How To Clean Outside Bbq Grill

How To Clean A Charcoal Grill With A Pressure Washer

Cleaning Your Outdoor Barbecue Gas Grill

Got a pressure washer? You can use it to effortlessly clean a charcoal grate. First empty the barbecue of ash, replace the charcoal grate, and then stand it away from anything you don’t want to splash (the middle of the lawn is perfect near a compost heap better. Then simply turn your pressure washer on a medium setting, and wash downwards, not up, to avoid making a mess.

We have a buyer’s guide to the best pressure washers if you’re in the market for one.

S To Deep Clean Your Grill Grates

Deeping cleaning uses the power of vinegar but mixes it with a bit of baking soda for a 1:2 knockout on that grime.

  • Place the grates in a large plastic bag, such as a garbage bag.
  • In a plastic or metal dish, stir together one cup of vinegar and half a cup of baking soda.
  • Pour this solution on the racks.
  • Close the bag and leave it overnight.
  • Rinse the gunk, which should now be loosened, off in the kitchen sink or with the garden hose.
  • Note that the vinegar and baking soda solution will bubble up, just like it did in those science fair volcanoes. So make sure you use a much larger dish than what you think you need.

    If any residue remains on the grill after these steps, a once-over with the grill brush should take care of it.

    How To Clean Your Outdoor Grill In 8 Simple Steps

    Whether you have a gas or charcoal grill, follow these steps to keep it sparkling.

    If you’re planning an outdoor meal, the odds are good that it involves your barbecue grill. Interest in barbecuing and grilling is on the rise, according to the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association, with more than 14 million grills sold in 2014 alone. And, it’s no wonder foods that are cooked on the grill have a deliciously smoky flavor and a nice, subtly crunchy char what’s not to love? The only downside to outdoor cooking and eating is cleaning the barbecue grill. Luckily, it’s not difficult to do.

    One of the keys to easy clean-up is not letting grime build up in the first place. Cleaning your grill regularly can go a long way in making the process easier when it is time to give it a thorough scrub. Even if you don’t have time to go through the full cleaning process each time you cook, quickly wiping down the grill grates with some crumpled up aluminum foil can loosen charred bits of food and make clean-up easier the next time around.

    Another way to maintain a clean grill and make clean-up easier is to oil the grill grates before you cook on them. Rubbing a light coating of cooking oil onto the grates before you heat them can help prevent food from sticking, burning, and building up.

    Make Sure the Grill Is Off

    Clean the Grates

    Using a long-handled grill brush or a ball of crumpled aluminum foil , scrub the grates to loosen any debris.

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    Clean All Parts Once A Year

    Clean everything elseincluding the burners themselves, the side walls, the bottom of the cooking compartment, and the drip panat least once a year, using warm, soapy water. This seasonal or annual cleaning requires some simple disassembly so you can clean each part separately let and dry it thoroughly before reassembling the grill. Make sure to disconnect the gas hookups before removing the burners.

    The burners require special attention. Makes sure the jets are free of debris. A thin wire or small nail can help to open up any holes that are plugged.

    Conclude by wiping down the outside of the grill, using warm water. Wipe dry to prevent rust.

    How To Clean A Gas Grill

    How to Deep Clean Your Grill

    Grills take a lot of wear and tear over time.Extreme temperatures, buildups of grease, carbon and food debris, rust andenvironmental factors can all wreak havoc on your grill over time.

    Frequently cleaning your grill will improvethe safety of your grill, taste of your food, cut down on extra smoke, and ensure your burners areburning clean and heat is being distributed evenly. It will also give you achance to inspect your grill from top to bottom, and make sure its in goodshape.

    An important part to inspect is the grill manifold. The manifold is the pipe that holds the valves. On some grills you may need to remove the control panel to see the manifold. Spray some soapy water around the valves and along the manifold. If you see bubbles you may have a leak. If the steal pipe feels soft or has any holes, you do NOT want to proceed further. This must be replaced. Contact the manufacturer for availability.

    Heres how to clean a gas grill in a few easysteps.

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    How To Clean A Charcoal Grill

    Out of the many different types of grills, the varieties that heat using charcoal require the most cleaning. Keep charcoal grills in peak condition by cleaning them after each use and thoroughly cleaning before and after each grilling season.

    After each use:

    Charcoal ash gathers at the bottom of the grill every time it’s used, so you must clean the grill after each use. Built-up ash can block vents in the bottom of the grill, making it difficult to control cooking temperature and increase fire risks.

    • Once the charcoal has cooled, remove the bricks and brush out the ash.
    • Cleaning grill grates is best done with a long-handled stiff-wire brush. If you dont have a brush, ball up some aluminum foil and hold with long-handled tongs.
    • Use a rag or folded paper towels to apply vegetable oil to the clean grates. This will help prevent rust and food build-up.
    • Clean the inside of the grilling bowl and lid using mild dish soap and a steel brush.

