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Lynx Hot Surface Ignition lights your grill with the push of a knob. It is weather-tested electronic ignition that simply works, every time, vaporizing the uncertainty and inconvenience of lighting traditional gas grills.

The Lynx Life deserves a perfect beginning.

Its easy, from start to finish.

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Were here to answer any and all questions you may have about Lynx grills for sale. We believe in providing you with all of the information you need to make the best purchase for your home and family. Thats why all of our team members are certified by the California State Contracting License Board. Weve been family-owned and operated for over 40 years, and we want you to feel like part of our family.

Ask our highly knowledgeable staff about our Lynx grills and outdoor appliances today! Check out our website or visit one of our three showrooms serving the greater Los Angeles and Conejo Valley areas. Well price match any Lynx grills for sale on our site. Call now or chat with us online to speak to a sales expert.

A Stainless Steel Sheen

Instead of off-color paint layers and plastic trim, all Lynx grills are made with durable stainless steel construction. Each grill is created from the same material for a cohesive design that’s sure to stay in style for years to come. Keep your freestanding grill close to the patio seating for an unbeatable conversation starter, or protect that shining surface beneath a when inclement weather rolls into town. These covers are each custom made to fit Lynx-specific models, giving them a tight fit to prevent pooling water. The easy-to-manage finger loops allow users to quickly and easily secure their cover, toothese finger loops help to pull the cover even tauter, keeping any hungry critters away to find dinner elsewhere.

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Advanced Heat Retention And Distribution

As we all learned in chemistry class, metal conducts heat. Lets say you have four burners that together produce a whopping 100,000 BTUs. Under a thin metal dome , heat travels away from the cavity of the grill. To combat this, pro grill manufacturers use the following high-quality materials and construction techniques to retain and reflect the heat for cooking:

  • Heavy duty stainless steel grates: These retain heat and transfer it to your food efficiently. Kalamazoo and Hestan offer laser cut stainless steel grates, which cook up to 25 percent faster than rod-style grates. Kalamazoo also lets you customize your grates and offers different designs optimized for meat, fish, or vegetables.
  • Ceramic briquettes: These also help retain and distribute heat evenly. Because ceramic briquettes tend to crack when you choose to use coal as a fuel source, Kalamazoo uses steel baffles instead for its multifuel grill.
  • Heavy duty lid and construction: The lid or hood is another important factor in maintaining an even temperature ecosystem, of course. The hood on a pro-style grill can weigh 50 pounds or more. Worried about the heave-ho? Innovative spring systems let you lift the hood up with one finger.
  • Convection effect in the firebox: Manufacturers have optimized these grillsâ air flow from intake to exhaust to generate the maximum convection effect. That means there are no cold spots in the cavity. Kalamazoo is a stand out in this category with its extra deep firebox.
  • The Proper Lynx Grill Ignition Sequence

    Lynx 30

    A General Understanding

    Before we get to the finer points, I would like us to establish a general understanding of the Lynx Grill ignition system. At Grill Tanks Plus, Lynx is our favorite grill for many reasons. One reason is Lynx BBQ Grill repairs are always a pleasure when dealing with a world class organization like Lynx. Their service department is incredibly responsive. Most on point, however, is the brilliant ignition system design that comes standard in their Grills. The system greatly helps to decrease user error. Let me explain.

    * We always recommend you turn your propane tank off when done cooking and performing your 5 to 10 minute burn off. Therefore, the following sequences all assume you are beginning from the all-off positions.

    The Traditional NOT LYNX Ignition System

    When most people think about igniting a BBQ Grill they think of a 3 step process that looks like this:

    *** Everything must be off to start the propane tank and burners.

    1. Turn on your propane tank.2. Now, you can turn the burners on.3. Push the Ignite button.

    If you are familiar with how LYNX Grills work, you are probably having a good chuckle about the 3 images above because it doesnt apply to LYNX at all! But thats the point. Non-Lynx owners would see nothing wrong in those images. Hence, most people think of a 3 step process. This would, however, be the correct sequence for COMMON Grills.

