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Best Cast Iron Hibachi Grills Of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Cajun Classic Cast Iron Hibachi Grill Review

Hibachi is originally a Japanese word that refers to a traditional heating device.

However, in the US, hibachi grills are small, portable cooking devices that are used to prepare hamburgers, sausages, steaks, etc. in small amounts and in this case, they have cast-iron grates.

These grills are also ideal for cooking smoke-flavored meat because they are powered using charcoal. That said, if you want to buy one, below are the best cast-iron hibachi grills that you should consider buying.

Where Can You Buy A Hibachi Grill For Home

You can buy a Japanese hibachi grill for home in the appliance section of most home-improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowes. However, those arent the only places to find the best hibachi grills for home as they dont always offer the best price points. Youll want to look online for more affordable options that will still suit your needs. There are many different styles of hibachi grills, so purchasing one that fits your lifestyle is important.

Marsh Allen 30052amz Cast Iron Hibachi Grill With 2 Grates

  • Cooking Surface: 157 square inches
  • Dimensions: 18 x 10 x 3.4 inches
  • Weight: 18.7 pounds

The ends of the two grids are curved upwards to keep your food locked in, and have heat-resistant wood handles for comfortable use.

That said, these handles come in very handy when adjusting the grid height, in which there are 3 positions that can be easily set by pushing the grate into the slotted bars on the front side.

You also get 2 adjustable air vents for controlling the rate of charcoal burn, which regulates the produced heat, 4 legs for stability and 2 heat-resistant wood covered handles on the sides for easy transportation. However, the 2 grids are not pre-seasoned.


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Best Overall Lodge Cast Iron Sportsmans Grill

Where to buy a hibachi grill online in New Zealand ...

The Lodge Sportsman is a classic hibachi charcoal grill with a simple and virtually indestructible design.

Its almost entirely made of cast iron. Although this makes it a bit heavy for a portable grill, the material benefits outweigh the inconvenience.

It also features several temperature adjustment methods to allow for excellent cooking control. After some trial and error, you should find the perfect charcoal amount/height/oxygen level combination for any cooking you want to do.

At 10.25 x 8.25 x 19, it has a large enough grilling area to let you prepare food for a small family if done in controlled batches.

You should be able to fit three steaks at once or two steaks and some vegetables.

At the same time, its not large enough to give you trouble when its time to store the grill in the home or garage.

What We Like:

What We Dont Like:

  • Cheap Handle Theres only a single wire handle that goes across the top of the Lodge Cast Iron Sportsmans Grill.

The handle is a bit flimsy and likely to break with too much stress. Thats a shame since its quite heavy and cast-iron retains heat for a long time. After grilling, youll have to let the grill cool down somewhat before you can move it safely.

This is a great choice if you want a charcoal grill thats portable but not so cheap and lightweight that it will fall apart after a few uses.

The grill has been pre-seasoned, but being made out of cast iron, it will require some care and attention to maintain.

What We Like:

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What Are The Best Hibachi Grills For Home

All hibachi grills have their quirks and downsides, but thats true of everything, isnt it? Scroll down to see our reviews of the best hibachi grills for home you can buy on Amazon.

We write about products we think our readers will like. If you buy them, we get a small share of the revenue from the supplier.

This Is The Dish You Made On The Hibachi Grill

The most common food cooked on the hibachi grill is meat, including beef, shrimp, fish, quail and various vegetables. The key is how long you have to cook the food , and how to season it with more than just basic salt and pepper to amplify the flavor.

If you are fighting for ideas and want to do something different, here are some recipes you can use to enhance the taste of your meals, even if they don’t explicitly mention cooking on the hibachi grill.

Tadashis Grilled Tomatoes

This recipe from Hibachi uses ripe tomatoes, roasted and pickled with soybeans, with a rich umami flavor. Mitesa is a Japanese relative of parsley and adds a mild freshness to the dishes.

Hibachi-Style Steak

This dish starts with Mujinhui on the grill to enhance the flavor of the steak and is finished in delicious soy sauce. This is a good choice for dinner.

Balsamic, Honey Grilled Cabbage Steak

This is a winner from a Hibachi dish that can be eaten with your meat. The cabbage is brushed with sweet fragrance and honey glaze. Although it is mentioned in the recipe to be baked in the oven, the hibachi grill is great for it to burn.

Japanese grilled chicken meatballs

This is another Hibachi recipe you will love. The chicken and ginger meatballs are seasoned with sweetness and saltiness.

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Cajun Classic Gl10447 Largest Cast Iron Hibachi Grill

  • Cooking Surface: 177 square inches
  • Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 42 pounds

Rounding up the list is Cajun Classics Gl10447 and though very costly, this grill is very large, having a 15-inch diameter or 177 square inch cooking area, which can cook up to nine 4-inch burgers at once.

