Active Grille Shutter Repair Cost

When The Active Grille Shutter Operates

Dorman solutions for repairing active grille shutters

The ECU controls the active grille shutter operation. It closes the shutter when it detects low cooling and A/C loads the engine cooling system doesnt need high airflow. In some makes, the shutter is controlled by the fuel pump control module. In other words, high fuel pump loads automatically dictate high speed and that opens the shutters.

The shutters remain closed at engine startup and in cold weather.

Ford Active Grill Shutter Problems Reasons & Easy Solutions

Reasons for Active Grille Shutter Problems Simple Fixes to Try Out
Lost communication from the PCM Clear out the error code using a scanner tool
Blow up fuse Check the fuse and repair it
Improper alignment of active grill shutter Position it rightly

Before you know the real fixing process of bad ford active grille shutters, learn about the causes. To put it simply, the main role of an active grille shutter is to control your ford engine temperature.

The signs of a problematic ford active grille shutter will show once you turn on your engine and start to drive.

According to Ford,

When youre driving slowly, the Active Grille Shutter system keeps the grille vent open to cool the engine. When you pick up speed it can automatically close, improving aerodynamics and helping to save fuel.

You can easily tell whether your truck needs treatment by noticing these 2 signs as it means a bad active grille shutter. And, they are:

  • Trucks spend a lot of fuel
  • Adding aerodynamics drags
  • Maybe your trucks having a bad fault code that causes the active grille shutter to act weirdly. Or, it could be the fuse blown up issues as a few people face the same error after checking. Sometimes the problem can be due to the wrong alignment of the grille shutter.

    And for that reason, your trucks active grille shutter is not working. However, if nothing works out, then you must replace it with the help of professionals.

    What Do Active Grille Shutters Do

    Active Grille Shutter is an integral part of a vehicle that works in conjunction with engine electronics that provides intelligent airflow.

    It ensures a smooth, effective and efficient system of airflow regulation strategy. A progressive, intelligent microcontroller-based mechatronic system that automatically controls the aerodynamic flow of air via an automatic open and shut technology.

    The shutter, when active, starts the process when the engine requires more air. This will allow optimal air distribution throughout the engine, thereby providing it with a precise amount of fuel necessary to keep proper combustion for optimum power, performance, efficiency, and emissions.

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    Active Grill Shutter Problems Silverado

    There are a few things that can cause problems with the active grill shutter on a Silverado. The most common issue is that the cable can become entangled and stop the shutter from opening or closing.

    This can be solved by carefully unknotting the cable and allowing the shutter to open and close freely. If the shutter still refuses to open, it may be due to a stuck gear or gearbox.

    In this case, it may be necessary to take the grill off and clean everything inside. If the gearbox is dirty, it may be necessary to replace it.

    How Does The Engine Control Module Control The Shutters


    The engine control module in the 9000 series opens or closes the two independently controlled shutters by communicating with the actuators on each shutter.

    The module is programmed to move both shutters at once, however each shutter can be commanded individually to open or close.

    Each actuator operates on an ignition circuit that is active only when the key is in the RUN position. This circuit allows just enough power to run both a solenoid and an electromagnetic drive effortlessly.

    The entire process is controlled by the engine control module and can be monitored through the Service Information System.

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    What Is A Radiator Shutter Assembly

    In traditional engines with conventional radiator systems, air moves through a grille at the front of the engine. This requires either assistance from the radiator’s fan or forward motion. When the air passes through the radiator, it helps to reduce the temperature of the coolant inside. While this design is effective, it has a significant drawback. Specifically, the radiator ends up taking in more air than it needs for proper cooling. While there is no direct harm in having too much air inside the engine bay, the design of conventional engines results in substantial drag. This lack of aerodynamics, of course, causes fuel economy to drop considerably.

    Modern engines often have a radiator shutter assembly. These systems feature motorized shutters that close either partially or completely to restrict the flow of air into the engine. When the engine’s temperature begins to rise, the shutters open to allow more air to come in. The result is a more aerodynamic vehicle that gets better gas mileage. Like with any mechanical system, however, the radiator shutter assembly can wear out or break over time. If the assembly on your vehicle has seen better days, replacing it is essential for ensuring your engine operates at the correct temperature.

    Fixing The Active Grill Shutter Problems With A Scanner Tool

    Most ford drivers are facing active grille shutter troubles due to their trucks internal fault code. Sometimes ford has DTC aka Diagnostic Trouble Codes with the active grille shutter module that might cause problems.

    If this thing is new to you, then we suggest getting an OBD II adapter or scanner tool to continue the following steps. Lets see what you need to do:

    • Turn your engine to an idle position.
    • Next, connect the OBD II adapter to plug in your truck and the laptop using FORScan. You can also use a scanner tool to plug it into the truck.
    • Wait for a while so that the FORScan scan shows data. And then, a bar will pop up by showing a warning of AGS or active grille shutter modules fault codes.
    • After that, click on the fault code and press the reset button. Next, wait for a few seconds.
    • Again, a bar will pop up for you to cycle the ignition and then start the engine.

