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Summer is barbecue season, and now that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said fully vaccinated individuals and, depending on the situation, some unvaccinated individuals dont have to wear masks outdoors, family and friends are looking forward to gathering in person. This means the focus is on grills yet again, similar to the steady and regular increase in interest we saw last summer around grilling accessories.

If you plan on spending quality time grilling this summer, it might be the right time to consider upgrading your wares or investing in a new model. From charcoal to wood and pellet grills, it can be daunting to know which direction to go. But gas grills are fairly common and could be an option for your outdoor space. Its estimated that 62 percent of grill owners have a grill thats fueled by gas, said Matt Moore, author of last years Serial Griller.

Why Are Natural Gas Grills More Expensive

Most natural gas grills end up being $50-100 more expensive than a similar propane grill without any additional features. The reason for this is relatively simple.;

In order to connect to a household natural gas supply, most natural gas grills come with a longer gas hose and a quick-disconnect system.

The longer gas pipe and the brass quick-disconnect connect fittings are what add that little extra bump of cost to your natural gas grill.

Shoppingthe Best Charcoal For Grilling

Gas grills dominate the backyard barbecues game not only because they can be portable and easier to operate with the click of a switch, though. More than anything cleanup is a breeze, said Dave Anderson, founder of Famous Daves. Plus, with a charcoal grill, temperatures can fluctuate like this years stock market. You think youve found the right temperature only, within minutes, your coals have died down.

You also dont have to worry about a gust of wind or playing a temperature guessing game when grilling with propane its a constant heat source. And firing up hot, glowing charcoal briquettes to add to the grill is not only dangerous but its a royal pain, added Anderson. Whereas once you light a gas grill, you can cook all day at the temperature you want. Gas grills are just so easy to manage consistent heating.

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How To Choose A Gas Grill: A Buying Guide

The very first thing youll need to do is to determine which type of gas source youll be using to fuel your gas grill:;Natural Gas which;requires a;hook up on your patio, or Liquid Propane , which means youll be fueling your grill with propane from a tank.

The answer to this question will narrow down your choices. Many of the best gas grills on our list do come in either Natural Gas or Liquid Propane models, but not all!

This video here covers;several other important;aspects about Gas Grills;in depth, such as the grate/grill material differences, the number of burners, flame-tamers, and the types of burners. Check it out:

To recap , you want to decide on the following:

  • How many burners do I want? The more burners you have, the larger the cooking area and the more versatility you have . If youre counting on cooking simple foods for 2 or 3 people, youll likely be just fine with 1 or 2 burners.;
  • What kind of cooking grates do you want? Stainless steel and porcelain-enameled/coated cast iron are the 2 popular types.;
  • Are Flavorizer bars important to you? These flame-taming;systems that sit between the burners flame and the grill;reduce flare-ups,;protect the;burners,;and convert drippings into flavor-infusing smoke. Not all grills come with flame tamers, although many in this list do.

What features do you want?;

Best Natural Gas Grills For 2021

Napoleon LEX 485 74,000 BTU Natural Gas Grill w/ Infrared ...

Natural gas grills are a fantastic option for backyard grills and provide some serious advantages over traditional propane grills.

When you cook with natural gas, youre cooking with unlimited firepower, so unless you forget to pay the bill, you never have to refill ugly tanks or run to the store! Gas prices rise and fall, but typically, natural gas is about the cost of propane. Additionally, natural gas burns cleaner than propane!

Below, Ill tell you about ten of the best natural gas BBQ grills on the market. Ill list my favorite models and help you find the grill that suits your budget, size requirements, and cooking needs.

  • What is the best natural gas grill for the money?
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    What Is An Infrared Gas Grill

    Infrared gas grill has a burner just like a traditional propane gas grill, but this burner doesnt produce fire and heats up air which grills food. It uses a special infrared gas grill technology that heats up the surface which emits heat on the food you have put on the grate. The dish can eventuallly result in juicier taste. As I have already mentioned, the infrared gas grill heats up faster and due to the higher temperature, the meal can be done faster. Now you know how do infrared gas grills work.

    Natural Gas Barbecue Pits Are A Worthwhile Investment

    Though youll need to plumb for natural gas in your home if you dont already have a dedicated line, using this fuel type will save you time and money in the long run. The alternative for gas grills is propane, which comes in tanks that need to be periodically refilled and discarded. With a natural gas fixture run to your grills location, you wont need to worry about making trips to the store to buy more propane. Simply light the burners and start grilling whenever you like!

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    Infrared Propane/natural Gas Grill

    Char-Broil Signature TRU Infrared 2-Burner Gas Grill

    The Char-Broil infrared gas grill is one of the more affordable infrared gas grills on sale so definitely check it out. The grill comes with two stainless steel tube burners,;which make 325 square inches of a primary cooking space. But, that is not all, because you have to have a warming rack. Well, this grill has it and it has 120 square inches.

