What Is The Best Grill For Camping

Weber 10020 Smokey Joe 14

Top 5 travel Grills! (Best Portable grills for Camping?)

Why youll love it:

Weber is a top notch brand for grills and smokers one of my personal favorites in fact. This simple grill represents that quality well, though its not much to look at. Its the style of kettle grill designed to be used with charcoal or wood that you can find pretty much anywhere, and its strength primarily lies in the quality of its materials and construction.

What we liked

  • Materials: Solid steel and heat retaining ceramic are an iconic duo and represent Webers perfect marriage of low prices and good materials on well made products.
  • Design: Design is simple, sturdy, doesnt wobble, and retains heat perfectly. The domed lid traps enough heat and smoke for flavor while allowing the smoke to rise enough before passing through the dampers that it doesnt leave food feeling sooty.

What we didnt like

  • Lack of Accessories: While simplicity is this grills main virtue, its also a slight weakness it doesnt have any side tables attached or compatibility with griddle tops or anything like that. Its just a charcoal kettle grill.

This 14 inch diameter package provides around 205 square inches of grilling space, plenty for most small outings . All of the materials are top notch, with a ceramic coating over the solid steel construction providing extra insulation and a glossy finish which should not peel or chip over time.

Throw in good dampers, a great handle, and a super low price and you have yourself a real winner.

What To Consider Before Purchasing The Best Portable Grill For Camping

There are important features and things to consider before purchasing a portable grill.

Some important features you should consider when shopping around:

  • lid locks
  • cooking grates
  • fuel type

Other things to consider include the grills portability, the construction of the grill, and what you plan to cook on it.

What To Look For When Buying An Rv Grill

With every product, certain factors will guide your decision to which model you end up buying. And as you might expect, RV grills are no different. In fact, they can get quite complicated.

Therefore, this section will discuss at length these so-called factors to help you get more familiar with what youre supposed to be looking for in your next grill.


The first thing youre going to notice when researching RV grills is most of them fall into two categories: propane or charcoal. And due to this, you must make a decision about which one is more in line with your particular needs.

Now, well go more in-depth about the differences between the two in the FAQ section, but to give you a little preview it boils down to the type of RV you use. For instance, if you have a larger RV such as a Class A, youre most likely going to want a propane grill.

Why is this? Well, its because they offer the best performance between the two. But these models are often bigger and more expensive, which is why charcoal grill is usually the option RVers with small campers choose.

See, these charcoal grills weigh a lot less and offer more portability than you might find a propane model does. And since you have limited storage space, youre going to want something that doesnt take up a lot of room while being easily movable.

Construction Material

Additional Features

An Extra Consideration for Propane Grill Customers:


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What Are The Best Portable Grills

Grill Type: Charcoal and gas are the two most popular types of portable grills. Gas grills are cleaner too and much easier to handle, but you do forego that smokey flavor and high heat of charcoal grilling. If you only grill occasionally, a portable charcoal grill is a good choice. There are also a handful of portable electric grills that work in apartments or in unison with a camping generator, but those can be useless in many outdoor situations.

Cooking Area: How much food will you need to cook? Most portable grills have a cooking surface of around 200-300 square inches, which should be enough for a family of five. For reference, a circular grill with an 18-inch diameter can fit eight burgers. If you intend on cooking for more than five people go for one of the grills with close to 300 square inches of cooking area.

Power: The more heat a grill can produce, the more flexibility you have while cooking. You can churn out hot dogs or burgers faster but you also get more range when preparing difficult cuts such as fish or nice steaks. The power of a grill is measured in BTUs with portable grills typically ranging from around 8,000 to 20,000 BTUs.

Weight: Chances are youve already got a decent amount of gear to lug around. A light portable grill is always better. The portable grills on our list range from 16 to about 50 pounds, with heavier options utilizing wheels or ergonomic handles for easier transportation.

List Of Some Of The Best Camping Stove And Grill Combo

Best Indoor Smokeless Grill for Youð©â?ð?³

There are many different kinds of camp stoves and camping grills out there, but many are not that great. The best camp stoves and camping grills are lightweight, portable, and easy to use. One of the most important things to look for in any camping stove or camping grill is that it is easy to maintain. In case youre not aware, the best camping stove and grill combo is going to be one that has the ability to burn both wood and charcoal, and its a good idea to have a grill area thats both a high-temperature grill and also a low-temperature grill, as I have mentioned earlier. Different foods require different temperatures, and with a combo unit, you can get the best of both worlds. Most units that are on the market are wood-burning stoves, but there are some that are capable of burning both fuel sources.

