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Cleaning Your Sear Box

Camp Chef SmokePro SG24 Wifi | Camp Chef Unboxing, Assembly, and Burn-In

You keep your pellet grill in prime condition. Ash cleanout between cooks and a deep clean about every 50 hours, bravo! But when was the last time you deep cleaned your Sear Box? When playing with temperature ranges up to 900 degrees your grill accessory gets put through the wringer. So, with spring right around the corner, we thought it would be the perfect time to give your Sear Box a little love.

Please note that all cleaning and maintenance should take place once the appliance has completely cooled and after the fuel supply has been safely turned off at the LP cylinder. Cleaning should be done in an area where detergents won’t harm the patio or lawn.

Suggested Cleaning Materials

Slide And Grill Technology Indirect Cooking/direct Flame Mode

Are you ready for the awesomeness that is the new drip tray? With the pull of a knob, you can change your indirect heat drip tray to a direct wood fired flame mode. I also have the Sear Box accessory and think that is still the best way to git a nice crusty sear on a steak, but I love the options that the direct flame mode gives me. Its incredibly versatile and adds a ton in terms of flavor.

Second note about the new drip tray, please be cautious. Any time you have direct access to a fire and fat in your food you run the risk of a flare up. If you have anything that is exceptionally fatty and that has dripped on the drip tray, clean it thoroughly before opening the direct heat access. I grilled up some fatty rib eyes and had absolutely no problem, but its just something to keep an eye on. Its always a good idea to clean your grill well before grilling anyways, this is just an extra reminder.

Camp Chef Vs Traeger Pellet Grill Comparisons

Traeger are the original reigning pellet grill kings, but Camp Chef are snapping at their heels with some fantastic, feature rich, forward thinking advancements in the space. Let’s compare these two brands, and some of their top offerings, to see which brand is right for you.

This article combines unbiased product reviews and head-to-head comparisons of Camp Chef and Traeger pellet grills, to help you make an informed choice between which of these two brands might be right for you.

So whos ready for a couple of heavyweights to go toe-to-toe?

Traeger may have invented the pellet grill, but Camp Chef is out to perfect the experience. Theres some good money and good food on the line here so which pellet grill is right for you?

To help you make the best choice, weve compiled reviews of six grills from each manufacturer. Youll get vital specs and honest pros and cons for each. Plus, weve dug deep into several vital categories to see which pellet grill performs the best overall.

It all kicks off with a brief look at the history of Traeger and Camp Chef.

Is one of these fabulous grills the best choice for your outdoor cooking needs? Read on to find out.


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    What Makes Me Angry About The Camp Chef Sg24 Wifi

    · Grease Bucket is located in a spot that can easily be dumped out when removing the cover.

    · The top chimney can be a pain when taking the cover off or on.

    · When first igniting the grill, you need to keep the lid open. Once the grill is fully lit, you can close the lid. You do not have to worry about this step with Traeger models.

    Camp Chef Smokepro Dlx Pellet Grill Review

    Camp Chef Smokepro Sg Wifi 24 Bronze Pellet Grill

    Camp Chef are becoming one the leading options when it comes to pellet grills and smokers due to their large range of very high quality grills at very reasonable prices. Theyve already got a substantial range of other products, including one of the best mid range pizza ovens on the market today. And its this quality that has led to Camp Chefs smoker range to receive such good reviews.

    So, today well take you through our review of the Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill, our favorite from Camp Chefs range that made it onto our list of the Best Pellet Smokers available today. Well go through everything that we love about it and let you know what you need to be aware of if youre thinking of buying one.


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    Whats Bad About The Camp Chef Smokepro Dlx

    • Its a little small The size isnt necessarily bad its just when you compare this to other pellet smokers the Camp Chef does lack a little space on the main cooking area. Dont think this is a deal breaker though, youll be able to fit two mid-sized turkeys on it without a problem.
    • Can be difficult to remove excess pellets Whilst you can leave pellets in the hopper you might want to change pellets for different flavors or just for better storage. This can be a little tricky due to the safety grate over the entrance to the auger. There is a pellet dump but it can still be a bit tricky to get them all out.
    • The weather can ruin it If you leave pellets in the smoker and the rain gets to them they can expand and jam the auger. This can take a long time to fix. The rain can also easily rust the metal. Wed highly recommend not keeping this outside unless you have a quality cover.

    Sg 24 Wifi Smoking Performance

    First of all, for fans of low and slow smoking, the SG24 is a good option as it can go as low as 160F and has a huge 22 lbs. Pellet hopper capacity. Such a low temperature can also be used to keep food warm for extended periods of time.

    The most impressive thing about the smoking performance for the SG24 for me was the degree of control the grill provides over the smoking process. With the smoke number control, you can set a custom smoke level anywhere from one to ten and the grill does the rest, producing the appropriate amount of smoke. This works well as you can use lower settings to smoke delicate meats like chicken or fish without overwhelming them with strong smoke flavor or choose to ramp things up while smoking a brisket or ribs for a more robust, deep, and well-rounded smoky flavor in addition to a more defined smoke ring.

