What Is The Best Charcoal Grill On The Market

Oklahoma Joes Charcoal/lp Gas/smoker Combo: Best Gas And Charcoal Grill

The Best BBQ Grill On The Market! The Masterbuilt Gravity Series Charcoal Grill /Questions Answered

Why choose between gas and charcoal grills when you can have the best of both worlds. The Oklahoma Joes Longhorn Combo Charcoal Gas Smoker & Grill is equipped with separate charcoal and gas cooking chambers and an attached offset firebox for smoking, charcoal grilling or gas grilling.

Durable, porcelain-coated cast-iron grates and heavy-gauge steel construction make this ingenious hybrid grill the perfect choice for all alfresco grilling scenarios.

Best for: Texas-style barbecuing.

BBQ fuel: Charcoal and gasGrill surface: 6,839 cm2 Weight: 93 kg Dimensions: 80 x 188 x 128.5 cmCooking grates: Porcelain-coated cast iron grates

Best Lump Charcoal For Grilling

Lump charcoal for grilling is made by burning wood slowly in the absence of oxygen until all the natural sap, moisture, and chemicals are removed.

There are many brands of lump charcoal available and choosing which is the best can be confusing. Let us help you to find the best lump charcoal that is perfect for your barbeque. We looked for lump charcoal that lights quickly and easily, burns hot, long and clean and was good value.

Big Bad And Beautiful: Komodo Kamado Big Bad 32

Komodo Kamado makes some of the highest-quality, most striking cookers we’ve seen. Stunning assortments of inlaid tile finishes are available, but these cookers aren’t just another pretty face. Attention to detail is evident in everything you see and touch, from the 304 stainless steel grates and hinges to the heavy-duty casters. And the casters have to be powerful to support this bad boyit comes fully assembled and weighs in at almost half a ton. At 32 inches wide, this is the biggest kamado on the market. Want to make it even fancier? Plenty of options are available, including teakwood carts and gas ignition.

Cooking Area: 576 square inches

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Kamado Joe Classic Ii

Fitted with sleek black wings and a dazzling cherry-red body, the KJ classic brings to mind an angry bird with a first glance. Its specifications are what makes it even more attractive with a thick-wall ceramic shell giving it grilling and smoking mastery. Its also fitted with an airlift hinge that allows for effortless opening and closing.

The charcoal grill comes fitted with a control tower on the top vent to allow for maximum control and precision when managing the temperature. If you are looking to improve on your grilling game, then this might be the top charcoal grill choice for you.

Whats So Great About Charcoal Grills

The Best Portable Charcoal Grills of 2019 [Buying Guide]

Smokers who know the worth of charcoal grills will never joke with them. These grills with ancient powering system are filled with lots of advantages that place them above some other types of grills. So, what is so great about charcoal grills? Would you like to know? OK then, lets highlight some few points:

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The Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker 18

Good old Weber has been making the indestructible “bullet”-style Smokey Mountain for years, with only minor tweaks to its design. The body is the same enameled steel as the Weber kettle, and it has two cooking grates and a water pan. We have one that’s 17 years old and still going strong. There is a larger, 22.5-inch model, but we prefer this smaller size because it’s easier to keep the temperature low. A full slab of ribs barely fits, but if you’re willing to cut slabs in half, you can get four halves on easily. Weber sells an accessory that has hooks, allowing you to hang up to eight slabs vertically. It can also be used as a grill, but you have to get on your knees to do it. Temperature control is not hard. The legendary Smokey Mountain has stood the test of time and continues to be a smoker of choice for competition and residential use.

Best Charcoal Grill Reviewed

Are you looking to buy a new best charcoal grill that will please you and your family and last? There is no sincere love than charcoal-grilled BBQ. Nothing can take place than a smoky taste charcoal dinner.

For true barbecue enthusiasts, nothing beats a charcoal grill when it comes to providing maximum flavor and taste. Sure, gas grills might be convenient and easier to use, but a charcoal grill has just that old-world charm and a burnt, smoky aroma that even the best gas grills seem to lack.

Of course, the small charcoal grill is not for everyone. For someone, they are much harder to use than your standard Weber gas grill. Novices are especially struggling to get the right temperature. Too little coal and you will end up with cold heat. Too much, and you will simply burn the meat. Grilling is an art learned only through experience.

Grilling is a very healthy alternative to just frying food in the pan. Best charcoal grill around food has less grease and taste even better too! Aside from the palate, the experience of grilling is also enjoyable and proves to be a high bonding activity between your friends and family.

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The Best Affordable Gas Grill With Extras: Cuisinart 3

Courtesy of Cuisinart

Cuisinart’s 3-in-1 Stainless 5 Burner Gas Grill is a pretty nice package deal for a pretty low price. It’s called 3-in-1 because it’s a gas grill that comes with a smoke tube and a cast iron griddle. When grilling, the heat profile of 3-in-1 is remarkably even and has an impressively high temperature range. The smoke tube, however, is nothing to get excited about. As with all gas grills, 3-in-1 is so well ventilated for safety reasons that the little bit of smoke from wood chips in the tube blows out the large opening in the back without much effect on the food. But the big, heavy cast iron griddle is an attractive extra. If you haven’t tried outdoor griddling, you should. It’s not just for bacon and eggs. Griddles excel at sizzling meat and veggies. Shrimp don’t fall through the grates and griddles put a delicious brown finish on fish, burgers and chicken breasts.