    The LYNX BBQ Grill Ignition Sequence

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    Why Lynx Makes Some Of Our Favorite Grills

    Summer is coming and that means grilling.For some, that also means buying a new grill. If youre looking for awell-built grill that will last season after season, one of our favorite brandsis Lynx.

    The American made Lynx grill that is known forits ability to turn whatever food thats tossed onto it into a masterpiece.With its highly professional capabilities, a Lynx grill is sure to impress justabout any cook regardless of if youre a weekend grilling warrior or aprofessional looking for some R& R at home.

    Can I Locate Lynx Parts On Model Alone

    No. This is because model numbers have remained the same over the years but due to design advancements in the Lynx Grills, the parts on the inside change.

    Repair parts by Lynx are built to be the perfect fit on each specific model and series. Just swap out the old part with a genuine Lynx replacement and watch your grill come back to life!

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    Enhancing The Quality Of At

    Lynx products are internationally renowned for their quality. In fact, many have said that Lynx gas grills are the worlds greatest grill. Lynx has developed a signature welding technique that eliminates gaps where food residue tends to get stuck in standard grills, making for easier cleanups and a smoother, sleeker look overall.

    This is a grill brand focused on creating the ultimate gastronomic experience for home grillers. The company regularly consults with a panel of culinary experts to gather feedback and develop new innovations in their line of products.

    More About Lynx Professional Brand

    Should you buy a Lynx Pro Grill? Ratings / Reviews / Prices

    Lynx has set the standard for cutting-edge innovation and features. They are leading the market in design and manufacturing of outdoor equipment. Their proprietary technology continues to raise the bar, with features like a “hood assist” that makes lifting and lowering the grill’s hood effortless and their exclusive cast ceramic burner that delivers consistent flame and heat better than any metal burner.

    Lynx’s top-quality materials and construction techniques result in a refined grilling experience with unbeatable results. The patented Trident variable infrared burner cooks at both high and low temperatures like no other technology on the market. Cast ceramic burners hold and radiate high temperatures, improving your cooking times and energy efficiency.

    The Patented Trident Burner has is a variable infrared burner that cooks at both high and low temperatures like no other technology on the market. Cast ceramic burners hold and radiate high temperatures, improving your cooking times and energy efficiency. For a more detailed look at the Lynx grill brand & features, see below

    Lynx has embraced the outdoor living lifestyle with their incredible outdoor appliances and extensive product line that will create the most stunning commercial quality outdoor kitchen. In addition to grills and replacement parts, they offer storage doors and drawers, power burners and many other outdoor accessories.

    Lifetime Warranty

    For Additional Expertise, Contact Us

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    Lynx Gas Grills Where Beauty And Performance Meet

    Lynx gas grills are a marriage of form and function, combining beautifully welded stainless steel construction with some of the most ground-breaking technology in the BBQ industry. The result is a breathtaking line of gas grills that push the envelope of technological innovation and are so simple to use, anyone can feel like a grill master.

    Lynx has continually rocked the world of BBQ with innovative features like the industrys first 100% ceramic burners, one of the first lift-assist hood systems, ceramic briquette flame tamers, and the Trident the largest infrared burner on the market.

    Are Lynx Grills Worth The Money

    Yes… Yes… Yes…

    When considering a high-qualityAmerican-made grill, Lynx Professional Grills should be first on your list.

    Lynx manufactures built-in grills and freestanding grills, as well as a variety of outdoor kitchen components.

    Lynx is manufactured in the USA in California.

    We have been carrying Lynx since they were introduced in the late 90’s. ThePremier models had 3 sizes: 27″, 36″ and 48″ . When the Professional series was introduced, the modellineup included 27″, 30″, 42″ and 54″ which remains thecurrent lineup today.

    The 27″ and 30″ grills have 2 main burners, The 36″ and 42″ grills have 3 main burners and the 54″ grills have 4 main burners.

    There are 2 burner configuration options on the 27″ and three options on the 30″ and above. On grills larger than 30″ you can choose from all ceramic burners, add one trident Prosear or choose all trident burners.

