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Grilla Grills Primate Gas Griddle & Grill Overview | Best Brand New Combination Propane Cooker

Exactly where you choose to put your BBQ island and drop-in can depend on a number of factors, so for a full guide be sure to check out this article from This Old House. In a nutshell though:

Identify a good area for your island by considering somewhere thats a safe distance away from your house should there be complications with electricity, fire or gas. Also be sure that the area you build in is dry and shielded from wind.

Set up your BBQ island. This in itself is a big job, so be sure to check out our guide on how to build a BBQ island with steel studs, and check out our guide to DIY BBQ islands for some ideas. Doing this will give you a permanent fixture on which to install your drop-in grill head, as well as give you a counter surface around which to cook.

Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill 22

The Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill 22-inch has a grate thatâs big enough for a whole mess of hamburger patties. However, because itâs easy to adjust the heat by opening and closing the vents in the bottom and in the lid, this grill is remarkably versatile and can definitely go beyond burgers and brats. It can turn out a perfectly seared medium-rare porterhouse or thoroughly-cooked chicken with a crispy golden-brown skin. The grate is hinged on both sides so itâs easy to add more briquets if youâre having a party and turning out hot dogs throughout the evening.

Extras include a thermometer in the lid and hooks for hanging up your tools. A heat shield underneath the lid handle makes it easy to lift without singeing your hand, and the lid rests on the side of the grill while you flip the steaks or baste the ribs. Underneath the kettle, thereâs a big bucket called an ash catcher you use a lever to sweep the ashes into it and then itâs easy to remove and empty without leaving a trail of ashes along the way. The only thing missing are side tables for holding a platter.

The Rating Criteria How We Rate These Built

Value | Design & Style | Construction | Innovation | Even-Heat Distribution | Temperature Range | Minimum Flare-Ups | High Heat | Extra Features & Add-Ons | Customer Service | Warranty & Company Reputation | Real User Feedback & Reviews

We use the below expert rating criteria as we reviewed grills from brands we trust, use, and love.

The main things to keep in mind during your search are the build materials, cooking surface size, heat distribution, overall power output and wanted extras.

Your mileage may vary, however, so feel free to include any personal bells and whistles and deal-breakers, as well.

The main criteria we took into consideration when reviewing these gas grill inserts are:

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Napoleon 3 Prestige Pro 665 Built


WHY WE LIKE IT: A handy removable serving tray,extra-large drip tray for mess-free cooking, and a very large cooking area with side prep tables make it excellent for serving larger groups.


  • Lift ease roll top lid


  • Very large and bulky compared to many in class

The Napoleon 3 Prestige Pro 665 is a large-size, top-rated natural gas built-in grill with infrared rear and side burners that outputs a total of 90,000 BTUs on its extremely generous 1140 square inch main cooking area. Its designed with superior heat retention in mind to provide oven-like performance and professional-level searing, with patented wave cooking grids, and a double-thick but easy-lift roll top lid. Dual-level sear plates, an integrated smoker boxer, and its infrared rear burner add even more functionality.

Its larger, bulkier, and heavier than many in its class, although the cart-style design and locking caster wheels add a certain amount of mobility. But for impressive performance, a huge array of options and cooking functions, and convenience features like LED backlit control knobs for nighttime use and generous storage, its a top-notch choice for a professional-level outdoor kitchen. If you catch yourself using the smoker feature, the best pellet smokers on the market provide even more smoking capabilities.

Tec Sterling Patio 2fr Infrared Gas Grill

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond E790i 36

Infrared grilling has become an extremely popular way to cook food it has some great benefits. Infrared heaters heat food directly via infrared waves, compared to traditional gas burners that heat the air inside your grill, which in turn heats your food.

This might sound only like a technicality, but theres a big practical difference in the grilling experience. Infrared grills dont have flare ups and cook with virtually perfect consistency every time.

TEC invented infrared grilling over 40 years ago, and their products have stood the test of time. Their flagship grill nowadays is the Sterling Patio 2FR Infrared Gas Grill, and its easily the best high end infrared gas grill on the market in our eyes.. It has 592 square inches of cooking surface area, and only needs 2 burners to properly heat the whole unit. The two burners are so powerful that they can achieve 900ºF temperatures with ease.

TEC Grills are made in the USA and feature an extremely high level of craftsmanship. They are definitely on the higher end of the price spectrum, but worth the investment if your heart is set on an infrared gas grill. They have a smaller 1 burner option too, and each size of grill comes in a freestanding or built-in configuration.

