How Do I Know What Weber Genesis Grill I Have

A Workaround To A Broken Flamecheck

Which Weber should I buy?| Spirit vs Genesis II vs Summit gas grill

Joe Anshien, a member of The Virtual Weber Bulletin Board, restored a Genesis 5 and shared his workaround to a broken FlameCheck Safety System that does not involve the use of a brick!

Find the FlameCheck valve situated between the incoming gas supply hose and the manifold. Unscrew the bottom portion of the valve where the thermocouple wire is connected. Inside youll find a valve cartridge with a spring assembly on one end.

Using a pair of pliers, pop-off the spring assembly, then remove and discard the spring retainer at the end of the spring.

Replace the cartridge and spring inside the valve and screw the bottom portion back on. Spray a soapy water solution on the valve to check for gas leaks, then check that the burners light without depressing the FlameCheck button.

Bill Nipe Birchwood Wi Model 1880

Date Code: C

I was attending an estate auction when I came across a box which appeared to have a small charcoal grill in it. Upon further inspection, I noticed it was a Weber smoker.

I was sure someone was gonna outbid me, but I won at $18. When I got home, I removed the smoker from the box and found out that it had never been used. I did not know much about the art of smoking or about these smokers until I stumbled across your site.

Well, I have been smoking this little guy every weekend since and the whole family loves the meals this thing turns out. This smoker has been a blast to use along with your site, and it will be smoking for a long time to come.

Weber Spirit Vs Genesis Overview

Its important to note that the Spirit and Genesis are both series of grills. Each series features dozens of individual grills that are suited for different needs. When comparing the Weber Spirit vs Genesis series, were going to look first at the high level differences.

The high level difference between the two series is that Weber Spirit grills are designed to be more of a bare bones grill, whereas the Genesis series grills are more advanced and loaded with extra features.

Thats not to say that a beginner cant operate a Weber Genesis quite the opposite. Its just that you might be paying for features you wont use at first when youre just learning how to grill.

Thats also not to say that the Weber Spirit series isnt full of high quality grills. Just because there arent a bunch of bells and whistles doesnt mean that it isnt an incredibly good grill.

If youre the type of griller who uses a grill once every other week, the Spirit might be a better suited design for you. It has everything you need to get the job done. If youre an intermediate or advanced griller, or youre looking to take your grilling game to the next level, the Genesis series might be better.

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Weber Genesis Vs Genesis Ii

Recently, the Weber grill company released the Genesis II and Special Edition series, updating their popular Genesis line with a brand new line of productsthe most significant update to Webers product line in the last fifteen years. The new lineup is objectively impressive, decisively differentiating Weber from its competition in terms of quality and versatility.

There are dozens of significant differences between the Weber Genesis II / SE grill models and their predecessors, but here well focus on the most dramatic and significant improvements. Also, please note that Weber simplified the Genesis line up getting rid of the redundant LX series as well as the 2 and 6 burner models.

How Weber Keeps The Record

Weber Genesis Vs Napoleon Prestige Grills

Since 1979, each of these grills come with a serial number and there are one or two letters in each serial. The letters are followed by seven numbers. These numbers also include leading zeros for wood and gas grills. The code is printed on the data label of these grills.

The Gas Go-Anywhere Series has these codes embossed in the burner tube. The current models of the charcoal grills also use the same format and the numbers are printed on their dampers. The older models might have the letters without the numbers on their dampers.


2015: CU 2019: CL

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Exclusive: Weber Genesis Ii Se Series 4

At Designer Appliances, we have been working closely with Weber for years to offer our customers the absolute best grill lineups while also providing unparalleled customer support. This year, Weber has returned the favor by releasing their Genesis II SE Series grill only available to a few of their select Weber dealers, including Designer Appliances. You wont find this model at your big box home improvement stores.

Weber Genesis II SE 4-Burner Grill

For only $50 more than the standard Genesis II 4-burner grill, the SE Weber Grill includes:

  • Upgraded grill grates, from standard porcelain enamel to stainless steel
  • Upgraded flavorizer bars, from porcelain enamel to stainless steel
  • Rich Color Options

Best Weber Genesis Ii Series Bbq Grills For 2021

Steve Sheinkopf | April 06, 2021 | 11 Min. Read

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  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Weber Genesis II is Weberâs most popular grill series.

    This series has decent sizes in three or four burners, good burner output, and is built to last longer than other competitive grills.

    Buying a Genesis is not easy.

    The model numbers are confusing. Genesis also has similar model numbers to their lesser-priced Spirit line.

    First, you will learn about all the features and differences between all the available Genesis grills. Then weâll show you the main benefits of buying a Weber Genesis grill.

    Weâll also show you how to interpret Weber grill codes along with comparisons between the lesser-priced Weber Spirits and higher-priced Weber Summit grills.

