How Long Do I Cook Salmon On The Grill

Getting The Salmon Ready

How long to cook Salmon on the Grill.

While the gas grill is being prepared, brush the salmon fillets with your favorite dry rub or marinade. While marinating the pieces, you need to be wary of the time. Marinating the salmon long enough causes the fillet to lose its firmness and flavor.

Before you start grilling, estimate the cooking time for each fillet, a fillet that is a half-inch thick requires about 4 minutes of cooking i.e. 2 minutes of cooking per side.

Wine Pairing With Grilled Salmon Steaks

The go to pairing for salmon is Pinot Noir, especially from Oregon or the Burgundy region of France. Dont fall into the trap of white wine with fish and red wine with meat. Salmon has a richer flavor than most fish, and grilling salmon brings out some bold flavors, not to mention the char on the outside.

With the grilled element of earthiness and herbs from the dry rub, another great options would be Gamay, or if you want something refreshing try a fruity rosé.

Can You Eat Salmon Every Day

There’s really no reason that you can’t eat salmon every day. It’s high Omega 3 content makes it an extremely healthy addition to your diet. If you love it and want to eat it daily, go right ahead. Some celebrities even swear by a daily portion of salmon on the menu to keep them healthy. On the other hand, don’t feel bad if you can’t stand the idea of eating salmon every single day, or can’t afford to. A couple of servings a week will still benefit you.

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What You Choose Wild Or Farmed Salmon

Suppose you are offered two options with wild and farmed salmon, which one you should choose and why. Ill let you know how to select the better option for your meals.

Wild Salmon

What are they: Pink salmon, King salmon, Sockeye, Coho, silver salmon.

What they eat for survival: Capelin, Atlantic herring, sand lance, barracudina, and lanternfish

Flesh Color

  • King salmon: soft, delicate, and melt in the mouth
  • Sockeye: orange to deep red
  • Copper River Sockeye: natural deep red
  • Coho: from orange to red


  • Pink salmon: soft texture with a small flake
  • King salmon: dense meaty flavor and rich fatty consistency
  • Sockeye: firm and medium flakes
  • Copper River Sockeye: a firm texture
  • Coho: comparatively dense and firm


  • Atlantic salmon: a milder flavor than wild salmon
  • Arctic char: rich and flavorful taste

Nutrition values: Lighter color and contain less fat

Price: More plentiful and cheaper

There are numerous types of salmon for both wild and farm-raised salmon. Wild salmon types that are often served for your meals come from pink salmon, king salmon, sockeye, copper river sockeye, and coho.

On the contrary, the two most used farmed salmon are Atlantic salmon and arctic char salmon.

Wild salmon will be caught by nets or lines, and they live in the wild and eat smaller species, whereas farmed salmon is raised on a farm and fed with pellets made with smaller fish, ground-up chicken feathers, or poultry litter.

Essential Tools We Recommend

How to Grill Salmon without Sticking to the Grill ...

For starters, youll need to decide the right type of grill for your cooking stylegas or charcoal. You cant go wrong with the Napoleon 18-inch Charcoal Kettle grill if cooking over briquettes or lump charcoal is in your future. If you decided to go for gas grills, look to the Weber Spirit II E-310. Short on patio space? Go portable with the Weber Q 1200 portable gas grill.

Its also helpful to have a thin, long-handled spatula and a pair of long grill tongs for greasing the grill grates.

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How To Prepare The Salmon For Grilling

If buying a whole filet:

  • Remove the belly area that has bones. This is typically the area where silver skin can be seen. We slice along the top of it to keep a nice uniform shape.
  • Remove the pin bones if it has not already been done with tweezers.
  • Slice the salmon into four equal filets around 6 8 ounces each depending on the size of the salmon. Pat the salmon dry with a paper towel and prepare to season.

Chefs Tip on Bone-In Salmon: Ask your fish monger or butcher counter to remove pin bones. Pin bones are not fun to pick through. Any good monger or butcher will do this for you.

If you use the tail end, leave that filet slightly larger to get the same weight and note that it will cook faster than the center cut. There is no need to marinade or brine the salmon.

Grilled Salmon = Easy Grilling

When it comes to grilling, salmon is one of the quickest and easiest proteins to grill as long as you follow a few simple steps.

Our grilled salmon recipe is made flavored with the basics so that you can serve your salmon in many different ways. Try eating it next to your favorite grilled veggies, in a rice bowl, or in a breakfast scramble!

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About This Grilled Salmon In Foil:

Now I bet youre wondering how to make this simple grilled salmon! You can have this salmon ready for the grill in less than 10 minutes.

Get your grill preheating. Youll want it at medium heat, if youre cooking on a gas grill, the temperature should be around 400°F. Lay the salmon fillet on a large sheet of heavy duty foil , and brush the fillet with a mixture of melted butter, minced garlic, chopped fresh chives, salt, and pepper. Be generous and just slather it on!

