What Is The Best Gas Grill Under $500

Materials And Build Quality

Best Gas Grills under $500 in 2020

Your grill may be sitting outside in the harsh elements at certain times of the year. You will want to invest in one which is made with the most durable materials to withstand the weather.

Gas grills made with stainless steel tend to be more durable. Cast aluminum or coated cast iron will also be durable, but ensure any coating doesnt get chipped, to prevent rust.

Dont just look at the body of the grill, stainless steel burners will be more durable too.

Check the length of the warranty and which parts are included. Some may cover the burners for longer periods, like 5 years, with the main body having a shorter warranty.

Finally, to add years to the life, you should consider investing in a good grill cover.

Production Of Heat Additional Features

The total quantity of heat produced by a gas grill is determined by the BTUs . You should seek grills with high-temperature ranges since some foods need to be cooked at a high temperature. Grills with high heat offer a wide range of cooking alternatives. Infrared burners on gas grills produce the most pleasant sear marks. There are many grills out there that can meet your needs in this regard.

Who Would Abortion Bans In The Us Affect The Most

Abortion-rights activists say banning abortions will hurt people of color the hardest. People of color have abortions at the highest rates in the nation and so these Americans will likely have the hardest time finding ways to get rid of unwanted pregnancies or to raise children they cannot afford or didn’t want.

Advocates also say abortion bans will harm poor Americans disproportionally because they will be less able to travel to states where abortion remains legal, and may instead turn to illegal abortions close to home, raising the risk of death for the pregnant person.

Dr. Stella Safo, a New York-based primary care physician and founder of Just Equity for Health, a company focused on equitable health care, called the possible decision “maddening.”

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ROE V WADE: Leaked abortion opinion by Supreme Court adds more fuel to already raging fire of debate

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Are There Different Types Of Propane

Propane comes in four grades: commercial grade, which has no odor added non-odorized, which has a mild scent added to it blended, which contains both the commercial grade and non-ized grades and odorized, which is required by law to contain ethyl mercaptan, a substance that emits a distinctive odor.

Propane grills and barbeques use the odorized grade due to its added safety benefits: The smell of boiling liquids and smoke from cooking meat both mask the odors of propane, so food does not always emit enough odor to provide adequate warning of a leak. Therefore, propane suppliers add an additive to commercial grade propane that emits a strong, noticeable odor when used in appliances such as heating devices and gas grills for outdoor cooking. It is important that you understand what type of fuel your grill uses before attempting any type of maintenance or repair on it yourself. If you are unsure about what type of fuel your grill uses, contact your dealer for assistance. Only a qualified individual should attempt to inspect, clean or maintain a best propane grills under $500 or appliance.

Up To $500 Gets A Good Mid

Top 10 Best Gas Grills Under $500

Having decided to choose a gas grill, youve probably seen the very best gas grills on the market, those backyard monsters which often cost a thousand bucks or more. They may look very impressive and are capable of feeding an army, but do you need to spend that much?

There are much more affordable models available, but how low do you go? Looking at the $100 to $200 range, options can be limited. Unless youre willing to sacrifice the convenience of gas for charcoal, you will be looking at much smaller or portable gas grills. Normally theyll be made of low-quality materials too.

The sweet spot for gas grills tends to fall in the $300 to $500 price bracket, for which you can get a very good mid-range model. They will be larger and have a better build quality with more consistent cooking results.

Lets take a look at what makes some of these grills the perfect accompaniment for those summer backyard parties.

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Best Gas Grills Under $500 For 2022

Propane gas grills are a great place to start for outdoor cooking newcomers who want the beauty of grilling without the difficult learning curve. If youre on a budget, this is the place to start your search for your next patio cooker.

Heres our list of the best gas and propane grills under $500 to prove that theres still plenty of power to be had when youre under a budget.

Weber 57060001 Q3200 Liquid Propane Grill

If youve always dreamed of owning a Weber but dont need a huge model, the Q3200 is a good compromise. This elegant gas grill has a compact footprint, yet offers the function of a mid-sized model. It features a quality construction.

Whats in the Box

The body and lid are made of cast aluminum for greater durability and rust-proofing, with a glass reinforced nylon stand for mobility. Folding side tables are also included, which can be removed for easier storage, or when space is limited.

Assembly is straightforward: you just screw together the base cart before mounting the grill body on top. A removable drip tray fits underneath the main body, with porcelain cast iron cooking grates and a gas connector hose also included in the box.


  • Dimensions: 43.5 × 50.2 × 21 inches.
  • Warranty : 5

This Grill is for You if

People with limited space or apartment dwellers with a small balcony will find this Weber grill can fit almost anywhere. The base even provides an area for storing the propane tank to make it even more compact. 393 square inches of primary cooking area will offer enough space for most families or smaller parties.

