What Makes Traeger Grills Better

How Fast Are Pellet Grills

Why Traeger Grills is the Best Grill & How it Works

They are generally faster to preheat than propane, charcoal, and hardwood chunk grilling. The pellet grills are not only precisely controlled and the head convected, but they are also faster to preheat than conventional grills. The fast preheat, along with the convection action and even heat distribution allows things to cook much more efficiently in a pellet grill.

However, they can also cook much slower and with more precision, if you are using them to smoke, since they can feed the pellets quite slowly and control the air to a high degree, they are effective in just about any cooking role you need them to fill, and they can do it just a little better than a traditional grill or oven.

Green Mountain Davy Crockett

This unit gets first billing because it has a slight edge on overall portability. Lightweight at 68 pounds it has folding legs for easy transport. It includes 110V and 12V adapters for use away from the grid. Will it drain your car battery on 12V? Yes, eventually, but it is pretty efficient so you have quite a few hours. In car camping or RV situations it will work just fine.

The technology in this small package is also impressive. PID technology and Wi-Fi controls set this way ahead of the pack. We also keep mentioning small, at 219 square inches of grill space, it is. To offset that slightly it has a high peaked cover to accommodate whole chickens, pork butts or other taller foods.

You do trade off some cleaning aspects to have it so compact. The drip tray is perforated, which allows smoke to circulate, then the grease drops through to the bottom then runs out the drain. With other models you can line your drip tray with foil for easy cleaning which this does not allow. All that being said, the company gets excellent reviews for customer service and offers an outstanding value product. Its affordable price point and versatility landed it on our gifts for grillers wish list.

Specs to know

  • Cleaning and maintenance challenges

Big Horn Outdoors Pellet Grill & Smoker


With almost a decade in the market, Big Horn Outdoors is doing pretty well at making a name for themselves. This model represents the least expensive option for a full size backyard pellet smoker in this group. Granted, they rely heavily on the upper rack to get their available space to 700 square inches. Some of us less coordinated individuals remove the upper rack much of the time to be able cook taller items and maneuver in general, so this comes off as somewhat cramped. The pellet hopper is a little small at 8 pounds and may need refilling for longer smokes.

They do include some fun accessories folding front shelf, pellet hopper latch, and tool hooks. They also have a nice easy to read chamber thermometer. The control settings are simpler in 25 degree increments, and it does have two probe inputs. They also have nice oversize metal wheels for better mobility with the pellet hopper opposite the handle so it works as a counterweight when moving around.

Specs to know

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Another Budget Alternative Z Grills

If your primary reason for considering a Pit Boss is price, then you might want to give Z Grills a look.

These guys are very new to selling to consumers but theyve actually been building pellet grills for other companies for many years.

You can definitely see the resemblance when you look at the design. Everything is similar except for the high price tag.

The most popular model is the Z Grills 700E which was recently updated in 2019 to fix a few issues with the temperature controller.

Weve cooked a lot of food on the 700E and think its a fantastic pellet grill. It doesnt have quite as many features as a grill likes the Sportsman 820, but it does have a proper cabinet which is great for storage.

Is Traeger Smoking Bad For You

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Burning wood pellets, poured by grilling expert Brendan Burek, into a chute on the left side of a Traeger grill, doesnt necessarily make for healthier grilling. Cooking meats with charcoal or gas grills can cause the formation of compounds called heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons .

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Winner: Traeger Ironwood 885

The Traeger Ironwood Series Grills currently come in two sizes The Ironwood 650 and Ironwood 885. As with the Pro 575 and 780 the only difference is grilling space. As with the Pro recommendation, were suggesting you go with the Ironwood 885 so you dont regret the lack of space later.

Traeger Ironwood vs Traeger Pro Series

The Traeger Ironwood series is a newer line than the Traeger Pro line and the Ironwood models offer a couple more features that may or may not be important to you. Heres a video comparison of the Traeger Ironwood 650 and Ironwood 885 vs Traeger Pro 575 and Pro 780

The quick summary is the Traeger Ironwood has all the best features of the Treager Pro AND also includes double side-walled insulation, a free side-shelf, an adjustable lower grill grate, a slightly larger hopper, Traegers Downdraft Exhaust System, and the Tru Convection option.

Traeger threads on Reddit and other forums about the Ironwood vs the Pro are somewhat mixed, however the majority of people who have actually purchased the Traeger Ironwood seem to be really happy with it especially as the Downdraft Exhaust and Tru Convection seem to provide more smoke in the chamber longer for more smoke flavor.

Traeger Ironwood Video

Ironwood 650 vs Ironwood 885 Cooking Capacity

Heres what you can cook on the Traeger Ironwood 650 vs 885 models

Traeger Ironwood 650 & 885 Current Prices

Traeger Pellet Grill Models

There are four models of pellet grills on the market today. Each model has different sub-models that allow you to get the smoker that has the features you want and is the appropriate size for your cooking.

