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Rambler Tabletop Charcoal Grill

Deep Cleaning & 6 Month Review of the Oklahoma Joes Rider DLX pellet grill

The Oklahoma Joe’s® Rambler Tabletop Charcoal Grill offers portability, but never at the expense of quality. Its heavy-duty construction ensures supreme durability, while the height-adjustable tray and large air dampers let you create the ideal temperature and airflow. Great on the go or in your backyard.

Cast-Iron Grates

Adjustable Charcoal Tray

Dimensions at a glance

  • Heavy-duty steel construction ensures durability you can trust
  • Thick cast-iron grates produce a perfect sear
  • Height-adjustable charcoal tray lets you grill with high heat or cook low and slow
  • Large air dampers allow for accurate airflow control
  • Full-size, removable ash pan makes clean-up easy
  • Lid handle features an easy-to-grab rubber grip and stays cool to the touch
  • Professional temperature gauge with glow-in-the-dark accents
  • Sturdy side handles make transporting this portable grill easy
Model Number

Key Features Of The Oklahoma Joes Longhorn Combo

Versatile grilling

The combo grilling is the main attention of it. Here is a chance for you to explore the versatility and see how the gas grill stands out from charcoal smokers. It comes with 3 separate gas burners where the BTUs level is 12,000 for each. For the charcoal chimney starter, you may find another side burner with 12,000 BTUs.

The firebox especially comes to experience the mode of a charcoal grill. If you are tired of gas grilling, then you can enjoy the smoky flavor with the smoker. This is a great chance unless you would have to buy another smoker.

Well-built construction

Each part of it is made of heavy gauge materials team up with stainless steel. Also, you are going to have the porcelain-coated cooking grates which serve across the cooking area. The dampers beneath there able to hold the heavy heat.

The wheels are made of steel, and for that, they can overcome any obstacles during mobilization from one place to another. The two legs are durable and made of steel along the cart is heavy enough to hold the upper portion of the grill. The side shelves are from the same materials and are great for the extra cooking prep.

Easy to clean

If we claim it to be the best Oklahoma grill, it wont be wrong. The main reason for this is to have a wide range of grilling experiences. For that, you can now experience the gas grill, charcoal, and an offset smoker at the same place.

Convenient grilling

Compare Oklahoma Joes Longhorn Combo Vs Joes Highland Reverse Flow Smoker Vs Joes Longhorn Offset Smoker

So we are now comparing Oklahoma joes longhorn combo grill with the Highland reverse flow smoker and the Longhorn offset smoker. Be straight with you the combo one is the best compared to the others for versatility and adding features.

It definitely comes with more features to run the three different grillings like the gas grill, smoker, and charcoal. So we dont need to draw any outline to make you convince. By the way, excluding the combo feature, there are many things available in Joes Highland Reverse Flow Smoker but not with the Longhorn offset smoker.

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What To Consider When Buying Outdoor Barbecues

When shopping for a barbeque, search by size to suit your outdoor setting. Our portable models and BBQ stands conveniently fit compact spaces. Choose your preferred fuel source from gas, electric and charcoal BBQ grills. Crank up the heat with fancy features like spit rotisseries or for an authentic Italian experience, our pizza ovens produce the finest wood-fired pizzas squisito!

Sharpen your culinary skills with BBQ accessories like spatulas, tongs and knives. Be sure to keep your investment safe on the chef’s day off with covers that protect from the elements, all year round.

Shop Harvey Norman online or visit your local store and find your perfect BBQ.

How Worthy Compared To Features And Performance

Oklahoma Joe

The performance of this combo grill based on the different choices like smoker, gas grill, and charcoal is quite satisfactory. However, let us help you to overcome some common issues as well in every other grill.

First off, you must find even cooking, but the area may come too short, especially where the igniters are located, but it is so small. By the way, this is common as well with another grill, so there is no worry about it.

For the smokers performance, adding chips is a real win, and you can do this through the top of the side area, but make sure the grates are not in the smoker zone. Finally, while using charcoal, the side smoker performs to feed the heat and smoke perfectly into the charcoal area without any barrier.

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What Are Users Saying About Oklahoma Joes Longhorn Combo

Users feedback for this grill is mostly positive, especially for those who want to explore its versatility. Consumers love the reverse flow technology they claim it gives them consistent temperatures while grilling. The materials are sturdy and of proper thickness, too. One standout feature is the size of the grill area: Its big enough to cook food for everyone at your party.

Faq About Oklahoma Joes Longhorn Combo

Does it track the temperature for both the gas grill and charcoal?

Tracking the temperature is a must, especially with the gas grill and smoker. Since it has both, then it is important to have a lid-mounted temperature gauge, and so it does. This actually tracks the inside temperature of the gas grill chamber along with the smoker chamber too.

