How To Grill Fresh Salmon

What Side Do You Grill Salmon On First

Best Grilled Salmon Recipe

Grill the salmon first skin side down. Whichever variety of salmon you choose, choose a filet or salmon cut with the skin on. The salmon skin provides a layer of safety between the grill grates and the fishs flesh as it cooks.

Keep a lid on it. Maintain a more consistent cooking temperature with the grill lid covering the fish as it cooks, creating the same environment as an oven.

How To Know When Salmon Is Finished Cooking

  • Check for flaking. Using a fork or butter knife, peek in the thickest part of your salmon. If its beginning to flake but is still a little translucent, its done. Or, if your salmon flakes easily with a fork, its ready.
  • Use an Instant Read Thermometer. This method never fails! When your salmon hits near 145 degrees F at the thickest part, its done. I actually like to remove my salmon a little early , cover it, then let it rest for 5 minutes to come up to temperature. It ensures the salmon is super moist and never overcooks.

Salmon Steak Recipe: How To Make The Perfect Grilled Salmon Steak

Not sure how to grill salmon steaks without ruining them? Dont worry were going to walk you through the process of making salmon on the grill from start to finish. Its not as complicated as you might think, but knowing the best techniques will help you get that perfect grilled salmon look and flavor.

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Easy Portobello Mushroom Marinade Ingredients

  • Balsamic Vinegar. Tang. Depth of flavor. Delicious.
  • Soy Sauce. That umami somethin somethin.
  • Spices. First, garlic powder. Because 1) minced garlic can burn and 2) sometimes Im too lazy to mince garlic. Second, black pepper. Not enough to make these grilled portobello mushrooms spicy. Just enough to wake up their flavor and make you wonder why you cant stop eating them. Third, cayenne. Optional but encouraged.
  • Rosemary. A hearty herb that can stand up to the mushrooms without overpowering them. Fresh thyme would be tasty too.

Grilled Fresh Salmon Burgers

Quick and Easy Simple Simple Grilled Salmon

Quick and easy grilled fresh salmon burgers are full of flavor and nutrition. A great alternative to classic beef burgers for your summer barbecue!

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Five years ago I joined a recipe challenge group called The Recipe ReDux and shared this salmon burger recipe in my inaugural post. Back then, food photography was brand new to me, and to say the pics of the salmon burger didnt do it justice is an understatement. So I thought it was about time I updated the pics and post.

What better time than now the start of summer and grilling season to refresh these Grilled Fresh Salmon Burgers!

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Honey Mustard Grilled Salmon With Puy Lentils

A light and vibrant fish dish with earthy beetroot and lentils, served with basil, rocket and sweet grilled salmon

  • 25 mins
  • A star rating of 4.7 out of 5.27 ratings

    Grill healthy fish with chipotle spice then serve with cabbage salad, coriander and chilli in soft tortillas

  • 25 mins
  • A star rating of 4.4 out of 5.17 ratings

    For a quick and healthy dinner try this tasty salmon dish, full of fresh flavours

  • 20 mins
  • A star rating of 5 out of 5.2 ratings

    This delicious, substantial salad is inspired by two Mediterranean classics – Caesar and Niçoise

  • 35 mins
  • Can I Eat Salmon Skin

    Yes! Also long as the scales have been scraped off. I usually will use a spoon on the whole fillet to remove the scales before cutting. Simply run the spoon in the opposite direction of the scales and theyll flick off. If youre lucky, some grocery stores already have them cleaned and ready to eat.

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    Wine Pairing With Grilled Salmon Steaks

    The go to pairing for salmon is Pinot Noir, especially from Oregon or the Burgundy region of France. Dont fall into the trap of white wine with fish and red wine with meat. Salmon has a richer flavor than most fish, and grilling salmon brings out some bold flavors, not to mention the char on the outside.

    With the grilled element of earthiness and herbs from the dry rub, another great options would be Gamay, or if you want something refreshing try a fruity rosé.

    Grilled Fresh Salmon Pattiesone Word Amazing

    How to Grill Salmon~Easy Cooking

    This salmon was not caught off the banks of the Tennessee River.

