Must Have Weber Grill Accessories

Why Your Smartphone Will Be The Next Must

3 Must have accessories for the Weber Spirit II E 310 BBQ Grill.
  • Major grill manufacturers like Weber and Traeger are making large investments into technology, emphasizing connected devices that try to make grilling easier and more enjoyable to cooks of all skill levels.
  • That has led to several tech-focused acquisitions, including Traeger’s $100 million purchase of connected cooking start-up Apption Labs in July.
  • More than $1.8 billion worth of grills, smokers, grill accessories, fuel, and stoves and accessories were sold between March and May in the U.S., a 5% increase compared to 2020, according to NPD.

Forget a spatula or tongs: the most-needed accessory for your next barbecue grill could be your phone.

Some of the biggest manufacturers of grills and outdoor cooking appliances like Weber and Traeger are making large investments into technology, emphasizing connected devices that try to make grilling easier and more enjoyable to cooks of all skill levels.

The digital push aims to take advantage of multiple trendlines hitting the grilling industry at the same time.

At-home barbecuing and grilling saw a massive uptick amid the pandemic as more people stayed home and cooked as opposed to dining out. More than $1.8 billion worth of grills, smokers, grill accessories, fuel, and stoves and accessories were sold between March and May in the U.S., a 5% increase compared to 2020, according to NPD.

Companies like Weber and Traeger have subsequently looked to push grill innovations to hit both the top and bottom of the market.

Bbq Dragon Grill Shelf

The BBQ Dragon Grill shelf is possibly the most useful Weber Kettle accessory that you can buy. This clip-on folding shelf makes grilling with your 22-inch Weber Kettle much easier, giving you a handy place to set down your tools, gloves, or other essential grilling accessories.

Thanks to its innovative crossed-wire support system and robust steel construction, this kettle grill shelf can support up to 10 pounds of food or grill tools For extra space, it comes complete with three tool hangers at the outside edge, although given their thin-gauge metal construction, they arent up to the same quality as the rest of this item.

This Weber Kettle grill shelf folds flat when not in use for handy storage under your grill cover. You can also easily remove it and store it inside your grill when its not in use. While the black enamel finish makes this grill shelf really look the part, as well as making it weather-resistant, unfortunately, given this units often inadequate shipping packaging, the outer layers of the finish may arrive cracked.

Come Winter And Amazon Gets Ready To Help You Pick All The Right Choices For Fun Outdoor Trips And Activities

With beautiful weather that we are mighty blessed with during the winter months in this region, outdoor activities are set to take pace. Barbecue weather also means gearing up with every tool kit needed and required, to leave no room for any dampener when the time arises.

So, how do we get started? From choosing the right grill stand, to the tool sets for grilling and cooking, to fuel the grill – there is plenty to plan and prepare. From the most basic to the most advanced, the options are staggering sometimes, overwhelming too. But with the right focus and specifications in mind, Amazon can help you pick the right choices in no time.

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Stainless Steel Bear Claws With Handles: Cave Tools

Do you love pulled pork? Then you know how that amazing tender meat comes apart while having to use two forks. What if I told you theres a much better way thats also fun?

Cave Tools stainless steel bear claws have easy-to-use handles:

Introducing the bear claws. Theyre not actually new but they feel like a new world just appeared before your eyes.

Theyre perfect for transferring, lifting, and of course, shredding any type of meat but are especially perfect for pulled pork. You can also go ahead and use them for any meat-holding task you can think of: like simply holding meat in place.

We recommend the Cave Tools pulled pork claws since their shape makes it easy to pick up, carry and shred meat. Theyre also heat resistant and BPA-free so theyre safe to use on food even if it just came off the smoker.

This particular pair even includes some of its recipes for you.

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Craycort Cast Iron Grates: Serious Kettle Bling

Must Have Weber Kettle Grill Accessories

Cast Iron Grates are sexy.

In addition to being cool as heck they grates from Craycort are also extremely versatile. Craycort provides optional inserts like a griddle, wok and veggie basket that will really change how you think about grilling.

Here is my full Craycort Cast Iron Grate review where I go nuts with the inserts. You can also jump on over to the Craycort site and see what new products they are putting out.

Craycorts are the Cadillac of grates. The only downside is that, like all cast iron, you must keep them seasoned to keep the rust away.

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Schmidt Brothers Bonded Ash 4

As expected, you’ll need a solid set of grill tools. Huckberry, known for their killer curation of clothing and gear, has a four-piece set from Schmidt Brothers featuring a sturdy set of tongs, fork, and spatula that can handle anything you need to flip or move, and a silicone basting brush that holds up to the heat. The Bonded ash handles and case add a nice flair to their function.

To buy:, $99

Best Grill Steel Brush: Kona

We often spent a huge amount of money buying the most expensive grills to have an optimum grilling experience but how often do we invest to keep it clean? The truth is no one probably gives this matter that much thought.

