What Is The Best Infrared Gas Grill

What Is The Best Infrared Grill To Buy

Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Commercial 2-Burner Gas Grill

In case you are looking to skip the rest of this discussion and quickly locate the best infrared grill in the retail arena, the Char Broil TRU 450 is the device to go with. Besides featuring a competitive price point, this budget oriented grill also makes room for a stainless steel chassis.

In addition to exceptional durability, this product from Char-Broil is also known for the lower flare-ups and even cooks.

Infrared Grills Vs Gas Grills

The main difference between infrared grills and regular gas grills is that infrared grills are designed to heat the food directly, while regular gas grills heat the air and then heat the food. This means infrared grills tend to cook food more quickly and can also lead to more even cooking.;

Infrared grills work by using radiant energy to cook food, as opposed to regular or blue-flame grilling. As infrared technology doesnt rely on hot circulating air to heat the food it doesnt dry out the food as it cooks and infrared grills are designed to be used with the lid open.

So Whats The Best Infrared Grill

When choosing the best infrared grill, it is important to make sure that the model is very sturdy. Of course, it should be as easy to use as possible. Because this type of grill is designed to be used outside, it needs to be weather resistant.

Our winner of the best infrared grill has an innovative design, making it a very smart and sturdy grill. Its the

The kettle-shaped lid can be placed over the grill when needed to protect food from wind and rain. Setting and maintaining the perfect amount of heat is also very easy thanks to the temperature gauge on the lid. A winner through and through.


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Old School And New School

Infrared grills make outdoor bar-b-ques much less of a guessing game.

The days of flame flare-ups and carbonized food have been left behind.

The design of Infrared grills spreads heat from the gas flame across the entire cooking surface rather than having the gas flame emerge from a hole in the burner assembly.

Ill repeat some things mentioned before because I think they are important and worth mentioning again.

How To Pick The Perfect Infrared Grill For Your Needs


Infrared grills are the complete grilling tool for the modern barbecue enthusiast. These grills have an infrared plate that hinders direct flames from reaching your food while efficiently directing all of the heat into it. As such, it reduces cooking times significantly.

When looking for an infrared grill, youll come across different brands. Each of these brands poses their unit as the perfect choice for you, and figuring out who to believe can feel overwhelming. For this reason, it is essential to know what to look for in a grill before purchasing it.

Here are some of the key features to pay attention to when choosing a;infrared grill:

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What Are The Benefits Of An Infrared Grill

Compared to both traditional gas and charcoal grills, infrareds are lightning quick at heating up. Depending on your target temperature, they usually take about 3-5 minutes. Charcoal grills are difficult to light, famously take somewhere around 30-40 minutes to heat up, and gas about 15, so this quick heat up time is a huge plus.

Not only do they achieve an excellent heat up time, but the temperature to which theyre capable of hitting is remarkable. They average about 900 degrees fahrenheit.

The combination of both of these features means that you are effectively halving the amount of time you need for cooking , meaning you dont have to agonise over every step of your BBQ and you can get on with the more important things: Enjoying the barbecue.

Infrareds are also far more energy efficient than gas or charcoal. They use less energy, making them more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient for you to run.

The absence of hot air flow also means that your food is far less prone to drying out. With a lot of forms of BBQ, particularly indirect cooking, a problem can arise in the meat being over exposed to hot, dry air, which can leave your food bland and dry. With this air flow not being present in infrareds, your meat can retain its moisture, resulting in a far juicier cut of meat come meal time.

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Gaspro Infrared Steak Grill

Gaspros infrared grill makes the perfect choice for people who are looking for an extremely lightweight grilling solution. It weighs less than 20 lbs and can reach over a thousand degrees within minutes.;

The 6 notches inside the grill serve as multiple heat zones for a variety of grilling items, including meat, vegetables, seafood, and other related things. Additionally, the ergonomic front panel is highly versatile and helps users in many ways.

Minimalist Design

The reason behind the popularity of this infrared grill is its compact size and minimalist design. This machine does what it is designed to do with no unnecessary additions. The entire cooking cabinet weighs less than 20 lbs and is super easy to transport.;

Having a compact shape does not mean there would be a negative impact on the heating capacity. Instead, it reaches as high as 1500 degrees within minutes.;

Perfect for Steaks

If you are a family of two or three and looking for a perfect grill for steaks, this one might be the best match for you. Steak tastes like a high-end restaurant because of its unique internal design and top-notch build quality. However, you can cook only one steak at a time. For a family of three, thats fine. Moreover, if you want a super crispy steak, keep a minimum distance from the top rack.;


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Why Are Infrared Grills Different From Traditional Gas Grills

Infrared Grills place a metal grate between the gas burner and the grill surface to distribute heat more evenly.