    BUT…it is as fresh as this gal can get. Not canned. Not smoked.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love salmon patties made from quality canned salmon. It reminds me of meals we had when I was growing up. You know, the classic: canned salmon, egg, cornmeal, etc. That’s actually what brought this idea to life.

    “How can I make salmon patties better?”

    This is the answer.

    Serve these salmon patties with country classics like mashed potatoes and black-eyed peas. Or, lighten up the meal and serve with a fresh salad.

    Aren’t they so pretty? If you are into sushi you might be tempted to eat these just like this . But I didn’t…because egg.

    Form the mixture into patties then chill in the refrigerator for ATLEAST an hour.

    You want the salmon patties to firm up and bind together before you put them on the hot grill.

    Don’t wanna grill? No worries. These will cook nicely in a hot skillet.

    GRILLING TIP #1: Make sure your grill is CLEAN and OILED before cooking these salmon patties.

    GRILLING TIP #2: Get the grill HOT. You don’t want to burn them, but you do want them to cook quickly.

    GRILLING TIP #3: Brush both sides of the chilled salmon patties lightly with olive oil just before you put them on the grill.

    Once you put the patties on the grill, DO NOT touch them for 4 to 5 minutes. Then the patties will easily release from the grill. Flip, then cook another 4 minutes until done.

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    How To Home Cure Salmon


    Here’s a simple technique for homemade cured salmon. The brine requires just 3 ingredients: water, loads of kosher salt, and sugar.

    Soak slices of center-cut salmon fillet in the brine for 3 minutes, pat the fish dry, and put it in the fridge to firm up. That’s all there is to it. To the basic brine, you can add smoked salt, smoked paprika, or chipotle, if you like, to give it more of a smoked flavor.

    Cooking With Canned Salmon

    Don’t think you’re cheating when you cook with canned salmon. There are at least 7 benefits to canned salmon — among them: canned stays fresh longer, is typically cheaper, and has the same nutritional value as fresh salmon. Canned salmon is also super easy to work with. Browse our entire collection of Canned Salon Recipes.

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    Moisture Is The Enemy

    Cover the salmon in paper towels to help remove excess moisture from the surface. If its not dry enough when it hits the grill, it will take more time to evaporate the water instead of instantly charring, which is what you want. I find that chill in the refrigerator when wrapped in paper towels keeps the fish together when cooking with more success than if at room temperature.

    Tips For Buying And Preparing Sockeye Salmon:

    The Perfect Grilled Salmon Recipe
  • For best results, buy fresh wild salmon the same day you are going to cook it.
  • When purchasing, smell the fish it should smell like the sea. Avoid any that smell fishy or have an ammonia odor.
  • Purchase fillets or steaks with uniform thickness so that they cook evenly.
  • Dont be afraid to eat wild Pacific salmon thats not cooked all the way through. Medium rare is best because the fish retains its flavor and texture.
  • Grilling is best! The fat content of Sockeye Salmon helps it stand up to the heat of the grill.
  • Like many other fish and seafood, salmon cooks quickly. Pay attention during cooking. A good rule is to cook it for about 8 minutes per inch of thickness.
  • Season it lightly. Sockeye salmon is very flavorful on its own, so in my opinion, a little salt and pepper is all that it needs.
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    Salmon In Barbecue Sauce

    Although the combination of barbecue sauce and salmon may sound unfavorable, the results are opposite. In addition to improving the overall look of the dish, the barbecue sauce enhances the taste of the grilled salmon. You can either pour the sauce over the grilled salmon while cooking it or serve it as a dipping sauce at the table. Either way, the sauce will add to the taste of the salmon and make it even more delicious.

    How To Clean And Heat The Grill For Salmon

    Start with a clean grill while it’s still cold, brush any food residue from the grates. Then lightly coat a bunched-up paper towel with olive oil. Using tongs, wipe the oil onto the grill grates. Dont use too muchdripping oil can cause flare-ups and excess smoke.