    Before and after each grilling season:

    In addition to cleaning out old charcoal, keep your charcoal grill in peak condition with regular maintenance. Follow these cleaning tips at the beginning and end of each grilling season, performing more often as needed.

    • Clean the outside of the lid and bowl using soap and water. You can also use grill cleaner. Towel dry to prevent rust.
    • Keep the grill protected with a grill cover.
    • Replace your grill brushes annually.

    Wipe The Burners Clean

    Now to the burner tubes.

    These should have been adequately covered by the Flavorizer Bars or metal plates described above, so a gentle wipe with a sponge and warm soapy water should be enough.

    While wiping them down, check to make sure none of the holes are clogged as this affects the flow of gas, causes uneven heating and inconsistent results from your grill.

    So if you see any clogged holes, gently remove the dirt using a toothpick or an opened out paper clip to clear any blocked holes.

    If more than just a few holes are blocked, if seriously dirty, caked, and clogged they will need a little extra TLC. Check out our guide to cleaning gas grill burner tubes for more info.

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    How Often Do I Clean The Outside Of My Grill

    If you use your grill daily, clean the outside every one to two weeks. If you use the grill three to four times a week, clean it every two to four weeks. If you dont grill often, clean it every couple of months. Maybe once when you pull it out in the spring and right before you put it away for the fall. If the outside starts to look grimy and greasy, its time to clean your grill.

    Clean Grill Racks Regularly

    How to Clean a Gas Grill | The Home Depot

    When flare-ups happen, you soon face a host of other issues. Clean BBQ grill racks for a few minutes after every use. Deep clean the grill once per month, scrubbing the bars and outside of the grill thoroughly.

    These tips save you elbow grease when using natural cleaning products, help you clean more efficiently, and ensure your grill remains in lasting condition no matter what type.

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    How To Clean A Grill

    For active grillers, BBQ aficionados and outdoor culinary types, the grill is a centerpiece of quality time at home. Keeping your grill clean is essential for great cooking, better-tasting food and a longer life for your grilling station. It can be a challenge, however, with marinade splatter, burger grease and accumulated leftover chunks of who-knows-what on your grates. These simple steps will help you keep your grill in great working order for years to come.

    • Cleaning cloths or paper towels
    • Newspaper


    Make sure your grill is cool before cleaning. Lay out newspaper in your work station to keep the area clean, as you’ll need to disassemble your grill to thoroughly clean it.

  • Turn off the gas supply . Then detach the gas tank from the grill .
  • Grill grates: Remove the grill grates and coat them with Simple Green, then leave them on the newspapers to soak for several minutes. Scrub away any grimy buildup using your grill brush or other coarse cleaning brush, making sure to scrub both sides of the grates. Rinse well.
  • Burner covers & tubes: Remove any burner tubes and burner plates or coverings including V-shaped metal bars, ceramic briquettes, or lava stones. Spray them with Simple Green and let sit for several minutes, then scrub clean. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Underside of lid: Coat the area with Simple Green, and use a scrub brush to remove any accumulated debris, being careful not to scratch the surface. Wipe out and rinse thoroughly.
  • How Often Should You Clean Your Gas Grill

    While this question might seem like it should have a precise, scientific answer, thankfully, knowing when to clean your grill is quite simple.

    If you open the lid and your first thought is ew, or if youre wondering whether you might infect the family , then it definitely needs cleaning.

    Another frequent occurrence that is an easy way to know if it needs cleaning is the point at which you notice your grill isnt heating up as well as it did in its prime. While there could be a more worrying defect with your grill, its more than likely that the burners are simply blocked, or the airflow is restricted by grease and grime.

    So again, its time to get cleaning!

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    Cleaning Lightly After Every Use

  • 1Burn off excess food and grease. After you use your grill, turn the heat on high and leave for 15 minutes, or until the grill is no longer smoking from burning the food residue. Then turn off your grill.
  • Leaving the grill burning for 15 minutes allows for any remaining grease or food particles left over from your last use to be burned into ash, and easily removed.
  • 2Clean the grilling grates. When the grilling grates are no longer hot to the touch, , turn off the gas supply, and disconnect the gas.XResearch source Then brush off any loose and ashed particles of food or grease with a steel grill brush. You could also crumple up piece of aluminum foil, and use that to brush off the grates as well.XResearch source
  • For a more thorough cleaning, you can remove the grates from the grill, use a sponge dipped in soapy water to wipe them down, and then replace them in the grill once the are rinsed and dried thoroughly, but this is not required after every use.
  • 3Clean the exterior of the grill. Soapy water is the safest cleaning solution for most gas grills. Just make a cleaning solution with water and a squirt or two of mild dishwashing soap. Wipe the exterior of the grill with the soapy water, use a rag dipped in clean water to remove the soap residue, and then dry the exterior of the grill thoroughly.
  • 4Keep your grill covered. When youre not using your grill, keep it covered to protect it from outside elements, and prevent it from getting dirtier than it needs to be.
  • How To Clean The Outside Of A Gas Grill

    How to Clean an Outdoor Gas Grill: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

    Do you love to grill? Is it hard to imagine a world without grilling? If so, you might want to take a little time to give it a quick clean. Especially if youre grilling every day, youd be surprised at how greasy and dirty the outside of a gas grill can get.

