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Blaze Professional 24 Stainless Steel 2 Burner Built

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Blaze stands by its commitment to have a quality grill you can buy for every situation. And the Professional 24 is a perfect example for those who have limited space but still want to get the outdoor cooking experience.

This compact grill may be lightweight compared to other 2 burner gas grills, but it sure is not flimsy. The two cast stainless steel burners operate on 18,000 BTU each, totaling to 36,000 BTUs. Plus, you have a 10,000 BTU infrared rear rotisserie burner.

With 816 sq. inches of cooking space, you can easily serve your entire family with succulent meats. Theres also a rotisserie kit with a waterproof motor.

Aside from the price, one of the things we liked about this grill is its fuel efficiency. Its actually designed with increased airflow, and with that comes the efficient fuel usage. As such, you dont have to use as much gas compared to other grills in the market.

If you need some light cooking or if you need to warm things up, this Blaze grill has a removable warming rack. And like most Blaze grills, you also have heat zone separators for grilling different meats perfectly.

Dont worry about night grilling this cast stainless steel grill has illuminated control knobs to make it easy and convenient to see at night.

Which Grill Should You Purchase

When it comes to purchasing a grill, you willeither spend your money upfront on a quality grill that will last for decadesor youll spend it later. Oftentimes consumers find themselves buying the sameimported grills over and over again.

Instead, we offer the solution of buying oneAmerican-made grill from BBQ Depot that youll be able to use for years tocome.

We have vast experience and knowledge when itcomes to grills. We have been selling and repairing grills since 1956! We lookforward to serving you and your family and helping you find a grill to joinyour backyard festivities for many years.

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Is Dyna Glo Made In Usa

Dyna-Glo is a brand from the GHP Group, Inc., which is headquartered in Niles, Illinois. They have been producing products for the home and patio for 100 years. GHP has a range of home and commercial grade products for grilling and smoking. Dyna-Glos range of smokers come in charcoal, LP gas and electric.

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The Useable Cooking Surface Is Not Exactly 32 Inches:

Although the specifications everywhere describe the L75623 as a 32-inch grill, the usable cooking surface is a little above 30 inches.

Its best to measure your cutout size and then decide whether this model suits you. The recommended cutout size for Lion 32 gas grill is 31 inches.

The installation instructions are available online. Do give it a go before making your purchase.

Lion L75000 Premium Grill Review

32 Lion Premium Grill on a Cart Unit

Lion L75000 grill is one of its finest stainless steel premium grills with 4 burners. This 32 premium gas grill has a lot to offer. Lets look upon its features:

  • Cooking space

Lion L75000 gas grill has a total of 830 square inches of cooking space with the main grilling area of 647 sq inches and a secondary grilling area of 183 sq inches. This cooking space is sufficient enough to throw a backyard party and serve small to average families easily.

  • Exterior

The L75000 natural gas grill is made from 304-16 gauge commercial grade stainless steel which provides it with the durability it needs.

It also includes 4 cast stainless steel burners that are capable of providing 75000 BTUs of heat. Lion provides a lifetime warranty on these cast burners. Along with these, it has a stainless steel light switch at the front corner.

The dual-layered hood of the Lion L75000 grill is also made of stainless steel with an XL full-length handle for easy open and closing. The top lid is also fitted with commercial temperature gauge with bright markings and labels of smoking and BBQ roasting.

  • Interior

The interior of Lions gas grill is impressive with premium solid stainless steel cooking grates. It also includes an adjustable warming rack, griddle and stainless steel geared infrared Rotisserie motor that can hold up to 40lbs.

The interiors can be illuminated with the help of dual lights which makes this gas grill perfect to be used for late-night cravings too.

  • Convenience
  • Weight

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About Lion Premium Grills

In 1992 award winning barbeque designer and manufacturer Leon Carter went out to create something new that had never been done before. He designed and manufactured the first barbeque island cabinet and barbeque equipment to be built in one factory and assembled as one unit. The customer had a variety of exterior finish options and the instant gratification of a ready to use product delivered to their home. This product is what is now known as the portable outdoor kitchen. Twenty years later Leon Carter driven purely by passion and a desire to create something new has set out to build a new premium luxury line of barebeques derivative of nothing else on the marketplace. When you first experience a Lion Premium BBQ you will see all the attention and innovation that went into it.

Featuring 16-gauge brushed stainless steel construction, lifetime warranty cast stainless steel burners, sleek front control panel design, large commercial style knobs, a dual lighted hood with a centered oversized temperature gauge and an extra large durable handle, the Lion Premium grill is the end result of a design team with limitless imagination and zero limitations.

