How Are Pellets Made For Pellet Grills

What Types Of Wood Are Used

Why Traeger Wood Pellets | Traeger Wood Pellet Grills

Not just any type of wood is suitable for a wood pellet smoker. Wood varieties are chosen that provide a nice smokey flavour when burnt and include both hardwoods and many fruit woods. Varieties can be mixed to create a blended wood pellet. Some wood types provide a very subtle flavour, whilst others like Mesquite are much more powerful.

It is important to only use wood pellets designed for wood pellet smoker grills, and not pellets used for heating furnaces as they will make the food taste terrible!

In Australia we are lucky to have locally grown Aussie hardwood wood pellets that may include varieties such as Yellow Stringy Bark, Grey Box, Flooded Gum and Ironbark. Whats even better these pellets are made from scrap wood shavings that would otherwise go to waste.

Other popular wood varieties include:

  • Cherry
  • Maple
  • Mesquite

Additional flavours can be added to wood pellets by adding herbs into the mix, or even including woods from barrels used to store alcohol such as wine or port.

It is perfectly fine to mix different wood pellet varieties. So adding some Hickory into a base of Aussie hardwood might be worth trying!

Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker Review

Doesnt just words barbecue make you fired up? Have you ever drooled about grilling and consuming delicious steaks and hotdogs? If indeed, after that you are certainly not alone. Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker Review

Exactly how do you accomplish the special equilibrium between smokiness as well as tenderness in your meat?

Most essentially, you require to get your hands on one of the ideal pellet grills.

There is an absolutely huge array of makes as well as designs of wood pellet grills on the marketplace today. Year on year much more makes as well as types are included or improvements/upgrades are offered on previous pellet grill/smoker types.

Even for someone that has possessed a pellet grill in the past, it can be difficult to exercise which make/model is mosting likely to be their finest alternative when purchasing a new grill. If you have actually never ever had a pellet grill prior to Im sure the possibility of deciding on the best pellet grill to meet your necessities could really feel really intimidating.

Ideally, this article can assist. Im mosting likely to review the different types/classes of wood pellet grills on the market to aid you tighten down the search for a pellet grill that will finest match your demands.

Can Pellets Be Used In A Regular Smoker

Can wood pellets be used in a smoker? Yes, and nothing beats the taste of wood-fired pizza or meat thats been smoked over burning wood. You can achieve that same taste using a wood pellet grill and smoker. For the best results, use hardwood pellets as they burn slower and are easier to work with, plus they burn clean.

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My Tips For Getting The Best Deal On Bbq Pellets

So I thought I would provide some final tips/tricks to getting the best deal on BBQ pellets and how to understand what you are actually purchasing.

  • Blended vs 100% Single Species Pellets You should have noticed above I discuss which brands are hardwood blended flavours and which are offering 100% single wood species pellets. Now, there is nothing wrong with hardwood blended flavours. Its just for example if you are looking for the strongest flavour possible from a particular wood specieis, you will get that from 100% single species pellets. However, blended pellets are generally the cheaper option if youre on a budget.
  • Check the Bag Size vs Price While many brands sell BBQ pellets in 20lb bags, some are sold as 28lbs, some as 30lbs and some even as large as 40lbs. Hence, when comparing prices make sure you divide the price of the bag by its weight so you can compare price per lb of pellets. Also, buying several bags at a time when delivered can often get you a much better deal on price per lb of pellets.
  • The Snap Test is a good quick means to determine the quality of BBQ wood pellets

    Light Up Pellet Smoker And Start Cooking

    30 Barrel Pellet Grill  LANDMANN USA

    With a pellet grill, lighting up the fire is easy. It is equipped with automatic ignition, and you can turn on the device, but give it 10 to 15 minutes to warm up. By simply selecting the temperatures in the smoker, it will heat in a short time, and you are ready to start cooking. This makes a wood pellet grill suitable as a gas grill, but with the added flavor of hardwood cooking.

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    Pellet Stoves Do Not Use The Same Fuel As Pellet Grills

    Now, there are pellet stoves that are available for indoor use. Theyre solely made for heat sources. The pellets used in those stoves are not the same AND are generally not safe for cooking with or for human consumption.

    Pellets for BBQ grills contain all natural food-grade materials, which automatically renders them safer than heating pellets.

    Whereas heating pellets include softwoods, compressed charcoal, and a variety of fillers that would, without question, leave your food tasting like a chemical disaster, BBQ pellets rely on all natural hardwoods.

    If there are any fillers present inside of a particular type of food grade pellet, you can rest assured that its simply filler wood from a different type of tree.

    For example, one of the reasons that grill and pit masters love pellet grills is due to the flavor. Its not just the smoke its the flavor of the smoke.

    You can find pellets from nearly any hardwood tree you can imagine. While apple and hickory are two of the most common, and mesquite one of the most well-known, there are also alder, cherry, maple, oak, and pecan pellets.

    Part of the fun of cooking on a wood-fired grill is experimenting with flavor combinations.