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Coleman Roadtrip Lxe Portable Propane Grill

Colemans RoadTrip LXE Portable Propane Grill is an incredibly low-cost option any RVer should consider buying. I mean, with this price, I dont see how this grill wouldnt at least be in consideration.

Then, you add in all the high-quality features that I love such as the two 10,000 BTU adjustable burners, and it becomes clear that Coleman wasnt messing around when making this grill. See, with these adjustable burners, youre able to control two different temperature zones.

Therefore, it makes grilling a much more manageable and simplified experience that doesnt take much effort to master. Honestly, with a convenient product like this, the whole process becomes almost too easy.

And I havent even mentioned the other features such as the instastart button, which lights the grill without the need for a lighter or match. In the end, there isnt much about this grill that an RV owner would find annoying or complicated.

In fact, in most facets, this grill is above its competitors. But theres one issue that makes this product a hard sell for some customers it tends to rust after a few months. Now, depending on the location of the rusting, it can affect the overall performance of the model.

  • Multiple customers reported rusting issues after a few months

What Is The Best Portable Barbecue

Our new number one contender is the rather brilliant Weber Traveler which folds up in a thrice for relatively easy porterage. For smoking fans, the number two spot goes to the Traeger Ranger, which uses wood pellets instead of charcoal or gas. If you’re looking for fuss free grilling on the go, this is the model to choose.

Everdure ‘by’ Heston Blumenthal has disrupted the barbecue market to highly impressive effect in recent years. For the not inconsiderable feat of making what is essentially a metal box that you put charcoal in stylish, the Everdure Cube is our #3 pick. But don’t rule out the excellent gas-fired Primus Kuchoma, our top choice for campers and boaters and the rugged RV-friendly Char-Broil Grill2Go.

Anyone with an interest in barbecues will probably not be surprised to see that we’re also big fans of the Weber Q W1200. Weber is the world’s number one for a reason and its grills are always a very, very safe choice.

But there are plenty of other great options here and whichever you choose, they’re all leagues ahead of a disposable aluminium tray that you pick up by the entrance to the supermarket.

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Best For Tailgates: Coleman Roadtrip 285

When tailgate season comes around, you want to be able to provide. That means you want ample seating, cold drinks, lots of grill space, lots of grill power, and perhaps most important, an easy setup.

Thats where the Coleman RoadTrip 285 comes in. Featuring a sturdy, foldable design and three adjustable burners, this grill sets up in a flash and allows for customized cooking.

When folded, the built-in wheels allow the grill to function like a rolling suitcase, which makes for easy transportation across paved surfaces. Thats ideal because the RoadTrip 285 is the heaviest grill in this review, coming in at 46 pounds.

In terms of cooking surface area, this grill has a roomy 285 square inches across cast iron grill grates which will get hot and stay hot.

I like that this grill stands up to full, standard height and doesnt need to be placed on the tailgate of a truck or table. The space you save on your tailgate can be better appropriated for seating, drinks, or condiments.

The RoadTrip 285 is essentially a mini version of the grill on your back deck, and definitely best to keep in the back of your truck or shed. This could be used for car or RV camping as well, but I think the Coleman Q1200 and Wolf and Grizzly Campfire Trio are better suited.

What I Like

What I Dont Like

  • Its super heavy, but thats okay since you wont be hitting the trail with it.

What Other Reviewers Say

The Verdict

Flame King Rv Gas Grill


Honestly, the Flame King RV Gas Grill might be my least favorite propane grill on this entire list. But this isnt because it lacks in quality its because the features dont meet my particular needs as an RV owner.

Nonetheless, there are certain features this grill does have that I adore. For example, it has mounting capabilities therefore, making it incredibly convenient for any RV owner whose needs it does fulfill.

Likewise, its made with lightweight materials that make it extremely portable and multi-usable therefore, its not a stretch to say this grill is incredibly user-friendly. Additionally, it has an adjustable flame controller that offers the user a level of control some of the other models on this list just dont.

I also like the inclusion of the upper grill deck that gives you a little more space to grill more food. With this feature, youll never have to worry about not having enough space on your grill for everybodys burger.

But for me, I just feel like there are better options on this list that offer more necessary features. And it doesnt help that some customer reviews reported durability concerns about this particular grill.

See, Im going to need a grill that will survive high-usage over a long period of time this model doesnt seem like it would be able to hold up. In the end, this product just wasnt made to fit my particular needs.

  • Durability concerns

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Top Best Camping Grills 2021

Most popular top best camping grills enjoy your camp easily. We all know campgrounds are challenging to prepare for various foods quickly and easily because there are no suitable tools. However, It can be with the right camping grill, you can prepare delicious food quickly and conveniently. We have mentioned in a list of the best camping small & flat grills below.