Bring the sides of foil together, double fold to seal, and do the same with the ends. Bring the packet out to the grill, set it on the grate, put the lid down, and grill for about 15 minutes. No peeking! The salmon is steaming right now and you dont want to let out all the steam.

If you like, before you take the salmon packet off the grill, check the internal temp of the salmon with an instant read thermometer. It should read about 135°F. Remove the salmon from the grill, and let it rest about five minutes.

Unwrap it and serve! The grilled salmon will be perfectly done, moist, buttery, and tender, with loads of garlicky flavor! Youll love it!

Or you could go this route: grill these seasoned potatoes alongside the salmon. They cook at the same temperature for the same length of time and get wonderfully brown and crispy. Perfect! Add a couple of grilled zucchini and youre good to go. Or make a separate foil packet of grilled rosemary potatoes and grill them for 25-30 minutes for a wonderful side.

How To Grill Perfect Salmon: Two Simple Methods

How to cook salmon and keep it from sticking to the grill

Method 1: directly on your grill

The traditional way to grill salmon is just like you would with any of your favorite proteins. Youll add the filets directly to your grill, cook them, then flip and cook them again:

Step 1: marinate your salmon. Pour or generously brush your favorite marinade over the salmon. You can also marinate it in the fridge in a bowl or shallow dish for a few hours before cooking.

Step 2: prep your grill. Preheat a gas grill over medium-high heat, around 375 to 400 degrees F. Use a grill brush to scrape off anything left over from previous cooking. Brush the grill with oil to prevent sticking.

Step 3: place your salmon. Youll start by grilling your salmon skin-side up for about 6-8 minutes. This helps to seal in all of the flavors and makes it easier to flip. No peeking under the lid while its cooking!

Step 4: flip & finish. Flip the salmon with a fish spatula and cook for another 6-8 minutes until the salmon is just cooked through and flakes easily. Feel free to brush with more of the marinade here, too. Its best to slightly undercook rather than overcook your salmon filets. Salmon is done typically when it reaches an internal temperature of 140 degrees F.

Step 5: let it rest. Once youve removed your salmon from the grill be sure to let it rest for a couple of minutes to seal in the flavor and juices. The salmon will also cook more as you let it rest, so its okay if you removed it a little bit early.

Method 2: grill salmon in foil packs

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The Best Grilled Salmon

Home » Main Dish » The Best Grilled Salmon

You, too, can make the absolute BEST Grilled Salmon in foil on the grill. This salmon has a slightly sweet and smoky flavor and is grilled to perfection in just around 15 minutes!

During cooking, the marinade creates a nice glaze so that the salmon filets end up with a slightly crisp outside and light flakiness inside. This simple grilled salmon is not only delicious, but it is extremely easy to prepare.

The marinade is mixed up right in a ziplock bag and the fish is grilled in little aluminum boats placed right on top of the grill grates making clean up easy!

My family agrees this is the best salmon recipe ever, and I think yours will, too!

Selecting Salmon For Grilling

There are many salmon species out there. Some are better for grilling because they tend to be larger and more suited to withstand high heat on a grill due to their fat content. Start with larger cuts of salmon like:

  • Chinook
  • Atlantic
  • Sockeye

Salmon will come to the store as frozen or fresh. Not all parts of the country can get access to fresh salmon regularly because of the seasonality of salmon or the need to ship it frozen.

Regardless of frozen or fresh, be sure the salmon does not smell fishy and the color is vibrant upon purchase. If you are buying a whole salmon to slice into filets, be sure the eyes are clear and not cloudy. And be sure the salmon has the skin on.

We love wild salmon versus farmed, but that is a personal preference. We find grilling wild salmon has a very distinct flavor that we enjoy.

Opt for whole filets or ask the fish monger to slice a whole filet for you and specify you want the center cut of the fish. The tail end of the salmon is not as meaty, whereas the center is thicker.

The last tip is make sure the salmon cut is thick. There is always a thinner side toward the belly, but the thicker flesh will be best for retaining moisture when grilling.

You can buy salmon steaks, which are commonly the body of the salmon cut up to include the spine, pin bones and both sides of the filet. When grilling they look beautiful, but also have bones you need to be aware of that wont come out as easily prior to grilling.

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How Long To Cook Pork Burgers On George Foreman

If youre working with fresh meat, a pork burger will be cooked on a George Foreman grill in the blink of an eye!

Your prep time should take five minutes while the George Foreman grill heats up. The best way to heat it quickly is to select the option high heat.

Place the seasoned pork burgers on the preheated grill. Be careful, the grill plates are hot, and we really want to avoid burns!

Set your timer to 4 minutes and close the grill lid. When you hear the beeping sound, dont worry, its not a fire, just one perfectly grilled medium-rare pork burger!

