Are Electric Outdoor Grills Any Good

Outdoor Electric Grills Buyer’s Guide

George Foreman 15 Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill on QVC

There’s a great selection of electric outdoor grills out there, but sometimes finding the best electric grill for you can be a challenge.

Not only do you have to keep your eyes open for the best electric grills, but you also have to make sure you factor in several considerations. Doing so helps you find the best electric outdoor grills for you to use.

We’ve listed down some of the different factors you ought to consider to help you make the right choice.

Electric Vs Gas Grill

Electric grills are relatively new to the scene but are quickly becoming more popular for their ease of use, portability, and health benefits. However, they may not offer the same traditional grilling experience you might expect from a charcoal or gas grill.

Electric grills unlike gas or charcoal-fueled grills need electricity to function. You need to plug them into an outlet to power on, whether its into the socket directly or through an extension cord.

Alternatively, gas grills use propane or natural gas as fuel. They do not need to be plugged in instead, they use a propane tank or natural gas line to supply fuel.

Gas grills with propane tanks offer more portability than grills using natural gas but can pose a danger if the tank leaks. However, natural gas lines are not portable at all so dont expect to take it with you anywhere once its hooked up to your homes gas supply.

While convenient and easy-to-use, electric grills typically offer a less authentic grill flavor than charcoal. They dont impart a smokiness the same way coal does when it burns but does not impart carcinogenic chemicals into the food as a result, either.

The main draw of electric grills is convenience. Because they dont produce smoke to the same degree as a charcoal grill, theyre a perfect choice if you live an apartment or condominium that doesnt allow charcoal-fueled cooking within a certain distance of the building.

Best Outdoor: George Foreman 15

What We Love: Nonstick surface, grill pan is easily removable from base, great for cooking fatty meat

What We Don’t Love: Not actually for 15 servings of food, no smoky flavor, large footprint

George Foreman grills fill a certain niche for countertop grilling, especially for people who are concerned about excess fat. This newer model keeps to the plan, with its classic nonstick surface and integrated drip pan.

While our home tester found it too big and awkward for indoor use, as an outdoor grill it works: It skips the complications of gas or charcoal, and it’s especially good if you want to grill up bacon or a half-dozen steakburgers and keep the mess outdoors. But 15 servings, as the company markets this grill, is stretching it, she says, finding it closer to six portions, tops.

Another note is that our home tester is vegetarian, so she cooked several types of veggie burgers, including Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat, and Lightlife patties, as well as Beyond Brats in lieu of chicken. But because plant-based burgers lack the fat content of their meat-based counterparts, there wasn’t much fat for the grill to drain away, which is one of its biggest selling points.

Material: Nonstick aluminum cooking surface, painted steel lid | Dimensions: 39.4 x 21.7 x 18.3 inches | Cooking Surface: 240 square inches | Wattage: 1600 watts | Use: Indoor/outdoor

Simply Recipes / Catherine Russell

What We Love: Leaves nice grill marks, no hot spots, small footprint, easy setup and cleanup

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Are Electric Grills Any Good Explained

Summer is here! BBQs are back, the suns out, and you know what that means time to cook some BBQ food. Yet have you considered how much gas or charcoal it takes to do so? What if I told you there was an easier way? A more environmentally-friendly way? Put away that propane tank because an electric BBQ outdoor grill might be your answer.

Throughout the post, we will weigh the benefits and drawbacks of electric BBQ grills. You might be wondering whether or not electric grills are any good? Well, read on! Theres a lot to take in, so stick with us-weve got everything covered from types mistakes you shouldnt make when buying and maintaining one down vegan recipes if meat is your preference.

Best Electric Grill For Smokeless Cooking

Cuisinart Outdoor Electric Tabletop Grill

Features : Hidden extractor fan, maximum temperature of 230°C

The smokeless grill from VonShef has a clean and minimal design that will blend in nicely to any kitchen setting.

It boasts a powerful 1200W and comes with some great features that are desirable to both beginners and expert grillers. The most desirable of the features is of course the hidden fan within the grill, that works to extract smoke from the surface as your food cooks.

The removable, ceramic grill plate is dishwasher safe for convenient and quick cleaning.

Features : Indoor and outdoor cooking abilities, variable temperature controls

This clever grill from industry favourite George Foreman is the perfect gadget for every home whatever the weather. It’s suitable for outdoor use and thanks to great design, is easily collapsible for use indoors too.

The large grill is capable of cooking up to 15 portions, which is ideal for big summer BBQ’s or entertaining throughout the year. The stand collapses into parts making it easy to store and is quick to assemble when you need it.

The generous and removable non-stick easy clean plates, as well as the integrated drip tray makes this a mess free way to barbeque.

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Best Overall: George Foreman Indoor/outdoor Electric Grill

  • Large enough to cook for a crowd

  • Nonstick grill plate is easy to clean

  • Can be used indoors or out

If you want a freestanding electric grill, you cant go wrong with the George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill. This model features a removable stand that lets you use it outside on a patio or indoors on the countertop, and its spacious 240 square inches of cooking space lets you make around 15 servings at a time.