  • Timberline Series: The Timberline is the top-of-the-line model. This line features three-tier cooking surfaces, a fully-insulated cooking area, and a built-in bamboo cutting board shelf. This range includes WiFire app technology, the D2 controller, a pellet sensor in the hopper, the exclusive Traeger downdraft exhaust, and super smoke mode to get the optimal flavor.
  • Ironwood Series: The Ironwood is a two-tier smoker and pellet grill that is ideal the ideal size for most people. It has all of the same features as the Timberline grills.
  • Pro Series: The Pro series hits the sweet spot between a high-tech smoker and a classic cooking tool. These grills feature precision temperature control, WiFire app control, and a built-in probe to check the internal temperature of your meat. This series uses an exhaust stack rather than the downdraft exhaust.
  • Town & Travel Series: These are the smallest grills Traeger makes. The series includes a model designed for tailgating and another that rests on a tabletop. While still requiring electricity, these smokers make off-grid smoking possible.

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How Did Traeger Grills Start

Pellet grills may have remained an anomaly, but the people of the 1970s raved about pellet stoves. These appliances utilized the same fuel source as their outdoor counterparts but to heat the house instead of the food.

That is until a catastrophe in the kitchen struck the Traeger household. After Joe Traegers gas grill came aflame while cooking dinner, he decided to reengineer these machines. It only took one year for Joe Traeger to introduce the genius of pellet stoves to the world of grilling.

The patent Traeger filed after that protected him and his familys newest product for twenty years. However, in 2006, that defense failed as the patent became available to the public.

Every cookware company had eyes on this potential moneymaker. One manufacturer, in particular, had their own idea for innovating on the original idea: Yoder Smokers.

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What Makes Traeger The Best Pellet Grill?

Traeger has been in business since the 1980s, so positive reviews of their products were especially easy to come by. According to a few of their satisfied customers, their pellet grills are durable, effective, and turn out delectable results. In particular, testers claimed that the Renegade Pro was sturdy enough for regular use, despite its diminutive size.

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What Can A Traeger Cook Besides Bbq

If you can think of it, you can pretty much cook it on a Traeger. From burgers, brownies, and brisket, to pizza, pulled pork and pies, theres no limit to what you can create on a Traeger Grill. Our famous 6-in-1 versatility gives you the ability to grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise and BBQ. And with hundreds of free recipes available on the Traeger App, inspiration is just a tap away.

Traeger Ironwood Vs Weber Smokefire Pellet Grill Ranges

Below Ill just be briefly describing the key features of each pellet grill range to compare them. I have detailed articles on the Traeger Ironwood and Weber SmokeFire pellet grill ranges if you want to learn everything about them. First, lets discuss the Traeger Ironwood range, which sits in between the lower specification Traeger Pro Series and the higher specification Traeger Timberline range. Using the latest D2 Direct Drive system and with optional extras from the Pro Series included as standard the Ironwood 650 and 885 are some of the best pellet grills Traeger currently has to offer. The Ironwood grills lack the full stainless steel interior of the Timberline range. However, they do feature twin-wall insulated construction on the sides of the grill to help to avoid issues of cold ambient temperatures affecting the performance of the grills.

The Traeger Ironwood 665 on the left and the Ironwood 885 on the right: Image Traegergrills.comThe Tru Convection vortex of heat and smoke created through the use of the downdraft exhaust on the back of the Traeger Ironwood pellet grills: Image Traegergrills.comThe Weber SmokeFire EX4 on the left and the larger SmokeFire EX6 on the right: Image BBQGuys.comRear mounted pellet hopper on the Weber SmokeFire pellet grills: Image BBQGuys.comThe drop-down pellet burn pot design found on the Weber SmokeFire pellet grill range: Image BBQGuys.com

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Pellet Grills Vs Kamado Grills

Looking at Traeger and Big Green Egg grills will never be an apples to apples comparison. Because both grills were created with a different fuel source in mind, their designs and purposes have more differences than similarities. Lets examine each type of grill more closely, so we can better understand how they might fit into your grilling plans.

I Know How To Stack Charcoal How Do I Cook With Pellets

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This is the super easy part. You fill the hopper with the wood pellets. Thats it. Seriously. Sure there are a few other things to consider, but once the hopper is full, and the grill is powered up, you can start the pre-heating and it will not only manage the starting and temperature control, but the grill will also automatically feed their fuel by way of an auger that runs from the pellet hopper to the combustion chamber.

Once the pellets are deposited in the combustion chamber, a small fan stokes the fire and helps provide a more complete combustion process. This heat is allowed to fill the cook box and is convected with the air currents that the grill creates with the combustion fan. All you need to do is prep the food, put in the temperature probe, and fire up that companion app. Control your heat, monitor your meat, and keep an eye on your fuel level all in one place.