    Why You Should Buy From Blazn Grill Works

  • The owner previously worked at a metal fabrication company which means all of their grills are manufactured with high quality standards.
  • All of the grills and accessories are made with high quality materials. Even the grease tray and grill grate are made with 12-gauge steel.
  • The grills are designed with the needs of competitive BBQ in mind. The rounded rod auger gives better performance and reduced wear and tear on the motor compared to the square-shaped rod augers in other pellet grills.
  • Blazn Grill Works also manufactures customized pellet grills for specific cooking or competition BBQ.
  • Lots of heavy-duty pellet grillers and smokers to choose from. The most popular is the Grand Slam that has a 468 square inch cooking surface and 16-gauge steel body.
  • You can find budget-friendly pellet grills so you dont have to resort to imported pellet grills by buying scratch and dent grills that were damaged during shipping.
  • Easy to use and clean components, such as the removable burn pot.
  • Their is made of 7-gauge and 10-gauge carbon steel and 304-grade stainless steel work shelves and lids. Its features include a PID controller, integrated meat probe, Wi-Fi capabilities, grease drain, rubber-covered handles, and tool hooks.

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    Cooking With The Grill

    How Wood Pellets Are Made

    You will certainly question exactly how you ever lived without it when you understand the performance of the Traeger WiFire application. It is engineered to be more user-friendly than rival surveillance apps, though it might take a little while to obtain a feeling for establishing up the notifies.

    Once you do, you can actually take the Traeger Pro 780 though its versatile ability to smoke as well as barbecue practically anything. Its likewise a great touch that the WiFire app is likewise Alexa allowed as well as will certainly work seamlessly with various other Smart Home devices.

    The temperature series of the Traeger Pro 780 can go as reduced as 180-degrees, which is reduced good enough to let you have fun with supposed Cold Smoking methods. You can absolutely smoke shellfish, salmon fillets, as well as fresh sausages. It may not be the excellent choice for cold smoking bacon or tough cheeses.

    On the other end of the range, the Traeger Pro 780 can get as hot as 450-degrees. This is just sufficient to cook a wood-fired, fresh dough pizza or mark a steak. It would certainly be good if it might push all the way up to 500+ degrees like some of the direct rivals.

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    Is The Pellet Grill A Smoker

    Yes, pellet grills offer smoking option too. Choose a low flame to enjoy wood smoked flavoured food , or go for searing hot temperature to get sear grill marks on your favourite steak.

    Smoking on a pellet grill is also an easy option to prepare meals for your friends or family, while enjoying with them instead of babysitting the cooker.

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    How To Choose The Best Wood Pellets For Smoking

    With so many options, you can always be confused about which one would be right for you. To eliminate this problem, we have included some of the following factors, which will give you the correct direction in the purchase.

    Low Ash Content

    You can associate this factor with cleaning mainly because the more ash the pellets produce, the more difficulty you will feel in cleaning. Therefore, always choose an option in which the ash is reduced.

    Apart from this, if a lot of ash is left or generated due to the burning of pellets, then your smoker/grill will run less efficiently. Therefore it is better to look for pellets that claim to have a lower ash content.

    No Additives or Bark

    Some manufacturers add additives to pellets during manufacture that help to enhance flavor or other properties. But the continuous use of them can be harmful to you because they are made with chemical methods. Therefore, you should use natural pellets as much as possible, which does not harm your health.

    Apart from this, more use of bark in pellet increases the ratio of ash, and there is more ash. You have to take more care of cleanliness otherwise, the smoker will not work to its potential.

    Therefore you look for pellets without filler, including cardboard, bark, glue, or other materials, that have been recycled to burn much hotter.

    Low Moisture



    Wood Types and Flavors

    • Charcoal blends This blend gives food a smoky charcoal flavor similar to the taste of food cooked over a charcoal grill.

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    We Have Put Together A Simple

    Welcome to the modern era of cooking. Thanks to wood pellets, grilling to perfection while infusing distinct flavor is easier and more effective than ever before.

    The art of smoking foods is all about consistent and level temperatures which starts with your fuel of the fire. Whether in the form of chunks, chips, or wood pellets, its best to use some type of hardwood for smoking.

    Traditionally, wood chips or chunks have been used in grills and outdoor ovens large enough to use them. Grillers with smaller setups can also use wood chips or wood pellets in gas or charcoal grills by using a smokebox, and recently, wood pellet grills have been making BBQ magic at homes as much as at restaurants. Many grillers enjoy using hardwood pellets because of their convenience and effectiveness compared to other fuels.

    What Are Food Grade Wood Pellets

    MAVERICK 2000 WOOD PELLET GRILL $2,999.00 The carbon steel ...

    When it comes to pellet safety, we are generally talking about those pellets used to cook food.

    As wood pellets are made only for use in stoves and heating, they are never to be used as grill pellets. Indeed, quality wood pellets dont have any chemicals, but low-grade pellets you may buy for heating are toxic.

    Food-grade pellets are manufactured specifically for use in grilling food, usually meat. This gives your meal a pleasant smoky taste.