    The power of this Char-Broil Tru infrared gas grill is also pretty good 18,000 BTUs.;The interesting thing about the stainless steel tube burner is that it is similar to ones traditional Char-Broil gas grills. It means it has a stainless steel metal panel that emits the infrared radiation. Through that proves it can produce a temperature range of around 300°F 750°F which is pretty impressive.

    You can fold the side shelves of Tru infrared gas grill when you arent using it which is great for small patios, yards or balconies. When you are using it, you can simply unfold the side shelves and have extra prepping space. Also, the grill comes with wheels so you can easily move it around. Every good quality grill has to have a temperature gauge and this one has it too. It is there for easier temperature control during the entire process.


    Natural Gas Outdoor Grills Provide Stability

    How to Convert a Propane Grill to Natural Gas

    If youre planning to build an outdoor kitchen, strongly consider installing a natural gas BBQ grill. These models will generally stay in the same place because they need to be hooked up to a natural gas line, and while some people may view that as a drawback, you can use the permanence of a natural gas grill to make it the centerpiece of your outdoor space. What you lose in mobility, you make up for with a well-thought-out design that will last for years.

    One area where natural gas barbecue grills differ is warranty. Fortunately for you, weve put together a helpful gas grill warranty chart that includes top brands like Blaze so you can find the model with the best coverage. If you need more help picking out which natural gas outdoor grill is best for you, call one of our BBQ experts at 1-877-743-2269 today!

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    Best Charcoal And Gas Grill Combo

    Because some nights you want the flavor of charcoal and other nights you want the convenience of gas, but you never want two grills sitting in storage. We get it, and we’ve found the perfect solution: The Char-Griller Double Play. This unique dual-function grill combines your charcoal and gas into one cohesive and compact unit. On the left, you have three main burners and one side burner for gas, and on the right, you have an easy-dump ash pan for charcoal. The right side is also firebox compatible, so you can get that true smokehouse flavor.

    Weber 62011001 Genesis Ii E

    • Company: Weber
    • Gas Type: Natural Gas or Liquid Propane
    • Price: $$
    • Rating: 4.4 / 5 stars

    Once again, Weber adds another sleek and stylish, top quality grill;to our Best;Of list. This particular model, the Genesis;II;E-410,;is one of the few that comes in a variety of;colors , and also in either Natural Gas or Liquid Propane, so you can really customize to make it exactly to suit you!

    The Genesis II E-410 is a large grill, able to cook enough to feed a crowd! It has one of the largest grilling areas of any of the grills featured here, coming in at 646 square inches . Itll be great for cooking complicated meals that require various settings , or for foods that are best cooked via indirect heat.

    As you can see in the pic here,;this grill;has;the open cart design.;The Natural Gas model is pictured the LP model has a;steel shield of sorts on the right side under the shelf;that hides the propane tank from view.; The;open cart shelves design is great for easy grease tray removal, for storage of grilling tools, and;more!

    For the pretty impressive price, you get a LOT with this popular Weber:

    While this grill doesnt have a ton of bells and whistles , if the large grilling;area size and top quality burners/grates are whats most important to you, this grill is one you shouldnt pass up!

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    Choosing The Best Gas Grill

    Shopping for gas grills can be overwhelming if you’re not familiar with the terminology. So we’ll walk you through the basics. To start, you need to know that there are actually two different types:Propaneandnatural.Propane gas grills are the more popular option that you typically see in-store, and they require a propane tank to work. Meanwhile, natural gas grills need to be hooked up to a direct natural gas line from your house. Natural gas grills never really run out of fuel, but theydoneed to be installed by a professional and they can’t be moved around.

    Other important details to keep in mind? Ignition switches, burners and primary cooking surface. Gas grills use eitherelectric igniters, which run on batteries, orpiezo igniters, which produce their own sparks. Both are reliable, but piezos understandably tend to last longer. As far as burners go, a grill with one to three burners is generally considered a good fit for single families, while a grill with four or more burners is ideal for multiple courses or large gatherings. And as a general rule of thumb, 300- to 400-square-inch primary cooking surfaces will get you a pretty decent medium-sized grill.

    Are Natural Gas Grills Safe

    Fine Vintage Weber Stainless Steel Natural Gas Grill ...

    For the most part, a natural gas grill comes with all the same health and safety risks as a propane grill, with most of the hazards being heat-based. However, since a natural gas grill is connected to your home supply, there is a very small chance that things can go spectacularly wrong if you dont take the proper precautions.

