand to monitor the temperature of the steaks throughout the grilling process.

For more info on how to grill on charcoal checkout my post: How long to grill a steak on a charcoal grill The rule of threes

How Long Will Strip Steak Last

You can keep an uncooked strip steak wrapped in its original packaging in the fridge for 4 or 5 days if youve purchased it from a place with high turnover and fresh meat . If you plan to freeze the steaks, remove them from their packaging the day you buy them, then wrap them well in plastic wrap, slide the wrapped steaks into freezer proof zipper top bags, press out any excess air, then seal and freeze for up to 9 months. Make sure to label the package with the name and date.

Leftover cooked steak can be eaten within 4 days, as long as it was cooked when it was quite fresh.

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How Do You Grill A 1 And 1/4 Inch New York Strip

In order to cross grill marks, rotate the meat 90% after 2 12 minutes on each side so its evenly distributed. Grill five minutes on both sides on each side. 5 minutes from now, flip. If using an electric grill, grill for approximately three additional minutes for rare, about four minutes for medium, and five minutes for prime.

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How to Grill New York Strip Steak

Oven recipes are super popular here at Wholesome Yum, and its time to add one more: how to cook New York strip steak in the oven! This New York strip steak recipe is made with just 5 pantry staples to let the flavor shine.

Serve your strip steak just like a steakhouse with a wedge salad and brussels sprouts for a special and delicious meal.

If you like this New York strip steak recipe, youll have to try out my other oven steak recipes: filet mignon, sirloin steak, and flank steak. They all use this tried and true stovetop-to-oven method that cooks your steaks perfectly every time. You can also make surf and turf with New York strip.

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The Best Steaks For Grilling

There is no one “best” cut for grilled steak — it’s all about personal preference. Good cuts for grilling range from leaner, more tender cuts, to cuts that pack fat and flavor.

Filet mignon or tenderloin: The most tender cut of steak, it’s ideal for those who prefer their meat rare. A smaller cut so it cooks fast.

Flank steak: A thin, inexpensive cut. Flank steak doesn’t have as much fat or natural flavor as some of the other cuts, so it should be marinated before cooking to add flavor and tenderize the meat. Because it is thin, it cooks fast over high heat. Learn more in our Flank Steak Cooking Guide.

Hanger steak: A flat steak, similar to flank steak, but usually with more fat content throughout. Hanger can be marinated before cooking but will also be tasty with a simple salt and pepper seasoning. Cooks fast over direct heat and should not be overcooked.

New York strip: A leaner cut that is relatively thick and firm like ribeye, but with less fat. Does not need to be marinated. A good candidate for reverse searing.

Porterhouse: A massive cut that’s actually two steaks in one. A filet mignon and a New York strip. The Porterhouse tends to contain more of the tenderloin than its cousin cut, the T-bone. Porterhouse is usually cut quite thick, so reverse-searing can help you avoid an overcooked exterior and raw middle. There’s no need to marinate before cooking. Salt and pepper is all you need.

Side Dish Suggestions For A Meal Featuring Strip Steak

Looking for other foods to go along with your strip steak? Any type of potato dish will bring out steaks natural flavors. Cooked veggies and veggie-based salads pair nicely with NY strip steak, too. And who could forget homemade and home-battered onion rings for something completely indulgent?

Your Primate just called and said its time to plan for dinner. Is tonight the right moment to grill up some NY strip steak? Try it and see!

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Grades Of New York Strip Steaks

A Wagyu Strip Steak is gonna be the best quality but its also the most expensive by a lot. Prime is also a fantastic premium quality thats a bit more affordable and available locally.

After that we move dow to Choice and then Select. Both are still good steaks but they will be less tender then Wagyu or Prime New York Strip Steaks.

My best recommendation is buy the best steak you can afford. if its just a Tuesday night select or choice will due just fine but if its a special occasion or you want to impress you should treat yourself to a premium steak every once in a while.

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Grilled New York Steak

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How To Grill New York Strip Steak

With high-quality ingredients, our goal is to just enhance the natural flavor of the steak — so we’re keeping it really simple. A hot grill and a little bit of seasoning is all it takes for an amazing grilled New York Strip Steak recipe.

  • Let the steaks sit at room temperature for at least 15 minutes before grilling.
  • Pat the steaks dry, rub them with olive oil, and season with just a little bit of all-purpose seasoning.
  • Heat a grill to high.
  • Place the steaks on the hot grill and cook until slightly charred, about 4-5 minutes.
  • Turn the steaks over and continue to grill for about 3-5 more minutes, or until the steaks reach your desired level of doneness.
  • Let the meat rest for 5-10 minutes before serving.
  • How Do You Cook A 15 Inch New York Strip Steak

    As a matter of thumb, the thicker the steak, the longer it will need to be cooked on the indirect side of the grill after the high-heat sear has been completed on the direct side. Using the same example, a 1.5-inch thick steak will require three minutes of sear time over high heat on each side, followed by roughly four minutes of indirect grilling time on each side.

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    How To Grill New York Steaks

    New York Steaks are sometimes called New York Strip Steak, Kansas City Strip Steaksor just the abbreviated Strip Steaks. Its is one of the most common cuts in restaurants, from the most expensive Steakhouse to the restaurant chain down the street from you. For good reason. New York Steaks have a great flavor , while still being very tender and juicy. Its also a cut of steak that does really well with a variety of cooking methods. I love to cook them in the oven, but frankly, theres no substitute for a perfectly grilled New York Steak.

