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Best Natural Gas Grills Under $1000 2021 Outdoor Gas Grill Built In

Q: What should I look for when buying a grill?

A: Look at what you are planning to use it for first, and base your choice off of your needs. 8 high powered burners in a 300lb set up is great in some situations, but is unnecessary if you cook a few burgers a couple times a summer. Construction should be sturdy, heat retaining, and offer features to fine tune heat control.

Heating and cooking should be even over the whole cooking area, without hot or cool spots when lit. Ease of assembly and competent customer service will keep set-up and maintenance hassle free.

Q: Is it safe to grill on a deck?

A: A large, hot metal box, whether gas or charcoal fueled is inherently dangerous. It is going to depend on your deck. The grill should be at least 10 feet away from the house and away from anything flammable, like plants, furniture and awnings.

A protective mat for your grill will prevent damage and scorching. Never leave a grill unsupervised, keep a fire extinguisher handy, and read through your grills manual.

Q: How do you maintain a grill?

A: Keep it clean, inside and out, and covered when not in use. Finishes on grills chip and crack over extended periods of time, and catching a small problem saves time and labor overall. Rust will rot a grill just like it rots the underside of a car and moisture and salt exacerbate rust.

Remember, never pour water on a grease fire!

Q: Which is better porcelain enamel or stainless steel?

Q: Where should a grill be placed on a patio?

Can Your Grill Be Converted To Run On Natural Gas

Yes, most propane grills can be converted to run on natural gas with the addition of a natural gas conversion kit. The kit normally contains new gas jets, a longer flexible gas hose, the brass quick-disconnect gas fittings we mentioned earlier, and gas valve limiter stops.

However, there are other considerations to take into account if you are thinking about converting your propane grill.

  • It is essential to check with your local plumbing inspector to make sure that youre allowed to connect your grill to your household supply with a flexible hose. Some state regulations require a more permanent fixture.
  • If youre installing a new gas line specifically for your grill, you may require a permit from your local planning authority. Failing to get the right licenses might result in some fairly hefty fines.
  • Youll want to make sure that using a conversion kit doesnt void your warranty. Weber , for instance, refuses to sell conversion kits for their grills and using one completely voids their warranty.

Weber 47510001 Spirit E310

The Spirit E310 gas grill can surprise you with a smoky flavored grill and BBQ. You should know about the other capabilities of this gas grill in a brief form here.

Quick Summary

Having the best BBQ grills with some advanced features is difficult in the lower budget. You have to leave at least one major feature to grab the suitable pick and this is one of the best natural gas grill for the money on our list

But, this gas grill is enriched with huge space, powerful burners, and a convenient dimension. Youll also get some extra features like side tables, a built-in thermometer, and many more.

Quick Features

Weber Spirit E310 is capable of hosting a BBQ or regular family grilling. Like other Weber burners, this gas grills burners work effectively on your grill. You can prepare a quality BBQ or grill using the heat of 32,000 BTU per hour.

The absolute distribution of heat is possible for its high-end cast-iron cooking grates. As its built off the porcelain-enameled lid, it can serve heavy-duty purposes. In addition, the well-engineered lockbox wont rust over time.

Its internal thermometer helps to reduce the risk of accidents from an increased temperature. There is a grease tray that can be accessed easily while disposing of the debris. This machine has flavorizer bars which add smoky flavor to the dish. Its tool hooks help to organize your tools in a specific place.

Why is this a top pick?


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A Buyers Guide For Choosing A High End Grill

Weve shared some really great grill options for you here. These options are highly-rated across the board and were carefully selected to provide you with the very best grills to choose from. But how do you choose from here?

Its been narrowed down to our 7 best high end gas grills but theres still a decision to be made! Weve got you covered here as well. Weve put together this buyers guide to try to help you make an informed decision.

We plan to provide you with the tools and some features that you may want to be aware of or consider before you make a final decision on your high end grill.

Final Thoughts On Nexgrill Vs Weber

American Outdoor Grill " L"  Series Gas Barbecue Grill

When comparing Nexgrill vs Weber, its never an easy decision because both of these manufacturers offer quality, state-of-the-art grills that outrank most of the competition. So when having to choose who is the best, well weve narrowed it down to this:

It actually gets personal when choosing Nexgrill vs Weber because the specs and performance are generally in line with each other, its the design and the extras that make it more personal.

If you want something that will impress the neighbors, then by all means, definitely go with the Weber but if you just want a really great tasting steak, the Nexgrill will satisfy your taste buds just as well.

We gave you all the details, now you decide what will work best for you!

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How Do The Best Gas Grills Work

How many burners do I need?The number of burners on a gas grill determines the amount of food you can grill at a time. A six-burner gas grill is the better choice if you plan on having a lot of large gatherings. However, for the most part, a three or four-burner stove will accommodate your grilling needs on a regular basis.