Additionally, the units grate is pre-seasoned, which means more flavor and less stickiness, and this part is adjustable height-wise by flipping it over.

Other features include 3 legs for stability and a metal handle for easy transportation. However, the grill is very heavy , which makes it a bit difficult to carry.


Charcoal Grill Shopping Guide

Restaurant Red Alert: Hibachi Grill Buffet

Italian-made from stainless steel, this shiny box on legs solves smoky kebab problems as firebox holes allow airflow to help ignite dripping fat. The large cooking area is good for feeding a family.

Jumbuck Mini Spit Rondo Roaster, $84.95

It looks like a half a small drum on legs and comes with its own electric rotisserie. Not as portable as the others, but it does have its own knockabout online community. With more than 3000 square centimetres of cooking area, the Jumbuck will feed a crowd.

It’s small, it’s black and it folds flat into something about the size of a shopping bag. It also has a decent grill size at 1350 square centimetres and is relatively cheap.

Cooking with charcoal

Charcoal is wood that has been heated to drive off moisture and compounds that would adversely flavour food. It does not have its own smell when burned. The light, smoky aromas that characterise food cooked over charcoal come from cooking juices and dripping fat. When meat juices hit charcoal, they vaporise and ignite and smoke flows around the food.

“Don’t overload the grill,” says Nick Angelucci from BBQAroma in Leichhardt, Sydney. “You do not want lots of white smoke coming off the charcoal. This is unburned vaporised fat that will form a bitter, sooty layer on your food. You want to burn the charcoal with a slightly blue, faint smoke.”

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What Is A Hibachi Grill

Hibachi grills are small and portable, traditionally charcoal, grills. Theyre simple and effective. They only need to hold hot coals in their bowl to do the job, rather than rely on electrical igniters and other advanced parts.

The style of grill originates from Japan where the term hibachi translates as fire bowl.

Today people use hibachi grills to prepare all kinds of different foods with a charcoal taste.

Sometimes hibachi grills are used in place of regular charcoal grills when size is at a premium.

You may also see the term Hibachi used to describe a flat iron hot plate used in teppanyaki restaurants, although this isnt technically correct.

The traditional Japanese cooking style on a hibachi grill forgoes any lid. This is why most hibachi grills you can find for purchase wont come with one.

Some hibachi grills have enough space for you to make a two-level fire. With this type of fire, you can set different temperatures on either side of the grilling surface.

Since the food on the grill will be close to an open flame, most Hibachi grills are used for the preparation of small food items or strips of meat. For fire and heat control, many hibachi grills will have vents located on the bottom of their chassis to let you adjust the strength of your flames.

Others may have different height settings for the grates that you can choose between.

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Home Hibachi Grills And Beyond: The Value Of Gather Grills

With other grills capable of delivering a hibachi restaurant experience at home, you may end up paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars just for the flat cooktop alone. While it may perform the way you want it to, it can only give you that single function for the monetary investment. It makes much better sense to invest in something that can be griddle, grill, smoker, firepit and table. Instead of buying multiple devices, you can have them all rolled into one.

Gather Grills are large enough to cook for your usual crowd, from as small as 4 to 6 for small family gatherings on the portable 28 version, on up to 20 or 30 guests at a time for your really big celebrations on the 45 model. One of the best parts is that the griddle cook surface is not an additional add-on expense with Gather Grills. It is part of the package, offering the ultimate flexible outdoor cooking experience.

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Fox Outfitters Best Hibachi Grills

The Quick Grill Original hibachi grill is a cute folding medium-sized grilling set. The whole unit is made from high-quality premium stainless steel which allows it to resist rust while making it easy to clean.

You can use this hibachi grill with either coals or wood for perfect grilling. The cooking grill measures 12 inches by 12 inches making it an ideal hibachi grill for tight spaces.

Additionally, the whole unit weighs 4.5 pounds. Its a sturdy grill that can handle a heavy cast iron pot. Its large cooking surface is enough to feed a massive crowd of people. Enjoy your grilled burgers, steak, fish, corn and much more with the capability of this hibachi grill.

It comes with its little carrying bag being the best hibachi grill for camping, RV camping, trailers, backpacking, tailgate parties, parks, picnics, and grilling in small spaces.


  • Unsecured grate slides while turning food
  • Burns too hot requiring close attention

Fire Sense Best Notebook Charcoal Grill Reviews

Where to buy a hibachi grill online in Hong Kong

Get a perfect tailgating and backyard grilling with the Fire Sense Notebook Hibachi Charcoal Grill. Its super slim, lightweight and portable yet efficient.

