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Easy Appetizer Grill Recipes

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Whether youre making dinner for two or hosting a backyard cookout, these easy grilling ideas are guaranteed to get your meal off to a fun start.

Grilled Ratatouille TartinesI love a bowl of classic ratatouille as much as the next person, but when its too beautiful to hole up in the kitchen, I make these grilled ratatouille tartines instead. I toss lightly charred eggplant, zucchini, peppers, and tomatoes with a zingy dressing and fresh herbs. Then, I pile them onto crusty bread with a big slather of goat cheese or hummus. Serve them as an appetizer, or enjoy them as a meal on their own.

Grilled Leeks with Mint Pesto, page 179 of The Love & Lemons CookbookIf you ask me, we should all be grilling alliums like onions, scallions, and leeks more often. The grill infuses them with smoky flavor, but it also highlights their natural sweetness. I love pairing them with mint pesto in the springtime, but theyre also delicious with basil pesto or romesco sauce.

Best Internal Temperatures For Grilling Meat

As you start making your way through these fun grill recipes, remember: Cooking meat always requires you to be adamant about temperatures. Your meat should be cooked within certain temperature ranges for safety reasons, but grill temperatures can also vary for the sake of flavor and how you prefer your meat to be cooked.

Heres a simple outline of grill temperatures for various types of meat. Note that these are internal temperatures of the meat and should be read with a meat thermometer.

Fajitas In A Grill Basket

Love fajitas, but don’t want to deal with multiple skillets and a smoky kitchen? Take it outside! These grill basket fajitas keep all the ingredients separate so everyone can have their favorite combinations without creating extra mess plus the grill add a yummy char to everything.

Get the Recipe: Fajitas in a Grill Basket

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Grilled Corn For Days

  • Our take on a classic grilled Mexican street corn recipe relies on easy-to-find ingredients to create the creamy, slightly spicy, smoky corn on the cob that we crave when we think of authentic Mexican elote.
  • Serving elote for a crowd? Make it a salad instead! This Mexican street corn salad with chipotle crema is always a hit.
  • Do you prefer your grilled corn with maple Bourbon butter or slathered with blue cheese butter and chives? How about all of the above? We present: grilled corn, four ways.

*** Christmas Recipes ***

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Italian sausage and a heap of Parmesan cheese lend signature flair to the easy Thanksgiving dressing

A classic dry martini cocktail made with gin and vermouth and stirred with ice.

Its all about the layers and ruffles in this dramatic seasonal pie.

As with hot chocolate, use any milky liquid you prefer, whether its from a cow, nuts ,

This is the dramatic seafood paella that looks stunning, with crustaceans and shellfish. You can vary

Alton Browns turkey brine recipe from Good Eats will give you a flavorful Thanksgiving turkey with juicy

Bone-in turkey breasts are easy to find, and as impressive as a whole bird when you roast them in butter

Make and share this Basic All Purpose Brine for Meats, Chicken, and Turkey recipe from Food.com.

Cutting leeks into large pieces gives them a presence equal

Poach quince in rosé with a dash of cocktail bitters and a few warm spices, then assemble into a tart

It takes a day or two for the peel to dry, so plan ahead perfect Candied Orange Peels

The killer combination of coconut, almonds, and milk chocolate makes for a delectable candy bar. One

A whole roasted duck doesnt have to be fussy. With just a few hours roasting and hardly any work at

This recipe is from Eben Freeman, bartender of Tailor Restaurant in New York City. The drink tastes best

When Beatrice Ojakangas published *The Great Scandinavian Baking Book* in 1988, she won a lot of fans-including

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Cheese And Ham Filled Pockets

Hot pockets are a popular frozen snack item, but you must try this homemade version!

After tasting this easy-to-make, easy-to-eat ham and cheese pockets dish, youll never want to eat microwave supper again.

Youll have a great dinner in minutes and even quicker, these pockets use bread instead of dough.

If youre in the mood for comfort cuisine, serve up a big bowl of delicious pork posole tonight. It may be difficult to say, but it is simple to eat.

In this spicy meal, the fall-apart pork takes the spotlight. Take a look!

This glazed pork chop dish will take your nightly pork chops to the next level! This sweetened pork is coated in a candy-like covering and has a flavorful core.

Brown sugar turns standard chops into restaurant-quality slices of meat.

Recipe Roulette: What Should I Grill Tonight

You and the grill have become best friends. The relationship has been working out perfectly so far you provide the meat or food to prepare, you supply your grill with a source of heat, and the grill does the rest of the work. Sometimes there may be days when youre not sure what to make and your grill, unfortunately, cant give you any suggestions.

Thats when its time to play our roulette game, which is loaded with great recipes to help keep your relationship with your grill intact. All you need to do is hit pause at any point and the roulette will choose for you. The corresponding recipe is listed below.

