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How To Clean Hot Plates

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Cleaning the plates while theyre still hot will make your job much easier and maximise the results.

Hot plates have a flat surface and tend to get food stuck in them. To make them clean again, remove the food from the plate and leave the BBQ turned on for a while. The heat will burn off anything left on the plate. After that, take a spatula and scrape the residue left from the food. You can also use a newspaper for scrubbing. Just make a ball from it and scrub it on the plate.

Once the BBQ has cooled off, pour a bit of cooking oil on the plate and wipe it up with a brush. After that, use a microfiber cloth to dry it up.

Before the next use, repeat the procedure. Pour some cooking oil and distribute it evenly with a brush until the BBQ gets too hot.

How to clean greasy plates?

Hot temperatures kill the bacteria, but you can still get sick if old fats go into your food. Its not the bacteria that may cause diseases, and its the toxins they contain.

To get rid of the grease from your plates, turn the BBQ to a high temperature and let it warm up. Scrape off the surfaces with a spatula or a scraper until the residue is removed.

Turn off the BBQ and sprinkle salt on top of the surface. Let it absorb the excess grease. When the BBQ is cool enough, use paper towels and wipe up the surface.

How to clean rusty plates?

Step 4: Pour regular cooking oil on the BBQ plate and rub the surface with the grill stone. Pay extra attention to the rustiest spots.


Seasoning method:

Wipe The Grates And Racks

Wipe the grates and racks with a damp rag to remove loosened bits, and make sure there are no loose brush bristles left on the grate .

If you have a cast-iron grate, clean it completely, then brush on some vegetable oil with a paper towel to keep your grate in proper shape. Bare cast iron needs to be inspected regularly, because it is more likely to rust.

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How To Clean Bbq Burners


Turn the gas supply off and disconnect the gas tank. Remove all the BBQ parts blocking the access to the burners grill, grates, any trays or containers. Remove the burners.


For the actual cleaning:

Brush off any dirt and food debris from the burner tube using a stainless brush or scrub. For clogged ports, you can use drill bit, toothpick or cleaning rod. For infrared ceramic burners, turn the heat on maximum to burn away all residues.


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How To Clean The Outside Of A Gas Grill

Do you love to grill? Is it hard to imagine a world without grilling? If so, you might want to take a little time to give it a quick clean. Especially if youre grilling every day, youd be surprised at how greasy and dirty the outside of a gas grill can get.

Heres our quick and easy strategy to keep the outside of your gas grill clean and fresh.

If you want to deep clean your grill inside and out, check out the video below.

Tips To Keep Your Cast Iron Grill Clean Longer

How to Clean a Cast Iron Grill

Now that your grill is freshly cleaned, take a little time after every use to wipe down surfaces while the grill is still slightly warm using hot, soapy water. Grease and food will come right off. Finish by wiping down with a sponge dipped in plain hot water to rinse away any sudsy residue. Re-season as needed if food begins to stick to the grill.

If you have a new cast iron grill, you will need to season it. That first seasoning ensures that food will not stick, cooking will be more even, and the oiling will help prevent rusting. Wash the components in hot, soapy water. Rinse and dry the grill. Then take these quick steps to season your new cast iron grill:

  • Dry the grill completely and apply a thin, even coating of cooking oil or melted solid vegetable shortening with a paper towel.
  • Cover all cooking surfaces with oil, but dont use too much or it will be sticky.
  • Heat the grill to around 400 degrees Fahrenheit for about one hour. The grates should no longer have a shine once they are seasoned.
  • Allow the grill to cool before using.

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Clean The Grease Tray And Catch Pan

  • Open your grill’s cabinet doors, then carefully pull out the grease tray and catch pan.
  • Dump all the loose debris into your garbage can, then spray and wipe both with grill cleaner. Make sure to remove all grease and stains from both the top and bottom of the tray.
  • If your grill’s catch pan has a disposable aluminum liner, throw it out. Before installing a replacement, make sure the inside of the catch pan is perfectly clean.
  • With all grease-catching components clean, carefully put them back where you found them.

Cover Your Gas Grill Between Use

Be sure to cover your grill in between uses with a cover as this will help to keep it clean and presentable, as well as prolonging its life.

A cover stops dust collecting, insects and even animals getting inside, and just generally protects it from the elements.

A good grill cover might seem like an unnecessary expense, but they more than pay for themselves by lengthening the time between grill replacements.

