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Small Weber Propane Grills

Introducing The SmokeFire Pellet Grill | Weber Grills

The situation sometimes calls for a smaller Weber propane grill to meet your needs. But saving space doesn’t have to mean sacrificing flavor. When even two-burner gas grills from Weber are too much grill for your space, turn to top-tier portable Weber grills that come in compact sizes. Ideal for smaller backyards, patios or decks, as well as tailgating, camping or beach trips, small propane gas grills from Weber help you take the party anywhere.

Shop Weber Charcoal Grills And Smokers At Ace Hardware

With the ultimate grilling machine, mastering the art of grilling for special occasions and creating delicious, everyday meals is as simple as lighting a fire on your charcoal grill. Ace Hardware has everything you need to become a grilling pro. Shop a wide selection of Weber kettle grills, portable charcoal grills and charcoal smokers online or at your neighborhood Ace store, and make sure to pick up grill covers and Weber grilling tools and grill accessories to make the most out of your Weber charcoal grill.

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Grill Smoker Combo Fuel Type

The next point to keep in consideration is the fuel type. If you think that all the grills use the same fuel, you are wrong.

Youll have different fuel options like propane, charcoal, pellets, gas, or electrical energy.

All of these are beneficial in their way. And each of them has a specific heating capacity.

If you want to have a smoky flavour in your foods, go with charcoal or wood pellets. Undoubtedly these two are a little more challenging to handle, but who cares when it is a matter of taste.

When you need smoke free cooking and grilling experience, you can opt for propane. Moreover, it also has a high burning rate.

Other options are also good in their way.

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What To Consider Before Buying A Grill Smoker Combo

Below are essential factors to consider before you purchase your grill smoker combo:


Grill smoker combos are all about versatility, which is the ability to grill, smoke and possibly do more. Anything less makes it a low-quality smoker grill combo.

Does it make food on the go?

Consider how many people youre planning to feed and select your device based on this fact. With the advanced function of the grill smoker combos, youll not only feed many people but also cook enough food than you could ever imagine.

Check for price

Select a grill smoker combo that suits your budget and meets your requirements. It doesnt have to be cheap. Sometimes, cheap might mean stressful.

Do they effectively control temperature?

Choose the device that comes with an inward or outward thermometer for easy temperature control. It should also come with enough dampers/vents to support this process. If not, ignore the grill smoker combo.

Can you easily find the product and its parts?

You can confirm this from Amazon. Some brands do not have their products available to the dealership. That could be stressful when looking for a particular part of the device. Go for combos that can be easily found in the open market.


Make sure you go for combos with at least a 1-year warranty. You may not trust companies that have no warranty. Warranties come in handy when theres a fault after purchase, which is pretty essential.

Did you taste that yummy barbecue yet?

Final Thoughts And Grill Safety Tips

Buy DzVeX Premium Barbecue Charcoal Grill Smoker Outdoor Backyard BBQ ...

Going with a combo grill is a wise choice. Youll thank yourself later.

Make it easy on yourself and have it shipped right to your doorstep from Amazon using one of the links here they will also give me a kickback without charging you anything extra!

Once you get it, always remember to keep safety top of mind.

Smoking great meat starts with making sure the internal temperature is correct. You dont want people getting sick, right?

And remember to have fun! You may mess up a few times. Thats okay!

Try new things. Find out what you love making and get honest feedback from others on how you can improve.

If you plan on hosting parties or cook for picky kids , a combination grill and smoker just makes a lot of sense.

You can smoke something you love while grilling something you know theyll eatwithout thinking its too spicy!

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Best Gas Grill Smoker Combos

Looking for the best gas grill smoker combo to add to your kitchen? Weve got you covered. Read on for the top 5 gas grill smoker combos as ranked by American consumers.

Nothing beats inviting your friends and family round for a home-cooked barbeque on a sizzling summers day.

The sound of warm laughter lingers in the air as old friends catch up a sound you can barely hear from all the way at the end of the garden where youre fussing over food, grilling this, smoking that.

Get prepared for summer and grab a grill and smoker combo so you can halve the cooking time and spend some quality time with your loved ones instead.

Ok so what is a gas and grill smoker combo? Imagine the smoky taste you find in a traditional steakhouse, but in your own back garden. A smoker cooks meat at a low temperature whilst adding mouth-watering flavours to it. A grill is a traditional device that cooks various foods needed for a cookout.

Add them together you get the talk of the town.

Here are a few of our favourite gas grill smoker combos:

How We Tested Gas Grills

In spring 2017, we kicked off this grill guide by putting six gas grills through a battery of tests. We cooked a full grate of burgers on high heat and chicken pieces at a low temperature. We also roasted whole chickens indirectly on both low and high heat to see whether the grills could create browned skin and perfectly cooked meat without charring. In 2018 we repeated these tests, with the then-new Weber Spirit II E-310 and our upgrade pick at the time, the Weber Genesis II E-310 .

