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Victorinox Master Competition Bbq Set

What’s the Deal with Z Grills? Should You Buy One?

If the BBQ master in your house is as serious as they come, then it is worth the splurge to get them this master set of knives that will truly take their grilling to the next level. It comes with a carving knife, boning knife, slicing knife, a knife sharpener, and others, all to ensure the most perfect cuts of barbeque meats.

Buy It: $278 swissarmy.com

Bbq & Grill Accessories Faq

What accessories does every BBQ need?

We recommend every backyard chef have a good pair of tongs, barbecue gloves, a grill brush for basting, a meat thermometer, a durable apron, and your choice of fuel. But there are so many BBQ tools you can use in your arsenal that we cant possibly list them all here. For more inspiration, check out our 10 Essential Charcoal Grilling Accessories.

What’s the best grill tool storage?

Grilling tools should always be kept in an easily accessible location near your grill, sealed away from the elements. Our outdoor kitchen cabinets and storage are made of quality materials and can be equipped with LED lighting for nighttime cookouts. Find out more about the benefits of outdoor kitchen storage here.

Types Of Bbq Thermometers

BBQ thermometers come in all shapes and sizes these days. But whether youre dealing with a simple temperature gauge or a complex Bluetooth grill thermometer, there are a few main categories every model falls under. The list below will help you figure out what kind of grill thermometer you need to best protect your family from undercooked meat.

BBQ thermometers make grilling safer, easier, and more enjoyable. If you still have questions about their use and importance, call one of our grilling experts today at 1-877-743-2269.

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Authentic Brazillian Bbq Grills And Accessories

Churrasco is the perfect accessory for grill masters everywhere who want to add that Latin Sizzle to their grilling. Our grill tops fit easily onto any size of backyard BBQ . Our Churrasco grill tops also break down flat and easily for storage and transportation. We also sell the traditional Churrasco skewers, tongs, knives, plataformas, and skewer holders.

Youve come to the Churrasco Shop because you love Brazilian BBQ. We stock a full inventory of our authentic Brazilian BBQ products and accessories. We offer free shipping if you live in America, and we replace any product that arrives broken. At Churrasco Shop, we serve all kinds of Churrascaria restaurants and caterers. We keep things very simple on the website. If you want one skewer or one hundred we can get you what you need.

Our home grill top can hold three skewers at once and our catering version holds up to six skewers. Our products can turn your catered event or even your home into an authentic Churrascaria. The Churrasco Shop is dedicated to delivering you the highest quality products at the most affordable prices. We are a source for Churrasco restaurants all over the world to purchase their stainless steel skewers, plataformas, and tongs.

We welcome any questions from you especially if you are a Foodie,Barbecue Junkie, or Commercial Chef looking to expand your repertoire.

Quality And Peace Of Mind

GrillGrate set of 3 panels for Weber 22.5â? Kettle Grills ...
  • Purchased with your new Nissan vehicle, Genuine Nissan Accessories are covered by your vehicles factory warranty
  • Purchased separately and installed by your dealer, Genuine Nissan Accessories come with a Nissan-backed 12 month / 20,000km limited warranty.

Both options provide peace of mind when stylizing your new car or truck.

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Gas Grill Replacement Parts

Gas Grill Regulator

Another one of the important gas grill parts is the gas grill regulator. Gas starts out either in the gas tank or a gas line and then it passes through a regulator which helps to limit the gas pressure. After that, it passes through a manifold to divide it up between the burners, then through the control valves where you can adjust the flow rate to control the temperature.

This propane grill part provides a secure, air-tight connection between grill or fire pit and the tank. Another great feature of gas grill regulator is that it has no gas leaks which makes it safe to use. It fits most gas grill, heater, fire pit, lp generator, lantern, two burner camping stove, side burner, and it is designed to be used for most low-pressure gas propane applications.

Most of the good quality regulators are easy to install and you dont need tools for the installations. Because of the resonance of the gas in the regulator, it is not unusual to hear noise from your replacement regulator for gas grill, which is good to know to avoid surprises. The replacement regulator for gas grill can come with a different flow capacity so you can choose it according to that. It is important to use the models which are resistant to corrosion and rust, and it also has a CSA certificate.

Gas Grill Burners

Gas Grill Grates

Schmidt Brothers Bonded Ash 4

As expected, you’ll need a solid set of grill tools. Huckberry, known for their killer curation of clothing and gear, has a four-piece set from Schmidt Brothers featuring a sturdy set of tongs, fork, and spatula that can handle anything you need to flip or move, and a silicone basting brush that holds up to the heat. The Bonded ash handles and case add a nice flair to their function.