Another Model Might Be Better for You if

When you need to entertain a larger group of people, youre going to need something more substantial. Also, to justify the cost, youre going to need to be a Weber fan or love the looksimilar grills at this price will have many more features, such as side burners, etc.


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Best Overall: Weber Spirit Ii

Firstly, we have the Weber Spirit II Liquid Propane Grill. Founded in 1952, the US-based company was the first to invent and sell kettle grills. Since then, it has come up with many lines of innovative gas, electric, and charcoal grills. The Weber Spirit II is one of their top-sellers.

This version of the Weber Spirit II has three burners, one step up from the two-burner model. Apart from this, the new three-burner version also has a larger grilling area and 30,000 BTUs. Consequently, you can make more food at a time with higher efficiency.

However, both models come with Webers patented GS4 grilling system, which involves four components.

These four components include:

  • The Infinity Ignition compatible with propane, this is a fast-lighting and long-lasting ignition system.
  • Flavorizer Bars these are designed to vaporize drippings so that you can maximize the smoky flavor. .
  • Burners as mentioned, there are three burner tubes, designed to provide consistent gas flow.
  • Grease Management System Connected to the flavorizer bars, this system catches drippings and waste in its drip box. .

The ignition is impressive, capable of going from 0 to 500 degrees in just five minutes. While the grill plates are a bit awkward to roll at first, you just need to adjust them to your preference. Consequently, while there is a learning curve, the grill is easy-to-use once youre used to it.


Best Overall: Weber Spirit Ii E

Equipment Review: Best Gas Grills Under $500 & Our Testing Winner
  • Price tag is steep for three burners

  • Hood isnt as deep as other models

Weber has a great reputation for grills, and this attractive Spirit grill is a perfect example of why. The design is appealing, the cart is sturdy, and it performs well with its three burners providing a total of 30,000 BTUs of power. Although it comes in just above $500 , we decided it earned our top spot. Our tester found that the burners are indeed high performance, as the company describes them: The grill heated up to 500 degrees in only a few minutes and heated evenly across the board.

The two side tables give plenty of space for condiments and tools, while the open cart offers handy storage space for extras. To save space, the left-hand table can flip down when not in use. Six tool hooks offer plenty of room for grill brushes, spatulas, and tongs, keeping them easily reachable yet out of the way.

With 529 square inches of grilling space, theres plenty of room to grill a whole meal for the family. It features porcelain-enameled cast iron grill grates that are perfect for making grill marks. Plus, there’s no need for seasoning. The built-in thermometer in the lid makes it easy to monitor the internal temperature, and the grease management system makes it easy to clean up after all the cooking is done, saving more time for relaxing after dinner.

Dimensions: 44.5 x 52 x 27 inches | TotalCooking Area: 529 square inches | BTUs: 30,000

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How Do You Use A Smoker Box On A Gas Grill

If your grill has a smoker box, you can cook delicious, flavorful food quite easily. Start by soaking wood chips in water for at least 30 minutes, which will prevent them from catching on fire. Pre-heat your grill for 10 to 15 minutes, then place the wood chips into the smoker box using tongs. Close the lid of the box, as well as the grill’s lid, and wait for it to start producing smoke. From here, you can lower the grill temperature and arrange your food on the grates over the unlit burners.

Fuego F24c Professional Propane Gas Grill

Fuego is one of the few companies that have a great repetition when it comes to gas grills.

The company has quite a number of grills that are doing well in the market, but for this roundup, we will be concentrating on the Fuego F24C.

It is definitely one of the best gas grills that fall under the $500 category.

Unlike most conventional gas grills, the Fuego F24C professional features a unique design. It is quite compact but still manages to offer a whopping 525 sq in of grilling surface. The main compartment has 415 sq.In. While the warming rack has 110 square inches of space. The good thing about this grill is that it fits pretty well in small spaces.

The F24C propane gas grill does not disappoint in terms of performance. For instance, It offers a combined 26,500 BTU/hr. Besides, it has a dual zone burner system that enables direct and indirect heating. At least you can cook your meals without worry about too much heat. Other than that, this grill has a unique cabinet where you can store your propane tank.

If you are looking for a well-made, compact, lightweight and space saving gas grill, then you should consider the Fuego F24C. Besides, it is fitted with wheels to enable easy movement.


  • Quite small for big families

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Best Gas Grills Under $500 In 2022 Reviews & Buyers Guide

So its the grill season around the corner and who would say no to a restaurant like food grilling at home? Well, yes, there are the best gas grills under $500. The feeling of steaks grilling on the gas grills are totally hot and spicy, the smell all over your terraces. Just imagine. Yeah, thats what I am talking about. Though the old-fashioned way of grilling would always remain a favorite experience, gas grills on the contrary make the grilling experience smooth and effortless.