A quick tip for all you lovers of well-done burgers if your burger is still undercooked for your taste, put it back on the Foreman grill and keep the lid closed. Check back after a minute, and your well-done pork burger has arrived!

What To Season Grilled Salmon With

Grilled Salmon with Strawberry Salsa  The Crumby Kitchen

The awesome thing about this recipe is it is literally just the basics. This salmon is a blank canvas for you to top with whatever your little heart desires. Here are a few of my favorite ways to top it, everything from spice rubs to salsas or sauces.

  • Lemon Garlic Butter Sauce
  • Fresh Herbs like rosemary, thyme or dill
  • Homemade Spice Rubs This post uses them for chicken but Ive definitely used the Lemon Pepper Rub on my salmon before. The other ones are Mediterranean, Buffalo or a Smoky Chipotle. YUM!

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How To Cook Salmon On A Bbq

  • We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article.
  • Cooking fish on the BBQ can be daunting, but it’s easier than you think. Read on to discover our top tips for cooking salmon on the BBQ.

    Salmon is a fantastic fish which lends itself to the smoky flavour that the BBQ imparts. A whole side of salmon makes for a gorgeous presentation and is ideal for larger crowds. Whereas salmon steaks and fillets are quick and easy to cook and make a great light summer BBQ option. Why not try switching your beef patty for a salmon fillet and make salmon burgers?

    Or elevate a simple fillet by utilising marinades and rubs. Good To Know Food Director Elisa Roche sings the praises of a salmon fillet marinated in white miso paste.

    How To Cook Tilapia On An Electric Griddle

    Tilapia is a delicious and healthy white fish, and is a great option for adding protein to your meals. Luckily, most fish can be cooked on an electric griddle, and this includes tilapia. Following the process for cooking salmon or cod will also work with tilapia. Don’t forget to season both sides of the tilapia fillet with salt and pepper before you put it on the griddle.

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    Can You Cook Frozen Salmon On The Grill

    May 28, 2019

    Can you cook frozen salmon on the grill? The procrastinators and the people with a hard time remembering to take fish out of the freezers need to know.

    I have spent a lot of time on the subject of frozen salmon since I am so forgetful. How to Cook Salmon from Frozen and How to Cook Salmon from Frozen Without Thawing in the Oven are both excellent posts for those who dont have time to wait for their salmon to thaw.

    Now, it is time to see if a grill will destroy frozen salmon or will it be perfect? It wasnt hard to find out!

    Frozen salmon is so easy to work with and it is in every freezer section . When you look at the nutrition of salmon you can see why registered dietiticians advise eating it. Look at all that protein with almost zero fat! The fat you will get from fish is the good fat AKA Omega-3-Fatty acids.

    Fish has it all.

    I love the frozen packages that are in a single serving size. The packaging makes it easy to pull out just what I need and not waist any fish. We all know salmon is expensive so we dont want to make too much of it.

    When it is frozen it is a bit tricky to get out of the package. Run it under some cool water and then use a set of scissors to free it.

    I took the frozen fillets and brushed some extra virgin olive oil on the outside in an attempt to keep the fish from sticking to the grill grate.

    My grill is a Weber Spirit . It has two sets of burners so it allows the kind of cooking that makes it possible to grill frozen salmon.

    Why Does It Take That Long To Grill Salmon

    How to Grill Salmon Steaks and Fillets | Food Network

    Patience is key when it comes to grilling salmon. The salmon must be kept for adequate time on the grill to ensure that it is cooked properly. The main ingredient for making a perfect grilled salmon.

    The spices used for the marination of the salmon should be authentic and natural to enhance its taste even more. While cooking on charcoal it is essential to keep an eye on the flame and make sure that the heat is constant and not fluctuating.

    The salmon if frozen should be allowed to defrost completely before beginning the process of grilling. This will ensure that the salmon is cooked perfectly and will enhance its taste further.

    It is better to remove the salmon from the grill when a person thinks it is done to make sure that it is not burnt. If the salmon is uncooked it is possible to put it back on the grill but if it is burnt, there is no way back.

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    The Best Grill Temperature For Grilled Salmon

    Grill the salmon on a 450°-500° F hot grill. The number one way to ensure success when grilling fish is a smoking hot grill. Cook for skin side down for about 6-8 minutes on hot grates to ensure the fish wont stick to the grates and will lift easily away once its done.

    Oil the fish, not the grill. Contrary to popular belief, theres no need to oil the grill grates. Oiling the fish itself improves the chances of it releasing more easily from the grates to lookand tastebetter. Again, a neutral-flavored oil with a high smoke point like grape seed oil is a good one to choose.

    Griddle Pan Salmon Recipe

    Salmon is such a versatile fish, and there are many ways that you can cook it into a variety of delicious and healthy meal. Our favourite way is this simple recipe with tomatoes, fresh french beans and olives. This dish is so simple that it is ideal for beginners, making a fresh, light lunch or evening dinner. The recipe serves 4.

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