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Tips For Choosing An Electric Outdoor Grill

Best Outdoor Electric Grill Reviews 2022 | Best Budget Outdoor Electric Grills (Buying Guide)

Whether youre upgrading your current model or buying an electric BBQ grill for the first time, there are a few things you should keep in mind when browsing grill models.

  • Wattage: The higher the wattage the more energy your grill will use, but it will also be able to become hotter and potentially cook meat more evenly.
  • Cooking Area: A smaller cooking area may suffice if youre grilling only for yourself, but you may want more space if youre prepping bigger meals or cooking for more people.

Benefits Of Portable Electric Grills

From their relative ease-of-use to their portability and safety features, electric barbecue grills offer many benefits, making them a viable year-round grilling option. An small electric grill may be the right choice for you if you are looking for:

  • Safety: Electric BBQ grills don’t emit large amounts of carbon monoxide, harmful fumes or open flames.
  • Convenience: Outdoor and indoor electric grills don’t require coal or propane to heat, only access to an electrical outlet. They tend to be easier to clean than gas or charcoal grills and can be used both inside and outside.
  • Portability: These grills are relatively lightweight and easy to bring to parties, campsites, tailgates and more, so long as theres an available power source.
  • Savings: Buying an electric grill is just a one-time expense since they don’t require propane tank refills or replacements. Electric grills are generally more affordable than traditional charcoal or gas style grills, since they also tend to be smaller and more compact.
  • No-Flame Grilling: If you live somewhere that restricts propane use because of the risk of fire, an electric grill is the perfect fit for you, since there is no open flame. From apartment balconies to country kitchens, electric grills are suitable for many occasions.

Warranty And Customer Support

All of the grills on our list come with a warranty that should be activated when you receive your product. All grills come with a 1-year warranty except for the Weber 52020001 Q1400 Electric Grill, which had an impressive 5-year warranty. A good warranty can prolong the overall life of your grill.

Most reviewers agreed that the best customer service came from Weber and Ninja. According to consumers, customer service seemed to be subpar for Techwood.

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Americana Portable Utility Tabletop Electric Grill

The Americana Portable Electric Grill is one of the most premia, yet portable electric grills on the market. It offers a significant amount of cooking space for its size and capacity 164-sq inch. With this portable electric grill, you dont have to worry about it taking up too much power as it is 1500 watts.

Description: Furthermore, the Americana electric grill comes with a thermostat to take control of the temperature. As a result of this fantastic contribution, you no longer have to stress your food with hot or cold spots. The grease cup is efficiently built, which catches all fats and oil from the grill, leaving you with a maintenance-free electric grill.

When it comes to consumer feedback, many users regard this portable electric grill as the best choice it lets you cook a variety of meals in a small space.

Bottom Line: The Americana Portable Utility Tabletop Electric Grill lets you cook several steaks at the same time. Also, there is an efficient and high-quality grease cup that soaks up the fats and oil from your food to avoid messes and afterward cleaning.

Types Of Electric Grills


Open Grill Here a single grilling plate is used to place your food for cooking. It resembles the traditional outdoor grill, in which you can flip the food over to another side for its perfect cooking. They are bigger and let you cook a huge food of different varieties like oddly shaped vegetables, large cuts of meat, fish pieces, etc. at once.

Contact Grill Here the grill comes in contact with food, as it presses against both sides. It has two grilling plates the bottom plate and the upper plate . It aids in better heat distribution and faster cooking. Even though they are compact in size and portable, they can achieve excellent grilling results.

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Are Outdoor Electric Grills A Healthy Way To Cook

Youll get the full experience of fresh-grilled food, without the dangers of traditional barbecues.Youll never have to worry about running out of propane and hauling those heavy tanks back and forth, or chopping wood ever again. Youll get the full experience of fresh-grilled food, without the dangers of traditional barbecues.You can check out our Healthy Grilling Guide.

Best Overall: George Foreman Indoor/outdoor Electric Grill

  • Large enough to cook for a crowd

  • Nonstick grill plate is easy to clean

  • Can be used indoors or out

If you want a freestanding electric grill, you cant go wrong with the George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill. This model features a removable stand that lets you use it outside on a patio or indoors on the countertop, and its spacious 240 square inches of cooking space lets you make around 15 servings at a time.

The George Foreman grill has a number of features that will make grilling an enjoyable experience. The durable grill plate is removable for easy cleanup, and it has a sloped grilling surface that helps drain the fat off meat. Theres a dishwasher-safe drip tray that collects excess grease, and the adjustable temperature control lets you choose from five heat settings. According to our tester, this grill is easy to assemble and clean, and it gets super hot for searing meats and other grilled dishes.

George Foreman has a few other indoor/outdoor grills, including the GFO3320GM, which has a similar MSRP and features a premium ceramic coating and built-in temperature gauge.