Are infrared burners a good thing?Most gas grills use convection heating to cook food, which basically exposes food directly to fire. The problem with this type of energy is that it can dry out meats. Infrared burners, on the other hand, are designed to help meats retain their moisture, resulting in a juicier dish. This is because they use radiation heat versus convection heat. Essentially, the fire heats ceramic or metal plates which then transfers heat evenly to the food.

What does BTU mean?BTU stands for British Thermal Units. Its simply a way to measure the energy output of a grill. In theory, the higher the BTU rating, the better — right? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. The BTU rating should be relative to the surface size of the grill. This means, that a quality grill should have at least 75 to 100 BTUs per square inch of the grill surface. This doesnt quite apply to infrared burners in the same way, which makes this all the more confusing. Just remember that BTUs arent the end all, be all for gas grilling. There are many other factors to consider.

Runner Up Napoleon Prestige 500 Natural Gas Grill

The Napoleon Prestige 500 comes in a close second on our list to the Genesis II E-435. The two grills are comparable in quality, but the Prestige 500 has a slightly different set of features that are less universally useful than those on the E-435

The Prestige 500 has four stainless steel tube burners that provide up to 48,000 BTUs of heat and 500 square inches of cooking surface supplemented by a 260 square inch warming area.

The stainless steel wave cooking grids allow for excellent heat retention and add in sear lines. Under the cooking grids are a set of stainless steel sear plates that help to vaporize drippings. This adds to the moistness of the food and helps to control flare-ups.

In terms of features, the 14,000 BTU infrared side burner for searing and an 18,000 BTU rear infrared burner. The rear burner can also be converted into a rotisserie, which, while nice, probably wont see consistent use.

The hood of the Prestige 500 comes with an Accu-Probe temperature gauge, and one of the main selling points for the grill is that the controls are internally lit and turn from blue to red when a burner is in use. This makes it both easier and safer to use in low light conditions.

What we like:

  • Much like the E-435, the Prestige 500s 48,000 BTUs of heat and 500 square inches of cooking surface means it is capable of catering for even the most well-attended cookout.
  • The addition of stainless steel sear plates helps to vaporize drippings and control. flare-ups

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Blaze Grills 40 Inch 5

Blaze Grills aim is to provide an affordable commercial style grill that is perfect for your outdoor BBQ needs. And theyve done it, very well. At just over the threshold for being a low budget grill on our list the Blaze 40 Inch built in grill offers a lot of great features for a very reasonable price. It is fully built from 304 stainless steel, has 915 square inches of total cooking space and has a total of 80,000 BTUs. The build quality is very good and it manages to retain heat very well. It has a double lined lid with extra insulation to help with this.

Other features include:

  • Illuminated control knobs for easy and sophisticated use
  • Interior lights to help cooking at night
  • Full lifetime warranty

The Blaze 40 Inch Built-In Natural Gas Grill is a great option for someone looking for precise cooking options. The ability to easily set up several cooking area temperatures will help people looking to cook multiple different cuts of meat at once. Its very well built and has all the standard features you would expect a grill at this price to have, plus a few extra. Not only this, but it has a full lifetime warranty for that extra peace of mind.

Check the latest price on Amazon.

Best Natural Gas Grills For Your Outdoor Kitchen

Wolf Stainless Steel Outdoor Built In Natural Gas Grill OG36 – Overview

If youre thinking of creating your very own outdoor kitchen, then youll need a great drop-in grill at the center of it. We think that natural gas makes the perfect fuel if youre thinking of investing in a grill for your outdoor kitchen. The ability to keep cooking without the need to periodically change tanks of propane is the single biggest selling point of natural gas. It takes away any worries and allows you to continuously and effortlessly grill as much food as you like. Not only this, but buying a built-in grill can give you access to a huge range of features, from simple hood lights to infrared burners and rotisserie systems. Weve reviewed some of the best natural gas grills on the market to help you find the best built-in grill for your outdoor kitchen.


  • 1.6 Final Thoughts
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    Lion Premium Grills L75623 32 Natural Gas Grill

    Lion Premium Grills have been helping to bring down the price of built in grills for a while now. Their products have most of the features and build quality of the very best grills out there but for a fraction of the cost. For example, the L75000 series has a complete stainless steel construction, with a dual lined lid and stainless steel cooking grates. It has 830 square inches of cooking space and even comes with a rotisserie system, including a ceramic, infrared back burner, a stainless steel motor and a spit rod.