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Why A Clean Grill Matters

No matter how often you use your stainless steel grill, cleaning it should always be at the top of your to-do list. Here are just a few reasons why a clean grill matters:

  • Banishes Bacteria: Nothing puts a damper on a gathering faster than food poisoning. Unclean surfaces are a haven for harmful bacteria that could make you and your guests ill.
  • Optimizes Efficiency: If your burners are drowning in grease, they will not function properly. A clean grill heats up faster and cooks better.
  • Improves Food Taste: Nobody wants to taste your last grill session on their meal. Keeping your grill clean will keep your flavors true.
  • Increases The Life Expectancy Of Your Grill: You invested your hard-earned money on a stainless steel grill. Protect your investment and keep it burning for years to come by properly cleaning it after every use.
  • Prevents Flare-Ups: Weve all been there: you turn your back for once second and return to flames, smoke, and a charred meal. Cleaning your grill reduces these events by removing grime and grease that contributes to flare-ups.

Depending on how dirty your grill is, there are simples steps you can take to keep your BBQ grill shining and clean. Lets jump into the best ways to keep your grill and outdoor living space clean and beautiful for years to come!

How To Clean A Barbecue Grill

How to Clean & Maintain Your Outdoor Grill by Citra Solv, LLC
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  • Total Time: 1 hr

Luckily, the time spent maintaining a grill is minimal, and the payback for the effort is enormous. It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with a top-of-line model or a cheap knockoff: A major seasonal cleaning combined with an every day scrub-down will improve your grill’s cooking performance. A clean grill will cook food better, and it will be free of residue that could possibly contaminate it.

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How To Clean A Bbq

Grilling is fun and its one of the best ways to spend the day, but when all the fun is over, youre left with a grimy barbeque. Read on to know how to clean a BBQ.

If there is one thing that Australians love, it’s barbequing. Friends and family come together on the balcony, garden or in the park to make fun and belly-filling memories. But there is a downside, cleaning the grease and grime from the grill. Grilling on a dirty barbeque isnt just nasty, its a health hazard. The number one cause of flare-ups when cooking with a dirty BBQ is the built-up grease and food particles. Also, a grimy cooking surface gives your food an unpleasant flavour that can ruin your grilling experience. No worries though, weve created a list of simple tips on how to clean a BBQ.

Cleaning a BBQ is a straightforward process follow these steps:

  • Open up the grill and remove all the parts. If you have a gas grill, make sure that you disconnect the gas before opening it up.
  • Clean the trays
  • Clear the burner tubes
  • Clean the interior before putting back the racks
  • Apply oil to the grill plates to keep them in good condition
  • Put fat absorber to the drip tray to collect fat and prevent fat fires.
  • Clean the outside of the barbeque
  • Now that we have the steps to follow check out these hacks to keep your grill sparkling clean.

    Read This Before Using Oven Cleaner On Your Grill

    There are few chores worse than scrubbing down the grill before a big backyard barbecue. Of course, it was great fun and great food that put it in its dirty state in the first place, but all that burnt, caked-on food from grilling meals during weeks past can be downright gross. Obviously, you should be cleaning your grill between uses with your grill brush, but every so often, you need a deep cleaning the type of cleaning that revitalizes your grill to its youthful glory days and makes it feel as clean as it did the first time you used it.

    For Your Grill recommends you do your grill’s deep clean once a year if you are a seasonal griller and twice if you use it year-round. The cleaning generally should be done at the end of the season so there is little prep work that needs to happen when you go to fire it up the next year. That said, when it does come time to clean your grill, your first instinct might be to reach for the oven cleaner, after all, it works so well to clean up your oven grime. But before you do, SF Gate shares that if you don’t use the oven cleaner properly, you risk damaging your grill.

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    How Can You Season A Griddle

    A perfect season on a griddle is completely black and is non-stick. The first layer of seasoning is crucial for the perfect cooktop. It does not take any time at all and when you relish the bite from your next meal, you will immediately notice the difference.

    First up: The oil

    There are many kinds of cooking oil and you can choose one as per your preference, we recommend the following:

    • Grape Seed Oil
    • Shortening
    • Olive Oil

    Many people swear by their own seasoning oil of choice. Just remember, it needs to have a high smoke point or it wont work very well. After you have decided on which oil to use, the rest of the process is as follows:

    Deep Cleaning A Bbq With Vinegar

    The Easiest and Most Effective Way to Clean Your Grill Grates in 2020 ...

    If your BBQ is choked in grime and grease, deep clean it with white vinegar and baking soda.


    Just follow these simple steps:

  • Take out the grills and put them in a large plastic bag.
  • Mix one cup of vinegar and half a cup of baking soda in a bowl.
  • Pour the mixture on the grills inside the plastic bag and leave it overnight.
  • Rinse the grills first thing in the morning to get rid of the loosened grease.
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    Does Baking Soda And Vinegar Damage Stainless Steel

    Concentrated vinegar can damage stainless steel if its left to soak on the appliance for several minutes. But, diluted vinegar is perfectly safe to use on stainless steel. Most cleaners out there dilute the vinegar with either water or baking soda to make it more friendly to the stainless steel finish.

