Do All Traeger Grills Need Electricity

Temperature Control And Thermostat

How a Traeger Wood Pellet Grill Works

The temperature controller is what regulates the temperature of the grill. It is a small box that sits on the lid of the grill. It has a dial on it that you can use to set the desired temperature. The controller then sends power to the igniter and the fan to keep the grill at that temperature.

The cooking process is controlled by a thermostat, which monitors the temperature of the grill and adjusts the airflow accordingly. This ensures that the temperature remains consistent, which is crucial for getting the best results from your Traeger grill.

What Uses More Power: Electric Smoker Vs Pellet Smoker

The difference in power usage between an electric smoker and a pellet smoker comes from the source of the heat.

Pellet smokers use wood pellets in order to fuel the fire, creating your desired temperature with the help of the auger and the fans.

Electric smokers on the other hand rely on electricity to power the heating element that provides the heat. The heat in an electric smoker works more like a conventional oven, with the addition of smoking wood chips to create the smoke.

Electric smokers, because they rely on this electricity to produce heat, use approximately 16 more power. This is, for the electric smoker around 800 Watts vs. around 50 Watts for the pellet smoker.

Do Treaters Need To Be Plugged In

Yes, make sure all of your equipment is properly plugged in before you begin grilling. You wont get very far with it at all if you dont take the time to ensure that your equipment is properly plugged in.

You will end up with a girl that isnt doing anything at all for you if that is the tactic you are going to take. Make sure you get everything plugged in just right and working for you the way that it needs to be.

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Are Traeger Grills Allowed In Apartments

Its technically illegal for you to use an open flame grill on a porch or wooden deck with 10 feet of a building. However, Traeger grills dont use an open flame, which means you could set one up on your apartment balcony and grill.

These grills use electricity to heat wood pellets, which then flavour your food while it cooks. This feature gives you delicious wood-smoked meats, without being illegal.

Its worth noting that every area has different fire safety laws, so youll want to check them out for your city and state individually.

Due to how they work, you can even use your pellet grill under a covered porch or deck. No matter where you live, this gives you more options for where you can cook. However, its still not a good idea to use the grill anywhere that has poor airflow.

Using An Extension Cord With A Pellet Grill

Does A Traeger Grill Need Electricity?

Extension cords can be used to power a pellet grill that is far away from an electrical socket.

The best and safest extension cord to power any outdoor appliance or tool, such as a pellet grill, is a 14 gauge cord rated for 15 amps and 125 volts.

Here is a 50 foot, all weather 14 gauge extension cord that is rated for 15 amps and 125 volts .

I highly recommend using a reliable and safe outdoor extension cord since this will handle anything plugged into a residential outlet in the US.

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Tailgater The Mini Traeger

Traeger produces a range of portable pellet grills that are suitable for people with small patios or balconies. These mini Traeger grills have gone by a few different names over the years, including the Junior Elite, the Bronson, and now, the Tailgater. This small Traeger is an affordable option if youre wanting to dip your toes into the world of pellet grills.

The Tailgater is very light, only 62 pounds so it can throw it in the back of an SUV or pickup truck with ease. As long as you have access to electricity, you can fire up this little Traeger anywhere.

This model Traeger is perfect if you only need to cook for a few people and have a small backyard. At 36 inches high and 37 inches wide, the can fit nicely onto a small deck or a balcony. The Tailgater is HOA compliant, which means you can use it on patios or balconies of condominium buildings.

Tailgater Cooking Capacity

The Tailgater has a small cooking capacity, so its only suitable for cooking on-the-go or small families. You can cook two whole chickens, or 12 burgers, or 3 rib racks on the Tailgaters 300 square inches of grilling area. People who use this model say they have smoked 10 to 15 pound brisket in the Tailgater.

Small Pellet Hopper

Tailgater Temp Fluctuations

The other downside of the Tailgater is its less insulated than other Traeger models, which cause uneven temperatures. Tailgater owners complain of temperature fluctuations between 10 to 20 degrees either side of the set temperature.

Tailgater Cost

Can You Use Charcoal In A Traeger Grill 5 Important Facts

Almasa Amir/

Can you use charcoal in a traeger grill One of the most crucial components of cooking with an electric smoker or a gas grill is selecting the correct fuel, which is why charcoal is such a popular choice among backyard chefs. Theyre recognized for generating a tremendous burst of heat when ignited, and they burn cleanly. Isnt it a surprise that so many chefs use them for their grills? But what about other manufacturers, such as Traegers? In case you are looking for best charcoal smoker, we have some recommendation you can check.

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Pellet Grill Temperature Fluctuations

One of the differences between a pellet grill and a gas or electric grill is maintaining consistent temperatures during the cooking process.