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The Most Important Features To Consider

  • Cooking PowerA built-in grill should offer a large cooking surface of at least 500 square inches, but most importantly, it should be capable on its main burners of heat output of at least 40,000 BTUs per hour, with design features like double-walled lids and advanced built-in grill design for consistent heating across cooking surfaces. Additional burners for searing, rotisserie, and other cooking functions ideally will feature infrared heating element integration for consistent ultra-hot performance. BTU output of at least 15000 per hour is ideal, especially for burners designed for searing, which require quick preheating and consistent high heat. Alongside wanting a model with a powerful burner, you want to make sure the grill has durable construction so it wont wear down too quickly as time goes on.
  • Dcs Series 7 Traditional Customer Support & Warranty Info

    Customer Support As mentioned above in our Series 9 review, DCS proudly stands behind its products and has an overall strong reputation for good customer support. They have several online options for customer support, including user and installation guides, live chat, and online service booking for certain states. You can also reach customer support via their phone line.

    Warranty The Series 7 is complete with a lifetime warranty, just like the Series 9. This lifetime warranty covers the grill burners, grill cover, and racks, as well as the grates and burner box. Additionally, the BBQ comes with a two-year warranty, which covers parts and labor for all grill parts.

    Some owners who are new to premium grills report that the burner power can take getting used to

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    Gas Grills Bring The Sizzle To Every Bbq

    Fresh air, a sunny day, and good friends come together to make every occasion even more enjoyable all thats missing is good eats! Thats where gas grills come in to help you whip up delicious, savory BBQ. Whether youre a master griller or a holiday hobbyist, a gas grill is exactly what you need to turn up the fun. At Albert Lee Appliance, youll find the gas grills in the brand and type thatll have you grilling in no time.

    How Far Should A Built

    Best Built in Grills 2022

    There are a few safety concerns that will decide how far your built-in grill should be located from your house.

    Regardless of whether you have a pellet grill or one that is powered by charcoal or gas, it is recommended that you install it at least 10 feet away from your house and any other buildings. Correct grill spacing is important for the following reasons.

    Of course, it is important for the occupants of the house, as it will avoid the smoke damaging your property, but it is also important for ventilation purposes. If your grill has an inadequate amount of air space there is a risk of gas and carbon monoxide accumulating and this may result in a fire if it is not monitored.

    Some people enjoy grilling in all weathers and if you have a garage you may one day be tempted to use your grill inside it, however, this is not advisable. All of the rules that apply to locating your grill too close to your home are the same as your garage.

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    How To Choose The Best Built

    The great thing about built-in grills is theyre fairly simple to shop for. The only thing you really care about is the grill itself everything else you might normally associate with a grill is going to be a part of the kitchen surface youve set aside instead. No need to take into account the wheels, added worktop, or worry about the weight and other appliances you have in your outdoor kitchen.

    You just pay attention to the core elements:

    Blaze Professional Built In Grill

    The Blaze BLZ-3PRO is a grill of the greatest value. Its a high-end grill with a high price tag. But this piece includes many high-end grill features that make it worthwhile.

    The cooking surface on this grill features 615 square inches of primary cooking space and a removable 201 square inch warming rack. When you add in the infrared burner in the back, the total BTUs are 64,000.

    This grill is unique in that it has heat zone separators that allow you to cook different dishes at different heat settings and temperatures without influencing the other zones!

    On the other hand, the H-burners on this grill are stainless steel and professional-quality, providing lots of power and even heat distribution. Stabilizing grids are also installed throughout the grill to help reduce flare-ups during cooking.

    Additionally, the Blaze BLZ-3PRO is simple to start with a push-and-turn ignition.

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    Aog American Outdoor 24nbt

    Why youll love it:

    This is an excellent grill for the price, outshining a strangely more expensive but nearly identical model from the same brand. If you dont mind a smaller sized grill, this is an excellent option.

    What we liked

    • Sturdy Construction: Hardy stainless-steel construction helps it weather the elements, and everything on this grill glides smoothly and easily. The interior is just as good, with proper channeling from the grill to the flame tamers to the grease trap, which is easy to remove and clean.
    • Burners: While it only has two, these 16, 000 BTU, U-shaped burners are excellent and evenly distribute heat across the two cooking surfaces this grill provides.
    • Ignition: Easy, single button, piezo ignition ensures that the grill starts up perfectly every time, and the grill is adjustable across all standard temperature ranges.
    • Warranty: This grill is provided with a 15-year warranty on all parts. While not as good as a lifetime, it is also better than the warranties with fine prints amounting to it not covering the most important pieces after 3 to 5 years.

    What we didnt like

    • Size: As with the other American Grills model, 432 square inches is absolutely tiny for a built-in grill. I expect on average 550 square inches or more on a grill like this, in large part because that is enough space to support at least 3 different cooking surfaces. You lose a lot of versatility with only 2 burners, even if both of them are excellent.

    Does An Outdoor Kitchen Add Value To My Home

    Fire Magic Echelon Diamond E790I 36

    Yes, an outdoor kitchen can increase the value of your home, but it will also depend on the location of your home. Because of this, if you are planning on selling your house you may wish to consider installing an outdoor grill.

