How To Cook On Electric Grill

Spicy Honey Chicken And Sweet Potato Kebabs

What’s Cooking on the Patio Bistro Electric Grill from Char-Broil

These kebabs are the perfect combo of sweet and spicy, so warm up the electric grill!

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  • Spicy Honey Chicken and Sweet Potato Kebabs

  • Fill

    Place potato cubes into a small saucepan. Fill with just enough water to cover the tops.

  • Boil

    Bring to a boil over medium heat; cook for 4-5 minutes, partially covered, until potatoes are nearly cooked but still slightly firm. Remove from the heat; cool slightly.

  • Mix

    To prepare the spice mix: mix together the garlic salt, chili powder, salt, pepper, cumin, paprika and crushed red pepper. Set aside.

  • Combine

    In a separate bowl, combine the honey and cider vinegar and set aside.

  • Drizzle

    Add chicken to a medium bowl; lightly drizzle with olive oil and toss with half of the spice rub. Repeat with the potato pieces and onion: drizzle with olive oil and toss with remaining spice rub.

  • Skewer and Brush

    Put the chicken, sweet potato, and onion onto the pre-soaked bamboo skewers. Brush with half the honey glaze.

  • Preheat and Grill

    Preheat the grill on medium heat; grill the chicken skewers for 8 minutes, turning often.

  • Remove and brush

    Remove from the grill and brush the skewers with the rest of prepared honey glaze as desired. Serve immediately.


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How Can You Get Smoke Flavor On An Electric Grill

One of the downsides of electric grills is that they don’t give your food any type of smokey flavor, as there’s no fuel being burned. If you want to grill more flavorful food, one of your best options is to use a smoker box. These containers are designed to hold wood chips or charcoal, and you place them on the grill alongside your food. The fuel will burn as your food cooks, and the smoke given off will make your meal that much more flavorful.

Choosing An Electric Grill

Which outdoor electric grill is best for you? It all depends on your lifestyle, living situation, and personal preference. For many townhomes and apartments, a smaller electric grill is ideal for safety and small spaces, while large grills are ideal for larger families with outdoor kitchens. A few points to consider when shopping around for an electric grill:

  • The amount of available space you have

  • Your family size

  • How often youll use the grill

  • Where youll be using the grill

  • Wattage

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    How Do You Cook A Steak In An Electric Skillet


  • Preheat skillet over medium heat. When several drops of water sprinkled on pan skitter and dissipate, approximately 2 3 minutes, place meat in pan.
  • Cook on one side until browned. It will loosen as it browns.
  • Turn and cook until other side is browned. If desired, cover and cook until Vapo-Valve clicks.
  • A Perfect Grilled Steak

    indoor cooking grill

    Its always important to keep an eye on the temperature of your steak while you are cooking on an electric grill. Between variations on the temperature on the heating surface and the quirks of the cut of meat you bought, you might not be able to simply trust that your steak is done at a certain time.

    As a rule, a steak is done when its reached somewhere between three hundred seventy-five and four hundred degrees. Once your steak has hit that temperature, its really up to you to decide if its done. Once you pull it off the grill and let it rest, youll have the kind of meal that anyone who loves a good steak will want and you will be able to do so without having to worry about the weather.;Its also important to know how to clean an electric grill after using.

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    Tips For Outdoor Cooking With Electric Grills

    Perfect for every outdoor cooking enthusiast, an electric grill allows you to take efficient cooking almost anywhere you go without the smoke from a fire, burden of propane tanks, charcoal, or messy clean-up. Whether you choose the standard open outdoor grill style, or the contact grill, , using an electric grill for outdoor cooking is a great way to take advantage of the power of electricity.

    Pre-heating is a snap with most electric grills heating to 500 degrees in less than 7 minutes. Some outdoor grills, such as the Char-broil grill, uses infrared heat. Infrared technology is what allows this grill to heat up faster and get hotter than a lot of other grills on the market.;

    Electric grills are relatively safe to use since they help you prevent flare-ups. Flare-ups, the leading cause of household fires, are caused when grease build-ups are subjected to high temperatures. Electric infrared grills prevent the grease build-up by vaporizing the grease, while standard electric grills dont have an open flame, which reduces the propensity for flare-ups. Look for an electric grill with an automatic shut-off feature for added safety.;;

    How To Cook On An Outdoor Electric Grill

    After you set-up and prep your grill, follow these tips for how to cook on your outdoor electric grill. See how to select your grill temperature and tell when your food is done.

    Basic Grilling Tips

    A method to help meat sear on the grill is to remove it from the refrigerator 20-30 minutes before grilling and to expose it to the air to let the surface dry. It is a good practice to take any food you are going to grill out of the refrigerator ahead of time to let it begin to warm.

    Use the following table to help determine your desired internal meat temperature with a grill thermometer.

    Meat Internal Temperature Chart
    Fish & Shellfish 145F

    After the meat is removed from the grill, let it rest so that juices close to the surface will cool and be reabsorbed. If you immediately cut into the meat, the juices will tend to run out and the meat will not be as moist.