    Make two cooking zones: a hot zone for searing and another for lower, gentle cooking. For a gas grill, turn the burners on one side to high and the other side to low. If you’re cooking with charcoal, push the hot coals onto one-half of the grill. The two zones will allow you to sear the salmon on the high-heat side, then transfer it to the cooler side to finish cooking. Close the lid and preheat for 15 minutes. This will burn off the oil and make the grill nonstick and very hot, about 500 degrees. For a charcoal grill, keep the lid vents open for air circulation.

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    How To Grill Salmon:

    Most of the time when I barbecue, I do the lazy thing and dont even brush the grill with a wire brush before plunking down the food. Id avoid taking that approach when you go to grill fish. Take a wire grill brush and get all the leftover food particles from your last grilling experience off.

    • Brush or spray the grill generously with olive oil .
    • Preheat your grill to a medium-high setting and be sure the grill is all the way hot before placing the fillet on the grill
    • Place the fish skin-side down on the grill, just over the flame. Cook for 3 to 6 minutes with the cover down without touching the fish. Use a spatula to carefully flip the salmon and cook an additional 2 to 4 minutes, or until the fish reaches desired done-ness. For a 1-inch salmon fillet that is rare on the inside, cook for a total of 6 to 8 minutes. For a 1-inch salmon fillet that is perfectly cooked all the way through, cook for a total of 8 to 10 minutes. For salmon that is thicker than 1-inch, youll likely need to adjust the grill time to be closer to 10 to 12 minutes total. Only leave the fish raw on the inside if its sushi-grade and can safely be eaten raw.

    How To Cook Salmon On The Grill

    How to Make Fresh Salmon Burgers | Grilling Recipes |
    • Make sure to slice your salmon fillet into individual pieces before grilling. That will make it much easier to flip! I find that sharp kitchen shears work much better than a knife for cutting through the fish skin.
    • Rub your fish with olive oil before seasoning the fillets. This will prevent the salmon from sticking to the grill, and it helps to create a crispy exterior on the fish.
    • Preheat an outdoor grill or an indoor grill pan to medium heat. I find that cooking the salmon over medium heat gives it that delicious, charred exterior while keeping the inside moist and tender.

    If you follow my easy grilling steps and season your fish with our favorite House Seasoning, I have no doubt that you will have the perfect piece of grilled salmon every single time!

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    Important Points To Remember

    Remember, preparing the best grilled salmon is easier said than done. Slight carelessness can result in a salmon that is undercooked and not as good as the dish can be. Before you go about cooking a salmon, keep a few essential tips in mind.

    • Avoid overcooking the salmon
    • Frequent turning will tear the flesh
    • Dont forget to purchase salmon with its skin on

    Considering the factors mentioned above will help you in ensuring that the salmon is well-cooked and ready for consumption.

    The Only Grilled Salmon Recipe Youll Ever Need

    The only grilled salmon recipe youll ever need! Crispy and tender perfectly cooked grilled salmon with a grilled zucchini and tomato salsa.

    Okay, okay, so maybe this isnt the oooooonly grilled salmon recipe youll ever need, but its a pretty great go-to.

    Because Im savagely into salmon in general and grilled salmon in particular, I figured I would devote this entire post to providing resources for achieving the ultimate grilled salmon.

    Im giving you my go-to recipe that works each and every time, bombarding you with grilling tips and tricks, and also providing suggestions for how you can spruce up your grilled salmon so that it never ever becomes a snooze fest.

    Way I see it, grilling should be easy peasy, and always produce succulently delicious results. Having a good quality cut of meat or fish fillet is essential to winning at the BBQ thing. Really what youre going for is choosing animal protein that speaks for itself and really only requires a dash of salt and pepper, and/or minimal spices for flavor.

    Lets dive right in..

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    Let The Grilling Begin

    As soon as you feel that the gas grill is ready, adjust the heating to a low-heat setting. To get the best grilled salmon, start placing the marinated fillets with the skin side up. Close the lid of the gas grill for cooking. The cooking time for each side of the fillet is mentioned above. Once you feel that one side of the fillet is cooked perfectly, remove the lid and flip the fillets with a thin spatula. Repeat the same procedure for the skin side.

