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All About Weber Genesis Grill


George Stephen is the brain behind this Weber grill. He worked at Weber Brothers Metal Works when his brilliant idea came up. Who would have thought his brilliant idea will be known worldwide? He cut a buoy in half, added some air vents and legs. His evolutionary invention is a grill in a shape of a dome allowing the griller to seal in that aroma and barbeque flavor. Weber is the leading provider of various products around the world. As what they say, The rest is history!

Webers latest innovation is the Weber Genesis Grill. The product has a remarkable quality and it is user-friendly. It is well-equipped with range as large as six burners but comes in sizes, with lids porcelain-enameled and with double walls. It is estimated to serve eleven or more people by its huge capacity. You can easily purchase accessories for the grill from the Weber online store.

Looking on how great this grill is, it is necessary for us to know, how to clean a Weber Genesis Gas Grill. Thinking about cleaning alone is already exhausting. But we must keep it in consideration that cleaning Weber Genesis Grill is necessary to extend its lifetime and maintain its quality.

Clean The Outside Parts Of The Grill

In this section, you have to clean the sides and lid of your BBQ grill. You can clean it with a towel and cleaning solution. Clean the dirt and stains from the body and make sure no stubborn stains are left. You have to clean the sides of the grill daily. If you ignore the dirt, then it will be difficult to remove. If your grill is made of stainless steel material, avoids using the stainless steel brush because their bristles are hard and the surface will not be cleaned properly, and the surface will be scratchy and damaged.

Why You Should Trust Us

Before opening the valve on a single propane tank, we spoke with more than a dozen experts.

Joe Salvaggio of Big Apple BBQ spent two hours explaining the fundamentals of gas-grill design, function, materials, and maintenance. Joe and his brother Tony have run Big Apple BBQ, one of the New York regions leading grill shops, for over 30 years. The store carries grills from multiple manufacturers, ranging from $400 backyard portables to five-figure custom built-ins. Because Salvaggio is an independent retailer, he was able to speak freely about what he saw as the relative strengths and weaknesses of various designs.

At the 2017 Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Expo, we interviewed senior product managers from almost every major grill-maker in attendance, including all the brands that wound up featured in our test: Weber, Broil King, and Napoleon. We spoke with multiple makers of high-end grills, too, as they predominate at HPBE. Though we wouldnt be testing their grills, we felt that knowing what goes into making a $4,000 grill helped us evaluate the less expensive grills in our test.

We backed this reporting with comprehensive researchthe in-depth, professional reviews at being a standout sourceand hands-on time with grills at the big hardware chains.

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How To Clean Genesis Ii Burners

Burner tubes are the engine of any gas grill, and just like the engine of your car its important to take care of them to make sure that your grill works well and is safe to use.

When we launched our line of Genesis II and Genesis II LX models we introduced a brand new burner design that was a bit of departure from the design used on all of our other models going back to the first Genesis grill made in 1985.The older burner tube design featured tubular shaped burners with portholes that were flush with the surface of the burner. Some models featured crossover ignition technology, which was a setup with a small crossover tube that linked the burners together. Other models did not come with the crossover tube, but aside from that the burners on all models were more or less the same.

The new Genesis II and Genesis II LX burners are rectangular in shape. To help promote an even flame pattern, they are tapered, meaning that the end of the burner at the front of the grill is a bit larger than the end of the burner at the back of the grill. They also have portholes that are raised up along the upper surface of each burner to help reduce the chances of them getting clogged.

Even though the new burner design is meant to keep the burners from getting clogged its still important to make sure that youre properly maintaining them.

There are two main areas of the burners that are important to keep clean to provide the most even heat possible and to help them last a long time.

Cooking Larger Joints Of Meat On The Weber Genesis Ii Ex

Weber Genesis II

Keen to test how the BBQ would fare with some longer cooking times, I opted for a whole pork shoulder for our next BBQ party so we could serve slow cooked pulled pork to 12 guests. The pork joint weighed just under 3kg and I got the butcher to remove the bone and tie it up to make it easier to cook. My husband then added a BBQ rub all over the outside of the joint of meat before we got it on the BBQ. This time, I used the meat probe again, inserting it into the middle of the joint for the most accurate reading during cooking.

Having already checked the cooking times on the Weber Connect app, I knew this was going to take around 8-10 hours, and this included the necessary resting time at the end. With this in mind, I got it on nice and early at 7am to ensure it would be ready for our late-afternoon BBQ.

Throughout the cooking process, the Weber Connect app shows you the current temperature and the remaining cooking time

With the meat probe in place, I placed the pork joint in the centre of the grill and used the indirect heat setup to start cooking it. This means you only use the burners at one or both sides of the grill and leave the central burner switched off, so that the food sits over the unlit part on the cooking grate. Placing large cuts of meat that need a longer cooking time directly over the heat would dry them out and burn them. With everything in place, I simply closed the lid and left the BBQ to work its magic.