For the high-heat, whole-grate burger testan indicator of the grills ability to pump out uniform, high heat without creating an infernowe heated the grills on high with their lids down for 15 minutes, and we distributed 12 to 15 6-ounce patties across the whole cooking surface. While the burgers cooked, we kept an eye out for flare-upswhich can char the meat and create acrid smokeand looked at the evenness of cooking across the grates. After about 10 minutes of cooking, we compared how well each grill had seared the burgers, and we looked for excessive charring or patties that were still unacceptably raw.

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Royal Gourmet Cc1830sc Offset Smoker Grill Combo

The huge cooking surface of a best grill smoker combo is almost certainly the first item that draws your notice when weighing your options. Are you considering how we came to that conclusion?

Yeah, its quite magical!

Were joking, and theres no magic involved. The majority of customers desire a large cooking space.

There has an 811 square inch cooking space. The warming rack takes up 184 square inches, while the offset smoker takes up 184 square inches. This significantly larger cooking surface, as well as the smoker, can accommodate a wide range of foods.

When the same grill provides you with a large cooking area, having a medium-sized body is rather advantageous. The dimensions of this best grill smoker combo are approximately 53.39 by 27.95 by 48.82 inches. As a result, youll need to create a medium-sized space in your patio or decking to accommodate the installation.

The sturdy wheels make transporting this grill smoker from your garden to the patio or anywhere you want to use it a breeze.

The grill smokers second distinguishing feature is its long-lasting substance. The body is made of stainless steel, which has a lifespan of more than a decade. In addition, porcelain-enameled cooking grates offer a level of durability.

Because this appliance uses charcoal, your food will have a pleasant smoky flavor. You can, however, create BBQs in your own home.


Combination Gas And Charcoal Grill: Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill

Smoking on Your Charcoal Grill | Weber Grills


If you are looking for the best pellet smoker grill combo unit on the market, check out the Weber Original Premium Charcoal grill. This charcoal grill with a smoker box makes food taste delicious and is easy to clean, thanks to its one-touch cleaning system. Moreover, you can adjust the temperature to ensure your food cooks evenly.

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When Its Time To Think About Upgrading To A Dedicated Smoker

Hopefully youve found this guide to the best smoker grill combos useful and are now confident in buying a new grill.

But if you think youre going to be smoking the majority of the time, or you just want to keep your options open we suggest you review all your options.

Weve compiled the following guides to help you understand the pros and cons of each type of smoker, as well as comparing the best models across different budgets.

Shopping For A Portable Grill From Weber

From charcoal grills to pellet grills and more, Weber grills are synonymous with quality results, so you can’t go wrong with any of their models. With a large selection available, Ace makes picking the perfect grill easier than ever. Keep these top factors in mind when choose a portable BBQ grill:

  • Size: Weber portable grills are all grab-and-go-ready, but you still have different size options to choose from and all are easy to transport. Look for a classic 14-inch grill when cooking for small groups or larger 20-inch-plus models with more surface area if you’re grilling for a larger crowd.
  • Fuel type: Charcoal or gas? It’s the age-old grilling question. While charcoal can add a delicious smokey flavor to your meats and veggies, propane may prove easier to handle and more cost-effective. Weber offers powerful portable propane gas grills and charcoal grills, and your choice will depend on your preferred fueling method.
  • Durability: Portable grills need to be tough, and with a selection of cast aluminum grills featuring porcelain-coated cast-iron grates, Weber portable grills are made to last.
  • Fuel Type: A portable propane grill is a solid, hassle-free option for many looking to grill on the go, but charcoal portable BBQ grills are also available for the traveling pitmaster.
  • Ignition: While a charcoal tabletop grill will not have an ignition system, many Weber portable propane grills feature electronic push-button ignitions.

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Pit Boss Pbmemu1 Memphis Ultimate Combo Gas And Charcoal Bbq/smoker

Product Code: 10617 Pallet Delivery :

CLEARANCE SALE – EXTRA 10% OFF SELECTED ITEMS!Get this item for only £935.28 – Use promo code CLEAR10 at checkout!

1 x Pit Boss PBMEMU1 Memphis Ultimate Combo Gas and Charcoal BBQ/Smoker – 10617 – IN STOCK1 x Campingaz BBQ Hose and 27mm Clip On Propane Regulator Kit – 72162K – IN STOCK

Your wildest barbecuing dreams have come true. Introducing the Pit Boss Memphis Ultimate the pinnacle of outdoor cooking. The first of its kind, the Memphis Ultimate is the combination of a gas barbecue, a charcoal barbecue and a glass doored electric smoker, totaling over 2,100 square inches of cooking space. Char-grill burgers or barbecue kebabs on your 36,000 BTU 3 burner gas grill. Grill your favourite meats on your charcoal grill, with a 6 position grade adjustment, front air intake and rear chimney exhaust. Simultaneously smoke cheese in your 2.7 cubic feet, 3 rack analog electric smoker. The ingenious engineering of the Memphis Ultimate allows you to offset the smoke from the smoker into either grill side, for a delicious added smoke flavor to anything you cook. If that werent enough, the Memphis Ultimate also comes equipped with 2 drawer storage, tool hooks, a side shelf for preparation, locking caster wheels for mobility.