To buy: huckberry.com, $99

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Where To Buy Napoleon Grills In Ottawa

Harding The Fireplace is proud to be a Premium Napoleon Dealer,providing Ottawa and the surrounding area with expert advice when it comes to Napoleon gas and charcoal grills.

Why Choose Napoleon?Napoleon is a proudly Canadian company, with their grills being Canadian-made, originating from Barrie, Ontario. The company started as a small steel fabrication business in 1976 and grew to become one of the most recognizable brands in North America.

With one of the best warranties available for gas grills, Napoleon offers its customers unbeatable guarantees. Many of the Napoleon Grill product lines have the President limited lifetime warranty, or they come with a 2-10-year warrantybetter than all leading competitors! With proper care and maintenance, Napoleon Grills consistently perform as well as they did the very first time you used them, year after year.

Napoleon also offers an abundance of accessories and extras to make your grilling experience truly personal. With their customer-focus and superior products, its no wonder that Napoleon leads the industry through their product quality and innovation.

Whatever type of grill you choose, we know youll be happy with the selection at Harding The Fireplace because we only carry high-quality models from reputable manufacturers.

All of our sales representatives are extensively trained and can answer any questions you may have about grills, smokers or outdoor heat options.

Propane Gas Tank For Grill

Why you should buy a Weber Grill

A gas grill propane tank provides the gas for the gas grills. You can buy most propane tanks for grills at your local or chain hardware or grocery stores. Once you used up all of the gas and the tank is empty, you have two option you can either refill the tank yourself or exchange it for a full replacement tank at a local retailer.

This is not a real gas grill part, but it is a part you have to have if you want your grill to work. You cant start a fire without the fuel so make sure that you always have a spare propane gas tank for grill so you can grill your meal at any time.

It is hard to tell which type or even brand for this situation is the best. It actually depends on a lot of things so if you have one propane tank for the grill you are satisfied with, I strongly recommend you to stick to it and use only that one.

Gas Grill Ignitor

Today, most gas grills come with electric instastart ignitiors that turn the grill on within seconds. You dont have to use matches or lighters, you simply have to push the button on the gas grill ignitor. If you lose the ignitor, you have to find the gas grill ignitor replacement so you can start the grill in peace. Most gas grill ignitor parts are made universal so you can replace only the component that broke like spark generator, button ignitor etc.

Gas Grill Heat Plates

Gas Grill Valve

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Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill

The tried and true Weber Kettle grill is the best way to get the most out of your time spent on open flame, and the 22-inch premium hits the sweet spot of features for price. It’s got the built-in ash catcher, hanging grates and lid, and cool-touch handles so you’re set for any cuisine. I opted for copper for a retro feel, but the black is as classic as it comes. Don’t forget a chimney to light the charcoal you are using natural hardwood lump charcoal, right?

To buy: , $175

Which Is The Right Size For You

From $89.99

Protect your investment using a custom-fitted heavy duty grill cover. This durable, waterproof, full-length grill cover defends your Kamado Joe from the elements. Solution-dyed polyester construction wont fade from day-to-day sun. Available for both Classic Joe and Big Joe grills.


The durable, waterproof grill cover defends your Kamado Joe® Kettle Joe from natures most damaging elements. The 100% solution-dyed polyester construction guarantees it wont fade from harmful day-to-day sun coverage. Full length cover keeps Mother Nature out.


Get the most out of your grill using the custom-fitted cover. Durable, waterproof grill cover defends your Kamado Joe from natures most damaging elements. 100% solution-dyed polyester construction guarantees it wont fade from day-to-day sun exposure. Full length cover keeps Mother Nature away from grill and stand.

From $229.99

The first of its kind, the revolutionary SlRoller leverages patented, Harvard science that transforms a Kamado Joe® into one of the worlds most optimal smokers. Distributes smoke and heat in rolling, recirculating waves and surrounds food in clouds of smoke while evenly distributing heat. Fits Kamado Joe Series I, II

From $249.99

From $249.99

From $109.99

From $109.99

From $49.99

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Made In Blue Carbon Steel Pan

This pan is a powerhouse both indoors and outdoors. It can withstand heat like a cast iron skillet, but it is much lighter and can have the versatility of your favorite frying pan. It’s a winner for the grill because it can handle up to 1200 degrees F, but the handle doesn’t get hot. No need to cook inside and out with this incredible pan.

Buy It: $89 madeincookware.com

Broil King Imperial Roaster

Free 2

Make it easy to roast a chicken on the grill with this stainless-steel contraption that helps you roast the chicken upright. That’ll get you crisp skin, a juicy interior, and all of the good drippings hitting the bottom of the pan. Add some vegetables or potatoes to the bottom to soak up the goodness.