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Constructed For The True Outdoor Griller

Lion understands the need for an all-weather grill that can stand up to the elements and this Lion Premium Grill solves this problem. They have built this grill with a 304 stainless steel grade frame and housing to withstand all weather conditions so you can have a built in grill on the patio, poolside, or wherever you desire to grill!

Where Are Lion Grills Made

Irish recipes from the Thirsty Lion pub and grill

Where Are Lion Grills Made? Lion Premium Grills L75000 32 Natural Gas Grill with Made in USA 30 Double Door Package Deal.

Is Lion grill Made in USA? Amazon.com: Lion Premium Grills 32 Propane Grill L75000 with Made in USA 32 Door/Drawer Combination Package Deal : Everything Else.

Who manufactures Lion grills? Leon Carter Owner of Lion Premium Grills.

Is Lion a good grill brand? If youre looking for an affordably priced premium grill, then Lion Premium Grills should definitely be considered. Lion grills are solidly built using 304 stainless steel and the hood is double-lined for extra durability.

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If You Love Outdoor Cooking Then There Is No Better Investment Than A High

Lion Premium Grills is known for its gas grills. Designed and manufactured by Leon Carter, an award-winning barbeque designer, these grills are high-performing, durable, and functional. Each grill is equipped with a wide range of features. And can be paired with grill accessories like a warming drawer, side burner, and towel rack to optimize the grilling experience. Lion Premium Grills has two options: the L75000 and the L90000.

The L90000 is a stainless steel gas grill with five burners. Coming in at 40 inches and 200.1 pounds, this grill is the heaviest in its class. The Lion L90000 Premium Grill offers six Lion Quick Lite push-to-turn valves. It also has a commercial temperature gauge, an infrared rotisserie back burner, a warming rack, and interior lights. Plus, it has stainless steel light switches, cooking grates, and burners. This type of construction means less maintenance and a better cooking experience.

Why Buy Gas Grills Manufactured Inthe Usa From Bbq Depot

At BBQ Depot, we feel there are severalreasons to buy grills made in America. Heres a few of our favorite reasons:

1. It supports our economy on a national andlocal scale.

2. It provides job security for Americans.

3. Manufacturing standards on gas productsmade in the USA are subject to stringent regulations and laws that areregularly enforced. Not every country shares these same standards. We have seen countless numbers of imported gas products that are manufacturedto standards that are so low they are considered unlawful in the USA. Buying anAmerican-made gas grill from the BBQ Depot can give you peace of mind that yourgrill has been made and inspected to be up to par with the latest laws andguidelines.

4. Buying grills made in America gives youeasier access to service, warranty, and replacement parts. Is there anythingmore frustrating than not being able to purchase a replacement part? Not onlydo we sell American-made grills, but we sell the American-made replacementparts that go along with them. No more wasting hours and hours searching the Internet trying to find the rightpart, only to find out it doesnt exist anymore. Just head to our website or giveus a call and well help you find it.

5. The quality of manufacturing is higher.When a product is designed and manufactured in the United States, the entireconstruction pipeline can be monitored closely. This means fewer defects and abetter overall product.

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Blaze 32 Stainless Steel 4 Burner Built

Not too big, not too small this is just the right size.

With 4 stainless steel burners that each produce 14,000 BTUs, this is an impressive grill for stainless steel cooking your backyard. It also has a 10,000 BTU rear infrared burner. You can read about the pros and cons of infrared grills here.

It gives you 740 square inches of cooking space, which is enough for any regular cookout.

And if youre want to make food for more people, theres a warming rack included. You can save the cooked food and keep it warm and then proceed to grill more servings.

There are heat zone separators in this grill. Its easy for you to divide the surface into different temperature zones, allowing you to make different dishes in their respective optimum temperatures. For more flavor, you can add in a smoker box to have that authentic taste from smoker cooked meats.

Plus, there are flame stabilizing grids to lessen those notorious flare-ups.

Like the previous option, this cast stainless steel grill has a flame thrower primary ignition. It has flash tube ignition and crossovers to give you backup.

You have two options for this quality grill: natural gas and propane gas options for this quality grill. It’s also covered with a lifetime warranty on the body, grids, flame tamers, control valves, and more. Just remember to register the product within 30 days for the lifetime warranty.

Stainless Steel Cooking Grates

Lion Grills L75000

Having dealt with porcelain coated cast iron grills in the past, I can tell you that while they retain heat well, they tend to rust and corrode over time.

This is where the stainless steel cooking grates on the grill outshine the competition. Stainless steel cooking grates are easier to clean, will not corrode or rust, and retain heat better than cast iron.