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    Ford Active Grill Shutter Problems & Solutions

    Ford Active Grill Shutters are important safety devices that should be properly aligned and working properly in order to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers.

    If the grill shutter is not aligned properly, it can cause the active shutter to blow up, which will result in a loss of communication between the PCM and the grill shutter actuator. This can lead to dangerous situations where the active shutter is open while the car is in motion.

    However, if you are experiencing issues with your grill shutter, the following steps may help to resolve the issue. First, check to see if the grill shutter is in the correct position by positioning it correctly and verifying that the shutter is in the open position.

    If the shutter is not in the correct position, you will need to clear out any debris that may be obstructing the shutter.

    Next, you will need to check to see if there is a blown fuse or an error code on your PCM. If there is an error code, you will need to resolve it by replacing the fuse or by restoring the PCM.

    How Do Air Shutters Work On A Chevy Silverado

    Know Your Toyota – Active Grille Shutters

    Active Aero Shutters are electronically operated and installed in the front fascia of a vehicle, either at the lower grille opening , the higher grille opening , or both the upper and lower grille apertures .

    Based on numerous variables, the vehicles computer system calculates when to open or shut them. According to GM, the onboard computer system that controls the active air shutters is designed to close them as frequently as possible in order to decrease aerodynamic drag.

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    Bad Active Grill Shutter Fuse Could Be The Reason Why Its Not Working

    Have you dealt with a very hot temperature of the engine while driving your ford truck? Perhaps the active grille shutter fuse is the main cause that needs replacement to fix out the overall issue.

    In short, the fuse of fords active grille shutter can turn bad or worn out. You first need to locate the bad fuse from the fusebox to ensure the problem. To do so, follow the procedure:

    Step-1: Open the hood of your ford truck.

    Step-2: Next, take out the fuse box cover.

    Step-3: Then, locate the blown-out active grille shutter fuse. Be sure to use a pair of nose pliers when removing the bad fuse.

    Step-4: Attach the new active grille shutter to the old ones place.

    Step-5: After that, lock the fuse box cover. Then, close the hood.

    It would be better if you re-calibrate the active grille shutter module by using a scanner tool. Then, start your ford truck to finish the process.

    The Ford Active Grille Shutter Alignment Might Solve The Problems

    Another possible reason a lot of ford drivers find AGS aka active grille shutter problems due to incorrect alignment. For that, you need to see whether the grille shutter housing, retainer, and wiring harness are broken or have the wrong alignment.

    Just be sure to locate the active grille shutter which is on the front side of your truck. Then, use a tool to take out the cover gently so that the part doesnt crush. Next, check all the parts if anything is loosened or needs to be fitted.

    What do you see? If the wiring harness is loosened or broken, then be sure to fix it by soldering. And, treat the other parts too if they need alignment.

    After adjusting all the housings, wiring harness, sensors, and other parts, attach the cover of the active grill shutter back to its place. Hopefully, the problem is now cured.

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    Gmc Active Grill Shutter Problems

    At times, it can be difficult to know whether your GMC cars active grill shutter is malfunctioning or not. Water intrusion, ice accumulation, and active grille shutter fault can all be signs that your grill shutter is not working as it should. If you notice any of these issues with your car, it is important to take action.

    Water intrusion can occur if water gets past the seals that protect the engine and transmission from water ingress.

    This can cause major damage and even lead to a car fire. Ice accumulates on the grill shutter because it blocks air flow, which in turn causes the heat to dissipate.

    This can cause the metal to rust and also affect the function of the grill shutter. Active grille shutter fault is when the grill shutter stops working completely, preventing you from enjoying your cars interior. If this issue is not fixed right away, it can lead to serious injuries.

    Active Grille Shutter Repair Cost


    A lot of people seem to be confused about the price range for active grille shutter repair. While the cost for parts may vary depending on the make and model of the grill, on average, it would cost between $100 and $400 to repair the active grille shutter.

    This price range would include the cost of the parts, labor, and any necessary repairs that may need to be done.

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    How Much Does A Radiator Shutter Assembly Cost

    The cost to replace a damaged or worn out radiator shutter assembly varies from vehicle to vehicle. That is, budgeting for this repair likely depends on the make, model and year of your car, truck or SUV. Nonetheless, at, radiator shutter assemblies are affordable. In fact, most range in cost from $102 to $162.

    Ram 1500 Active Grill Shutter Issues

    At the moment, there is no obvious answer on whats causing the issue with ram 1500 active grill shutters but people are reporting that they suddenly stopped working without warning.