    With the large amount of rack space inside, you can smoke a lot of things at one time. Another important convenience feature is the WIFI controller, which you can now use to define or change the smoke number. The Camp Chef Connect app also constantly pulls data from the grill and lets you monitor smoke levels, temperature levels from the interior of the grill as well as the meat probes, and other variables.

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    The Camp Chef Smokerpro Pellet Grill Models

    Below Im going to go through the Camp Chef Smoker Pro range in size order. However, its important to note the difference between the different models is not just the size of the cooking area. With the larger more premium units they also have more advanced control panels, larger pellet hoppers and the option for direct-flame grilling.

    Camp Chef Sg Grill Grates

    Camp Chef SmokePro SG 24 Pellet Grill and Smoker Features and Review

    Lets start with the obvious the size!! Compared to the DLX, this SG has a massive amount of grill grate real estate. Not only is there a larger main grill surface, there is also an included split second rack that doubles the usable grill space. Most grills offer a second warming rack, but it goes unused because it either doesnt get enough heat or it simply gets in the way. The second rack on the SG totally solves both of those problems.

    Since the SG is a convection grill, there is heat constantly circulating and reaching that upper rack. The rack also splits and slides out of the way, letting you have full access to the grates below. Basically, this one design feature had me giddy. OH!! And the fact that the main grill rack is also split into two smaller racks. Thats right. They come out of the grill and FIT IN MY DISHWASHER. My heart. It is beyond happy.

    BONUS FEATURE- Camp Chef also just released cast iron grill grates that fit this grill. They simply swap out and youre good to go. You know Im all about cast iron and I think having that heat retention in the grates itself is a huge plus.

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    Final Verdict: Would I Buy It

    In a word, yes. In a second word, absolutely. For the third and forth, without hesitation. Ive already got quite a collection of grills going on at my house, but this grill is keeping a permanent spot on my patio. There is just something about a grill that feels designed with the user in mind. The features that are included with this grill surpass any pellet grill Ive used on the market so far. You can smoke, roast, bake, grill, and more and you can do it with the push of a button. I gotta be honest though, as a mom those dishwasher safe grates sealed the deal.

    Camp Chef Smokepro Sg Features

    If youve been around for a while, you know I cant help myself when it comes to Camp Chefs new releases. Ive previously written both a Woodwind pellet grill review as well as the DLX Pellet Grill review. You can read each of those reviews and see my opinions on the overall construction quality and customer satisfaction. For this review, I am going to focus on my favorite new features that the SG pellet grill brings to the table and how they can help you improve your overall grilling experience. Here are the stats for the SG and below Ill talk you through some of my favorites.

    -Ash Cleanout System-160-500 degrees F temperature range-Slide and Grill Technology-Size: 811 sq in.-Volume: 4,850 cubic inches -Color: Available in black or bronze color options.-25,000 BTU of wood-fired heat-23 pound capacity hopper

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    Camp Chef Sg Size And Stature

    The final quality that pushed this grill from another pellet grill to the premier grill on my patio is the overall size and stature of the grill itself. These legs are like tree trunks. Thick, sturdy, and built to last. Just ask my husband, Todd. He was wheeling the grill around a corner for me and accidentally set one of the legs down on his toe. Whoops! His toe is fine, but he had many choice words to say about those thick legs. Haha.

    I also absolutely couldnt stop smiling when I emptied an ENTIRE 20 pound bag of pellets into the hopper and they fit with room to spare. The pellet hopper alone feels like a huge, luxurious upgrade to the pellet grills of my past. I bet this hopper of pellets would last me through a full brisket cook without any need to refill.

    The Benefits Of The Pid Wifi Control Panel

    Camp Chef SmokePro SG 24 WIFI Pellet Grill in Bronze

    As the name suggests the WiFi control panel featured on second-generation Woodwind pellet grills is WiFi-enabled. Hence, once the app is downloaded the grill temperature can be monitored and adjusted remotely from your phone. You can also control the smoke level from 1-10 while still maintaining the set temperature.

    No SmokePro pellet grill currently features the PID WiFi controller. Therefore, if this is a feature you would find useful you should consider upgrading the Woodwind pellet grill range.

    UPDATE: SmokePro grills now come with the Gen 2 WiFi controller which also offers PID functionality. You can also upgrade old SmokePro pellet grills with this new controller for use with the Camp Chef Connect app.

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    Introduction To The Camp Chef Smokepro Pellet Grill Range

    As the commercial above shows, all models in the Camp Chef SmokePro BBQ pellet grill range can grill, smoke, bake, roast and braise. Now some of the models in the SmokePro pellet grill range can also broil and you cook directly over the flames from the burning pellets.

    They all feature an electronic controller which regulates the pellet feed auger on and off to achieve and maintain the set temperature. However, not all models in the Camp Chef SmokePro range feature the same electronic controller. The larger units have a more advanced controller featuring single/dual meat probes and a digital temperature readout.