Were making grilling ideas easy for you one click at a time.

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Grilled Chicken And Pineapple Skewers

Chicken and pineapple pair up in these bright, colorful skewers.

Dont you just love the combo of sweet and savory? I cant get enough of it, which is why Im head over heels in love with these skewers.

Pair that with sweet and juicy pineapple chunks, and youll have a winner! These are so tasty, you wont even realize theyre healthy.

Sweet, plump, and savory, shrimp is a gift from the sea. You wont want this treasure to go to waste, so make sure you cook it right. Give it the best treatment by using this recipe.

It doesnt take long to cook this dish. Just 20 minutes, and its ready to serve. So, if youre looking for a quick and easy glorious meal, this is the one for you.

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What Should I Grill Today

Welcome Summer Supper – Lamb & Vegetable Kebabs & more! ~ Dinner Party Tonight!

The 100 Best Grilling Recipes For A Delish Summer of 100. Sticky Grilled Chicken. This sauce is amazing. of 100. Grilled Cabbage Steaks of 100. Grilled Potatoes. of 100. Grilled Chicken Wings. of 100. California Grilled Chicken. of 100. Grilled Corn. of 100. Honey Soy Grilled Pork Chops. of 100. Grilled Asparagus.

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Grilling Tools & Equipment

You want to be prepared for all that grilling youre going to be doing this summer. Here are some of the basic tools and appliances youre going to be using for these recipes .

These are my top tips for any grilling you do:

  • Make sure your grill is on a solid surface, away from flammable things.
  • Flip meat as little as possible to keep it tender. Cook both sides, but dont flip too many times! Ideally youll only need to flip once to fully cook.
  • Longer cook time = lower temperature to avoid drying out the meat.
  • Use aluminum foil to wrap vegetables, fish, and other items together to make fun foil packet recipes .
  • Always clean your grill after cooking! This keeps it in tip-top shape and prepares it for the next time you use it.
  • Use an instant read meat thermometer to check internal temperatures when grilling meat. Its the best way to make sure your food is fully cooked.

Keep reading for more tips and answers to your most asked grilling questions, and then Ill share my best grill recipes.

Best Grills To Buy For Summer Bbqs

Obviously summer grilling starts with a grill. There are a lot of different types of grills to choose from, including gas grills, electric grills, charcoal grills, wood-fired grills, and you can get large grills or small grills. What works best for you will vary based on your needs and preferences. Here are a few favorite options to choose from.

We have 3 grills and I love them all for different reasons!

  • We have a Big Green Egg
  • and a traditional Gas Grill

Im adamant that I need them ALL for different occasions.

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Grill Fruit For A Delicious Dessert

Grilling intensifies the sweetness of strawberries, peaches, pineapples, bananas, apples, pears, and other fruit. Cut fruit into pieces and spear them on skewers. Or wrap the pieces in foil. The trick is to cook with indirect heat. Turn down the gas or place the fruit on the edges of the grate. Cook the fruit only for a few minutes. Grill on low heat until it is hot and slightly golden.

Healthy Grilled Seafood Recipes

[Homemade] Grilled Chicken for tonight

The grill isnt just for chicken and meat.. seafood is great grilled too! Here are some of our favorite seafood recipes to grill.

Asian Salmon is super quick and easy to make. We love to grill it or even bake it in the oven for a quick meal.

Chili Lime Shrimp are SO easy. They only take about 15 minutes start to finish. Great for tacos, salads or as an appetizer.

Citrus Marinated Shrimp Skewers have such a nice light, bright marinade on them!

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Vegetarian Fajitas On The Grill

Grilling transforms humble vegetables into something brilliant. And this is the case with these grilled veggie fajitas! Bell peppers, portobello mushrooms, and onions transform into the most delicious meld of savory flavors you could fit into a taco! Alongside them, grill up a packet of black beans. Its one of our favorite crowd pleasing grilled dinner ideas.

Healthy Grilled Shrimp Fajita Foil Pack

The only thing you’ll miss in these lightened up shrimp fajitas is that iconic restaurant sizzle sound. Serve them family style and let your guests choose their own toppers. We’ve provided the classics-cilantro, salsa and avocado-but go ahead and make up your own.

Get the Recipe: Healthy Grilled Shrimp Fajita Foil Pack

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For Perfectly Cooked Foods Use A Thermometer

Even the most expert griller cant tell when food is done just by looking at it or even cutting into it. A meat thermometer gives the best reading, so you wont be stuck with dried out, overcooked meats. You can take foods off the grill when they reach these internal temperatures:

  • Poultry 165°

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Grilled Chicken Wings With Spicy Chipotle Hot Sauce And Blue Cheese

Grilled Shrimp ð?¤ and baked potato ð¥ for dinner tonight! ð

Bobby whips up a smoky chipotle sauce for his grilled chicken wings using Dijon mustard, chipotle puree and ancho chile powder. The cool blue cheese-yogurt dip is perfect for cutting the intense smokiness.