    Of course, doing so will be quite a hefty investment but it will be worthwhile if it means that your home is more valuable. There are several reasons why outdoor kitchens add value to your home. The first is of course the practicality.

    Many people are likely to frequently use a grill as the temperatures start to warm up. A grill can also enhance the appearance of your outdoor space making it more appealing to prospective buyers.

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    Mont Alpi 44 805 Built

    Best Propane Grill that Doesn’t Flare Up

    • Natural gas hose and regulator not included


    Click here to see more features and specifications: Mont Alpi 44″ 805 Built-In Grill MABi805

    With the help of this propane-equipped built-in grill, even the most inexperienced chefs can create professional meals! It’s simple to use and allows you to entertain large groups of people with ease.

    We love the special features that this Mont Alpi 44″ 805 Built-In Grill offers, such as the ceramic infrared back burner, halogen lights, Heat Wave double-layer sear plates, and the large cooking area indeed the best gas grill for the money!

    The grill has accurate low to high settings and warms up quickly and evenly. The lighting components inside look wonderful! Great for cooking in the evening or during the darker hours. And it can survive the elements due to its heavy-duty and water-resistant stainless steel construction, the perfect addition to your backyard!

    Bull Outdoor Products 26038 Liquid Propane Grill Head

    Bull Outdoor Products is a popular name among customers and reviewers alike in the built-in gas grill market. First of all, they manufacture the most convenient grills with unmatched performance and durability. Secondly, their products are reasonably priced.

    You will get all these profoundly infused in this amazingly built 26038 Grill Head. With 60,000 BTU cooking intensity, this grill head delivers optimal heat for searing your favorite meat cuts fast and quick. On top of it, the grill head equips for porcelain made burners to withstand years of harsh use.

    Bull has used 304-premium stainless steel to construct the grill with a dual hood for single-piece construction. Add the stainless-steel grate with it, and you will get one of the most high-performing and durable grills at present. The stainless-steel construction ensures that it is rust and corrosion-resistant.

    Its 810 sq. inches space for cooking with a warming rack is sufficient enough for cooking most meals with ease from medium steaks to large Turkish BBQ. Furthermore, the inclusion of a Piezo igniter in every valve makes the grill user-safe.

    The grill head runs with liquid propane, which gives a significant advantage to the users. However, you can also opt for the natural gas version of the griller. So, you are left with two choices with the griller.

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    Best Overall Gas Grill: Weber Genesis Ii E

    The Weber brand is synonymous with excellent grills of any sort, and this Genesis II-315, 3-Burner gas grill is no exception. This model comes in both propane and natural gas models. It offers smart technology with the iGrill 3 smart accessories . With 513 inches of grilling area, you get ample cooking space without breaking the bank. The storage cabinets, tuck-away warming rack area, and propane gas gauge are all thoughtful design features. At a total 39,000 BTUs, this grill can provide a heavy, crisp sear in minutes.

    Weber Spirit Vs Genesis Whats The Differenceare High End Gas Grills Really Worth The Money

    Coyote S-Series grill Reviews (Best 36 Gas Grill?)

    Before we get started, lets talk about the cost of high end gas grills and whether or not they are truly worth the cost. If youve ever heard the phrase you get what you pay for, this is a classic example of that scenario.

    High end gas grills cost more because they typically have more to offer. They have additional functionality, they are made with the very best materials, and they are designed to be a long-term investment. And much of the time, theyre covered by a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

    High end grills are something special and while they can cost a pretty penny, its important to understand what makes them so valuable. Weve picked out a few features to highlight to let you know just why they cost more.

    Do you have to spend that much money on a grill? Well, not necessarily. You can get good grills for less but high end grills are truly the best. These are made to last as long as you want them to last and when you make the investment, you will notice the difference.

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    Can These Appliances Be Kept Outdoors All Year Round

    Yes. Built in grills are permanent structures. They are meant to be placed in a space outside, usually on a patio in your backyard. However, you will want to protect your grill from the elements as much as possible, so as to maintain its lifespan. Grills are made from tough metal, usually stainless steel. They can withstand rain, but even the toughest metal can corrode over time. Therefore, be sure to cover you built in grill after it has cooled down from use. Some grills will come with covers, but if not, be sure to purchase a separate one. A little investment will mean you can save in the long run with your grill.

    Heat Diffusers Are Your Friend

    Heat diffusers go by many names, but theyre just metal or ceramic shields fixed over a burner. As counterintuitive as it sounds, by absorbing and redistributing the heat directly from the flame, they create more even temperatures at grate level, cutting back on hot spots. Plus, because diffusers float over the burner, you’re far less likely to experience flare-ups or grease fires. Don’t buy a gas grill without them.

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