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Standing Behind Their Product

The last thing you want to encounter when dealing with a broken grill is a poor customer service experience from the company and no warranty.

Lion stands behind their products 100% and builds their grills to last. The burners, cooking grids, and stainless-steel housing on the lion l75623 grill are all covered under a lifetime warranty.

Is Oklahoma Joe Made In Usa

Introduction To Oklahoma Joes Pellet Grill Range

However, I should make it clear Oklahoma Joes grills are no longer made in the USA. The company was purchased by Char-Broil in 1998. Now, if you are looking for a US-made pellet grill/smoker they are available, just click the link above to my associated post.

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Lion Grill San Diego Super Saver:

Free Grilling Package Included $360 Value! Lion Premium Grills will be sending you a free grilling package with your shipment! Buy a Lion Premium Grill today and receive a FREE smoker box, grill cover, rotisserie kit, griddle and griddle remover!

Lion Premium Grills offers 2 luxurious stainless steel gas grills the L75000 which features 4 burners and the L90000 which showcases 5 total burners that are crafted from only the highest quality materials. Their premium grills are stacked with a wide range of options and are designed and manufactured by experts to provide the user with the ultimate grilling experience.

The Lion 32in. and 40in. Stainless Steel Built-In Natural Gas or Liquid Propane Gas Grills are two of the best outdoor gas grills we offer for a number of reasons. First, the grilling area the 32in. has 832 square inches of cooking space and the 40in. has and amazing 1,030 square inches of cooking space.

The 32in. has four burners and has a total of 60,000 BTUs, of surface heating.The grills have an exterior made of 304, stainless steel. The cooking grids are made of stainless steel as well. There is an optional infrared main burner, although it is not always included. They do come with a rotisserie back burners that put out 15,000 BTUs. These system also include a smoker in the design and a temperature gauge on the outside of the grill lid for easy monitoring.

How To Use The Lion Grill

Kristen & Danielle Lion Grill

Getting started with the Lion Gas Grill is fairly easy. If you are new to the world of propane fuelled gas grill, heres how you get started.

Step 1: The first step is to lift the lid of the grill. Never start otherwise if you dont want gas to build up.

Step 2: Open the gas valve on the propane tank by turning it counterclockwise.

Step 3: Your Lion gas grill has an ignitor button so you wont need to light it up manually. Turn the burners all the way up. Then push the ignitor button.

Step 4: Turn on the other burners and close the lid to preheat your device.

Step 5: Keep a weather eye on the large Lion thermometer until it reaches 500-550°.

Step 6: Now you are ready to cook. You can adjust the temperature along the way.

Step 7: When you are done cooking, turn the burners off. Close the gas valve on the propane tank by turning it clockwise until it stops rotating.

This is the basis of how to use the Lion Grill. You can do various other stuff with this. For instance, use the built-in lights, do some flat-top cooking, experiment with the rotisserie burner, and so on.

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Heres Why You Should Avoidimported Grills

1. Manufacturing, environmental and laborstandards. Companies building grills in the United States are subject tostringent regulations. This means that if your grill is built in the US, itslikely to be built by people who have been compensated fairly. Likewise, theenvironment likely wasnt harmed in its creation.

2. The frustration of not having access toparts such as grease trays, valves, manifolds, knobs, wheels, and bodyparts. These are just some of the parts you may not be able to replace. Many ofthe parts are only available on the aftermarket . Remember when you import products, you are subject to minimum quantity orders.When you have dozens of models using the same burners and heat shields, meetingthat MOQ is easier than other replacement parts thatare specific to model sizes.

3. There is no commitment to manufacturingequipment. When manufacturing is subcontracted, you are relying on thecontractor to stay in business and have quality and consistent manufacturing. Often, if they change equipment, the engineering of your grill model willchange thus making replacement parts obsolete. Then, when you need areplacement part, it no longer exists.

At that point, what are the replacementoptions? Often there is no replacement. Modification of the outdoor kitchen andcountertop becomes necessary, creating a huge expense. This situation rarelyoccurs in a US-manufactured grill, as we sell at the BBQ Depot.

Bbq Depots Usa Grillmanufacturers

Heresa list of some of the American-made grills that BBQ Depot has extensiveexperience with by either selling or servicing through the years:

3. American Outdoor Grill – Manufactured byRH Peterson. Lifetime warranty on Burners.

4. American Muscle Grill – Manufactured by Summerset under their American Made Grills Brand

24. Weber Summit

25. Yoder

27. Wolf

Theres plenty more where this came from. Atthe BBQ Depot we take pride in the fact that we offer so many American-madegrills, and we realize its an important factor to many consumers on the huntfor a new BBQ.

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