Get the Recipe: Grilled Chicken Wings with Spicy Chipotle Hot Sauce and Blue Cheese-Yogurt Dipping Sauce

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Grilled Sausage And Pepper Heroes

This hearty sandwich comes together quickly on a small portable grill, making it perfect for a tailgate or picnic. Make the balsamic vinaigrette at home and take it along in a small jar. You can purchase the Italian sausage ring at an Italian butcher. If you cant get the cheese and parsley flavor, use any flavor you like. If youd like to make this on a full-size grill, you can cook everything at once and remove the ingredients as they finish cooking.

Get the Recipe: Grilled Sausage and Pepper Heroes

Mongolian Grilled Lamb Chops

Mongolian grilled lamb chops, oh, how I love thee.

Coated in a sweet and smoky Mongolian sauce, these lamb chops are in a league of their own.

Grilled to perfection and finished off with a red pepper sauce and cilantro, they truly deserve a standing ovation.

Mongolian barbecue may sound complex, but its actually just a marinade of soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, honey, black bean paste, red chili paste, ginger, and sesame oil.

These ingredients together create a lovely, unique Asian flavor.

Its already delicious as is, but the roasted red bell pepper topping takes it one step further.

Hungry and have no time to marinate meat for hours? I hear ya, and I have just the solution.

Believe it or not, these grilled pork chops are delicious and are done in just 15 minutes.

When grilled to perfection, these pork chops are incredibly tender and juicy. And the flavor? Seasoned with a blend of salt, parsley, basil, onion, and garlic powder, theyre outstanding.

Pair these chops with mashed potatoes and roasted veggies, and youll have a hearty, irresistible meal.

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What Is The Most Popular Food To Grill

Top 10 foods for grilling Shrimp A tasty variety of grilled seafood, but cooks should make sure shrimp are big enough so as to not fall through the cooking grid. Bratwurst We acknowledge that hot dogs can be boring at times. Shish-ka-bobs Shish-ka-bobs have the most options. Corn on the cob No, its not all about meat.

Grilled Hoisin Beef Kebab

The Best Mouth

Turn a sirloin steak into skewers with veggies and a delicious punchy hoisin sauce. This one was inspired by Japanese grill masters, but you’ll realize the language of good flavors speaks to us all.

Get our recipe for Grilled Hoisin Beef Kebab.

Throwing a backyard feast? Time to impress your family with your pitmaster skills. Lamb chops are actually pretty simple to grill and don’t require a lot of time. Rub them with a spice mixture and serve with a spicy yogurt sauce and grilled summer veggies like zucchini and squash.

Get this recipe from Feasting at Home.

You can have your pizza and grill it too! You’ll grill the dough first, then flip it and add all your toppings while it gets crispy on the bottom. Don’t forget to cover your grill with a lid to allow for the cheese to melt.

Get this recipe from Ambitious Kitchen.

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Seafood Is A Grills Best Friend

Are Smoker Grills Healthy

PAHs are carcinogenic substances formed when fat and juices from meats drip onto a fire, causing flames that coat the food above with PAHs. PAHs can also be formed in smoke from charcoal or wood pellets, scientists say. Scientists say there is no good evidence pellet grilling is healthier than other grilling methods.

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Cutting Cancer Risks From Hcas

Some ways of grilling meat can give rise to HCAs, which are believed to cause cancer. HCAs tend to form the longer meat cooks on the grill and when it gets charred or exposed to smoke from fat dripping on the coals. Grilling seafood, vegetables, or fruits doesn’t create substantial HCAs. For healthier meat and poultry grilling:

  • Cook small, lean pieces of meat, which take less time on the grill and produce less smoke from dripping fat.
  • If you use a charcoal grill, center the food on the grate but push the coals to one side.
  • Remove visible fat to prevent flare-ups.

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Easy Grilled Lentil Veggie Burgers

These veggie burgers are my staple vegetarian option for summer cookouts.

Theyre so easy to make: just whirl everything in the food processor! Plus, theyre so much tastier than store-bought veggie burgers.

If youre worried about them crumbling on the grill, just place a sheet of foil down on the grill grates before adding the burgers to keep everything together.

Foil packets make grilling smaller things much easier. Talk about easy clean-up!

Simply toss all the ingredients in a foil packet, throw on the grill, and enjoy.

How Do You Bbq On A Budget

For even more inspiration to get those savings up, here are some additional BBQ ideas that cost less. Dont splurge on fancy meats. Use cheaper veggies and sides to supplement the food. Speaking of those sides, make them homemade. Ask guests to contribute. Turn off the grill as soon as the foods done.

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