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Why Are Traeger Grills So Expensive Are They Worth It

June 25, 2020 By David

Buying a Traeger grill requires spending a serious amount of money. Traegers price tags shock a lot of people, especially if they have just been checking out the Pit Boss grills at Walmart. So what gives? How come Traegers are so expensive and, more importantly, are they worth it?

Traeger grills are expensive due to the use of advanced technology and the expenses related to Research and Development, Legal and Marketing. While Traeger makes excellent grills there are other companies that make equivalent or better pellet grills which are also less expensive. With a singular exception, Traeger grills are not worth the price given the products from other high quality pellet grill manufacturers.

Lets look at the components that go into the price tag of a Traeger grill in more detail, check out some alternative manufacturers and then look at the only Traeger that is worth the money.

Can Green Mountain Grills Use Any Pellets

Whilst it is possible to interchange the pellets that are used inside your Green Mountain Grill, the brand recommends sticking with the GMG pellets and there are many reasons for this.

First of all their pellets retail at an affordable price and provide a great value option for those who are just getting started with their grill. GMG hardwood pellets also deliver a great taste and they are going to enhance the flavors of the food that you are cooking inside your grill.

Aside from this, their high BTU rating means that they will burn for a prolonged period, so you neednt worry about them losing their heat quickly. If this wasnt impressive enough, they are also super versatile and produce minimal ash so you wont find yourself cleaning up a lot of mess after cooking.

Should you decide to use another brand of pellets, you must make sure that they are of a food-grade standard and high quality.

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Are There Other Grills That Do The Same Thing As Traeger Grills

A Traeger is essentially a pellet grill. While Traeger has become synonymous with this style of cooking, there are many other pellet grills on the market, many of which come in at a lower price point.

If youre interested in the convenience of a pellet grill for its convenience and smoking capabilities but arent sure about investing $800 or more dollars into it, here are some great alternatives that might work for you.

Traeger Vs Big Green Egg: Which Is Better For Grilling Meat

Traeger Wood Pellet Grill Alternative Makes a Better Bacon Wrapped Scallop – Rec Tec Grills

We threw a slice of venison on the two fanciest grills around to find out which cooks best

Both propane and charcoal briquets pollute the taste of your meat. Thats why serious barbecuers use either pellets made from select hardwoods or natural lump charcoal, containing only hardwood. Those two approaches are epitomized by Traeger and Big Green Egg, respectively. But, is one better than the other? The answer surprised us.

The Traeger is a wood pellet grill. In it, pellets are drawn from a side-mounted hopper into a central burn chamber by an auger, then ignited by a hot metal rod. Those mechanisms run on electricity, so youve got to plug it in. It offers precise, digital temperature control integrated with meat thermometers. To operate it, all you have to do is fill the hopper with pellets, turn it on, and dial in whatever temperature you wantanything from smoke to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Comparing Brands Of Grills

Whenever people have a purchase to make, theyre likely to stick with what they know. Change can terrify customers while familiarity comforts them. Traeger capitalized on this thought process to build a company everyone can trust.

Over thirty years of success have made Traeger a household name among grilling enthusiasts. With roughly 2.2 million grills sold in the last five years alone, the company could outdo any competitor.

Louisiana Grills may lack the national reputation, but it refuses to surrender. Whereas Traeger provides premium services for a pretty penny, Louisiana Grills offers diverse appliances for all price ranges.

That begs the question: can subsequent innovation supersede the original creation?

To answer that, well need representatives from both companies. Well be utilizing Traeger Grills Pro Series 22 and Louisiana Grills LG700 models to compare. These models serve the same function and fit the same price range, making them perfect parallels.

Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett

If youre more of a casual smoker who likes to barbecue while still being able to socialize at a party, the Green Mountain Davy Crockett model might be for you. Clocking in at just $299, this pellet grill boasts similar functionality without the solid body and all the bells and whistles.

This grill comes with a meat probe and peaked lid, like many of the Traeger models, as well as an option to monitor the grill via WiFi on your phone. In fact, the temperature reads out in five degree increments, which is one of the most precise WiFi temperature grill monitoring devices on the market.

However, the grill capacity isnt nearly as great as a classic Traeger, and the craftsmanship is not as high quality, either. However, if youre only using a pellet grill a few times a year, this model may do just the trick.

Plus, the Davy Crockett easily folds up so you can take it anywhere . But, on the flip side, these foldable legs probably wont last as long as solid ones.

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Cookshack Pg1000 Fast Eddy’s Pellet Grill

According to Lampe, this stainless steel grill is a cooking machine with double walled construction and insulation for heat retention as well as a quality searing burner and smoking performance. It also has the ability to cook over direct or indirect heat at up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit and a two-year limited warranty. Theres even a warming drawer to hold a pan of food while you keep cooking, he said. Fast Eddy is a long-time championship barbecue cook and pit builder so its no surprise that his grills are at the top of their class.

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