This is a great gas grill for a nice price and the included cast iron griddle makes 3-in-1 a compelling choice. Just remember to keep the lids glass window clean. A little windex between uses does the trick.

Cooking Area: 442 square inches

Heat Flux: 108.60 BTUs/square inch

How Do Charcoal Grills Work

See why the Summit Charcoal grill is the most versatile grill on the market

Charcoal grills are operated through patience. If you are hungry, you cannot decide to use them for cooking your food only if you have one hell of enduring strength.

Charcoal grills cook your food through lit coals. They feature vents that control the airflow to the coals and the temperature of your food.

Some are designed with an adjustable charcoal tray that enables you to heap more coals on one side of the grill, thereby increasing the temperature on that side.

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Things To Consider When Buying Lump Charcoal

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when buying lump charcoal

For the best lump charcoal for smoking, size matters, Medium-sized chunks provide a more even and longer burn time.

The source of the charcoal is also crucial. High-quality hardwood can provide the high temperatures needed for the best charcoal for grilling steaks.

Lastly, it may also be a good idea to find a charcoal brand that comes in suitable packaging as the best way to store charcoal is to reseal the bag tightly and keep it in a cool, dry place. That way, you can enjoy more barbecues with your family whenever you want.

Royal Gourmet Charcoal Grill

This charcoal grill is perfect for friends and family gathering, and it is also suitable if all you want is a quick BBQ grill. It comes with features that make it easy to assemble, easy to clean, and easy to use. The 438 Sq. Inches cooking surface retains heat well and ensures even heat distribution by locking heat in. You can control the temperature easily by adjusting the charcoal pan to be closer to or farther from the cooking surface. Apart from the cooking surface, this charcoal grill has an additional 179 Sq. Inches of warming space which you can use as a secondary cooking area or keep your food to warm.

It comes with a thermometer on the lid for temperature control, the adjustable vent allows for better airflow control, and it has two racks for convenient storage of ingredients and cooking utensils. With all these features, you can still assemble the grill easily, and you have an offset smoker with 183 Sq inches of space.


  • The cooking area may not be enough for a large crowd

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Everything You Need To Know About Charcoal Grills

The use of charcoal grills started as a result of an increase in the price of fuel. This mode of cooking has been in existence for decades now, and it is being revisited by the modern kitchen world. Charcoal grills are smokers that are powered by charcoals. You might know what charcoals are but believe me, not everyone knows what they are, and even if they do, some people do not know how this heating material is being produced.

Accessories And Additional Features

Burn, Baby, Burn: The Best Charcoal Grills You Can Buy

Dampers, vents, drawers for charcoal, cover, side tables, temperature probe holes, ash catchers and more are the bells and whistles of charcoal grills. There are tons of grilling accessories available. Some you wont need, some you wont want to live without.

Think about your own habits. Hate mess? Get an ash catcher. A little OCD about temperature? Be sure theres a temperature probe hole. Like everything at hand? Pick a model with a built-in side table. Lets look at some of the accessories we at FoodFireFriends recommend for charcoal grilling before you go.

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Why Buy A Charcoal Grill

There are lots of reasons to buy a charcoal grill instead of a gas grill. Many people prefer the smoky flavor of charcoal-grilled meats . Some people like the traditionally lower price point associated with popular kettles and others actually find them easier to clean than their gas counterparts.

But Max Good, director of product reviews for barbecue and grilling site AmazingRibs.com, says the main reason to seriously consider a charcoal grill from your home is versatility.

A good charcoal grill has a very wide temperature range, he explains. While gas grills will cap out at a maximum temperature, you can get as hot as you want with charcoal. You can also get the temperature very low, meaning you can make good smoked meat on charcoal grills, Good says.

The Landmann Smoky Mountain 34

The Landmann Smoky Mountain 34-Inch Two-Drawer Vertical Gas Smoker is a nice model. We like the two separate drawers up front: one for a porcelain-coated water pan, the other for a heavy steel wood-chip box. The drawers enable you to replenish water and wood without disturbing meats in the smoke box. This smoker comes with four adjustable-height, chrome-plated racks and a meat-hanging hook.

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Tepro Toronto Steak Grill

Fancy a big fat juicy sirloin with a crisp, black, caramelised outer like they do at your favourite steakhouse? Step this way.

The Toronto is essentially a super hot gas grill that uses a rectangular 3kW ceramic infrared burner to sear steaks at up to 800C in about 45 seconds per side. Simply attach it to some Patio gas it comes with a hose and regulator and fire it up using the battery-powered flame igniter. It comes with two small cooking grates , a grate handle and two grease trays. The inner walls are comprised of a series of rails set at different heights so you could feasibly place some sausages or chicken wings on a lower rung, turn the flame down and grill them at a more modest temperature.