    Heres our quick and easy strategy to keep the outside of your gas grill clean and fresh.

    If you want to deep clean your grill inside and out, check out the video below.

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    Cleaning The Outside Of Your Barbecue

    • Apply the appropriate cleaner spray onto all the enamel or steel parts.
    • Wipe off the spray with a microfibre cloth. Note: if cleaning a stainless steel exterior, wipe in the direction of the grain to avoid scratching.
    • Rinse the frames/panels with lukewarm soap water and a sponge.
    • Dry thoroughly with a microfibre cloth.
    • Use a spider brush to clean the burner tube air intake.

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    Is It Possible To Recover A Rusty Griddle

    We know that the amount of moisture in the air naturally causes metals to rust and corrode. Most outdoor griddles are made out of metal and hence they are prone to rust.

    This effect is compounded if you live in a humid area or by the beach. Living in these places means that you will need to take care of your griddle in more ways than one.

    There is a solution if your griddle gets rusty and for those of you that have not been regular in the maintenance department, this one is specifically for you. But before you proceed, ensure that these tools are in your kitty.

    • Heat-resistant gloves
    • Paper Towels or Dish Towel
    • Metal scraper

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    Clean The Heat Deflectors

    Many gas grills have thin steel plates, angled in the shape of a “V,” that separate the burners from the cooking chamber. These heat deflectors serve to distribute heat evenly around the cooking chamber and prevent the gas flames from burning the foods directly overhead. Grease and food residue often drips down onto these deflectors.

    Clean the deflectors after every three of four uses of the grill by removing them from the cooking chamber and scrubbing them with warm soapy water and a nylon brush or scrubbing pad. Dry them completely before putting them back in the grill.

    How To Clean A Beefeater Bbq

    How to clean your outdoor barbecue grill much easily with these products

    Beefeater also offers both types of BBQ gas and charcoal.

    Beefeater General Cleaning Guide

    For general cleaning and maintenance, Beefeater manuals advise on following these steps:

    • Replace aluminium foil or absorbent material in drip tray at regular intervals to prevent grease build-up.
    • Use hot soapy water on the barbecue fascia and avoid abrasive cleaners or brushes as these could damage the surface and graphics on the fascia. Clean the entire barbecue thoroughly at least twice annually to keep it in good operating condition.
    • Keep cooking surfaces clean by removing all solid matter after use. A light coating of vegetable oil or vegetable cooking spray after each use will help to reduce surface rust and prolong plate and grill life.
    • Burners: Check main opening, throat and venturi to each burner and pilot flame tube regularly for insect nests.
    • Remove burners periodically and scrub clean with soapy water and a wire brush making sure that the ports are free of obstructions.
    • For barbecues used near a marine environment however more frequent cleaning and servicing should be conducted.

    Beefeater Porcelain and Stainless Steel BBQs

    For porcelain enamel or stainless steel BBQ, the manufacturer recommends the universal cleaning method: clearing away all residues from the cooking surface, washing the grills with hot or warm water and dish liquid using a soft sponge and afterwards dry with a paper towel or cloth. And also adds a little bit more specific Beefeater suggestions:

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    How To Clean Grill Grates

    You dont have to clean every part of yourgrill every time, but you should always clean the grate. Food, grease and watercan build up on it quickly, causing corrosion in some cases. Steel grates canbe particularly vulnerable to damage as their coating wears off, but evenceramic-coated high-quality cast iron grill grates can be damaged byimproper handling, causing the coating to chip, and making the whole gratesusceptible to rust. Frequent cleaning will help ensure that it has a longlife, and keep your food tasting great, every time.

    Before you clean your grill, its a good ideato check the manufacturers recommendation for which brush to use. Stainlesssteel and uncoated cast iron grates generally wont be damaged by a wire brush,but any grill grate that is porcelain coated may be vulnerable. If youre unsurewhether your grill might be damaged, use a nylon grill brush rather than asteel one. It may take a bit more elbow grease, but youll still be able to getyour grill sparkling clean.

    Not quite sure how to clean your grill grates?Heres the basic process to get you started:

    Deep Cleaning A Bbq With Vinegar

    If your BBQ is choked in grime and grease, deep clean it with white vinegar and baking soda.


    Just follow these simple steps:

  • Take out the grills and put them in a large plastic bag.
  • Mix one cup of vinegar and half a cup of baking soda in a bowl.
  • Pour the mixture on the grills inside the plastic bag and leave it overnight.
  • Rinse the grills first thing in the morning to get rid of the loosened grease.
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