Dimensions: 22 x 18 x 35 inches | Cooking Area: 240 square inches | Watts: 1600 | Use: indoor/outdoor

“This grill does a fine job with basics like burgers and sausages, producing nice grill marks. It also did a surprisingly good job cooking a frozen pizza.” Donna Currie, Product Tester

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Best Budget: Black+decker George Foreman Gr0040b 2

  • No temperature control

For those who dont grill often but still want to have a small electric grill on hand, the George Foreman Classic Plate Grill is a great affordable option. This small grill has just 36 square inches of cooking area that can handle two servings at a time, and it can be stored vertically to take up less space.

The Classic Plate Grill is a countertop model that features nonstick grill coating and George Foreman’s standard fat-draining, sloped design. Theres a dishwasher-safe drip tray, as well as embedded heating elements for even heat distribution and rapid temperature recovery. The power indicator light lets you know when the grilling surface is preheated, and while it may not be the most sophisticated grill ever, reviewers say its perfect for one or two people.

Dimensions: 8.5 x 9.25 x 10.25 inches | Cooking Area: 36 square inches | Watts: 760 | Use: indoor

Our top spot goes to the George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill because it’s safe to use for small spaces and balconies, but large enough to cook for a crowd. Plus, it’s affordable and easy to use. Planning to do most of your grilling indoors? Try the Cuisinart GR-5B Electric Griddler Five . This five-in-one indoor grill can double as a griddle.

Weber 55020001 Q 2400 Electric Grill

Kalorik Smokeless Electric Indoor Grill

If eating steaks and burgers in your yard gives you the utmost pleasure, and not to mention, cooking them on an equally talented electric grill, then the Weber 55020001 Q 2400 will stun you.

Description: The Weber 55020001 Q 2400 is a portable outdoor electric grill packed with superior performance and smooth looks. Additionally, the Q 2400 is an upgrade of the Q240 version, meaning the new version packs more features and excellent cooking results.

One of the most attention-grabbing aspects of the Weber Q 2400 is that it encourages you to cook meals effortlessly. On the downside, it does lack additional features, including a built-in thermometer, but if you get this much quality under a sweet package, isnt compromising an option?

Furthermore, consumers love the porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates with 280-sq inch of cooking space because it offers plenty of diversity in terms of cooking. You can sear steaks, chops, burgers, grill fruits, vegetables, fish, and chicken.

Bottom Line: The Weber Q 2400 is the kind of grill you would use to host a downtown party for your friends, toasting, and clanking cups. It gives you an ultimate grilling experience on a small and portable outdoor grill with more-than-expected features.

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How Do You Clean An Electric Grill

To clean an electric grill, start by unplugging it and allowing the grates to cool down. If your grill has removable nonstick grates, you can take them off and wash them in your sink with soap and water, the same way you would a piece of cookware. Some electric grills even have dishwasher-safe grates . For grills with cast iron grates, use a wire brush to remove particles as needed, and wash with soap and water, drying thoroughly after.

Each time you use your electric grill, you’ll also want to clean the grease tray and wipe down the exterior as needed.

Weber 14402001 Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill

The Weber 14402001 Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill is a relatively portable and small grill that is perfect for family use. It features a 22-inch diameter porcelain-enameled bowl and lid with a cooking area of 363 square inches. The One-Touch cleaning system provides hassle-free cleanup of charcoal ash and debris by wiping it into a high-capacity, removable ash catcher. It is possible to control the temperature of the grill without lifting the lid. The durable wheels allow you to move your grill around the yard quickly and will withstand the elements.

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Best Buy Customers Often Prefer The Following Products When Searching For Outdoor Electric Grills

Grilling is one of the most popular cooking methods, and electric grills are a great way to get delicious grilled food without dealing with fire. Browse the top-ranked list of outdoor electric grills below along with associated reviews and opinions.

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    Product Description

    The Cuisinart 2-in-1 Outdoor Electric Grill is the perfect small space grilling solution. The grill takes less than 10 minutes to assemble, so you’ll be up and grilling in no time. The grill features a 120V heating element that allows the cooking surface to reach temperatures of 550+ degrees. The grill is able to be used in 2 ways on the stand, or on a table top. The grill easily lifts right off the stand and can be used on any table top surface. The non-stick cooking surface is super easy to clean and features 240 square inches of cooking space, allowing you to grill up to 12 burgers at a time. The temperature control probe comes with 5 adjustable heat settings, allowing you to dial in the temperature exactly where you need it. The center of the cooking surface includes a channel that allows the grease to easily drain directly in to the cup located below the surface.

  • Outdoor Electric Grills In Restricted Areas

    North American Outdoors Table Top Electric Grill

    If you love to grill but are restricted by smoke regulations and fire codes in your area and a gas or charcoal grill is not allowed.Or youre concerned about the health of your family and friends dont worry all is not lost, outdoor electric grills could be the perfect solution to your dilemma.Theres no smoke like you get from charcoal and there are no toxic fumes generated like propane or natural gas.