    While meat is resting, the temperature of the middle will tend to increase as the heat continues to conduct in from the hotter outer layers. So, if your desired temperature for red meat is less than well done, you may want to take it off the grill at the lower end of your desired temperature range.

    High Heat Grilling

    For High Heat grilling, leave the grill on High after preheating.

    Medium Heat Grilling
    Low Heat Grilling

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    Can I Use My Electric Grill For Indirect Cooking

    NOTE: Please take care and do the following at your own risk.

    An electric grill is convenient and easy to use anywhere, indoors or outdoors, easy to clean and produces little smoke compared to its gas and charcoal siblings. However, if you are looking to use your outdoor grill attachments with your electric grill, you are out of luck as they are designed to be used with gas and charcoal outdoor grills only.

    First, we must understand what indirect heating is with a barbecue. Indirect grilling is cooking your food on a much lower heat setting, away from the fire source and takes a longer time to cook. Indirect cooking is the ideal method when smoking meats, such as ribs, briskets and chicken at temperatures around 250° – 260°.

    Now that we understand what indirect cooking is, we want to know if this cooking method is still possible with an electric grill. The answer is yes, you can use indirect cooking on an electric grill.

    Find The Right Pick For Your Lifestyle And Living Space

    All-Clad’s Electric Grill with AutoSense Will Change the Way You Cook

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    The Spruce Eats / Chloe Jeong

    Have you been wanting to experiment with grilling your favorite foods or looking to expand your cooking prowess, but don’t want to go through the hassle and time it takes to cook with a gas or charcoal grill? Perhaps it’s time to look at electric grills.

    These alternatives to traditional grills come in indoor, outdoor, and combo models. Electric grills tend to be more portable than their gas and charcoal counterparts and are easier to set up and clean, making them ideal for those living in apartments or other small spaces. But electric grills come in all shapes and sizes, from hooded to convertible to those with removable lids, so how’s one to choose?

    Here’s a list of the best electric grills in a variety of categories to help you decide.

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    Grilled Burritos On The Electric Griddle

    Grilled Burritos on the electric grill are great and very yummy!;


    4 large tortillas

    2 Cups cooked rice

    2 Cups meat of choice

    2 Cups shredded cheese


    Heat a griddle over medium-high heat.

    Put the burritos together by spreading a 1/2 C of the cheese, 1/2 C of rice and, 1/2 C of meat in the center of each tortilla.

    Fold in the sides, then roll up.

    Brush each of the burritos with olive oil, then place on the griddle, seam-side down.

    Grill each side for 5-6 minutes, or until browned and crispy.

    Best served with sour cream, salsa or hot sauce.

    Are Electric Grills Better Than Gas Grills

    Many people who live in apartments or condos within 50 feet of other residents are not allowed to use charcoal grills and for that reason the only options are gas grill or electric grill.

    A gas grill can be ideal if you have a fuel source and the space outside to grill. Since you are cooking over an open flame it will produce large amounts of smoke making it not ideal for cooking indoors. You can either use propane or natural gas from a gas line or a gas tank. Many people prefer the traditional, smokey flavour that a gas grill provides.

    An electric grill is ideal when living in a dwelling that does not allow a barbecue, charcoal or when it is too cold to be cooking outside. An electric grill will not produce copious amounts of smoke and can be plugged directly into an outlet rather than a fuel source.

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    Using A Contact Grill

    • Set up the contact grill on a fat countertop. Remove the grill plates using a sponge. Put the drip underneath the lip of the lower plate.
    • Plug in the contact grill and close the plates. Allow it to pre-heat until the light turns on. Regarding several contact grills, the light system is placed on the top of the machine and it is designed to turn itself down after the grill is completely preheated.
    • Open the grill and put the food at the center of the lower plate. Close the grill. Clamp shut the lock on the holder.
    • Leave the food to grill without disturbing until they are completely cooked. The timing heavily relies on the food type. The kind of fast food like hotdogs, vegetable or hamburger just take you a few minutes rather than taking much of time to pre-cook. Moreover, cuts of meat may take up to nearly 20 minutes. Be bound to stay by the grill while you are cooking. This will help cookers to avoid burning from the grill and testing the temperature of the food with a digital thermometer as well.
    • When you open the grill to remove the food, make use of tongs. Remember to unplug the contact grill and wait for cooling the machine with the opened plates. Washing the grill clearly with a wet sponge and let it become gradually dry under the natural light.

    Runner Up Best Overall: Weber Q 1400 Electric Grill

    Tower T14028 Indoor/Outdoor Electric Barbecue Grill Review ...
    • Durable and easy to transport

    • Quick assembly

    • Cast iron cooking grates help retain heat

    One of the best electric grills you can buy today is the Weber Q1400 Electric Grill. This tabletop model has a 1560-watt heating element and 189 square inches of cooking area, as well as a 6-foot grounded cord.