    Now, no series of grills are best for every type of grilling, so you will also see a comparison between Genesis and other grill types like charcoal, pellet, and pro grills.

    Letâs get started.

    Note: Weber discontinued some of the lineups several days ago, probably due to component issues adding to the complexity of buying a Genesis grill.

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    Gas Grill Vs Charcoal Grill

    If youre buying a grill, your first decision is which type of fuel: charcoal or gas.

    Gas grills offer three big benefits:

    • Control: Adjusting the heat is a simple matter of turning the burner knobs, so you can easily prevent burning or undercooking, as well as create different heat zones by shutting down one or more burner . You can do the same with charcoal, too, but it takes workyou need to move the coals around and adjust the vents.
    • Convenience: Gas grills turn on with the press of a button and heat up fast. Charcoal grills require 20 minutes or so to light the coals and another 10 minutes or so for the grates to heat up.
    • Cleanliness: Gas grills dont generate much smoke and dont produce ash or embers the way charcoal grills do, so cleanup is simpleyou just have to brush and wipe the grates and empty the grease trap after youre done cooking.

    That said, charcoal grills have several upsides of their own. Charcoal burns hotter than gas, so you can get a superior sear on burgers and steaks. You can buy an exceptional, do-everything charcoal grill for $150 gas grills start at around $200, and youll spend at least twice that on a really good one. Lastly, theres the romance factor: For some people, its more fun to play with fire than to twiddle a few knobs.

    Lighting An Electric Bbq

    Weber GENESIS II E-310 Propane Gas Grill with iGrill 3 (1 Year Later)

    Lighting an electric barbecue is simple. You dont need to use any fuel or lighting aids you simply plug the barbecue into a socket, turn the controller to high and just let it heat up for 25 minutes with the lid on. It wont be long before the barbecue is at the perfect temperature for cooking.

    Our tip: Always use a barbecue thermometer to measure the core temperature of the food and ensure its cooked to your liking.

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    Clean The Outside Parts Of The Grill

    In this section, you have to clean the sides and lid of your BBQ grill. You can clean it with a towel and cleaning solution. Clean the dirt and stains from the body and make sure no stubborn stains are left. You have to clean the sides of the grill daily. If you ignore the dirt, then it will be difficult to remove. If your grill is made of stainless steel material, avoids using the stainless steel brush because their bristles are hard and the surface will not be cleaned properly, and the surface will be scratchy and damaged.

    How Do I Identify My Weber Grill

    3 Simple Steps for How to Identify Your Weber Gas Grill

  • Locate your Serial Number.
  • Look at the Number of Burners. If you cant determine the model of your Weber grill based on its age or a plate on the grill itself, you will need to identify certain characteristics on your grill to compare them to existing Weber models.
  • 28 . 2017 .

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    Question: How Do I Identify My Weber Grill Model

  • What do Flavorizer bars do?
  • The serial number consists of one or two letters found on the lid damper, plus the bar code containing 5 or 6 numbers, located under the control panel. Located in the upper right-hand corner of owners manual. Older units had a bar code underneath the stainless steel charbin cover.

    Weber Genesis Silver Gold And Platinum Grill Parts

    Weber Genesis II E

    The Silver, Gold and Platinum Genesis grills were an evolution of Webers full sized gas grills that replaced the the 1000-5000 series.

    The hardest thing about fixing these grills is replacing the burner tubes. The only reason that the burner tubes are tricky is because of one or two screws that get rusted into place. Once you get the screws out then working on these grills is a breeze.

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    Gas Grill: Burners Not Getting Gas

    First, check the tank’s propane level to make sure the tank has gas. Next, reset the pressure regulator to restore gas flow through the regulator if the regulator’s flow-limiting device tripped. Replace the pressure regulator if it doesn’t allow gas to flow to the manifold after resetting the flow-limiting device. Check the operation of the burner valves on the manifold and replace the manifold if gas doesn’t flow properly to the burner tubes when you open the manifold’s valves.

    Gas won’t flow through misaligned burner tubes, so check and adjust burner tube alignment with the gas valves. Clogs in the burner tubes can also inhibit gas flow through the tubes. Clean clogs such as spider webs and spills from the burner tubes to restore gas flow through the tubes.

    Kevin Steers Cedarburg Wi

    Date Code: B

    Kevin says, Days after an estate sale in my neighborhood in northern Wisconsin, this WSM was found in the bushes, where it had been abandoned. The new homeowner told me to take it, as he knew I was a barbecue guy. I will need to reverse a mod, as the original owner converted it to propane, I believe, as evidenced by the holes in the base.

    In the first photo, you can see the propane valve attached to the front leg of the charcoal bowl. In the third photo looking inside the charcoal bowl, the rectangular hole is probably access for the propane burner the small hole in the bottom is probably a weep hole for water.