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Weber Genesis Grill Reviews 2021

If anyone ever comes to know that the Genesis Grills are the best line-up of Weber then he supposed to know the truth. When Genesis grill comes to the Weber family, this version is flooded with tons of adding features. Therefore, we make up our mind to let you know about the Weber Genesis grill.

If you feel the same way for the Genesis grill then dont look further to grasp the whole article. Because we are going to introduce the best 5 Weber genesis grills to you which almost get the highest attention to its consumers.

How To Care For Your Cast Iron Cooking Grates

Having porcelain enameled cast iron grates means you get all the benefits of cast iron grilling without the upkeep of raw cast iron. Cast iron retains heat well, offering an extremely hot cooking surface. This is especially important if youre looking for those professional grade sear marks, the true sign of any seasoned griller! Since these grates have a porcelain enamel coating on them they will never need to be seasoned. The coating is baked on during the manufacturing process at extremely high temperatures resulting in a very durable and non-stick cooking surface.

Different models come with different types of cooking grates and its important to know which ones came on your grill. All our 2017 gas grills except for the Summit and Genesis II LX come with porcelain enameled cast iron cooking grates.

Genesis II has very unique cooking grates. For the first time, on Genesis II models the cooking grates are reversible and you can grill on either side of the grate. The thinner side of the cooking grate is ideal for delicate foods such as fish, vegetables and shrimp. While the wider side creates thicker sear marks enhancing the flavor of your food for items like steak, chicken breast or pork chops.

To make sure your cooking grates last as long as possible, check out the tips below!

Cleaners We have a line of cleaners made specifically for our grills. These make cleaning your grates a piece of cake!

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How To Clean A Gas Barbecue

Cleaning the inside of your gas barbecue:

  • Start cleaning your gas BBQ by disconnecting your gas tank consult your owners manual for directions on your specific model.
  • Next, brush the grates to remove any food debris, then spray your grate cleaner and let it settle for 30 seconds. After, scrub the grates with the abrasive side of your sponge, rinse with water and set aside for drying.
  • Spray the grate cleaner inside the cookbox and on the flavouriser bars and let settle for 30 seconds. Scrape the grease and debris off with a plastic scraper and set the flavouriser bars aside and clean with a sponge.
  • Wipe down the cookbox, drip tray and bottom tray: use a brush when needed. Be careful not to splash water onto the burner tubes.
  • Make sure your barbecue dries thoroughly before reassembling your grill and finishing your grates with a non-stick spray.
  • Cleaning the outside of your gas barbecue:

  • Apply the appropriate cleaner spray onto all the enamel or steel parts.
  • Wipe off the spray with a microfiber cloth. Note: if cleaning a stainless steel exterior, wipe in the direction of the grain to avoid scratching.
  • Rinse the frames/panels with lukewarm soap water and a sponge.
  • Dry thoroughly with a microfiber cloth.
  • Use a spider brush to clean the burner tube air intake.
  • Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

    Cleaning the Weber Gas Genesis II Grill

    We wish Weber would take a cue from some competitors and make the bars of its warming racks run front to back, parallel to the main grates. That way, you could easily slide a spatula under stuff thats warming. As it is, the warming-rack bars run edge to edge, and you have to awkwardly jimmy a spatula in there sideways.

    The Spirit II E-310 should come with a grill cover. It doesnt, nor did any grill in our test group. Youll need to buy one separately Webers dedicated Spirit II cover costs about $55, and a well-regarded generic cover costs about $20.

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    Additional Features Of The Weber Genesis Ii Ex

    One major plus point to note for this BBQ is that I love the height of it! I’m quite tall and we often find that we end up stooping over a BBQ when cooking, but no such issues with this gas grill. It offers a great cooking height and we both found it far more comfortable to use than our previous BBQs.

    The side burner is also far better than ones on previous gas BBQs we’ve used. The burner is housed within the right hand side table rather than sitting on top of it. It means it’s really well protected from any gusts of wind, unlike some other gas BBQs I’ve used where there have been issues with a burner getting extinguished in windy weather. When not in use, you can close the lid on top of the burner to give you an extra food prep surface.

    Cooking pancakes on the side burner for an outdoor weekend brunch

    There are handy tool hooks on the side of the BBQ to show off your best BBQ tools as well as keep them close at hand, plus two heavy-duty doors conceal a practical storage cupboard underneath.

    The control knobs are illuminated too, making it easy to grill after dark and in all weathers. There’s also a clip-on LED lamp that you can attach to the lid handle, and it will switch on automatically when you lift up the lid. While we haven’t seen the benefit of these features during summer, I know it will come in handy as the evenings get darker in autumn and we still want to be grilling outdoors.

    Charcoal Vs Gas Grill Cleaning

    If you have a charcoal grill rather than a gas BBQ, then many of your start- and end-of-season tasks will still look the same. The main difference is that charcoal grills do require more regular maintenance to remain in peak condition, and should ideally be cleaned after each use.