The George Foreman grill has a number of features that will make grilling an enjoyable experience. The durable grill plate is removable for easy cleanup, and it has a sloped grilling surface that helps drain the fat off meat. Theres a dishwasher-safe drip tray that collects excess grease, and the adjustable temperature control lets you choose from five heat settings. According to our tester, this grill is easy to assemble and clean, and it gets super hot for searing meats and other grilled dishes.

George Foreman has a few other indoor/outdoor grills, including the GFO3320GM, which has a similar MSRP and features a premium ceramic coating and built-in temperature gauge.

Dimensions: 22 x 18 x 35 inches | Cooking Area: 240 square inches | Watts: 1600 | Use: indoor/outdoor

“This grill does a fine job with basics like burgers and sausages, producing nice grill marks. It also did a surprisingly good job cooking a frozen pizza.” Donna Currie, Product Tester

Outdoor Electric Grills In Restricted Areas

If you love to grill but are restricted by smoke regulations and fire codes in your area and a gas or charcoal grill is not allowed.

Or youre concerned about the health of your family and friends dont worry all is not lost, outdoor electric grills could be the perfect solution to your dilemma.

Theres no smoke like you get from charcoal and there are no toxic fumes generated like propane or natural gas.

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Can You Put Aluminum Foil On An Electric Grill

Yes, you can safely put aluminum foil on an electric grill. Like traditional grills, electric grills use heated surfaces to cook food, and you can use aluminum foil on them as you would on any other grill. Aluminum foil can be useful on electric grills if you wish to reduce mess or marinate a dish while cooking.

Easy Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Recipe

George Foreman 15 Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill with David Venable

Grilled boneless chicken breasts may become your favourite starter after trying them. Use your electric grill for cooking some boneless chicken breasts. The grill should evenly cook both the upper and lower sides of the chicken breasts.

Chicken breasts are low in fat and contain a high protein content. An electric grill with high heat power can grill them first. Do not forget to coat the meat with olive oil before grilling it. After cooking, serve the chicken breasts with some vegetables on the side.

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Are Electric Grills Worth It

In general, electric grills are not particularly worth it if you compare them to gas or charcoal grills. If you are limited to the type of equipment you can use in your building then an electric grill will be worth it, especially if you intend to use it a lot.

However, most other people would recommend getting a gas or charcoal grill as they find you get a better flavor to the food you cook on them. Some may even say that investing in an electric grill to use outside your home is pointless if you already have a built-in grill in your stove.

Electric grills can take a long time to heat up and they may not be able to reach the scorching temperatures than gas or charcoal grills do, so your food wont cook as well.

Investing in an electric grill may be more cost-efficient as youll only need to plug it into an outlet when you want to use it, whereas with gas grills youll need to repurchase gas canisters every so often, which can begin to add up if you grill frequently.

Best Splurge: Kenyon Floridian Electric Grill

  • Grill grate and lid are dishwasher safe

  • Expensive

While the price tag may be a little higher, you cant beat the sleek design and quality performance of the Kenyon Floridian All-Seasons Portable Electric Grill. This high-end model can heat up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit in just 10 minutes, and its even approved for indoor use on days when the weather isnt agreeable.

The Floridian All-Seasons Grill has 155 square inches of cooking space, and the whole unit is made from sleek stainless steel. The grill grate and lid are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, and reviewers say this electric model is durable and delivers unbeatable results.

Dimensions: 21 x 12.25 x 9.25 inches | Cooking Area: 155 square inches | Watts: 1300 | Use: indoor/outdoor

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Are Electric Outdoor Grills Any Good

Electric outdoor grills are a safer and healthier way to cook food compared to gas or charcoal grills. Most people who live or rent apartment buildings or condos are not allowed to cook with an open-flame grill so they will use an electric outdoor grill instead.

Electric grills are often non-stick so are a lot easier to keep clean when cooking on them. The components on electric grills are a lot easier to take apart to make cleaning up afterward more simple as well.

Using an electric grill is a healthier way to cook your food in comparison to cooking on a charcoal or gas grill. They dont produce any carcinogens or soot and they also dont use any unsustainable gas fuels to power them.

Whilst the flavoring of food cooked on an electric grill wont be the same as food off a charcoal grill, you can still achieve juicy, seared to perfection meat when cooking on an electric grill.

They are a low maintenance and convenient option if you are restricted to what you gain in your housing situation and will still do a good job at grilling your food.

However, some people would prefer to spend that money investing in a proper charcoal grill to achieve that traditional barbecue flavoring to their food.

What Is A Major Benefit Of Using An Electric Grill

Best electric grill indoor outdoor  reviews and buying guide

With an electric grill, you can leave it wherever you want and move it around as well.

Another feature that adds to the convenience is the ability to clean it.