Im not sure, but many exciting grills are designed primarily with food in mind, far from home. This type of grille has an easily transportable structure and is built to withstand even the harshest conditions. I have prepared a list of some of the best camping grills with all the essential useful features when camping or away.

There are many essential things to pay attention to before choosing a good camping grill, so in the second part of this article, we have prepared a massive guide for beginners. Going out at home can be really convenient and effective as long as you have the right equipment. There are several camping grills, so you can choose your preferred heat source first and then explore other options.

What Features To Look For

Look for compact grills that offer lots of cooking surface. Photo: r0b0r0b/flickr

There are a range of features available in portable gas grills, which we will discuss below. What features you will want to look for will depend on how you will use the grill ones to consider include temperature control, number of burners, attached shelves and ease of assembly.

Temperature Control

It is fairly standard for an easy-to-transport grill to have just one temperature control as a result of its size. Should there be two burners, it will be preferable that there be two temperature controls, so that you can cook at two different temperatures, adjusting as necessary.

Surface Cooking Area

The surface area of your grill is the space that will be available for cooking grills that are able to be easily transported will typically have anywhere from 210-285 square inches of cooking area. If you plan on regularly cooking for four, focus on the grills with 275-285 square inches of surface area that space will be sufficient to grill eight burgers or cook up bacon and eggs for your group.

Number of Burners


Behold the majesty of flame-grilled meat. Photo: Tattie Chomper/flickr

Grates are panels that fit across the surface of your grill. They play a part in keeping the heat in the cooking area. Grates can be made of different materials, to include chrome, nickel, cast iron, and stainless steel.


Quality Of Construction

Ease of Transportation

Fuel Tanks

Number of Shelves

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Blackstone Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station

  • The grill can cook small and big sizes of meals.
  • You can run the two burners at the same time or use them independently.
  • The electric push button starts the grill with ease.
  • The fittings on the grill are delicate and require caution when handling.
  • Replacing some of the elements on the grill is hard and you might have to hire a specialist to do the job for you.

Blackstone Outdoor Flat Top Griddle Station is one of the best grills for the money, a good pick for someone whos looking for a professional grade build. This grill is mostly common in restaurants. But you can also use it for outdoor adventures like RV and car camping.


Blackstone Griddle Station features a stainless steel construction with a black powder finish. It has a 470 square inches flat top surface that allows you to grill food for several people. It even features a battery-powered ignition system such that by pressing a button, food starts to cook. The top grill is removable and the foldable stand is fitted with wheels to allow you to push the grill around easily.


This grill uses propane to cook and saves you the strain of using kerosene and charcoal. The ignition is instant and you have two independently controllable steel burners that give out 30,000 BTUs each.

Ease of Use

We love this grill because its easy to use. And we recommend it because its easy to manage. Grilling meals is easy and how fast food cooks depends on the temperature range that you choose.



Why Would I Want A Griddle

Camp Chef® Portable Charcoal Grill

Griddles give you outdoor cooking versatility thats hard to achieve with any other tool. If you want to make pancakes, eggs, and bacon for a large group, for instance, neither your grill or smoker will do the trick. Heck, you can even toast your bread on a griddle!

An outdoor griddle, though, will in both instances give you precisely what you need, and it gives you one more excuse to get outside when its hot inside!

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The Best Camping Grills

Have you ever showed up at a campground, counting on using their camping grill, only to find out the campground doesnt have grills or that it is a rusty mess? You can always check with the campground before reserving your site, but what if you are boondocking or traveling and show up without reservations? You needyour owncamping grill! That solves the problem of missing grills and rusty, yucky messes.

Lets check out the best camping grills in this post. I am not including camping stoves or griddles like many others do. I think they are different enough for their own posts, although I know some people put grill toppers on their camping stoves.

This post contains affiliate links. You can read my disclosure here.

If you want to skip all the product info and just get a grill, thisbestselling campinggrill is a camper favorite.

  • The Campfire Cooking Equipment of Your Dreams
  • What To Look For When Choosing The Best Camping Grills

    If you are choosing a new portable camping grill, or upgrading an old one, there are a few things you need to consider before you go for the most powerful, lightweight one available.

    Ask yourself the following questions about how, where and what you like to grill:

    • Where do you intend using your grill the most?Backyard? Car camping? Picnics? RVing? Tailgating?
    • What sort of food do you like to cook on your portable camping grill?Simple burgers and sausages? Or steaks, smoked chicken, steamed veggies and more?
    • How many people do you intend cooking for on your portable grill?Just a couple of you or big groups?
    • Do you prefer the convenience of grilling on gas or the extra flavour that comes with grilling on charcoal grill?

    Once you have a clear idea of how you intend using your portable grill you can start to narrow down what features are important to you.

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