One thing which makes it outstanding is its heat resistant paint coated steel construction and its ability to fold flat thus creating its carrying case. With an easy two-step set up, get it up in no time and grill on the go.

The grilling area of this charcoal grill is 228 square inches which are big enough to get a whole meal for a family ready at once.

The unit comes complete with a charcoal rack and a foldable grill, and when youre done grilling, both pieces fit together nicely inside a folded unit for a quick and easy clean-up.


  • Paint-coated Unique design steel construction
  • Super slim and lightweight portable grill
  • Patented fold open design

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Stainless Steel Griddle Pans

Your final option for creating a home hibachi grill experience is a stainless steel pan. These griddles are lightweight, strong and can offer non-stick capabilities when an appropriate amount of fat is used. They are the most like restaurant hibachi grills that you can achieve with a charcoal grill. While stainless steel is lightweight, you wont want to choose a pan that is too light, such as a cookie sheet that is used in the oven, or you may encounter safety issues. The Gather Grills stainless steel griddle pan has enough strength and weight to offer the best Japanese charcoal grill experience you want without the cooking surface slipping or shifting while being used.

The stainless steel griddle pan included with all sizes of Gather Grills units offers the benefit of being both strong and lightweight. It can be just as stick resistant as the hibachi grills you find in restaurants, and as it is used with a charcoal or wood fuel source, it gives you that aroma and flavor profile that the commercial hibachi grills cannot offer.

Food Allergies And Quality Control: The Advantage Of Home Hibachi Grills

One significant advantage of becoming your own chef with a hibachi grill for your home is that you can carefully control the ingredients. With widespread food allergies becoming a more frequent concern, going out to eat is more and more challenging for many families. When youre in charge, potentially fatal shellfish or peanut allergies are no longer a concern. Neither are gluten or MSG reactions. You can also control the food quality. Some hibachi restaurants work with lower-quality oils and cheap meats in order to keep down costs, then cover up inferior flavor with excessively salty or sugary sauces. With your hibachi grill for your home, you can select only the highest quality meats and seafood your family deserves.

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Mr Flame Hibachi Combo With Snuff Out Pouch

Son of Hibachi is a combo grill with a snuff out pouch. Its the most versatile charcoal grilling system ideal for home and travel.

It features an ingenious blast furnace concept and a chimney effect which enables you to grill any food in less than 10 minutes and ensures you get consistent heat under the unit. With 170 square inches of cooking surface and a convertible roasting oven and with it, you can cook anything from hot dogs and hamburgers to a chateaubriand.

Whether youre preparing breakfast, lunch or dinner, once youre done cooking this unit folds up into a self-cleaning and self-extinguishing barbecue. Then you can pack your grill in its a snuff out pouch. The pouch comes with a flame-retardant lining, allowing you to pack it up immediately after and take it with you wherever youre going.


Top 10 Best Hibachi Grills For 2021

Best Hibachi Grills On Amazon Reviews 2021 | Best Budget Hibachi Grills (Buying Guide)

Hibachi cooking grills provide a simple and great solution for those that love the taste of a charcoal grilled food but do not have enough space for an adequately sized unit or would like something that they can it with them on road trips.

These cooking grills have become very popular in recent years because of them using actual fire and their easy-to-carry size.

But how do you find the model with the current market overflowing with different brands and types? You need to find out the best models through research, read customer reviews and choose a model to buy. But no need for you to go through all this hassle.

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How To Use The Lodge L410 Hibachi Grill

To grill your favorite meats and other foods, follow this instruction guide to use the Lodge L410 Sportsmans Grill properly.

First, remove the cooking grate and put charcoals on the fire grate. Then, light the charcoals.

There are two positions at which you can set the cooking grate.

Adjust the draft door in order to increase or decrease the airflow to the charcoal, which helps control the temperature.

You can then add or remove coals through the front door as per your requirement.

Grease the cooking grate properly before you put any food to avoid sticking.

Maintenance and Cleaning

To make you Lodge Hibachi Charcoal Grill last long, it is important to maintain it well.

Proper cleaning of the Lodge cast iron Hibachi Grill is necessary for its maintenance.

Although it can be hand-washed, it is better to follow the instructions for thorough washing and good care.

Following these instructions for proper care will prevent the outdoor Hibachi from getting damaged.

Re-seasoning and Fixing

After several washes, the Lodge grill needs to be re-seasoned.

Follow the instructions to re-season the grill so that it does not get damaged.

If the Lodge Hibachi Grill goes rusty or you have trouble cleaning off sticky foods, then here is what to do.


Stuck-on Food

  • Use a pan scraper to remove any foodstuff that has badly stuck to the cooking grate.
  • Rinse with water properly. You may use a mild soap if required.

Wrapping Up

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