Gas and electric grills offer more steady power output and therefore can maintain very consistent temperatures from start to finish. Pellet grills operate a bit differently. Wood pellets are drip fed from a hopper into a firebox with the help of an electronically controlled auger. They fall in little bits at a time and not in a consistent, steady stream. The more pellets that fall in, the hotter the grill gets. The fewer pellets, the cooler. This slightly inconsistent pellet feeding leads to temperature fluctuations similar to cooking on a campfire. Its not a bad thing. It just is what it is.

Cleaning Out The Traeger Grill To Remove Unnecessary Smoke

How To CLEAN a TRAEGER Pellet Grill | Maintenance 101

Before you set the desired cooking temperature, which lies in the non-smoking range of the Traeger grill, make sure that there is proper ventilation through the exhaust system of your Traeger grill.

If the smoke is not distributed uniformly and the fan got dirty over time, the smoke will not escape and will turn your food black. This smoke is called Stale Smoke.

When the grill is subjected to prolonged cooking intervals and you dont clean it, the grease and ash start accumulating. This will prevent wood pellets to undergo complete combustion as the grease on the dripping tray and ash in the firepot and auger will not allow proper airflow. Due to incomplete combustion, there will not be excessive heat produced when you set a higher temperature.

Furthermore, the spattered grease on the walls of the grill will also undergo combustion and make a lot of smoke inside the Traeger grill if you do not clean it properly. It is advisable to clean your Traeger grill after every 20hours of use or once a week.

Even if you dont use the Traeger grill for a long time, there would be a buildup of some moisture if youre living in an area with high humidity. This moisture is also needed to be cleaned to have better temperature control inside the Traeger grill, which will ensure less smoke production.

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How Do I Know If My Traeger Is Igniting

If your Traeger is igniting, you will see the igniter rod glow red and hear a clicking sound.

The pellets in the firepot should also start to smoke.

If the igniter rod does not glow red or if there is no clicking sound, then the grill is not igniting.

There are a few reasons why your Traeger might not be igniting.

First, make sure that the grill is turned on and that the igniter switch is in the on position.

Next, check to see if there are any pellets in the firepot. If there are no pellets in the firepot, then there is nothing for the igniter to ignite.

Finally, make sure that the igniter rod is clean and free of debris. If the igniter rod is dirty, it may not create a spark strong enough to ignite the pellets.

Is It Safe To Leave A Traeger Unattended

Dont leave a Traeger completely unattended while cooking. A Traeger is very safe if cleaned regularly and maintained. So you dont have to stand next to it the whole time but I wouldnt leave the house for hours either.

First and foremost, remember that there is always a risk when cooking with fire of any kind.

Fire can happen due to grease backup or a back burn up the auger. To prevent a grease fire, make sure that you clean your Traeger thoroughly after each use.

I cover the inside drip pan with aluminum foil. But I change that every 2-3 cooks depending on how messy it gets. Too much built-on grease is a fire waiting to happen.

During smoking, the heat doesnt get hot enough to start a grease fire, but its still important to keep the grease to a minimum.

Sometimes wood pellets will get jammed in the hopper and will need to be stirred to fall into the auger.

And make sure your pellets are dry. If they have moisture in them, the auger may jam. And if the auger jams, and its full of pellets, you risk a back burn up the auger.

And if you are leaving your Traeger unattended, its also important to make sure its not near anything flammable. Traeger recommends keeping their grills at least 18 away from any walls.

Finally, be sure to take advantage of WiFire. WiFire lets you control your grill, monitor internal meat temperature, and even change the grill temperature if its too hot.

Just click that link to read it on my site.

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Do Pellet Grills Use Propane Or Gas

All pellet grills need electricity in order to run.

Pellet grills do not use propane or gas. Instead, pellet grills use hardwood pellets to create heat and smoke which cooks the food. Pellet grills are powered with electricity so that the auger can feed pellets into the firepot which is started by an electric hot rod.

However, a propane or gas generator can be used to power a pellet grill so any electrical outlet or power source that is strong and consistent enough will power a pellet grill.

How Big Is Your Yard

NEW Traeger Texas Elite Pellet Grill 34 **FREE

Another important consideration is the amount of space you have in your backyard/patio area. All three Traeger models Pro Series, Ironwood and Timberline all have a smaller version to suit every outdoor space.

If you have a tiny yard, or like cooking on-the-go, Traeger has the Tailgater grill thats perfect for small decks, courtyards or tailgates. If you want to go even smaller than a Tailgater, theres also a range of portable Traeger grills.

If you need a smaller grill, then consider one of these Traeger models:

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Using A Power Inverter For Your Pellet Grill

If you love the idea of taking your portable pellet grills with you camping, on the road, or out tailgating, then you could look into getting a power inverter.Amazingly, Traeger Grills know exactly how you feel and have even released their Traeger Grills power inverter which converts 12 Volt power from a car battery into standard 120 volt power with multiple outlets.Although this is made by Traeger, it can be used with any pellet grill which plugs into a standard 120 volt power supply, which is 99% of the available pellet grills.