Because the intermediate surface transmits the heat and redistributes it more evenly, flare-ups and charred food are more easily avoided.

Traditional gas grills take more time to heat up than infrared grills require as the flames coming from the burner covers less overall area than an infrared surface.

How To Maintain Your Infrared Grill

Benefits of Infrared Grills & Burners | What is an Infrared Grill? | BBQGuys.com
  • Like traditional charcoal and gas grills, your infrared appliance has to be preheated before grilling. It makes sure that the unit will be expanded and sterilized. And your food wont stick to the unit when cooking. On average, it takes around five minutes for the grill to be heated.
  • You need to reduce the temperature when preparing vegetables and protein foods. Typically, infrared grills usually offer high temperature all through the grilling process. So, basically, cooking on infrared grills takes a shorter time when compared to cooking on traditional gas and charcoal grills.
  • Except you are very familiar with the grilling time on an IR grill, we recommend equipping your grill with a thermometer to ensure precise internal temperature.
  • We recommend you to use the grill at the maximum temperature level. You should decrease around thirty percent of the set temperature when cooking steaks. Meanwhile, your foods arent affected when you raise the temperature.

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Whats The Infrared Grill

Infrared Grills use luminous energy to make the most flavor and warmth versus open flame cooking thats traditionally seen in grills such as Weber. On account of the extreme heat, you maintain your hood open when grilling in an infrared grill.

Convection grills utilize 100% warm air when cooking meals. This dries out food as it cooks. Infrared grilling gets rid of the hot airretaining approx 35 percent more of its natural juices.

The Infrared Burner uses uniform luminous energy, which heats the food straight. Infrared technology doesnt rely on warm flashes atmosphere to heat the meals.

Food cooks faster and keeps more juices. Furthermore, infrared grills tend to be somewhat less prone to flare-ups since the extreme heat immediately vaporizes the drippings and yields using favor-enhancing smoke. A number of the best steak houses utilize infrared burner approaches to prepare their meats.

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Ceramic Infrared Burner System

Ceramic infrared burner systems are the most common kind. These grills have a stainless steel burner covered by a ceramic surface. ;The cooking grid is a few inches above ceramic, which gets extremely hot very quickly. Actually, the cooking surface will heat up to about ;600 to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. Food drippings on these types of burners might lead to some minor flare-ups, but they only add to the flavor of the meat. Many brands with a Ceramic infrared burner system can only be. Used at high temperatures but there are some that have a specific burner that lets you cook at temperatures as low as 300 degrees.

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Consider The Size Suitable For Your Needs

When it comes to Char-Broil, who definitely have the;best infrared grills on the market, their grills can range from small electric infrared grills to a much larger, and heavier, propane-fueled, electric ignition grill. Of course, if youre living in an apartment, I wouldnt recommend getting something such as the Infrared 450, 3-burner cart gas grill.

Instead, I believe the best choice would be something along the lines of their smaller, patio bistro electric grill, if youre going to be in tight quarters, such as on a balcony or small patio area. The top portable grills make such sense to use as they are so light and portable.

Best Infrared Grills For The Money

Top 10 Best Infrared Gas Grill Reviews

Im not sure about your preferences when it comes to barbecue, but I sure enjoy mine grilled to sublimity. To achieve the special taste, the best infrared grills for the money come in handy.

If youre searching for a better way to grill your favorite barbecue, then, look no further as the best infrared grills for the money are way to go!

And if youve never been lucky enough to own one, you may be wondering how exactly it works, right?;

Well, we got your back. This article will explain exactly what it entails and how it works. It will also cover the essential features of some of the best infrared grills for the money available in the market today.

Additionally, it will also outline the pros and cons to make it tremendously easy for you to select the best infrared grills for the money without having to dig deeper into the pockets. So read on!

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Saber Ss 500 Premium Stainless Steel 3 Burner Gas Grill

The Saber SS 500 is a 3 burner grill with an addition side burner. Its made from commercial grade stainless steel and has an excellent finish. The build quality in general is fantastic and everything feels sturdy and really has some weight to it. All 3 burners are infrared with the side burner being standard gas. Compared to the Broilmaster we felt this was a little limiting but there is still plenty of versatility so it isnt a huge problem. It has a primary cooking area of 500 sqaure inches which is enough for most family gatherings and more.

Other features include:

  • Primary burner BTUs of 24,000. This provides enough heat to sear any steak perfectly.
  • An additional, secondary cooking are of 175 square inches to take the total cooking area to 675 square inches.
  • Uses 30% less gas than standard gas grills.
  • Very even heat distribution and no flare-ups because of a V-shaped grate design.
  • Two internal halogen lights under the lid so youre able to cook any time of the day.