Buy It: $40 bbqguys.com

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Blue Carbon Steel Grill Frying Pan

It took me a while to realize this, but a grill can be used for more than just charring or smoking meats. So another truly unique but unbeatable upgrade is investing in Made-In’s incredibly well-crafted, grill-specific pans. The Blue Carbon Steel Grill Frying Pan is a game changer, allowing you to sauté peppers and onions, roast root vegetables, and gently grill fish as easily as you would on a range, with a handle that stays cool as long as you keep it off the flame. Their paella pan is also perfectly sized for the Weber and allows the more ambitious grill master to try their hand at something new. They look professional and cook with ease, and are a staple of my summers now.

To buy: madeincookware.com, $89

Where Can I Buy Gas Grill Parts Near Me

If you are looking for a gas grill part, first you should see which part you need. There are two types of parts: produced by the same brand that made the grill and universal gas grill parts. Most gas grill have replacement parts, but if you have a brand that doesnt produce them, you will have to go with the universal parts. The best answer to the question Where can I buy gas grill parts near me? is simple. I would recommend you to check out online gas grill parts store. I am not talking about specialized stores, but about big , Walmart or even Home Depo. Those types of online stores have a huge offer of gas bbq replacement parts made by special brands or universal.

No matter if you are buying universal gas grill parts or made by a special brand, make sure it fits 100% on your gas grill. That means you can check if it is compatible with the grill model you have, or you can check the dimensions of the parts for gas grill and make sure they are the same. Replacement parts are there to help you repair your grill, but accessories are there to make the entire grilling process and grill maintenance much simpler. Today I want to share with you both, gas grill replacement parts and accessories and you can find which is the part you need.

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Yeti V Series Hard Stainless Steel Cooler

And what is any good barbeque without some cold drinks to go along with it? The Yeti V Series hard cooler keeps drinks cold in the way you expect from the best cooler brand out there. But it’s got a retro look and cutting-edge insulation that will compliment your Weber and keep your ice solid and drinks cold all day. I found it’s also a great surface on which to display your finished dishes as well who needs a caterer’s table? Don’t forget the can insulators to shield your craft brew from the grill’s heat too.

To buy: , $800

Best Grilling Accessories In 2021 According To Food Experts

Slow N Sear Plus Review – Charcoal Basket BBQ Accessories for the Grill

Select is editorially independent. Our editors selected these deals and items because we think you will enjoy them at these prices. If you purchase something through our links, we may earn a commission. Pricing and availability are accurate as of publish time.

Whether youve been a dedicated pitmaster for years or are stepping up your backyard grilling game this summer, having the right grill isnt the only thing that matters. Experienced chefs know that grilling accessories can make or break your BBQ experience, especially if you’re spending more time cooking at home right now. To an electrician, plumber or any trades person, its a well-known fact: Youre only as good as your tools, says Famous Dave’s founder Dave Anderson. He and other experts we consulted argue its important to invest in essential grilling accessories and paraphernalia, from oil sprayers to meat injectors.

Instead of opting for an over-the-top grill set thats all about look instead of function, focus on specific needs to ensure that each piece of your personalized tool kit is high-quality. The good news is that you don’t need a ton of grilling accessories, said Lisa McManus, executive editor of tasting and testing at Americas Test Kitchen. A few well-chosen tools are all you need. To help inform your decisions, weve rounded up some top-rated grilling accessories across price points and uses.

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Williams Sonoma Grill Prep Trays

Instead of carrying multiple plates out to the grill â first with raw meat, then with cooked meat â these trays are the perfect solution. They are light weight and nestle together. Red is for raw meat, and the black tray underneath stays clean until you are ready to use it to bring your cooked meat inside or to the table. They are sleek and help avoid cross contamination.

Buy It: $20-50, set of 2 williams-sonoma.com

Weber Charcoal Kettle Rotisserie

The real upgrade comes when you grab the rotisserie setup they make to specifically fit onto the 22-inch grill. It has a sturdy spit and a compact motor that does it all for you while you enjoy a beverage or game of bocce. We did two whole chickens and they were worth every second and it was really cool to watch, too.

To buy: , $190

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Gas & Propane Grill Replacement Parts & Accessories Near Me

There are many different gas grill accessories available to purchase these days. These gas grill replacement parts can be replaced once they stop working or stop performing as well as they used to have. Some of them include the gas grill burners, gas grill covers, and cooking grids as well as the gas regulators.

Grillgrates For The 225 Weber Kettle

How To Buy The Right Grill For You? 2021

I have a set of the cult-favorite GrillGrates for my gas grill, which replaced the normal bars once they started to degrade. What I didn’t know, but was happy to find out, is that they make them for your charcoal setup as well, and have a set sized perfectly for any model out there. These things get HOT, so if you’re looking to black-and-blue a steak or char up some sausage, these are a must have.

To buy: grillgrate.com, $111

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