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    Do I Need To Use A Natural Gas Regulator On A Bbq Grill

    When we have free time we will often answer service and support questions on various question and answer web sites where people turn for help with barbecue grill and fireplace problems. Sometimes the same question will come up again and again so well share it here. The funny thing is that these sites have

    NG Regulator has pressure in inches printed on lable to show this is a low pressure regulator.

    experts whose answers seriously call into question the designation of expert.

    Do you need to use a natural gas regulator on your NG barbecue grill or fireplace?

    The answer is both yes and no. Natural gas is typically provided to us through our city, state or county and is often contracted out to independent companies just like electricity. The standards for typical regulation is that natural gas will run through the main gas line at 110 psi which means 10 pounds of pressure per square inch.

    When the gas line splits off the main to run up into someones property there is a regulator after the meter that steps the pressure down to 2 psi. At sea level a low pressure appliance like a barbecue grill and a gas fireplace will burn at low pressure which is between 1/8 and 1/4 of 1 psi. Because the pressure is so low we designate the pressure in terms of water column displacement. Low pressure appliances typically operate at 2 or 4 water column displacement and can operate higher at higher altitudes.

    What Is Webers Model Year

    Weber Genesis II Review â If You’re Looking for a Gas Grill… Start Here

    The code schemes described below represent a grills model year, not a calendar year. Webers model year runs from . For example, a grill with date code DE is part of the 2009 model year and may have been manufactured anytime between 10/1/2008 and 9/30/2009. Its also possible that for any given model year, a few remaining vent dampers from the previous model year were carried forward and used-up after the start of a new model year.

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    The Grill Isnt Heating Up

    This complaint is usually caused by issues with the regulator. The regulator is the small segment of pipe that connects the grill to the gas supply. Weber grill regulator problems can cause the burners to produce only a tiny glimmer of flameor sometimes none at all.

    If the issue isnt with the igniter system or the gas supply, a regulator reset could do the trick. First, turn all the burner control knobs and the tank valve to their OFF positions. Take the regulator valve off the gas tank by pulling the metal collar toward the tank, then pulling the valve in the opposite direction.

    When youve removed the valve, turn each burner knob to HIGH and wait for at least one minute, then switch them all off again.

    Next, youll want to hook the regulator valve back up. Pull the metal collar back toward the tank and insert the tip of the valve directly into the tank. Make sure the valve is secure, then switch the tank valve back on. Attempt to use the grill as you normally would.

    If the reset procedure doesnt solve your Weber grill regulator problems, it might be because the grill has gone into .

    Since 1995, Weber has included a gas detection device inside all of its propane hoses or regulators. The use of this safety feature has been mandated by the federal government to reduce the inherent risks of cooking over a gas flame. Heres how it works.

    Performing a Leak Test

    Differences Between The Grills

    The biggest difference between the grills is a reduction in the number of Flavorizer bars from thirteen down to five. I will make the assumption that this was an attempt to lower the cost of the grill and was not related to improved performance. The initial patents on the Flavorizer bars indicated that only the ones directly over the burners were really needed to prevent flare-ups. The second row of Flavorizer bars on the older models was included to aid in heat distribution.

    A second difference between these two generations of the Genesis involves the side tables as well as materials of construction. In earlier Genesis model the side tables were constructed from slats of wood or from slats of a polymer that looked like wood. In the Silver, Gold and Platinum models the side tables are all single piece construction. The side tables are now either a solid piece of plastic, porcelain coated steel or stainless steel.

    The Weber Genesis Silver came in three models: A, B and C. For the Genesis Silver grills the Flavorizer bars carried a one year warranty and the cooking grate was covered for three.

    The Weber Genesis Silver A was an inexpensive, two burner grill that served to let people own a piece of the Weber name without shelling out significant cash. There was a solid side table on the left hand side of the grill made from a thermoplastic material. Total cooking area on this grill is about 350 square inches.

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    Where Is My Serial Number

    Weber has made so many different versions of our Q, Spirit, Genesis and Summit models it could make your head spin. While having a huge assortment of grills to choose from is a great thing, it can make it a bit hard to figure out which is the correct replacement part.

    Serial numbers are the single best tool for identifying a Weber gas grill, and every gas grill that Weber makes has one. Weber charcoal models have serial numbers too, but they are even more crucial to have when dealing with a gas grill, due to the gas train parts involved.Whenever anyone calls Weber Customer Service one of the first questions we ask is if they have the serial number for their grill. This ensures that the representative taking the order will order all the right parts for the grill. Not only that, but serial numbers are used to register grills in our system to provide warranty coverage.

    So where does one find a serial number on a Weber grill?

    Well we have a handy chart right here on for finding out where the serial number for each model can be found.

    On gas models, the serial number will be on a data label affixed to a component of the grill.

    Here is an example of a serial number from a Weber gas grill.

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