Dimensions: 56.5 L x 25.0 W x 48.4 H inches

Weight: 188 lbs

Can You Convert A Regular Gas Grill To Infrared

Gas grills use a different style of pressure regulator and gas dispensing nozzles than an Infrared grill uses.

While it is possible to convert a traditional gas grill to an Infrared grill, it wouldnt be prudent to try it.

Finding an Infrared section to fit inside a traditional gas grill would be very challenging.

The best thing is to purchase an Infrared grill from the get-go and not worry about becoming a mechanical genius just to make steakhouse sear marks.

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Benefits Of Infrared Grills

Once you understand what infrared burners are and arent, their strengths and weaknesses become apparent.;So lets take a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of infrared grills.

Infrared burners get really hot, so theyre great for searing.

Many manufacturers are adding one infrared burner to their traditional gas grills as a sear burner.;

This hybrid approach gives grillmasters a little more versatility, but beware that many entry-level grills use dressed up regular burners instead of true infrared designs.

Infrared burners emit heat by direct radiation, so the heat goes directly into your food.;

Traditional blue-flame burners use convection for cooking; they heat the air around the food which circulates to cook. All that hot, dry air moving around dries out your food quickly. It also leads to grill hot spots and uneven cooking.

The main advantages of infrared grills are:

Can Infrared Grills Cause Any Problems

Infrared Grilling Myths: Best Grilling Grids

One issue with the older infrared grills was the ceramic burners were very prone to cracking. When this happens, the grill starts struggling to achieve the right temperature and can make a popping sound. Avoid splashing cold water on hot ceramic burners, as this can easily cause them to crack. Most modern infrared grills counter this by using stainless steel burners. In general, this type of grill is very good for limiting flareups when youre grilling. Unfortunately, some specific models have a reputation for worsening flare-ups. We have no included any of these volatile models on our shortlist for obvious reasons. Overall, while infrared grills are not perfect and lets face it, no cooking method is they are neither problematic nor dangerous, so why not give this intense and rewarding method of grilling a try this summer?

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What Exactly Are Infrared Grills

Gas grills come with two different burner styles, and when you plan on buying one, understanding the differences is essential.;

Infrared grill burners are gaining popularity every year. TEC Grills patented the technology in the 1980s, and this type of burner has only recently become popular in consumer grills.

It has been the favored type of grill used by steakhouses for a long time, for reasons that will become clear in a moment.

Infrared energy ;is electromagnetic radiation that has a longer wavelength than visible red light. When infrared waves hit a surface, their energy is released as heat.

Grills can produce infrared radiation by heating up a metallic or ceramic surface to a high temperature. These special types of grates transform the direct heat into infrared heat.

On the other hand, traditional gas grills have cast or tube burners with a few dozen orifices along with their parameters. These emit the classic gas grill blue flame, which doesnt get as hot compared to infrared burners.;

The traditional gas burners mostly work by heating their surroundings slowly and distributing heat throughout the grill using flame caps, lava rocks, briquettes, or grates.

Can You Convert An Infrared Grill To Regular

It certainly is possible to convert your infrared grill to a regular gas grill if you wanted to

You would have to remove the infrared grill emitter plates, and replace them with stainless steel grill plates that are of the same size as the infrared grill plates were. Then, to make it into a regular gas grill, all you would need to do is to supply the gas, and it becomes a standard grill.

There is a clear drawback to doing this, however. The converted grill will only cook meat on its far side, since the heat will be mostly on the far side only.

So, the real question is why would you want to convert your infrared grill to a regular grill in the first place? Infrared grills have a number of benefits over a regular grill. They provide a uniform distribution of heat, theres reduced flare-ups, they heat up quickly, theyre great for the outdoors, unaffected by wind, and theyre also one of the safest ways to cook.

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Portable Infrared Natural Gas Bbq Grill

Solaire SOL-EV17A Everywhere Gas Grill

This is another model of an infrared gas grill by the brand Solaire, which are known for their infrared grills. This model is a infrared;portable grill with a real infrared ceramic burner. It has a 140 square inches of cooking area, which isnt a lot but is great for camping trips or picnics outdoor. The ceramic burner can heat up in 3 minutes and it reaches the temperatures of almost 1,000°F . The fact that it can reach such high temperatures is amazing for such an affordable gas grill. There are many accessories available for customizing with this grill, like for example portable stands, natural gas conversion kits or different mounting plates and grids.

The grate grid on this infrared propane bbq is V-grate grids which give your food a better flavor and improved grill lines. These kind of V-grate grids are also great for reducing the flare-ups. This grill is made of high quality 304 stainless steel grill which makes it very durable. Another benefit of this small infrared gas grill is that it is ready to use out of the box and the only thing that needs to bed one is to attach the handles. The dimensions of this grill are 13.5 x 21 x 8.2 inches and it weighs about 15 lbs.


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