Traeger Grill Features To Consider

Traeger grills enable you to grill, braise, smoke, bake, roast, or barbecue in your backyard with one cooking device without the use of charcoal or gas.

  • The process starts when you load the hopper with wood pellets. There are many types of wood pellets available, such as apple, cherry, and maple, and each imparts a unique flavor to the food.

  • An auger at the bottom of the hopper moves the pellets to the hot rod, which ignites the pellets.

  • A draft induction fan circulates air into the grill to cook the food.

Traeger grills come in a number of sizes and with different features to think about before you buy.

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Why You Should Trust Us

I love cooking meat over fire. Its one of my greatest joys in life. Cooking over mesquite wood fire is my favorite, but who am I kidding? Ill gladly grill over charcoal and propane gas flames, too. This affinity started when, at 23, I began working the wood-fired grill at a restaurant. It was my responsibility to build and maintain the fire in that grill from the moment I started my shift until the end of dinner serviceabout 10 hours a shift for two and half years. Every night I walked out of the restaurant a smoky, sooty mess, and I loved every second of it.

Now my scrappy line-cooking days are behind me, and as a senior staff writer for Wirecutter I help review grills and grilling tools, along with all kinds of other kitchen tools and appliances.

How Big Of An Inverter Do I Need To Run A Traeger Pellet Grill

Richard Holden explains how to fire up the Traeger Wood Pellet Grill, and how it works

As the Traeger pellet grill requires electricity to operate its internal system, you may need to buy an inverter. The inverter is the best option to generate electricity for your Traeger grill as they are sound-free. You can use a 400-watt inverter for your Traeger grills, but more than that wont be necessary as your Traeger grills only consume a maximum of 300 watts at the beginning of their operation.

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Cost Of The Grill And Fuel

The cost of a portable grill varies based on its fuel source and brand. A very small portable gas grill can cost as little as $50, and a portable charcoal grill can be found for less. Portable pellet grills are more advanced and offer a more even grilling experience. That’s why their price starts in the low hundreds.

Features Pro Series 575 And 780

  • WIFIRE technology

There are several differences between the Ironwood and the Pro Series. Here are the main upgrades.

Downdraft Exhaust System

One of the key features of the Ironwood is the downdraft exhaust system. Most pellet grills have a chimney or smokestack on top, but the downdraft exhaust system in the Ironwood pushes the smoke through the exhaust out the back of the grill, producing better smoke for your meat.

Double Side Wall Insulation

Another upgrade from the Pro Series is the Ironwoods double side walls for better insulation. Smokers and grills constructed with solid metal can hold in heat, which makes them more efficient when cooking in the colder months. Pellet grills with thinner metal have to work twice as hard in the cold and burn through twice as many wood pellets.

Super Smoke Mode

The Ironwood also has a Super Smoke mode which gives you three times more smoke. Super Smoke lowers the temperature of your grill into the 165°F to 225°F range. By slowing down the grill, the meat will have more time to sit in the smoke and absorb more smoke flavor.

Bigger Pellet Hopper

The Ironwood holds 20 pounds of wood pellets, an upgrade from the Pro Series which only holds 18 pounds. The extra pellets allow you to cook longer without having to worry about topping up the hopper halfway through a long cook.

Pellet Sensor for Remote Monitoring

Higher Temps

Probe Storage

Larger Digital Control

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Changing Ac Power To Dc Power & Vice Versa

Whether your chosen pellet grill/smoker requires AC power or DC power to operate either can be created provided the source of electricity is sufficient. You can get AC to DC power converters or DC to AC power converters.

There are many power converters on the market to convert AC power to DC power and vice versa: Images

Ive also previously written a post on portable power for pellet grills where I discuss the options of a power converter, battery bank or small generator, each with their pros and cons.

However, before you can choose any type of power source to power a pellet grill/smoker there is obviously an important question to ask, how much power do I need?.

You Dont Have To Use Smoke

Traeger Ironwood 650 Wifi Pellet Grill and Smoker in Black

Finally, you dont have to add wood pellets to your grill for it to run, as the smoke is simply for flavor.

If you live in closely-knit apartment buildings, it would be best that you didnt use any smoke, because it could easily float through your neighbours windows, which would be a considerable nuisance to them.

Running your grill without wood pellets is an essential feature for those living in apartment buildings.

Its easier for you to cook this way and you wont bother your neighbors. If your landlord sees smoke, they could easily mistake your Traeger grill for a charcoal one, which would be a hassle for you to explain.

Finally, you mustnt use smoke under a covered patio. You want to be in a well-ventilated area, so you arent constantly breathing it in.

Plus, this prevents smoke from entering your building and setting off all the fire alarms.

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