    Still, the same stands as for wood pellets cheaper ones are dangerous.

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    Cookshack Pg1000 Fast Eddy’s Pellet Grill

    According to Lampe, this stainless steel grill is a cooking machine with double walled construction and insulation for heat retention as well as a quality searing burner and smoking performance. It also has the ability to cook over direct or indirect heat at up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit and a two-year limited warranty. Theres even a warming drawer to hold a pan of food while you keep cooking, he said. Fast Eddy is a long-time championship barbecue cook and pit builder so its no surprise that his grills are at the top of their class.

    Yoder Pellet Smoker Review

    Hands down Rob Green over at offers one of the best reviews of Yoder Smokers available anywhere. Specifically, Rob reviews the Yoder YS640 pellet smoker and does so with an excellent balance of textual information and specs combined with some very well done videos. Below is his introduction to the Yoder YS640.

    As you can see, Rob is very thorough in the way he breaks down the parts of this Yoder pellet smoker. To get a real feel for what youd be in for should you choose to buy this particular Yoder pellet smoker, head over to his article to read more.

    Another one of Americas finest home-grown products comes from MAK Grills Pellet Smokers. Based out of Dallas, OR, MAK started out as a steel fabrication company back in 1990 and ventured into making pellet smokers with the goal of making a pellet smoker thats more like a grill than an oven. Said in their own words

    We love pellet grills but didnt like the designs of the models on the market. They are more like an oven than a grill. MAK Grills are designed to be the best in class. You get outstanding BBQ flavor and safe cooking with real wood, along with an automatic lighting and fuel feed system. Simply turn the grill on and youre cooking in minutes! Our direct heat FlameZone ® feature is pioneering the industry for gas grill like cooking without the hassle of flare-ups and burned food. MAK Grills

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    Whats My Current Go To Pellet Brand

    At present, I am sponsored by and continually usepellets produced by There are two versions of pellets the Perfect Mix and 100 Percent Hickory.

    In each of these versions, CookinPellets uses all wood, no bark, no filler woods like oak or alder and no flavor oils. Just 100% of what is on the bag. I get consistently great flavor using these two varieties of pellet smoker pellets from, and I think youll enjoy them very much as well.

    Chris at is good people. You can read more about their operation here. I encourage you to give em a look see.

    Do Wood Pellets Contain Chemicals Food Safe Brands

    Smoke Daddy Inc’s Made in the USA Patriot Products for Pellet Grills and Custom BBQ Smokers!

    Wood pellets are becoming a wide-spread fuel source for peoples smoker grills, stoves and heaters, and many other appliances.

    But, do wood pellets contain chemicals?

    If made per industry standards, by compressing only sawdust, woodchips, and whole trees, wood pellets dont contain any chemicals and generally are not toxic.

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    Pellet Grills Vs Gas Grills:

    Both gas grills and pellet grills are designed to provide grilled food on economical fuel consumption and easy to achieve flavours. However the gas grill differs in following ways from a pellet grill.

    • Gas grills have no circulation of hot air, resulting uneven grilled food.
    • Gas grills dont have a proper air ventilation so temperature control is hard.
    • They offer a mid level to high temperature cooking, so cant work as smokers.
    • Gas grills dont have a wood smoked flavour, as compared to wood pellet grills.
    • Due to lack of proper insulation, gas grills are poor cookers at low temperature flames.

    How Well Each Held Temperature Over Time

    The Camp Chef and Traeger grills kept the temperature fairly tightno surprise, given they have excellent PID controllers. The Cuisinart also uses a PID, but its temperature fluctuated more than the others, largely due to its cavernous volume. The grills from Oklahoma Joes, Pit Boss, and Country Smokers all use standard controllers. Youll see that their temperatures bounced up and down a bit more than the others.


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    Do Wood Pellets Make A Difference

    They provide a clean, healthy fuel source that lasts longer with even smoke, consistent temperatures and favorable results. High-quality wood pellets also keep your grill performing at its best and most effective. Cheaper, low-quality pellets are generally lower in density and contain higher moisture content.

    Do Pellet Grills Cook Like Gas Grills

    Pellet Grills  Bitterroot Stoves

    This answer is: sort of. To master your pellet grill, you dont want to think about it like a gas grill for several very important reasons.

    Gas grills have multiple burners and pre-heat really fast. Your pellet grill pre-heats like a household oven: its going to get to the desired temperature, but it will take longer to get there. Respect the pre-heat: its one of the most important steps of the cookout.

    Cleaning is key, especially if youre switching up your grilling style. You should never smoke a brisket then crank up the heat and grill a steak. The brisket will have shed several ounces of grease onto the drip trays that needs to be cleaned up before you grill. Remember: a clean grill performs better and tastes better, too.

    There really isnt anything to fiddle with on a pellet grill. When using a gas grill or charcoal youll find yourself fine tuning the controls or vents: a little more heat here, a little less here. Temperature control on a pellet grill is just as reliable as the oven in your home: simply set it and forget it.

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