We tried the Toronto using both fillet and sirloin steak. The fillet was a perfect medium rare after just 90 seconds though some parts of its surface failed to blacken as we expected and we think this might have been due to its dearth of fat. By contrast, the fatty sirloin positively sizzled, turning the flame into an orange fireball and crisping the outside to black perfection. Both steaks were very succulent among the juiciest weve ever made at home. And all without stinking the kitchen out and setting off the fire alarm. That said, they didnt look as smooth, shiny and appetising on the outside as if wed fried them on a high heat in a pan.

The Verycook Plancha Simplicity 2 is a super compact flat top BBQ

Weber Original Kettle Premium: Best Charcoal Grill

Grill: Best Charcoal Grill (Buying Guide)

For a classic-looking kettle grill with traditional charcoal-based heating, the Weber Original Kettle Premium delivers with sleek lines, enough room for 13 burgers to feed a crowd, and a small enough footprint that it can fit in any part of your property and easily be stored off-season.

Featuring a one-touch cleaning system with an ash-catcher to make maintenance simple and a porcelain-enameled lid which will not peel or rust, this charcoal grill may not have the features of more high-end propane grillsbut it does have simple efficacy and durability which will make this Weber kettle a barbecue staple for years to come.

With mechanical options such as adjustable dampers for easy manipulation of heat as well as the ability to add fuel while you grill, this Original Kettle grill may be low-tech, but it stood the test of time and will likely do so for years to come. Its a great choice for those looking for a quality cooking tool that is low-maintenance and long-lastingand under $200.

Best for: An iconic grill for the everyday charcoal griller.

BBQ fuel: Charcoal briquetsGrill surface: 2,342 cm2  fits 13 burgersWeight: 14.7 kg Dimensions: 100.3 x 57.1 x 68.6 cmCooking grates: Plates steel, hinged

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Beau Jardin Premium 18 Inch Charcoal Grill

The BEAU JARDIN Premium 18 Inch Charcoal Grill comes in as a very affordable yet solidly constructed cooking ware. It might not look like much, standing at only 34 inches tall and 18 inches wide, but make no mistake, the BEAU JARDIN premium stacks up a lot of features that make it a strong contender amongst its class. The bowl-like grill is constructed with porcelain-enameled steel to deliver impressive insulation so that the juices can remain locked-in. For the grill masters, thats a recipe for tender steaks thatll leave a sweet memory on your palate.

It offers a total of 255 square inches of cooking space. You have to admit, thats a whole lot of grill-space for a charcoal grill of this size. The entire ebony bowl rests securely on stable steel legs which contributes to the overall sturdiness of this grill. Its your perfect camping grill also suitable for other outdoor engagements with a couple of friends or for a small family. For a good control of your grilling process, the lid is furnished with an air vent control feature so you can manage the airflow to the charcoal.

Furthermore, it could get pretty hot once the heat starts to kick in, but no worries, the handles are perfectly insulated with scald-proof material so youre safe when lifting the lid off the bowl. Theres also an ash collecting tray right underneath the grill bowl for easy disposal of collected ash. By simply rotating the ash duct at the bottom of the bowl, the ash collects easily on the tray.

Best Charcoal Grills For 2021

We fired up models from Nexgrill, Weber, Napoleon, KitchenAid, Char-Griller and more to find out which charcoal grill is king of the cookout.

Summertime is prime grilling time, which means it’s time to up your outdoor cooking game with the right grill. A charcoal grill might sound less luxurious than a gas grill, but when it comes to flavor, the best charcoal grill absolutely competes. On top of that, charcoal grills are often more affordable than their gas counterparts, making them a good option for tight budgets and beginner grillers. They’re typically easier to set up than a gas grill, too. All you need for charcoal grilling is a lighter, a bag of charcoal and your favorite ingredients. In no time you’ll be reaping the rewards of an easy meal with true smoky flavor.

From cart-style to kettle-style, feature-filled to bare minimum, we tested nine charcoal grills with chicken, ribs and steak to find out which are the best bets for your next backyard barbecue. We’ll update this list periodically.

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Weber Original Kettle Premium

What We Like

  • It has a removable or rotatable lid and an offset vent so you can put the vent exactly where you need it and manage the heat with ease.
  • It has a lot of convenience features like hinged cooking grates, a removable ash catcher, and a place to hook your cooking utensils to on the handles of the grill.
  • Extremely high quality without any extravagant frills to distract you from the cooking process. Just you and your grill making excellent food.

What Makes Us Angry

  • It has wheels attached to the bottom which does make it easier to move but might also encourage tipping if placed in an unstable environment.
  • The hinged grate opening is fairly small which might make it difficult to add coals precisely where you want them or in larger quantities.

The Original Kettle Premium from Weber is the original charcoal grill all business with no frills. It has a solution for removing ashes so they dont get into your food. Several times when I have been distracted while grilling or not feeling my best I have made simple mistakes that caused ash to get onto an otherwise excellent burger. Thankfully, this grill has an ash catcher at the bottom that can be easily removed and emptied in a few quick moments. It also has a lever for the vents at the bottom of the grill that can be used to break up ash chunks to get them out.

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