    Rub Down Inside The Lid And Sides

    Scrub the inside lid and sides down gently with a scourer and warm soapy water.

    Make sure that you start with the lid and work your way down the sides, with the bottom of the grill being the last bit to clean later, otherwise youll end up cleaning it twice.

    Dont aim for factory new looking here, it is not going to happen. Just make sure any build up is largely removed so it cannot flake onto your food during regular use.

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    Degrease The Upper Cookbox

    • Disconnect the gas supply from your grill, then put on a pair of gloves to protect your hands from grill grease and cleaning products.
    • Mix a solution of 20 percent dish soap and 80 percent water in a spray bottle, then open the lid of your grill and spray down the inside of the upper cookbox. Leave the solution to dissolve the grease for a few minutes, then brush it thoroughly with a stainless steel brush.
    • Next, carefully remove the cooking grates and balance them on top of an open garbage can lined with a garbage bag, to prep them for cleaning.

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    How To Clean An Outdoor Gas Grill

    Use SuperClean For A Fast Easy Way To Clean The Exterior Of A BBQ Grill

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    Outdoor grilling is a great way to get together with family and friends and enjoy tasty food. However, the outdoor fun is only possible with a grill that is cleaned and maintained throughout the year. There are a few simple cleaning steps that you can do after every time you grill, along with deeper, semi-annual cleaning steps to keep your grill working its best for years to come. An outdoor grill that is kept clean and maintained will stay in good working order and will ensure that the food you cook on it always tastes great.

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    Diy Grill Cleaner Tip For Gas Grills

    Its essential to clean your grill regularly for two reasons: to catch buildup that has stuck around and to prevent future build up from forming. If your hot grill is made from stainless steel or cast iron, use these few tricks.

    If youre using a grill that is gas operated, turn on the clean knob to preheat the grill to soften grease and residue and make it easier to remove. Use your wire brush to scrape off the extra gunk.

    Add Ketchup To Remove Rust

    Turns add tomato ketchup is not just for saucing up burgers and bangers! We have the Queen of clean Lynsey Crombie to thank for this savvy condiment cleaning hack! She says, Ketchup is an amazing cleaner for removing rust! ideal for the BBQs left out in the elements last summer. Simply apply a small amount to any areas of rust, leave for a few minutes and watch it work its magic.

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    How To Clean A Bbq With Steam

    Cleaning a BBQ with a household steam cleaner is easy and takes less time than removing the grills and scrubbing them by hand.

    Clear the steam from the steam cleaner by pushing the steam button down.

    Attach the grill brush to the steam nozzle. If your steam cleaner doesnt have a steam brush addon, you can use the grill brush in one hand and hold the steam cleaner with the other.

    Fill a measuring cup with 160ml of water and pour it into the water hole of the steam cleaner.

    Clear the charcoal and food remnants from the grill. If its a gas BBQ, disconnect it from the gas tank.

    Connect the steam cleaner to an electrical outlet. Once the steamer is ready, work on the grills, the walls, burners, and the top cover.

    Steam and scrub the grills to loosen the debris.

    Unplug the steamer after cleaning all areas of the grill.

    Vinegar And Baking Soda

    Why Do Gas Grills Rust And How To Clean It

    If you have rust spots in hard to scrub places, then making a paste of white vinegar and baking soda can help to get rid of it. Mix up a 2-1 ratio of baking soda to vinegar into a thick paste and apply it quickly.

    The acid in the vinegar will eat away the rust while the baking soda will react with the acid, causing it foam, which helps it get into all the gaps.

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    Clean A Bbq Grill With Baking Soda

    Baking soda/bicarbonate of soda is a wonder ingredient for dissolving all kinds of organic substances, and is brilliant at tackling grease and stuck-on food. Sprinkle liberally all over a damp barbecue grate and let sit for 10 minutes. Then activate the soda with warm water and a scourer sponge. Rinse and you should be ready to go.

    Wipe The Burners Clean

    Now to the burner tubes.

    These should have been adequately covered by the Flavorizer Bars or metal plates described above, so a gentle wipe with a sponge and warm soapy water should be enough.

    While wiping them down, check to make sure none of the holes are clogged as this affects the flow of gas, causes uneven heating and inconsistent results from your grill.

    So if you see any clogged holes, gently remove the dirt using a toothpick or an opened out paper clip to clear any blocked holes.

    If more than just a few holes are blocked, if seriously dirty, caked, and clogged they will need a little extra TLC. Check out our guide to cleaning gas grill burner tubes for more info.

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