    Surfaces will be easier to clean while the grill is still hot. It is recommended that you use a grill brush that can dispense water to make the process of cleaning the grate easier. Alternatively, you can sprinkle some water on the brush for a similar effect. Make sure you also clean out the ash at the bottom of the grill after every use to prevent it from blocking the vents. Just remove the charcoal bricks once they have cooled and brush the ash out.

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    Additional Gas Barbecue Maintenance Tips

    For a more regular cleaning routine, we recommend following a simple three-step method before you start grilling:

    • Storage: For the times youre not using your barbecue quite as much, consider the different storage options you have. Perhaps the garden shed is the perfect place for it, or up against a sheltered wall? Whatever you choose, a convenient barbecue cover to assist with braving the weather elements is advisable.
    • Transport: If you opted for a smaller, portable barbecue, a premium carry bag will help protect it during transport and the heavy bottom will help stabilise your barbecue.
    • Replacement parts: As Weber barbecues are such long-term companions, replacing some of the parts can be a great and convenient way to stay on top of your gas barbecue maintenance. We provide everything from Flavorizer bars to cooking grates and even ignitor kits here you can find all the replacement parts you might need.


    With a Weber barbecue you are able to enjoy year-round, regular barbecuing for quick evening meals as well as all-day feasts. Each of our gas barbecues is built to last and require just a quick and easy cleaning process.

    Weber Spirit Vs Genesis Overview

    Its important to note that the Spirit and Genesis are both series of grills. Each series features dozens of individual grills that are suited for different needs. When comparing the Weber Spirit vs Genesis series, were going to look first at the high level differences.

    The high level difference between the two series is that Weber Spirit grills are designed to be more of a bare bones grill, whereas the Genesis series grills are more advanced and loaded with extra features.

    Thats not to say that a beginner cant operate a Weber Genesis quite the opposite. Its just that you might be paying for features you wont use at first when youre just learning how to grill.

    Thats also not to say that the Weber Spirit series isnt full of high quality grills. Just because there arent a bunch of bells and whistles doesnt mean that it isnt an incredibly good grill.

    If youre the type of griller who uses a grill once every other week, the Spirit might be a better suited design for you. It has everything you need to get the job done. If youre an intermediate or advanced griller, or youre looking to take your grilling game to the next level, the Genesis series might be better.

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    The Virtual Weber Gas Grill

    In a post last year, I said I was a clean freak when it comes to my grill. But sometimes I get busy and/or lazy and I let my Weber Summit 450 go too long between cleanings. I know its starting to get bad when I have a hard time lighting the grill because the ignitors are clogged with debris. I know its getting even worse when the burners are burning unevenly and with yellow flames because some of the burner holes are clogged. Thats when I know its time to break down and do a deep cleaning of my grill.

    Heres how I do it.

    Grill Cleaning Tools & Supplies Needed

    To deep clean your grill youll need the following tools and supplies:

    • Grill brush
    • Narrow and wide putty knives
    • Stainless steel bristle brush
    • Eyeglass screwdriver or paper clip
    • Disposable latex/nitrile gloves
    • Windex, Simple Green or similar cleaner
    • Stainless steel cleaner
    • Towels/rags
    • Garbage bag

    During some of the steps shown below, you may want to wear disposable gloves to keep your hands clean.

    Brush The Grates

    Turn all burners to HIGH and burn-off the grates for 10-15 minutes. Use a grill brush to clean the top side of the grates. Let the grates cool enough so you can handle them safely with grilling gloves then flip them over and brush the back side. Remove the grates and set them aside.

    Scrape The Flavorizer Bars

    See All About Flavorizer Bars to learn more.

    Scrape The Upper Firebox

    Clean-Out The Ignitor Boxes

    Clean The Burners & Crossover Tubes

    Scrape The Lower Firebox

    Brush Inside The Lid

    Deep Clean Weber Grill

    Deeply cleaning Weber grill will not disappoint you when you use it for another afternoon grilling. You will be able to enjoy your meal with the gang, or the family of course. If you are quite unsure of your cleaning, you can always rely on Weber grill cleaning service. One must ensure though,

    that the cleaning service you will hire is trustworthy to clean and not break your Weber gas grill. It will also give you more time for yourself or other chores. You will also do your grill a favor of giving it a first-class cleaning service.

    Whatever brand or type of gas grill we use, if we dont look after it very well, it will crumble even before its scheduled depreciation. There are times to research for better ways to maintain our grills in our world dominated by computers and the internet. We have easy access of buying accessories to upgrade our grills and experience a different level of grilling. Our experience will also add to our knowledge and be more cautious in using and cleaning our grills. Unmaintained grills hassle us with uneven cooked food because of the uneven production of fire. This may also affect the taste and smell of our food.

    These factors may be disregarded but the impact is immeasurable. We may not notice but these moments will always be remembered with a smile and a happy heart. Knowing that our small actions lead to peaceful mind.

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