    Other features include:

    • A total of 5 burners with a combined BTU rating of 75,000
    • The 4 stainless steel burners for the main cooking area all have lifetime warranties
    • Built in thermometer
    • Comes with the Gourmet Package which include the rotisserie system, a cover, a smoker box, a griddle and griddle remover with bottle opener
    • Two interior lights so you can cook whenever you want

    Overall, the Lion L75000 series of grills provides one of the best value packages that money can buy. You get a great size cooking area, a good quality build and a huge range of extra features that would normally cost you many times more.

    Check the latest price on Amazon.

    How Often Should I Clean My Natural Gas Grill

    How often you need to clean a grill will depend to a large extent on how often you use it. As best practice, you should first burn off any food debris thats stuck to the grids. Use a stainless steel bristle brush to scrub away any remnants. Always empty the drip tray after each cookout and wash this in some warm soapy water. Every month or so, you should give your natural gas grill a deep clean. Adjust the frequency if you use your grill heavily. First, use a wire brush and remove all residual food waste. Next, remove all the cooking grates, warming racks, and flavorizer bars. These should be washed using some warm soapy water. Rinse and dry these accessories and then return them to the grill. If you stick to this cleaning routine of little and often, youll never need to deal with any serious mess, and running your natural gas grill will be stress-free.

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    A Closer Look At Specs

    Comparing these gas grills isn’t all apples to apples. With different grill sizes, cooking grates and BTU levels, a difference in performance is expected in each individual outdoor gas grill. Still, there are some observations to be made.

    One thing our test data highlights is how quickly a grill can cook on its own medium or high setting. That doesn’t mean each grill is set to the same preheated temperature. It simply means we turned the knobs to what each grill indicated was medium heat.

    The chart below compares each grill’s average cooking time for chicken and burgers over three identical tests. We run the clock until the last burger reaches 145F and the lowest chicken breast reaches 165F.

    Whats The Difference Between Natural Gas And Liquid Propane

    68004001 Weber Genesis 2 LX S

    Propane delivers more than double the amount of heat of natural gas per cubic foot 2,500 BTUs versus 1,000 BTUs.

    This is one of the reasons propane grills are extremely popular, because they provide more heat per unit of gas.

    However, they connect to reusable tanks through a connector, meaning that youll always need a tank or two to keep the party going.

    One of the advantages of propane grills is their portability. Because they arent attached to a fixed line, they can go wherever you choose, whereas an NG grill is pretty much tied to where the hook-up is.

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    Mhp Natural Gas Grill

    MHP represents Modern Home Products, and also they were founded in the 1950s as an outside gas illumination firm. They have actually since increased to other outside gas products, consisting of grills. They proudly make their grills in the US, as well as use a lifetime warranty on their items. While their internet site is a little clumsy, they do supply a lot of resources, such as dishes, barbecuing pointers, and product-specific info. .


    • Add-ons/Accessories: two folding side racks.

    Allows contrast several of the other attributes:


    • Includes a limited lifetime warranty.
    • The side tables conveniently fold up to assist the unit fit into tighter spaces.
    • High top cover accommodates large cuts of meat.


    • Not the most visually enticing device.
    • Although their site is full of info, it is difficult to consider and tough to navigate.
    • Unclear if it includes a hose pipe.

    Types And Configuration Of Burners

    The types of burners will influence how hot they get, how resistant to corrosion they are and how long they will last.

    The configuration of the burners decides your flexibility, how many types of cooking you can do at once, and how many different temperatures and varying heat zones.

    Lets take a look at the possibilities.

    Materials Used

    Burners need to withstand a large amount of heat and pressure, therefore the quality of your burners will have a large impact on the quality and longevity of your grill.

    Stainless steel burners seem to be the most popular and can withstand corrosion. Dont be fooled, they also come in different qualities and grades.

    The most corrosion-resistant grade available is 304 stainless steel and is composed of 10 percent nickel and 18 percent chromium. 430 stainless steel grade is less expensive, but will corrode and rust much faster.

    Side Burner

    If your grill comes with a side burner, it allows for an additional type of cooking other than direct on the grates: Its used for cooking in pots and pans, things such as homemade soups, sauces, BBQ sides, pasta, rice or anything else you would cook in a pan.

    Having a side burner makes cooking easier by letting you have everything you need right in front of you, rather than having to nip in and out of the kitchen to cook things on your standard hob.

    Some side burners come with a cover, giving you the option to use it as a shelf when not in use.

    Infrared Burner?

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    Why Are Natural Gas Grills More Expensive

    Most natural gas grills end up being $50-100 more expensive than a similar propane grill without any additional features. The reason for this is relatively simple.

    In order to connect to a household natural gas supply, most natural gas grills come with a longer gas hose and a quick-disconnect system.

    The longer gas pipe and the brass quick-disconnect connect fittings are what add that little extra bump of cost to your natural gas grill.

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