Where Can I Buy Cedar Planks For Grilling

Mix Up Your Outdoor Cooking Game By Grilling On Wood Planks

How to cook on Cedar Grilling Planks

Grilling on wood planks is a fun and easy way to add some variety to your grill game. It prevents delicate foods from falling apart on the grill, adds some great flavor to a variety of different seafood, meats, and vegetables, and makes for super easy cleanup.

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Less Breakage And Loss

Fragile foods like fish that can often break while flipping on a grill will be less likely to break on a plank.

Small and thin foods, like shrimp and asparagus, have a tendency to fall through the grill and be lost. While sitting on a plank that wont happen. Just be careful if the plank starts to bow as you might have to move the food around to prevent loss.

Can I Use Cedar From Home Depot For Grilling

Grilling Tip: Buy Cedar Planks at the Hardware Store! The hardware lumber is thicker than the cedar planks made specifically for culinary use, so they take longer to fully char. You can use them more than once. One important note: You need to soak the wood for a few hours before you put it on the grill.

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What To Look For In A Cedar Grilling Plank

Not all cedar planks are made to the same high standard. Since they will be in direct contact with food, you need to know what to look for when you buy them.Some things to keep in mind when looking for a cedar grilling plank include:

  • Ensure your planks are kiln-dried.
  • ALWAYS check the dimensions of the plank you intend to buy. You want to ensure what intent to cook will fit on it.
  • Dont use chemically preserved cedar grilling planks.

You can make your cedar plank yourself!Buy high-quality untreated cedar board from a lumber store. Make sure you ask for an untreated board that is also kiln-dried. Then have it cut to size.

Grilled Salmon On A Cedar Plank

30 Pack Bbq Wood Cedar Grilling Planks

Grilled salmon on a cedar plank is simple and delicious

Perfect when paired with a crisp chilled French Rose!

Grilling salmon on a cedar plank is one of the easiest ways to infuse a soft smoky flavor. Salmon stays tender on the inside, because you are cooking it over indirect heat, but has a lovely roasted flavor on the outside.

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How Do You Use A Cedar Plank

You first need to soak your cedar plank for a minimum of thirty minutes. Sixty minutes is better. Make sure the plank is completely submerged so it gets a good soak. Most people soak their planks in a bucket near the grill.

Many people add seasoning ingredients to the water they are soaking the planks in. You can add apple juice, white wine, salt or citrus juices like orange or lime.

Preheat your grill without the plank on it. If you preheat with the plank on it will dry out and catch fire much easier.

If its your first time using this plank you need to season it. Put it on a hot grill for 2 minutes flipping it once halfway through. This seasoning prevents the plank from warping and intensifies its flavors.

You can place your foods directly on the plank or you can place seasoning herbs on the plank then your food. The herbs will wilt with the heat and release their oils into the food. Thyme and rosemary are popular herbs to grill with.

Using a cedar planks means that you wont get those lovely grill marks that we are used to seeing on our grilled foods. I like to start my meats directly on the grill to get those grill marks. I then transfer them to the plank when they are about one third cooked. Best of both worlds.

Hot TipKeep a spray bottle by your grill whenever grilling with planks. Youll want a quick way to put out any flareups.

Nature Carrier Cedar Grilling Planks

Nature Carriers cedar planks pack a powerful aroma. Theyre made from Chinese cedar which is said to have a sweeter and stronger cedar scent than other woods. The pack includes 12 planks, which measure 6 inches wide, 12 inches long and 4/10 inches thick and can hold up to lengthy grilling. Each plank has been well polished to prevent splinters and cracking. Theyve also been dried for better absorption. As with all of the planks on this list, youll need to soak overnight before using to prevent any burning.


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Choosing Cedar Planks For Grilling

There are so many grilling products on the market these days, it sometimes feels overwhelming to decide on what best suits your needs.

Buying a culinary grilling plank from a specialty cooking store will cost you more than buying a high-quality cedar board at a lumberyard.

You just need to make sure that whatever board you buy is UNTREATED.

If you decide to purchase cedar planks from the store, be sure to choose only food-grade wooden planks. These wooden planks are not treated with any chemicals and are sanded down for a smooth surface.

It is okay if the wood of your cedar plank is smooth or textured. But it is important to try and find cedar planks that dont come with too many knots. Youll only need a few knots for the grease and oil to settle.