    If you want to add another layer of taste, rub both sides with olive oil or butter. Also, dont forget to place the salmon pieces at an equal distance so that they cook evenly. If set at the right heating temperature, a one-inch thick piece takes 10 minutes to cook thoroughly.

    The appearance of white beads on the salmons surface and sides indicate that the fish is now overcooking. Remove the fish immediately upon noticing these signs.

    Simple Grilled Portobello Mushrooms

    Grilled Salmon with Fresh Herb Dressing

    To make these delicious marinated grilled mushrooms, youll need one main ingredient and a few simple ingredients for the marinade.

    • Portobello Mushrooms. One of the things I love most about portobello mushrooms is their meaty factor. I realize that probably sounds a bit odd because HELLO we are talking about a vegetable, but in kingdom veg, portobello mushrooms are especially satisfying, especially when grilled.

    Youll definitely want to clean the mushrooms before making this recipe.

    • To Clean Portobello Mushrooms: Start by removing and discarding the stems. With a paper towel, gently rub off any dirt from the caps. With a small spoon, lightly scrape around the underside of the caps to remove the gills. The gills are edible but, well, weird and when you are sauteing with them, theyll turn your recipe a dark, unappetizing hue. If the gills dont bother you, you can leave them on.

    The key to mega mushroom success is to enhance their flavor with a basic portobello mushroom marinade that plays up the portobellos earthy and umami factor.

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    How To Prevent Sticking And Falling Apart

    The grill should be preheated to high heat, have clean grates, and you should apply oil to the grates before adding the fish. This will help create a nonstick surface. Make sure the surface of the salmon is dry before adding the seasonings and brush oil on both sides for extra insurance.

    The key is to not move the fish once youve placed it on the hot grill grate. A crust should form, creating the characteristic dark char, and that is when the fish will naturally release from the grates. I find that the fish needs to be about 70% done cooking before you flip the salmon. If needed, carefully use a spatula to help unstick any stubborn areas when attempting to turn over.

    Barbecued Salmon With Lemon And Herbs

    • 4h 15m prep

    Whether you’re having a weekend barbie, or planning a more casual Christmas, this salmon recipe could not be simpler.

    • 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
    • 2 lemons, juiced
    • 2 tbsp small capers, drained, chopped
    • 1/3 cup dill leaves, finely chopped
    • 1 bunch lemon thyme, roughly chopped
    • sea salt
    • 12 x 180g atlantic salmon fillets, skin on
    • lemon wedges, to serve
    • Step 1 Combine oil, garlic, 1/3 cup lemon juice, capers, dill and lemon thyme in a large jug. Season with sea salt and pepper. Place salmon, in a single layer, in a large ceramic dish. Pour over half the marinade. Turn salmon over and pour over remaining marinade. Cover. Refrigerate for 2 to 4 hours to marinate. Remove from fridge 30 minutes before cooking.

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    How To Cook A Portobello Mushroom

    If this is your first time shrooming it, fear not! You can cook these on an indoor or outdoor grill, and because we arent fussing with internal temperatures, you dont need to stress over food safety.

  • In a shallow dish, whisk together the marinade ingredients. Choose a dish large enough to hold the mushrooms in a single layer.
  • Add the mushrooms to the marinade, coating both sides. A quick 10 minutes marinade time is all you need, though you can let them go for up to 30 if you are otherwise busy drinking wine prepping other elements of the meal. Dont go longer than 30 or the portobellos will become too salty.
  • Place the mushrooms on the grill, and brush them with the marinade as they cook.
  • Cook for 3-4 minutes on each side. BOOM. Dinner, done.
  • You can serve these grilled portobello mushrooms on their own or with a hearty topping like the Herby Avocado Sauce used to top this Cauliflower Steak .

    This recipe also works well for a grilled portobello mushroom burger. Stack each grilled mushroom on a bun with a slice of cheese , a juicy slice of fresh summer tomato, and a small handful of arugula. Go ahead and add avocado too because GRILLED VEGETABLES, BEST LIFE. For an extra gourmet version, give this stuffed, double-stacked Portobello Mushroom Burger a try.

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