In reality- keeping your grill clean is an integral part of making a good meal. Using a grill steel brush is simple, just make sure you dont burn yourself while cleaning!

  • After you are finished with your cooking, heat up your grill
  • Clean the chunks of meat while they are still fresh
  • Before starting again wash your grill with warm water and scrub it off with your steel brush
  • We have chosen the Kona Grill steel brush due to its high quality at a very competitive price:

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    A Quality Wireless Meat Thermometer

    Our top smoker accessory is a no brainer.

    If youve tried to BBQ without a meat thermometer I feel sorry for you!

    If your smoker has a built-in lid thermometer youre not exempt either. These are notoriously inaccurate.

    The best solution is a dual probe bbq thermometer that lets you measure the temperature in your cooker and the temperature of your meat from the same device.

    Preferably with wireless functionality so you can check your temps from the comfort of your couch.

    Remember that low and slow is all about consistent temperature.

    Enthusiast pick: Thermoworks Smoke

    The dual-probe Smoke has been designed with professional barbecue teams in mind.

    Both the transmitter and receiver are incredibly sturdy and can withstand a few drops or splashes.

    The large LCD screen makes reading temperatures from a distance easy. Everything is super simple to set up with no confusing menus.

    Lastly, the probes are super fast and accurate, so you can trust that the temperature reading is exactly what it should be.

    Get the latest price on the Smoke

    Budget pick: ThermoPro TP-08

    For price and durability, the ThermoPro TP-08 is a solid choice. If you do a lot of cooking during a party the flashing background is a nice addition.

    The rubber armor surrounding the case should give you some peace of mind if youre prone to dropping it on the ground.

    Most people find it easier to program than the similarly priced Maverick Et-732.

    Get a price on the ThermoPro TP-08 at Amazon

    Best Bbq Smoker Accessories And Tools Reviewed

    10 Grill Accessories You Need Now – Ace Hardware

    So youre into the BBQ smoking life and enjoying it to the fullest. What could possibly make your experience even better at this point? Its already amazing!

    To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to aweb browser thatsupports HTML5 video

    Well, today we want to share a list of supplies that are guaranteed to make your BBQ smoking life more amazing than it already is when youre buying a smoker.

    Well start with the supplies that will facilitate your grilling experience and then proceed to the ones that will make it more exciting or fun, and finally, move on to the one gift that will help you take care of your grill so it will last you a long time.

    If you dont own a smoker yet and are browsing for whats out there, you should start here with our complete guide on buying your first smoker for absolute beginners though

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    # Weber 6630 3pc Ss Tool Set

    Those who cook on the grill for a long time without hesitation buy themselves such a set. For your meat, vegetables, or other food to be tasty and aromatic, you need special tools for this. To save your budget, it is better to purchase three necessary tools at once. You will get a spatula, fork, and tongs. This will help you not to burn meat, turn it over without problems. The tools can be washed in the dishwasher.

    The Best Grilling And Bbq Gadgets For 2021

    The oldest form of cooking has moved well past the dark ages of kettle grills and charcoal briquettes. Here are the best grilling gadgets you need to host the ultimate high-tech barbecue this summer.

    There’s not much better than a barbecue: A cold drink, the smell of the grill, and the gentle chirping of crickets all add up to a healthy dose of summertime magic. But it’s not always so idyllic. Warm drinks, coals that won’t light, and overcooked meat can really spoil the party.

    Luckily, you can now find high-tech solutions to all of these problems by bringing a little bit of smart home magic to the great outdoors. So before you start planning your menu, check out our favorite ways for using tech to enhance your grilling experience this summer.

    With all of these tools in tow, you should have no problem hosting the perfect summer barbecueunless it rains. If that happens, take the party inside with our list of the best smart kitchen appliances.


    Weber iGrill Mini

    Theres no cookout faux pas worse than torching the burgers and dogs. Fortunately, you can avoid this scenario with the help of the Meater+. This completely wireless meat thermometer sends notifications to your phone when your food is ready. Its similar to the iGrill Mini, but it’s completely wireless.

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    Must Have Weber Kettle Grill Accessories

    Why are we posting must have Weber kettle grill accessories? The Weber kettle grill is the grill that changed everything. It has a loyal following for a reason. It cooks great, it is inexpensive, it is reliable and it lasts seemingly forever. When we grill with charcoal this is the grill we use. It has out lived several of our gas grills. There is even a Weber Kettle Club full of hard-core kettle grill fans.

    This list of accessories may surprise you for a couple of reasons. First off is that these items are basic upgrades to the grill itself. There are no fancy grilling gadgets on this list. Secondly, we only stock one of these items. The others can be found where you purchased your grill or on Amazon .

    # Weber 7635 Porcelain

    Must Have Accessories For Grilling a Turkey on a Charcoal ...