Technical Specification

Camp Chef 24 In Wifi Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker

Weber Cooker Smoker Barbecue Cooking Smokey Mountain 18 Inch Combo ...

The woodwind wood pellet grill and smoker from Camp Chef have been brought along for the trip. We are confident that its WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity capabilities, as well as its other features, will draw your entire attention to it. Take a look at some of its highlights, if you would!

What if youre looking for a space-saving barbecue smoker that doesnt take up a lot of space? So heres one thats specifically designed for you, measuring 30 by 43 by 49 inches and weighing 156 pounds.

You wont have to exert much effort to move it from one location to another because of the two side rollers.

When it comes to creating a solid and long-lasting cooking station, stainless steel is an extremely demanding material. The same endurance can be expected from this smoker grill combo, which is made of the same premium materials as the previous models.

Besides this, the smoke controller has an additional inspirational characteristic. You can choose from a range of 1 to 10 numbers, depending on your requirements for smoke output.

The ash kickin cleanout system, which is a patented invention, is also a significant feature. When youre done grilling or smoking, all you have to do is toss the ashes in the trash.

Unfortunately, both the front and backsides of the grill may become corroded. Finally, and perhaps most crucially, you may experience difficulties with the WIFI and Bluetooth communication features.


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Traeger Grills Ranger Wood Pellet Grill Smoker Combo

Its hard to think of a grill company that doesnt include Traeger Grills in its list of household names. A top-of-the-line Ranger grill and smoker made with wood pellets is available for purchase.

A large cooking space is not necessary for everyone. According to the size of the family, some prefer a tiny one. This 184-sq-inch cooking surface is ideal for families with three to four members.

This grill smoke combination has one major benefit, dont you think? As a result of its small size, this product tends to be more popular. 20 by 21 by 13 inches are the measurements. Regardless of the size of the room, it will fit well.

This grill is composed of powder-coated steel, which is neither stainless nor alloy steel. It has a long lifespan as a result of this. Internal durability is also improved with porcelain-coated cast-iron grates.

For a long time, neither of these materials will deviate from their original state.

After reading the reviews for all of the products listed above, you may have concluded that wood pellets are the best fuel source for a grill and smoker combo. As long as you dont mind sacrificing flavor, this barbecue powered by wood pellets is all you need.

Wood pellets can be placed in the hopper to a maximum capacity of 8 pounds.

Theres also a good temperature range, with a maximum of 450 degrees Fahrenheit. There is also a cooking timer, which tells you when to check on the meal.


Weber Charcoal Grill Benefits

While Weber pellet grills and Weber gas grills have a variety of advantages, if you appreciate a classic, flame-broiled flavor, a Weber charcoal grill is simply the way to go. Control the heat, enjoy the crackle of the fire and focus on the entire cooking process as you create foods with delicious, mouthwatering flavors. Cooking on a charcoal grill may take a bit more effort than other types of grills, but it may be well worth the extra time to add that smoky flavor to your favorite meats.

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How To Smoke On The Weber Genesis Ll E

You dont need to search for more info on this product because past users have testified to the greatness of Smoking on the Weber Genesis ll E-310. What you should know is the process of setting it up for smoking and how to use it to cook your barbecue.

Cooking a delicious barbeque requires a low temperature between 225-250°F. You also need to smoke your barbecue for the first few cooking hours. Smoking on the Weber Genesis ll E-310 has a built-in temperature maintenance system . Below are 2 methods of producing smoke with this device.

Method 1- The Coffee Tin

This method will require you to have a big coffee tin and ensure the coffee tins have their bottom punched in six holes.

Next, get some chunk of woods. Our favorite is an Apple, but you can find other alternatives out there.

Youll need to start a few good-sized chunks. Well recommend you to go for the more comfortable chimney fire starter. People usually use them to start charcoal. You can use them to ignite your wood to smoke. Place your wood in the tin once it begins to smoke.

Then remove one of the grates from the burner. Now place the tin on the burner and turn it low. Next, is to off the burner and place your meat on another side.

Cut off your burner for some minutes if you notice that it becomes hot at the start. That way you can maintain a temperature of around 225°F. Also, make sure your release the wood at least once. However, the meat wont take on smoke after about 4 hours.

Why Choose A Weber Spirit Grill

Top 5 Charcoal Grills in 2022

The original Weber Spirit grill range was launched back in the 1990s and quickly became a firm favorite in the compact grill arena. Many successful models were released, each one providing more features and greater quality than the last.

Ace carries the full range of Weber Spirit and Weber Spirit II grills, with some of our best sellers including:

  • Weber Spirit II E-310: One of Weber’s latest compact grills, this grill features three powerful propane burners, a sturdy open-cart design, and a surprisingly spacious cooking area considering its easily portable size.
  • Weber Spirit E-310: Also featuring three burners and propane power, but this time with a closed-cart format for weatherproof storage of utensils and accessories.
  • Weber Spirit E-210: A two-burner design that’s compact enough for a small patio or even a balcony, while still providing the excellent cooking power of larger Weber grills.
  • Weber SpiritE-330: A powerful three-burner grill with a super-hot searing station to char your steaks to perfection.

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