    Looking to be the envy of your friends? Choose the SmartGrill, an exclusive Wi-Fi enabled technology available on grill sizes 30″, 36″ and 42″.

    The Lynxgrill has been known for their heavy duty cast brass burner which boasted an incredible 25,000 BTU’s per Burner.

    In 2018,Lynx redesigned the burner they have long been known for. It was changed to acast ceramic burner. The ceramic burner is made from cordieriteceramic. This material is used in kilns and commercial ovens for the hightemperatures it endures. These radiant burners are the heart of your LynxGrill.

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    How To Rotisserie Everything

    First things first. Weight has nothing to do with cooking. Not on a rotisserie, not on a grill, not in the oven. Nowhere. It means nothing. The only value needed to be noted before cooking anything is its size. And because depending on the animals natural size, and the butcher who prepared that cut for you, it is impossible to give you a truly accurate cooking guide with temperature/time based on weight. For example, a prime rib roast that is 10 inches thick, will take around four times longer to cook than one that is 5 inches thick. On the other hand, if you were to cook it based on its weight, a 10-pound roast that has been cut to a thinner longer shape, will cook much faster than a 5-pound one that was cut thicker. So focus on the size, not the weight.

    If you want to know how to rotisserie anything, just skip the few next paragraphs and go to the last few lines to learn everything you need for rotisserie cooking. If you want to understand why nothing else matters, then keep reading.

    Bigger roasts will need to be placed further from the infrared burner on your Lynx Grill, on which you have two distance settings. But if the farthest setting doesnt work for you, due to the size of your roast, you can decide to roast it with the hood open or closed. This is a good way to regulate the heat around your food.

    In conclusion, to determine when your roast is done, youll need an instant-read thermometer, like this one. Follow these temperature guidelines.

    Full List Of Lynx Models That We Carry Parts For:

    Lynx Professional 30

    CS30, L27, L27F, L27FR, L27PSFR, L27PSR, L27R, L30, L30APSFR, L30APSR, L30F, L30FR, L30PSFR, L30PSP, L30PSR, L30R, L36, L36 PSR, L36FR, L36PSFR, L36PSR, L36R, L42, L42FR, L42PSFR, L42PSFR, L42PSR, L42R, L54, L5430, L5430FR2B, L54FR, L54PS, L54PSFR, L54PSR, L54R, L54SBFR, L54SBR, L54SBR, LBQ27, LBQ27E, LBQ27F, LBQ27FE, LBQ27FR, LBQ27FRE, LBQ27R, LBQ27RE, LBQ36, LBQ36F, LBQ36FR, LBQ36FRE, LBQ48, LBQ48CF, LBQ48F, LBQ48FR, LBQ48R, LBQ48R2B, LCB1, LCB2, LDR18, LDR21, LDR27, LDR30, LDR36, LDR42, LDR54, LPQ36E, LPSGE, LPSGEBKT, LPSGEKIT, LSB1, LSB2, LSB2PC, LSPGE

    For more information on finding your part see this article or watch this video:

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    Gas Grills: A Staple Of Outdoor Cooking

    Finding the right gas BBQ grill for your outdoor kitchen or backyard barbecue needs can involve a lot of shopping around. There are more grill brands on the market now than ever before, which can make it hard to immediately tell the difference between a cheap gas grill and a quality BBQ that will last for years to come.Here at Kickass Grills, we’ve done a lot of the work for you: separating the high-quality barbecue brands from the pack and featuring their gas grills on our easy-to-shop site. Combine that with our industry-leading BBQ expertise and customer service, and we make the gas grill sales experience as simple as possible. You’re sure to get a reliable, feature-rich BBQ gas grill when shopping with Kickass Grills.

    Hestan Vs Lynx Professional Grills

    Steve Sheinkopf | May 01, 2020 | 6 Min. Read

    Start finding answers in our Resource Center full of videos, buying guides, and checklists

    If youre looking for a premium grill, youll step into the world of higher output, faster cooking, and better searing capability.

    The best brands are Lynx, Kalamazoo, DCS, and Hestan for premium grills.