    This accessory was created so that the taste of your food isnt spoiled by anything. These bars catch drops of fat so that they dont hiss and dont give a smoky taste to your steaks. It is suitable for gas grills. However, you should make sure that they fit your grill model. This can be done by checking the number of your grill.

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    Why Should You Trust Weber

    This is one of the most popular and best American companies that produce coal, gas and electric grills, as well as barbecue facilities. This company now sells its products worldwide. Mostly in Australia, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Great Britain, and, of course, in the USA. Webers grill revolutionized grilling. The closed grill system allows you to grill everything from a traditional grilled steak to a roast or a whole chicken. You can even bake bread and pizza on these grills. Weber grills are still only made in the USA and therefore are not cheap products made in the Far East. All innovations on the grill market are largely shaped by Weber. No other grill brand has been on the market longer than Weber, so Weber can use the longest experience in creating and developing grills. A wide range of barbecue accessories is available for every Weber grill: from the chimney to grill tongs. A wide range of grill books written specifically for Weber complements the range.

    The Best Grill Tools Weve Tested

    The popularity of the Weber kettle grill has invited a lot of third-party innovationsessentially, ways to “hack your Weber” to add even more versatility. One such item is hardly a necessity, but we can see why its a favorite among charcoal enthusiasts.

    The Slow N Sear Deluxe turns any 22-inch kettle grill into a more capable and versatile smoker, and makes indirect cooking and high-heat searing simple. This half-moon charcoal basket, which has an integral reservoir that holds 1 quart of water, fits flush against the side of the grill, so its easily accessible from the hinged cooking grate. We tested the Slow N Sear using fast and slow indirect-cooking and smoking methods, and we also blackened vegetables for salsa over direct heat . You can find other, less expensive charcoal baskets, but none we researched offered the range of functionality of the Slow N Sear, which Craig Meathead Goldwynone of the leading voices in professional grillingcalls the single best accessory for the Weber kettle ever. The original version that we tested, the Slow N Sear Plus, has since been discontinued and replaced by the Slow N Sear Deluxe, which includes a removable water reservoir and differently shaped holes in the bottom grate that the company claims will make it more resistant to warping. We haven’t had the chance to test the new version yet, but it’s similar enough to the Plus that we think it should perform just as well.

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    Kettle Pizza: Wood Fired Awesomeness

    Turn your 18.5 or 22.5 inch kettle into a wood fired pizza oven! The KettlePizza lets you Pizzafy Your Grill!

    The KettlePizza has been extensively reviewed by SeriousEats and is a favorite among pizza purists.

    It takes a little bit of a learning curve to figure out how to get the fire and temperatures just where you want them. However, once you get the groove of this thing your will be making the BEST pizzas of your life.

    Slide A Side Lid Holder

    12 Must-Have Kamado Grill Accessories | BBQGuys

    The other major headache with a standard kettle is that you need some place to put the lid when you take it off to flip your burgers or turn your steak. Yes, there is a hook underneath the lid that you can use to hang it on the side of the kettle but it sucks and no one uses it.

    The answer to this problem is to get the Slide Aside lid holder! This gadget slips onto the side of your kettle and provides a handy place to hold the lid!

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    Rib Racks For Loading Up On Ribs

    Fitting more than a few racks of ribs on to the smoker can be a problem.

    This can be especially problematic if you are cooking full spare ribs on a round smoker like the Weber Weber Kettle .

    Rather than buying a larger smoker, you can increase your real estate with a cheap investment in rib racks.

    This rib rack can hold up to 4 racks of ribs upright. Made from steel with a porcelain coating, the rack measures 11.4 lengthwise by 9.8 wide.

    The racks are spaced apart wide enough to ensure plenty of airflow.

    You will probably struggle with full-length ribs flopping over the edge. Cutting racks in half will help, but that also reduces the space-saving.

    Get the latest price on Amazon.

    Best Rib Rack: Premiala Stainless Steel Rib Rack

    What is grilling without tender pork spare ribs?

    It would be incomplete however, the problem with grilling ribs is that they take up so much space that you either cook them 2 pieces at a time, which will increase the wait time for dining up to 2-3 hours or use a rib rack to cut the time to do it by 70%.

    The rib racks will also reduce the space-hogging pork ribs down by about two-thirds of the entire cooking surface of the grill as the spare ribs will be lying vertically across the grill grates.

    The result is a faster cook time and you also save space and be able to grill more spare ribs than when done the usual way.

    Top brands to pick rib racks to complete your grilling tools:

  • Premiala
  • Steven Raichlen Best of Barbecue Nonstick Ultimate Rib Rack
  • 270 Smokers Rib Rack
  • Sur La Table Pro Ceramic Upright Rib Rack
  • KALREDE Rib Rack BBQ
  • My favorite is this Premiala 6-rib rack made of stainless steel as it is just so affordable and durable.

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