Another important factor to consider is that cedar planks for the grill should be at least ½ inch thick.

Youll be able to reuse them more easily if they are thicker.

We recommend that you select a plank that is large enough to suit your cooking needs. A typical plank comes in a rectangular shape and is about 13 x 7 inches in size.

Consider the types of foods you maybe cooking on it and how much space you will need.

Also consider how MAY planks you will want on hand. It is best to segregate different boards for different meats. Separate boards for seafood and shellfish from chicken so you dont cross contaminate your flavors from use to use.

No one wants salmon flavored chicken breasts.

Where Can I Buy Cedar Planks For Cooking

How To Cook With Cedar Planks

4.4/5grilling planksstoresstoresstoresGrilling planks

The hardware lumber is thicker than the cedar planks made specifically for culinary use, so they take longer to fully char. You can use them more than once. One important note: You need to soak the wood for a few hours before you put it on the grill.

Likewise, what kind of cedar do you use for planks? Cedar. Cedar is one of the most commonly used types of wood for planking. It imparts a gentler flavor, which is why it is usually paired with poultry or seafood. Many experienced grill-masters swear by cedar grill planksas the best choice for fish.

Correspondingly, can you reuse a cedar plank for cooking?

Yes, but we don’t recommend it. Technically, if the grilling plank is still in good shape after the initial use it may be reused. Keep in mind that it will take on the flavor of whatever you grilled on it, and some of the essential oils from the wood will be used up from the first round of grilling.

How long can you use cedar planks?

Technically, a grilling plank can be used multiple times but you‘ll only get the fresh wood flavor on the first use, so we don’t recommend it as it defeats the whole purpose of cooking with planks. Also, if you are able to use a grilling plank more than once, you are doing it wrong.

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Pack Cedar Grilling Planks

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    • PERFECT SIZE – for Family Meals: At 5×11″, each plank will fit 2 to 4 servings.
    • MADE IN THE USA – These planks are sourced, manufactured and packaged in the USA. Our manufacturing site is a Certified Food Grade Facility using no additives or chemicals! We only want the best for our customers, in both food quality and safety!

    Can You Reuse Cedar Planks After Grilling

    A lot of people use cedar planks when grilling. Its an easy way to get a nice smokey flavor on fish or chicken. Many people wonder though if you can reuse cedar planks after grilling.

    The answer is yes you can reuse cedar planks after grilling. In fact, the second or third use can even give you a slightly stronger flavor. Be sure to scrub the top of the cedar plank clean and soak it before each use. You can usually get about 2 or 3 uses out of each cedar plank before the bottom gets too burnt to reuse.

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    How To Cook Salmon On A Cedar Plank

    This Thai sweet chili salmon on cedar plank is super simple and requires only four steps!

    • Soak the cedar planks: Soak them for at least one hour. I usually do this in my kitchen sink using a few inches of cold water and a couple of heavy glasses to weigh them down.
    • Prepare the Thai sweet chili glaze: Simply follow this sweet chili sauce Its super simple to make by combining all the ingredients in a small pot and simmering for 10 minutes. If your grill has a side burner, you can cook the entire dish outside.
    • Begin grilling the salmon: Preheat the grill to medium-high heat . Then place the salmon fillet on the cedar plank and brush with about ¼ cup of the Thai sweet chili and grill, covered, for around 10 minutes.
    • Glaze the salmon: With the remaining sauce , then cover and grill for a further 10 minutes or until cooked to your preferred level.

    Tips For Grilling With Cedar Planks

    Grilled Cedar Plank Mahi

    Using cedar planks following these tips not only enables you to add a unique flavor to your food but will also help with the presentation of the food.

    • If you plan to use the cedar planks for grilling, soak them for around one to twelve hours before grilling your food on them, depending on size and thickness. This will prevent the wood from burning and will also keep your food moist. Make sure that the planks are completely immersed. You can fill a couple of inches of your sink with warm water and submerge the planks by placing something heavy on top. This will prevent the cedar planks from floating to the surface.
    • You can use salted water to soak your planks. If you wish to add an extra dimension of flavor, consider using fruit juice, beer, apple cider, or cooking wine instead.
    • Brush the plank as well as the food that you are planning to grill with oil this will prevent the food from sticking to the planks.
    • To enhance the flavor and avoid warping, cure your new cedar planks by placing them on the grill and heating them for two minutes on each side. Be sure to close the lid when you do this.
    • Place the cedar planks over the direct heat of your lit coals if you are using a charcoal grill. For a gas grill, first, preheat the grill on high, clean your grates well, and then bring the heat down to medium once you start cooking.