Q. Can I change the orifice and make it natural gas?

It is non-convertible to natural gas, and the manufacturer sealed the way to convert it. Suppose, if you ever try to make it through, you will fail to do it. Normally, natural gas is low-pressure gas, and it comes with a special type of orifice with larger holes. And, there is no conversion kit like the orifice with larger holes are available in the market provided by the manufacturer.

Q. Does the smoker box pass the smoke from it to the charcoal box after letting it out from the chimney?

Yes, this is why the manufacturers add it, and this is the main operation. Normally, the firebox and the charcoal grill are connected. However, the gas grill is separate, and no need to pass the smoker through it.

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My Spin On Oklahoma Joes Smoked Beans Ingredients:

117 oz of baked beans drain about a third of the juice if you can 30 ounces of black beans juice drained off 30 ounces of red kidney beans juice drained off 18-20 oz of BBQ sauce 1 red onion, finely chopped 1 yellow pepper and one red pepper, chopped 1 serano pepper 2 lbs brown sugar 1 lb of smoked brisket, chopped 1 cup bourbon

Yield: Two aluminum pans of beans

Speaking of aluminum pans, stock up. They are your best friend when cooking for a crowd and saving a TON of clean up time.

If youre wondering what I did different from Joe, well, youll just have to ask him yourself -)

***Editors Note ~ Lots of folks have asked what a #10 can of baked beans is. Thats the size of the can. It holds approximately 117 ounces of baked beans and can be purchased at just about any warehouse/membership store***

Im not going to bore you with a bunch of shots of ingredients being chopped. Ill just give you the method. Use a minimum of four aluminum pans here. Double them up to keep the pans from bending under the weight of the soon to be smoked beans. Drain some of the liquid off of the beans before adding to the pans. I didnt drain them all, just about half. Combine all the ingredients in a large pot and mix together before pouring into two different sets of aluminum pans.

Here are a couple other of my favorite grilled sides. Grilled Baked Potatoes and Grilled Salad. Thats right, Grilled Salad!

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What’s The Best Barbecue To Buy

The humble outdoor BBQ has evolved from “throwing shrimp on the barbie” to cooking up a scrumptious feast. The best barbeque is one that fits your space and accommodates your entertaining needs. If you’re blessed with a backyard or grateful for a generous garden, there’s a model for you.

Compact spaces will adore the Masport Weekender 4Burner BBQ thanks to four stainless steel burners and cast iron cookware. For avid entertainers, the Neo Kitchen 6 LPG Burner Island Module was made to feed the masses. This impressive 6burner gas BBQ features a window and lights in the rollback hood and is also equipped with a sink and fridge, forming the ultimate outdoor kitchen package!

Oklahoma Joe’s : Grills & Outdoor Cooking

When its a warm summer day, you cant resist bringing out those grills for a fun BBQ party with friends and family. Its a day well spent. Grills bring that delicious smell of sizzling hot dogs and burgers which make any day special. Whether youre planning to upgrade your grill or buy a new one, you can pick from a wide range with Targets collection. From basic grills to the ones with top-notch features, we have everything. And since there are so many varieties, weve made a quick guide to help you find the right grill. Firstly, choose a grill depending on your real estate. Outdoor ones for your backyard are great for get-togethers. Second, is the type. You can either go for a gas grill or a charcoal grill. Gas grills are the most common and run on propane or natural gas. They are best for quick cooking and the flame can be easily controlled. Charcoal grills run on lumps of charcoal or charcoal briquettes. They are a little harder to use, but theyre the classic grills that give the food a smokey flavor that everybody loves. They also run on a high temperature and help seer the meat easily. Then there are other options like electric grills and wood pellet grills. You can also find accessories such as covers, which come in handy for outdoor setups. Explore Targets range to find the perfect grill. Let the grilling begin!

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Rider Dlx Pellet Grill

The Oklahoma Joe’s® Rider DLX Pellet Grill goes big on all the right details for unmatched versatility and the rich wood-fired flavor Oklahoma Joe’s is known for. It has two distinct cooking guidance features, a massive temperature range of 175°-650+°F and an impressive 1,200+ square inches of cooking space. To learn more about the Rider Pellet Grill Series, click here.

Pit Control System

Tall-Body Smoke Chamber

Dimensions at a glance

Get A Licence To Grill With These Fiery Barbeques

Oklahoma Joe

The muchloved barbeque is Australia’s national treasure! Pay homage to an iconic summer tradition by investing in a quality BBQ. Discover a wide range of charcoal BBQs, smokers and barbeque grills for rustling up delectable feasts for family and friends.

Whether you’ve got a spacious poolside patio, or a suburban balcony, our outdoor BBQ kitchens and small electric BBQs cater to every occasion. For the ultimate Aussie entertaining experience, complete your outdoor dining area with outdoor furniture including sumptuous lounges and protective umbrellas to shield guests from the sun. Al fresco living is the new fine dining shop at Harvey Norman for all your summer entertaining needs.

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