    If you have, or are thinking about getting, a natural gas grill, here are some simple safety tips that you can use to minimize any potential risk:

    • Make sure you have two gas shut off valves, one near the grill and one near the house. This means that, in the event of a fire, the gas can be shut off without getting near the grill.
    • As with any gas grill, never close the lid when you are trying to light it.
    • Keep your grill as clean as possible. Removing grease buildup from your grill can help to prevent fires and flare-ups.
    • When siting your natural gas grill, make sure to position the grill well away from your house any deck railings or awnings, and out from under eaves. Dont underestimate how hot the air above your grill can become.
    • Always remember to turn off both shut-off valves for the gas the moment that you are done with cooking.

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    Best Splurge: Weber Summit S

    • Expensive

    • Cabinet doors are flimsy

    If youre willing to spend a bit more on a natural gas grill, you wont be disappointed with the Weber Summit S-670. This high-end model from Weber has all the bells and whistles you could ever want, including a spacious 693-square-inch main cooking area and 145-square-inch warming rack. The Summit S-670 delivers 60,000 BTUs across its six burners, and it comes with a 120-inch gas hose.;

    This luxury grill delivers features that grillmasters are sure to love. Were talking about its front-mounted lighted control panel, a 12,000-BTU side burner, a 10,600-BTU Sear Station burner, a 6,800-BTU smoker burner, and a 10,600-BTU rear-mounted, infrared rotisserie burner. Thats not all, either. This model features a built-in thermometer, two stainless steel work areas, six tool hooks, and an enclosed cabinet. Reviewers say youll feel like a kid at Christmas when you purchase this grill, as it truly is an unbeatable investment for those who love nothing more than a good BBQ.

    Portable Infrared Natural Gas Bbq Grill

    Solaire SOL-EV17A Everywhere Gas Grill

    This is another model of an infrared gas grill by the brand Solaire, which are known for their infrared grills. This model is a infrared;portable grill with a real infrared ceramic burner. It has a 140 square inches of cooking area, which isnt a lot but is great for camping trips or picnics outdoor. The ceramic burner can heat up in 3 minutes and it reaches the temperatures of almost 1,000°F . The fact that it can reach such high temperatures is amazing for such an affordable gas grill. There are many accessories available for customizing with this grill, like for example portable stands, natural gas conversion kits or different mounting plates and grids.

    The grate grid on this infrared propane bbq is V-grate grids which give your food a better flavor and improved grill lines. These kind of V-grate grids are also great for reducing the flare-ups. This grill is made of high quality 304 stainless steel grill which makes it very durable. Another benefit of this small infrared gas grill is that it is ready to use out of the box and the only thing that needs to bed one is to attach the handles. The dimensions of this grill are 13.5 x 21 x 8.2 inches and it weighs about 15 lbs.


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    Where Do You Find Gas To Propane Conversion Kits

    Weber no longer sells these kits. You may have to go to sites like eBay to find them. Do not use conversion kits that have visible wear and tear, or worse, breaks. Remember, you are doing something that is not considered to be advisable by the manufacturer. So, you are taking your safety into your own hands.

    Its worth noting that some grills will not have compatible conversion kits out there. If this is the case, then you should not try to convert the grill at all. Sure, there may be universal conversion kits sold by shady third parties, but do you really want to take that risk? We think not.

    Best With Rotisserie: Weber Summit S

    How To Start a Natural Gas Grill
    • Grates are hard to clean

    Certain high-end grills come equipped with a special rotisserie burner, and the Weber Summit S-470 delivers this special featurealong with countless others! This Weber natural gas grill has four stainless steel burners and a total cooking area of 580 square inches, spread across a 468 square inch main area and a 112 square inch warming rack. Its main burners deliver 8,800 BTUs each, for a total of more than 35,000 BTU.;

    In addition to its main cooking space, this grill features an infrared rotisserie burner, sear-station burner, smoker box, and side burner. The rotisserie system includes a flip-up, fold-down motor, allowing you to make delicious moist rotisserie chicken right at home. Plus, reviewers rave about the quality and performance of this grill, writing that its one of the best in its class.

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    Weber 57067001 Q3200 Gas Grill

    • Company: Weber
    • Gas Type: Natural Gas or Liquid Propane
    • Rating: 4.5;/ 5 stars
    • Price: $$

    If youre looking for a gas grill for yourself and maybe your small family, or if you want a grill that wont take up much space on your patio, the Weber Q3200 is;fantastic;choice. Its not portable like others in Q series, but youll love the look and shape!

    Of the Q series, its the only grill that you can order in either Natural Gas or Liquid Propane fuel! If youre looking at the Natural Gas option, youll be happy to know that it comes with the natural gas;hook up hose!

    Here are some of the features we like about this grill:

    Weber grills in general are known to be top quality and this one is no different. We think youll love it!

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