    Cooking New York Strip Steak over the grill gives the steak a wonderful charred crust that is salty, savory and crispy. The high heat also allows you to get the steak charred on the outside, while keeping the center anywhere from rare to well done. But, you do need to know the best techniques for grilling that steak to ensure you dont end up with an overcooked, dry, hard, and tough piece of shoe leather. The steps for perfect grilling are actually simple to learn, and after you cook a few, its easy to become an expert. Just follow the advice below, and youll be grilling up the best New York Steaks youve ever had!

    How Do I Cook A New York Strip Steak Without An Iron Skillet

    Grilling Guide: How to Grill New York Strip Steak

    Instructions PREHEAT oven to 250F. Place steaks on a rack over a baking sheet. Rub with 1 tbsp oil and season with salt and pepper. HEAT oil in a medium skillet over high heat. Add steaks and sear until deep brown and crisp, about 3 minutes a side. Hold the steak on their sides and cook the edges for 1 min per side.

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    How Do You Grill A Steak Without Burning It

    Grill over indirect heat to achieve the best results. Its certain that youll end up scorching the outside of a thick-cut steak before you can get the middle to a precise medium-rare temperature. Its simple to figure out how to solve this problem: its all about time and temperature. Set up your grill for indirect heat and cook the steaks on the colder side of the grill to achieve the best results.

    Why Make This New York Strip Steak Recipe

    This New York Strip Steak recipe is one of my husbands and my absolute favorite steak recipes to date. We grilled it, pan seared it and oohed and awed over it every time. Not only is NY Strip Steak naturally tender and the ideal size for fast cooking, this recipe bolsters it with hypnotic flavor. Heres why youll love this Strip Steak recipe:

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    Selecting The Right Cut

    First, a definition. Steaks are basically any piece of meat that falls under the category of “fast-cooking” cutscuts that are low enough in connective tissue that they don’t require the long cooking times that “slow-cooking” cuts require. The difference between a steak and roast essentially comes down to size. Any good roast can be cut into individual steaks .

    A New York Strip Can Handle Being Grilled In The Medium To Well Done Range Because Of The Fat Content

    How to Grill NY Strip Steak

    When grilling a NY strip steak we will follow all the same basic steps as grilling any higher end cut of beef. While using a slightly lower heat and keeping and eye out for flare ups caused by the melting fat from the edge.

    Step 1: Remove the strip steaks from refrigeration at least 1 hour before grilling and season to taste. For almost any steak we will only season with either salt and pepper or Lawreys seasoning salt. In either case use just a light dusting that covers the entire steak. If you feel like you must cover your meat while out of the fridge, set a paper towel over the top. Over this hour not only will the steak be reaching room temperature it will be breaking down and absorbing your seasoning.

    Step 2: Preheat your grill to a medium high heat, when grilling with charcoal have multiple heat zones available. We use a lower heat then normal here to help slow down the cooking process. If using a gas grill you may preheat to high to get better grill marks, just turn down the heat before the steaks hit your grates.

    Step 3: Grill a NY strip steak directly over the flames for 2 to 4 minutes, depending on thickness. Until they no longer stick the grill grates. If you only used dry seasonings they will release on there own when they are ready. If you are cooking a thin cut strip and it takes more then 3 minutes to release from the grates jump to step 5 and check your temperature.

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    How Do You Grill A Thin New York Strip Steak


  • Take the steaks out of the packing and pat them dry. Season both sides with a pinch of salt and pepper to taste. Allow for 30 minutes of resting time. When youre ready, put the steaks over high heat and cook them for three minutes per side. Using an instant-read thermometer, determine if the food is done. Remove the steaks from the grill when they have reached the appropriate temperature.
  • How Long Do You Cook A 2 Inch New York Strip

    Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit . In a pan, heat 2 tablespoons of oil over medium-high heat and sear the steaks on both sides until they are well browned. Transfer the pan to the oven and cook for roughly 2 to 4 minutes each side for medium rare, 3 to 5 minutes for medium, and 4 to 6 minutes for well done, depending on the thickness of the steak.

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    Do You Close The Grill When Cooking Steak

    When you cook with the grill open, you ll more effectively get a crispy, perfect-Maillard-reaction caramelization on the outside of the meat without overcooking the center. So, they can hold up to the heat chamber the lid creates, and in fact, the lid will help thicker cuts of meat or vegetables cook more evenly.

    Here’s The Secret To Grilling A Juicy New York Strip Steak Perfectly

    Grilled Spice Rubbed New York Strip Steak

    The New York strip is a favorite among grillers, and answers to a few names. Some people call it the Kansas City Strip or the Strip Loin. But whatever you want to call it, its still the cut with the long strip of fat running down the side, the one that we like to call the fat cap. It is part of why the New York strip is so flavorful and juicy and doesnt really need much to make it superb. All you really need when cooking it is some high heat oil and some salt.

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    Strip Steak Sous Vide

    • Heat water bath to 130 degrees.
    • Sprinkle salt and pepper on both sides of the strip steak.
    • Add the steak to a sealable bag with a few thyme or rosemary sprigs.
    • Remove air from the bag while sealing, and place the bag into the water bath so that the steak is fully submerged.
    • Cook for 1 ½ to 2 hours, depending on the steaks thickness.
    • Sear the steak on both sides in a cast-iron skillet.
    • Rest for five minutes on a foil-tented plate before serving.

    Black Pepper New York Strip Steaks With Horseradish Sauce

    Recipefrom Webers Charcoal Grilling by Jamie Purviance

    • 2 tablespoonsfinely chopped fresh Italian parsley
    • 2 teaspoonsDijon mustard
    • ¼ teaspoonfreshly ground black pepper
  • 4 New York strip steaks, 10 to 12 ounces each and about 1 inch thick, trimmed of excess fat
  • 2 tablespoonsextra-virgin olive oil
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