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    Kenyon B70082 Steel Electric Grill

    The Breville smart grill is an attractive stainless steel patio grill. It has a wide base, which provides better stability when compared to the other electric grills. Its pedestal is well built with attractive looks. It has two important features, which include digital read-out and a precision thermostatic control system. This electric grill has a 250-square inch cooking surface however, it has a single burner.

    More than all these features, the heat what this grill produces is amazing. It has the capacity to produce up to 725 degrees F. Thats amazing.

    • 600° F+ in 10 minutes
    • 1300W Element in direct contact with cooking surface for efficient grilling
    • UL Approved for Indoor AND Outdoor Use

    Assume you are an ardent fan of grilled chicken. Also, assume you are living in an apartment or condo where the open flames are not permitted. What do you do in that situation? Will you curtail your desire of having grilled chicken temporarily? Assume one more situation. You want to go on camping with your near and dear or with your friends where you want to enjoy grilled chicken. But, here too open flames are not permitted. What do you do? Will you stop going on camping?

    There are many situations like these where you wish to enjoy the grilled chicken but you cant do so due to the restrictions on the use of the open flames.

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    George Foreman Evolve Grp4842mb:

    Best for multi-choice cooking

    Okay, this electric Multi-plate Evolve grill is a little different from the others on our list as its listed as an indoor grill on Amazon but its a beauty none the less.Friends have used this on an outside table next to an electric output to great effect especially with the different plates available.Their verdict was that although it was designed only for indoor use it works just as good as any of the other outdoor electric grills, just check the manufactures details to make sure there are no warranty exclusions.

    Included are waffle plates, ceramic grilling plates, and a muffin maker, with all the plates being interchangeable, so you can prepare a variety of meals that tastes great, right from your own home.While the basic unit is a three-in-one, those are not the only possibilities. Numerous other contact grill options are available which make this an even more versatile tool.

    If youre a fan of grilled food, especially sandwiches, wraps, and that sort of thing, youre going to love the George Foreman Evolve Grill with its multi plates.It features a built-in adjustable hinge, connecting the top and bottom grills. What this means is that you can cook to perfection any standard-size grilled sandwich, just as easily as a large, stuffed burrito.

    For variety and kitchen versatility, this grill is tough to beat.

    Best Splurge: Kenyon Floridian Electric Grill

    George Foreman 15 Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill with David Venable
    • Grill grate and lid are dishwasher safe

    • Expensive

    While the price tag may be a little higher, you cant beat the sleek design and quality performance of the Kenyon Floridian All-Seasons Portable Electric Grill. This high-end model can heat up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit in just 10 minutes, and its even approved for indoor use on days when the weather isnt agreeable.

    The Floridian All-Seasons Grill has 155 square inches of cooking space, and the whole unit is made from sleek stainless steel. The grill grate and lid are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, and reviewers say this electric model is durable and delivers unbeatable results.

    Dimensions: 21 x 12.25 x 9.25 inches | Cooking Area: 155 square inches | Watts: 1300 | Use: indoor/outdoor

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    Zhongshan Eclatal Metal Product Co Ltd

    BBQ Grill, Pizza Oven, Electric Grill manufacturer / supplier in China, offering OEM Machine Outdoor Oven Barbecue Grill Commercial BBQ Grills Pizza Maker, Fashion Pizza Box Outdoor Reheat DIY Reheating The Barbecue Gas Pizza Oven, ODM OEM Outdoor Portable Italian Maker Baking Gas BBQ Pizza Oven Commercial and so on.

    Suppliers with verified business licenses

    Buying Guide For Best Electric Grills

    Who doesnt love the flavour of grilled meat, fish, and vegetables? And nobody needs to miss out. Even if you live in an area that doesnt allow cooking with an open flame, you can still use an electric grill. Whats more, when its cold and wet outside, many models are designed for delicious indoor grilling!

    The sheer variety of sizes and prices can make choosing the right electric grill model difficult, so the BestReviews team has been busy testing .

    In this electric grill buying guide, we discuss the features youll want to consider and provide answers to your questions. Weve also included a number of recommendations that show the many different styles available.

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    Most Versatile: Ninja Foodi 5

    If you really want to make the most out of your kitchen appliances, opt for Ninja Foodi’s indoor electric grill that also air fries, roasts, bakes, and dehydrates. By circulating 500-degree-Fahrenheit air, the versatile appliance cooks food evenly and it actually results in the grill marks everyone loves about traditional outdoor grills. The 10-inch grill plate accommodates four 8-ounce burgers, and the splatter shield is dishwasher-safe. “We’ve grilled steaks, chicken, hamburgers, and sausage,” said a reviewer. ” tried the air fry function with frozen fries and they came out just like restaurant fries! It is so easy, both to do and clean up afterward. We’ll probably never grill outside again since it’s just the two of us and this works perfectly for us.”

    Buy it: $210

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