    GM has not officially commented on this problem and it wouldnt be surprising if they dont have a definite answer yet.

    In general, though, these shutters work by deflecting air downward to reduce drag and increase fuel economy so, it would stand to reason that something could go wrong if their functionality is compromised in any way.

    If youre experiencing issues with your Ram1500 active grill shutter or just want to make sure your truck has all it needs to have a longer, safer life there are plenty of shops that can help you.

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    Active Grill Shutter Problems And Solutions

    Are you having problems with your grill shutter not closing properly? If so, you may be experiencing the effects of active grill shutter problems on your vehicle.

    These problems can cause a number of different issues, from increased fuel consumption to decreased visibility while driving.

    If youre experiencing any of these active grill shutter problems, its important to take action and get the issue fixed as soon as possible.

    Active Grill Shutter Problems

    What do Active Grille Shutters Do? AGS – TruckTalk #30

    There are many potential issues that can arise with an active grill shutter, including calibration problems, front-end collisions, overheating, and blown fuses.

    Calibration problems can occur if the sensor or the control unit is not properly installed or if it is not properly calibrated. This can lead to inaccurate readings and inaccurate cooking times.

    Front-end collisions can occur if the grill shutter is not properly installed or if it comes into contact with the cooking surface too frequently. This can lead to damage to the grill shutter and/or the cooking surface.

    Overheating can occur if the grill is not properly ventilated or if the temperature inside the grill is too high. This can lead to damage to the components of the grill and/or the cooking surface.

    Blown fuses can occur if the electrical circuit is overloaded and fails. This can lead to loss of power to the grill and/or the cooking surface.

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    How Does An Active Grille Air Shutter Work

    A vehicles active grille shutter, which works in tandem with engine electronics that controls intelligent airflow, is an important feature.

    It ensures a proper, efficient, and effective airflow management strategy. An automated open and shut technology is used to regulate the aerodynamic flow of air on a progressive intelligent microcontroller-based mechatronic system.

    When the engine needs more air, the shutter becomes active and starts the process. This will allow for precise delivery of air throughout the engine, ensuring optimal combustion for maximum power, performance, efficiency, and emissions.

    Ford F150 Active Grill Shutter Replacement

    If you are having issues with your Ford F150 Active Grill Shutters, then you may need to replace them. This is a common issue that can be caused by a number of things, including debris or rain getting into the shutter mechanisms. If this is the case, then Replacement Ford F150 Active Grill Shutters are the answer.

    These shutters are made from high-quality materials and will fit your Ford F150 perfectly. They also come with a warranty, so you can be sure that you are getting the best solution possible.

    When you buy Replacement Ford F150 Active Grill Shutters, you will be able to enjoy the added security and protection that these shutters provide.

    If you are experiencing any of the following Ford F150 active grill shutter problems, it may be time to have them checked out by a technician:

  • Calibration problems
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    Ford Focus Active Grill Shutter Problems

    Ford has been manufacturing cars and trucks for over 100 years, so its safe to say that they have a lot of experience with these things.

    Unfortunately, their experience may not always be enough when it comes to dealing with active grill shutters. Some people are reporting that the shutters on their Focus models suddenly stopped working without warning.

    This could be due to anything from incorrect wiring connections to defective components inside the shutter mechanism itself.

    If youre experiencing issues with your Ford Focus active grill shutter, there are many qualified shops out there who can help diagnose and repair them as needed.

    What Are The Signs Of A Bad Radiator Shutter Assembly


    Driving with a bad radiator shutter assembly is a recipe for disaster. After all, if your vehicle’s engine overheats, you may experience a range of different problems, including a cracked head gasket. Identifying an unhealthy assembly is not usually challenging. On the contrary, an overheating engine may be your initial warning sign. You may also notice that the shutters are not opening and closing properly. Furthermore, if your vehicle has frontend damage, you should inspect the radiator grille shutter to see if it requires replacement.

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    Active Grill Shutter Not Covered By Warranty

    Atyth said:Unless they can send you pictures of damage or something it sounds like they are trying to get your money. Take some pictures of the AGS and then ask the dealer why it is not covered. If the AGS is not damaged they have no legitimate claim against you. Make sure to take the pictures first so they can’t just break it and say “See I told you there was damage”.

    What Is A Grill Shutter

    Active Grille Shutter, as the name explains, is beneficial, mechanical, automatic, and active airflow management for vehicle heat rejection.

    The system prompts lower greenhouse gas emissions, superior mileage, and reduces engine wear and tear. Air conditioning systems work marvel in the hot temperatures, but when the outside temperature dips slightly below standard, there is no need for it which leads to incomplete vehicle recovery and, by that, lowers the engine power output. Further, you may get an undesired engine to backfire and wear or a hassle of air filters cleaning process.

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