    With a Camp Chef pellet grill to remove the ash, you simply pull a lever, twist off the ash pot and empty it: Video

    Before I jump into the ins and out of the features of each of the models in the SmokePro range I want to further emphasize that every Camp Chef pellet grill, including every SmokePro model benefits from their quick clean out ash pot.

    Pellet grills generally require more cleaning than a propane grill to remove the ash from pellet combustion sitting in the bottom of the grill. However, you dont have to clean a Camp Chef pellet grill as frequently due to the quick release ash pot as seen in the video below:

    Camp Chef Smokepro Sg 24 Pellet Grill Review

    By: Max Good

    Camp Chefs SmokePro SG 24 Pellet Grill aspires to be both a smoker and high temperature grill. Though often referred to as pellet grills, cookers like this one are primarily smokers with limited grilling capability at best. If you are not familiar with pellet smokers, they are thermostatically controlled outdoor ovens that burn wood pellets and can be set to exact cooking temperatures just like an indoor kitchen oven. A typical design includes a thermostat under the hood that monitors cooking temperature and feeds wood pellets to a firepot as needed to maintain your set temperature. The firepot is usually covered by a metal heat diffuser. Another large metal drip plate is placed at an angle right under the cooking grates to even out heat and divert drippings to a grease bucket. Some pellet grill manufacturers attempt to create a hot, sear zone by exposing foods to the direct flame from burning wood pellets in the firepot. For this Camp Chef model, the SG is short for Slide and Grill, which describes the design.

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    Camp Chef Vs Traeger Comparison

    Both Camp Chef and Traeger have entries in our list of the best pellet grills for 2022, but how do they differ to each other? What factors should you consider when weighing them up, to tell them apart?

    When considering any grill purchase, these eight categories should be top of mind. Lets see which maker comes out on top in each section and name our overall winner.

    Camp Chef Sg24 Overview And Specs

    The Camp Chef SmokePro SG 24 Pellet Grill Review – Part 1 Virtual Showroom

    The SG24 is at the mid-end of Camp Chefs pellet grill offering, which as it turns out, is their best selling pellet grill line. At the bottom of the price range, the SmokePro XT models provide basic functionality. While the SmokePro SG series features the latest and greatest in terms of features and technology. Camp Chef also has the Woodwind line of grills, which are usually a bit higher in price and have more convenience features and premium construction.

    Overall, I feel that the SG24 represents the sweet spot between features and price. This mid-range model can be versatile and the newly updated feature set provides all the bells and whistles people might want from a modern pellet grill. It competes directly with the Traeger Pro series but at a more economical price.

    Recently Camp Chef launched their all new Dual Fuel Apex Pellet Grill that offers a gas kit. See our thoughts on this new grill.

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    Pg24sg Pellet Grill With Slide And Sear Feature

    Smoke or grill in one pellet grill

    • Camp Chef SG wood pellet grill and smoker, Black
    • Grilling Area Volume: 4850 Cubic Inches, 811 sq-inch Rack Surface Area
    • Electric auto-igniter, automatic auger, and simple temp select system
    • Dual meat probes and dual LED temp readout
    • Ash clean-out, pellet Hopper clean-out, and 22lb pellet Hopper capacity

    Taller barrel, for bigger turkeys.

    Taller hopper, holds 22lbs of pellets. Dual shelf design, convection cooking.

    Yes you can grill on the PG24SG, designed to be the only grill for your backyard cooking.

    Under the hood, the sliding grill will double your cooking options.

    After the smoke, easy clean pull the plunger and drop your ashes, it could not be easier. Cleanout system, no need to open the grill to drop your ash

    Proper Care & Maintenance

    Inside and Outside of the Unit:

    Clean the inside and outside of your Sear Box by wiping off with a damp cloth. Apply a light coat of vegetable oil or our Cast Iron Conditioner to the interior surface to prevent rusting. The beautiful stainless steel exterior of your Sear Box can be cleaned with any stainless steel cleaner. Here’s our favorite brands,

    Don’t forget to clean the removable grease system drip tray found underneath your unit. After the unit has cooled, simply slide the drip tray out and safely dispose of the contents within. Wipe clean regularly and wash thoroughly with hot, soapy water monthly.

    The Grates :

    Wash the cast iron cooking grates with a non-citrus based soap and hot water. Use our Cast Iron Cleaner for a more specialized cast iron clean. Rinse well and dry completely Lightly coat the cast iron grates with vegetable oil or Cast Iron Conditioner before replacing on your Sear Box unit.

    Flavor Screen :

    Grease from your food often times drips off the grill grates and onto your Sear Box’s flavor screen. It is important to keep this part clean and sanitary. After the unit has cooled, remove the grates, and lift out the flavor screen using the built-in finger hole. Wash with hot, soapy water and dry completely before returning the flavor screen to the unit.

    Heat Deflector Plate :


    How often do you clean your Sear Box? We try to clean between each cook to keep our spring cleaning list down.

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