Electric grills are extremely easy to clean and you are not going to have to go to the extreme methods that come with cleaning a traditional grill..

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Tips To Maintain An Electric Grill:

Here are some essential tips to clean and maintain your electric grill and thereby make it work out properly.

  • Power off the unit and cool it completely before you start any cleaning process.
  • Never immerse the entire unit in water. Most models of electric grills come with removable grilling plates, which are washed easily in the dishwasher or cleaned with a damp clean cloth.
  • Dont use any metal scouring pads or abrasive cleaners to clean your grilling plate. As they may damage the non-stick surface of the plate.
  • The power cord and controller of the grill has to be cleaned with warm soapy water and a damp cloth. But prevent immersing them in water, as it results in total failure of the unit.
  • Can skip the cleaning of a heating element. If needed, wipe off gently with a soft cloth.
  • Make sure to dry the unit perfectly after you complete its cleaning. Also, never plug in the grill till it dries thoroughly.
  • Most electric grills have a removable bowl liner, which allows you to remove the excess oil or grease by using a plastic scraper. Wash it off with warm soapy water.
  • Regular cleaning will ensure a perfect and long-lasting operation.

What Is The Best Outdoor Electric Bbq

  • BEST OVERALL: George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill GGR50B.
  • BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Techwood Electric BBQ Grill Portable Grill.
  • BEST CART-STYLE: Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Patio Bistro Electric Grill.
  • BEST GRILL/SMOKER: Cuisinart COS-330 Smoker 30 Electric.
  • BEST TABLETOP: Weber 52020001 Q1400 Electric Grill.

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Techwood Electric Outdoor Bbq Grill

The best electric outdoor grills don’t have to be expensive, and the Techwood electric BBQ grill is an excellent example of that.

It’s affordable, portable, and packs a decent amount of power to cook a lot of food.

This griller features an interlocking hood, making sure all your food gets an even heat distribution. And the result? A delicious BBQ each time.

You can enjoy this barbecue grill BOTH INDOORS AND OUTDOORS!

Take it out for a picnic, place it on a stand, and enjoy your time surrounded by fresh air and nature! If not, you can also enjoy this as a tabletop grill!


Breville Bgr820xl Smart Grill

Cuisinart Outdoor Grilling | Outdoor Electric Grill With VersaStandâ¢

The Breville smart grill is an attractive stainless steel patio grill. It has a wide base, which provides better stability when compared to the other electric grills. Its pedestal is well built with attractive looks. It has two important features, which include digital read-out and a precision thermostatic control system. This electric grill has a 250-square inch cooking surface however, it has a single burner.

More than all these features, the heat what this grill produces is amazing. It has the capacity to produce up to 725 degrees F. Thats amazing.

  • Removable, dishwasher safe plates with Element IQ
  • Opens flat to ‘BBQ Mode’
  • Voltage- 110-120Volts,1800 watt embedded heating design. 310- 450F variable temperature control…

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What Happens If Grill Gets Rained On

The answer is simple, dry the grill and it will get back in the best of its condition. Here are the steps you should take water enters your grill. Disconnect: The first thing you need to do is disconnect the grill from the main gas supply to avoid any release or leakage of the flammable gas, as it is toxic if inhaled.

How Big Is A Weber Electric Bbq Grill

Lets start with a quick comparison! Make your BBQ game strong every time by this powerful BBQ electric grill by Weber. This is an amazing grill with porcelain enameled and cast-iron cooking grates. It has a large grip handle for an easy handling. Also, it has control knobs. This grill has a total cooking area of 280 square inches.

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Does Cooking On An Electric Grill Taste Good

Lets face the truth you will not get the authentic taste of BBQ from food cooked on an electric grill. Charcoal grills add a smoky flavour to the cooked food that an electric grill does not. Nonetheless, food grilled on electric grills tastes excellent.

Many electronic BBQ grills are creating innovative ideas to make the food taste better. The fat and grease from the grease of the marinated food, like meat, fall on the heating plate. Then the food is grilled on it. Some high-heating electric grills produce smoke that can give you the barbecue flavour you crave.

Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill

The Best Electric Grills for Indoor And Outdoor Cooking

For an indoor grill that cook food that tastes as though it comes from an outdoor barbecue, the Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill is the ideal choice for those rainy days or those homesteaders who live in an apartment but still enjoy that barbecue taste.

It is a compact and simple grill that is easy to use and it has plenty of room. With 118-square-inches of cooking space, you can easily fit three to four small steaks on the grill. The removable lid sears in the food juices and flavors. The non-stick cooking grid will stop your food from sticking to the grills surface.

There is adjustable temperature control with a temperature of 450°F, so it is ideal for searing meat. The unit has a power button light and a preheat light that lets you know when the grill has reached the perfect cooking temperature. The removable lid and the drip tray are dishwasher safe. To save the non-stick surface, it is a good idea to soak the cooking grid first.


  • Lid hard to close on a thick steak
  • Smokes a lot

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