    The Weber Q 1400 has a sleek exterior design featuring a cast aluminum lid and body, as well as a large grip handle and control knobs and ergonomic side handles. You can adjust the inner temperature via the infinite heat control settings, and the porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates will put a delicious sear on your food. Overall, our product reviewer was incredibly happy with the sleek design and performance of this electric grill, saying that its ideal for those looking to save space and that its cast iron grates deliver beautiful sear marks.

    If you’re looking for a larger electric grill, Weber also has the Q 2400, which boasts 280 square inches of cooking space for a slightly higher price.

    Dimensions: 14.5 x 27 x 16.5 inches | Cooking Area: 189 square inches | Watts: 1560 | Use: outdoor

    “I was super pleased with these grates, as they gave us drool-worthy sear marks during different grill sessions.” Michelle Piccolo, Product Tester

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    Indoor Grilling: Tips And Recipes

    With an indoor grill, you can whip up healthy grilled food no matter what the weather.

    After a summer enjoying your favorite grilled foods, it’s hard to give them up, isn’t it? You can get a nice grilled flavor without the outdoors fuss with my favorite fall appliance — the indoor grill.

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve no doubt heard of at least one particular brand of indoor grill — the George Foreman grills. These two-sided electric grills have detachable, nonstick plates with raised edges that make the traditional grill marks. This type of grill has been around for about 10 years, each year bringing new models and new improvements.

    If you’re looking to buy an indoor grill, there are basically two things you need to know: whether it makes a difference to you if the temperature is adjustable , and how much grilling space you need. Some grills have enough space to cook for four, others with enough to prepare just two servings.

    There are two styles of electric grills to choose from: The open grill, on which the food is cooked from the bottom and needs to be flipped, and the contact grill, where the lid cooks the topside of the food. Here are some details about both:

    The contact grill is particularly good at cooking:

    • fish fillets
    • vegetables

    What Is The Best Electric Grill For Steaks

    The 6 Best Cuisinart Coffee Makers

  • Best Overall, All Things Considered. George Foreman 15 Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill. Amazon. $72.
  • Most Affordable. Elite Gourmet Indoor Grill. Amazon. $40.56.
  • Most Cooking Space. Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Electric Grill. Amazon.
  • Best Grill & Griddle Combo. Cuisinart 5-in-1 Griddler. Amazon.
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    Is Indoor Grilling Safer

    You may have read that outdoor grills can produce chemicals that increase your risk of certain cancers. And the smoke from burning coals and dripping fat just add to the danger.

    Think about it — using an indoor electric grill eliminates the burning coals, the smoke, and the dripping fat that cause those nasty flare-ups.

    Chocolate Banana Marshmellow Panini

    Cook Pizza on an electric BBQ grill

    Another great dessert recipe to cook on an electric griddle is a Chocolate, Banana, Marshmellow Panini.


    Can of refrigerated store-bought bread dough

    Hershey’s Chocolate bar

    Roll bread dough out flat

    Place half of the chocolate bar on the bread dough

    Place slices of banana on top of the chocolate

    Place a few flattened marshmallows on the top

    Heat griddle

    Roll the dough up and flatten it out on the griddle

    Once the first side is crispy, flip it over and crisp the other side

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    # : Heat Up Your Grill To A Medium High Level

    When you are ready to cook your chicken wings on electric grill, make sure that you switch it on about 15 minutes prior to grilling. This allows the electric grill to preheat and maintain a steady temperature throughout the cooking. Skipping this step will result in unevenly cooked wings, and we certainly can not have that!

    In fifteen minutes, your electric grill would have heated up to medium high level .

    Add Extra Smokey Flavor To Your Food Using Wood Chips

    Soak wood chips for 30 minutes prior to use and wrap in thick aluminum foil. Poke holes in the foil to allow the smoke out. Undertake this with care and monitor closely. Most smoke boxes are too large for an electric grill so make your own smoke chip packet. You may find, once you use your electric grill enough times that it will create its own smokey flavor without needing the smoke chips.

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    Will An Electric Grill Create Smoke When In Use

    Traditionally, grilling has been an outdoor summer activity as charcoal and open flames tend to emit a lot of smoke. An excellent alternative would be to use an electric grill as they can be used indoors, do not have an open flame and do not produce smoke in the same way as a charcoal barbecue.

    While some smoke from cooking may still be produced, in the same way as cooking on a stove top, your food will cook more quickly as it cooks from contact on both sides at the same time.

    Before And After Grilling Sessions Brush Down The Grates With A Steel Brush

    Kitchen Ikich Electric Griddle Grill 2

    A few times a season I go for a deeper clean. I remove the grates, spray them down with a citrus-based cleaner, scrub them, and wash them thoroughly. I also clean out the drip pan or replace it completely. I also try to wipe out the bottom of the grill below the heating element. Some carbon is good for giving a smokey flavor but too much if becomes excessive. I lightly clean the area to remove loose carbon and chip lightly at the baked-on mess. It wont be perfectly clean but enough to keep still produce some smoke.

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