    Following these tips will make grilling with cedar planks a breeze and add to your ever expanding arsenal of grilling methods.

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    Storing Your Reusable Cedar Plank

    If you a reusable planks you need to store it correctly. See the following steps for the cleaning and storage of your plank.

    • After usage, remove the plank and wait to until it cools and wash it thoroughly.
    • Hang to dry and place in a cool, dry place for storage.
    • Re-soak whenever youre ready to reuse.

    Still Hungry For More?

    How To Clean Cedar Planks After Use

    If you intend to use the wood plank again youll need to clean it before putting it away.

    If your plank is totally charred on the bottom you should probably just throw it away and start with a fresh one the next time. Charred wood takes longer to smoke and storing it can get messy. You can avoid charring by not putting the plank directly over the coals or burner. This will slow your cooking down and also mean less smoke flavor however.

    If the bottom is not totally charred you can wash the plank in the kitchen sink or garage wash basin. Just use warm water and a plastic scrub brush to remove all traces of food.

    Ive seen people recommend using soap to clean planks. I would not do this as the soap can get into the fibers of the wood and dry out the natural oils. Its possible it will also leave some residue and youll taste it the next time you use that plank.

    If the plank is questionable as to whether its clean or not when you are done just pitch it and start a new plank next time. Its not worth the savings to risk getting sick.

    One tip I read someplace said to always cook the same kind of meat on a plank after youve used it. So if you cooked fish on a plank the next time you use that plank cook fish. This makes sense as some of the fishes oils might have gotten into the plank and a fishy steak is not a desired goal.

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    Additional Cedar Grill Plank Information

    Salmon Cedar Planks Our Cedar Grilling Planks are perfect for salmon or any other fish you may want to grill. First, you will need to decide how you will prepare and serve your salmon. If you are going to grill single servings, we have a wide variety of cedar planks to choose from. If you plan on cooking full salmon fillets, our bulk salmon cedar planks are the way to go! All organic, raw wood, at a fraction of the price of other retailers.

    What other foods are cedar grilling planks Used For?Cedar grill planks can be used for a very wide variety of foods. To meats such as chicken, beef, fish, pork and wild game to non-meats such as mushrooms, peppers, onions, squash, zucchini and potatoes. Honestly, the sky is the limit when it comes to cooking with cedar planks.

    What size cedar plank do I need?Simply put, this all depends on the size of food you are preparing. Choose a size that will be big enough so that no food will be hanging over the sides of the plank. If you do happen to purchase smaller sized planks, and later wish to cook a larger piece of food, you can always place two planks side by side.

    Whats so special about our cedar planks and why should you order from us?Here at Wildwood Grilling, we strive for 3 things.

    All of our products are sourced and made in the USA. They are manufactured in a Certified, Food Grade Facility and we will never use any additives or chemicals!

    What Is A Cedar Plank

    Cedar Plank Grilled Parmesan Herbed Potatoes | Wood Plank Grilling | Cooking Outdoors

    Cedar planks are untreated pieces of western red cedar. They are normally about fifteen inches long, six inches wide and a little over half an inch thick. They usually come in a pack of 2-5 planks. When used properly cedar wood gives a great smoky flavor to fish, chicken, vegetables and other meats.

    This article is about cedar planks but there are several other types of wood that are also used as grilling planks. Hickory, Alder and Maple are other common types of planks used in the grill. All are used the same way but each has its own distinct flavor. Cedar gives that deep hearty smokey flavor and is most used with fish. Alder, on the other hand, is a lighter and sweeter smoke.

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    How To Cook Salmon On A Cedar Plank:

    This cooking method is so simple. Just follow these important steps:

    • Soak the plank for at least 30-minutes and up to 2 hours
    • Pat the plank dry
    • Season the fish with olive oil and place skin side down on the plank
    • Season the top of the fish with your seasoning of choice. We use our own homemade Potlatch Seasoning.
    • Grill for about 20 minutes for a large piece of salmonand 12-15 for a smaller fillet

    Place salmon skin side down on plank and season

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