Any kind of grills requires learning, periodic and preventive maintenance and most obviously a cover. Everyone will prefer a type of gas grill that it causes no fuss while using.

There are many types of gas grills available in different types and costs and numbers of facilities. In this article, we have listed the 10 best natural gas grills under $500 and are rated best by the customer.

How Do You Convert A Propane Grill To Natural Gas

Best Gas Grills under $500 [Unbiased &  Detailed Reviews]

Not all propane grills can be converted to natural gas. Always consult your owner’s manual to see if your grill can safely be converted to natural gas, and if it can, it’s important to purchase a conversion kit directly from the manufacturer. There are sometimes third-party conversion kits sold online, but keep in mind they are not always safe and will likely void your grill’s warranty.

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What’s The Deal With Btus

When youre in the market for a gas grill market, youll see the term BTU thrown around a lot. BTUs are the measurement of how much heat is put out in an hour.

Try not to get too excited by large BTU numbers.Manufacturers are always trying to wow you with their hefty BTU outputs, but they really shouldnt be the first thing you look at.

Today, its all about effective design, and quality materials not BTUs.

Design Over BTUs

Good design and quality build and materials are more important than how many BTUs a grill puts out.

A poorly-manufactured, badly-designed grill wont hold its heat very well – even if it does put out plenty of BTUs. A less-powerful-but-better-built grill would still handily outperform it.

BTUs were perhaps more relevant in the past, when poor engineering and design on gas grills meant heat output had to be so higher. But today, finding a good grill is all about effective design and quality materials which will help hold the heat and radiate it more efficiently, reducing the need for tons of power.

Gas Grill Flavor Bars

One of the most important parts of a gas grill is the flavor bars. A high quality and well thought out gas grill will have flavor bars that will spread the heat evenly and keep flame ups to a minimum. These flavor bars are important in helping the grill give off an authentic charcoal smoky taste. When searching for your new grill, it is important to look for grills that have these flavor bars and that they are made of quality materials. Generally, the more flavor bars the better. This is a feature that sets good grills apart.

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What Happens If Roe V Wade Is Overturned What We Know About Supreme Court’s Leaked Draft

Politico reported Monday night that it had obtained a draft opinion suggesting the U.S. Supreme Court is considering a ruling that would overturn the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that established a constitutional right to abortion.

The leak itself is highly unusual: While court deliberations have leaked before, including during President Richard Nixon’s administration, the release of a draft opinion is virtually unprecedented.

Politico said the draft was circulated in February, about two months after oral arguments. A Supreme Court spokeswoman declined to comment. Several legal experts consulted by USA TODAY said the leaked draft ruling has all the hallmarks of being accurate. Politico said a majority of justices supported the ruling.

“Roe was egregiously wrong from the start,”Associate Justice Samuel Alito wrote in the draft obtained by Politico. “We hold that Roe and Casey must be overruled.”

Supreme Court deliberations are supposed to be secret. So how did a draft abortion opinion leak?

Here’s what we know:

Infrared Burners Vs Conventional

Best Gas Grills Under $500 Reviews 2022 | Best Budget Gas Grills Under $500 (Buying Guide)

A feature that is gaining traction in the market is the side burner options available on gas grill models. Some will come with the conventional gas burner and some are now offering infrared burners.

Infrared burners use a unique design that still uses the propane or natural gas fed to the grill. The infrared burner will subject the gas flame to a ceramic tile that contains microscopic holes. This method converts the flame into infrared energy. The benefit is the intense heat this burner creates. Some of these burners can hit temps of over 700F which create a great heat source for searing meat. Conventional burners do not reach these high temps that infrared creates. Something to consider.

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The Best Smart Gas Grill: Weber Spirit Sx

Grilling is such a simple cooking method that Im often skeptical of any grill with too many bells and whistles, but the Weber Spirit SX-315 has just the right amount of technology. This smart grill uses a built-in Weber Connect hubthe brands latest digital deviceto monitor grill temperature as well as internal food temps with an included probe. And connecting the Spirit SX-315 to a mobile device is super simple. Im not exaggerating when I say that connecting my phone via the Weber Connect app was the easiest Bluetooth connection of my life . Adding Wi-Fi was just as easy and meant I could keep an eye on the temperature far beyond a typical Bluetooth range. I even got an alert when my pork chop reached the target temp .

The Spirit Spirit SX-315 doesnt have a sear station, but this isnt necessarily a grill for active, involved grillers. Instead, its a great choice for someone who has to keep an eye on their kids or prepare some side dishes while the main course is cooking.

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