    Among the best BBQ grills, Weber has always dominated the lower to mid-priced, while Lynx and Kalamazoo historically have been on the cutting edge of better professional grills.

    In 2017, Hestan launched a trendy yet different professional grill. It has quickly surpassed many other premium grills in popularity.

    Now, Lynx and Hestan are the two most compared professional grills across the country.

    In this article, you will learn about the critical features for both Hestan and Lynx, followed by a side-by-side comparison.

    First, lets look at both brands starting with Lynx Professional Grills.

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    Receive A Quote Request A Design

    Welcome to the Lynx Design Center. Weve simplified the process of quoting, designing and ultimately living the Lynx Life to within just a few clicks. Here you can turn your product wish list into a reality. And, if needed, you can request a custom design from our complimentary outdoor kitchen design service. Lets begin:

    Can Lynx Grills Help Me Make The Most Of My Backyard Entertaining Space

    Lynx Gas Grill Innovations – By BBQGuys.com

    They can! While Lynx is known for products like their freestanding or built-in Lynx gas grills, the Lynx does manufacture outdoor cooking products that are helpful in creating or renovating your outdoor kitchen.

    Beyond Lynx grills for sale here at Fireside BBQ & Appliances, you can find a range of useful outdoor kitchen accessories like countertop trash chutes with a cutting board and a cover to prepare your meat and other food items, storage solutions like the Lynx Sedona 36-Inch Access Door And Double Drawer Combo, and solutions to keep food and materials warm, like the Lynx Professional 30-Inch Built-In 120V Electric Outdoor Warming Drawer.

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    What Do You Get When You Choose Lynx For Your Outdoor Kitchen Needs

    Lynx offers a wide range of high-quality grills and parts designed to help you get professional, commercial-level quality products in your own outdoor kitchen area. Take, for example, Lynx grill parts like the Lynx Professional Built-In Propane Gas Double Side Burner with Prep Center. This innovative burner not only allows you to cook side dishes to accompany your mouth watering cuts of meat but to prepare your food for cooking as well. All of the Lynx grills for sale and Lynx accessories at Fireside BBQ & Appliances are designed with you, the grill master and chef, as well as quality and functionality in mind.

    Stronger Feats Higher Heats

    No matter the fuel, Lynx grills are designed with high-performance grilling in mind. Whether you’re cooking on a built-in barbecue or a freestanding model, fit yours with an infrared burner to ensure your natural gas cooker can deliver that enviable high-heat sear. These infrared burners can soar to temperatures as high as 1000°F, giving anything you cook an enviable sear. Meanwhile, radiant “briquettes” below provide for an even distribution of heat between classic burners too, ensuring that hot spots stay out of the equation. For a truly gourmet grilling experience, explore Lynx Grills and their selection of -enabled devices. These grills have an infrared burner against the rear of the hood that’s perfect for searing spitted meats, fruits, and veggies. Spit-roast chickens, baste leg of lamb, sear whole pineapples, and blacken a basket of peppers for truly savory meals. When not in use, store your rotisserie accessories and other gear within your gas or the storage drawers in your outdoor kitchen.

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    The Professional Life Is All About The Details

    Its luxurious living, and hand craftsmanship. Its foods prepared on the finest materials money can buy. Crafted by those who know their art. New technology designed and implemented by edgy thinkers, determined to elevate the culinary arts, no matter whats being prepared from traditional BBQ to luxurious recipes. The Lynx Professional isnt for show, it’s a work of art. Its not about glamour, it’s about cooking on a superior machine. One so well engineered and built, that it can seamlessly blend into an elegant outdoor room, but perform on par with its professional restaurant cousins.

    Lynx Grills And Outdoor Kitchens

    Sedona by Lynx
    “In 1996, there was a moment of truth. A small group of visionaries had spent more than 30 years building commercial-quality stainless steel equipment for restaurants. But they wanted to try something new. They wanted to apply the same high standards, premier materials, skilled craftsmanship, and never-ending innovation to the world of outdoor cooking.” – Lynx

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