Are Blackstone Grills Any Good

Is Steak Better On A Grill Or Griddle

Blackstone Griddle Review

Steak cooked on a cast iron griddle. Both have their advantages. Grilled streaks have that smoky or char flavor and its hard not to eat with your eyes first when you see nice cross hatch marks. Pan seared steaks have an even Malliard browned crust across most of the steak surface, bringing more flavor to the steak.

How Much Does A Blackstone Griddle Cost

As we have established, Blackstone griddles are by no means cheap. If you decide to purchase a Blackstone griddle, then you are making an investment. This is why you probably want to know whether, or not, they are worth your money before you buy.

Blackstone griddles come at a variety of different prices. The company offers top of the range griddles, and they also offer budget options, so there is something for everyone. Their cheapest griddles can cost as little as $200, but their top-of-the-range options will often exceed $1,000 in cost.

So, there is no straightforward answer as to how much a Blackstone griddle costs, simply because the company offers so many options. So if you are on a budget, or are happy to invest in a more expensive option, Blackstone will have a griddle for you.

Is The Blackstone Grill Worth The Money

Blackstone grills are certainly worth the money. The key consideration is whether the grill or griddle will cater to your needs. If youre looking for large cooking surfaces and a durable, high-quality piece of equipment, Blackstone is well worth it. Barbecue traditionalists, however, may want to look elsewhere.

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Blackstone Tabletop Grill Pros & Cons


  • The goodness of seasoning available
  • Works like a professional machine
  • Life of your party
  • A bit difficult to clean
  • Need extra investment for cleanup

Final Verdict: This is absolutely a great investment for all the grill food lover. Everything the product got to offer is worth every penny you spend on it. Taste, texture, features, compatibility and everything this grill offers are quite hard to find and hence, we recommend you stick on to the decision of buying this grill. Go for it as this product is really a great investment. Also, the review this product managed to score is quite splendid and hence, we have thumbs up from our end.

How Do You Keep A Blackstone Grill From Rusting

Best Blackstone Grill Reviews For 2021 Buyer

How do I prevent my griddle from rusting again?

  • Every time after cooking, add an extra layer of cooking oil.
  • Store your griddle somewhere dry and cool.
  • Get a heavy-duty canvas cover for your Griddle made by Blackstone with dual-layer fabric to keep away any humidity and protect from wear and tear.
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    What Is Piss Boss

    Its time to enjoy outdoor cooking with the Pit Boss pellet grill. You can cook steaks and pizzas of all shapes without sacrificing your vegetables, thanks in large part because it has an advanced electronic controller that allows you complete control over temperature settings. So every food item is cooked just right. Whether on high heat for searing meats or low flame when sauteing veggies!

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    Comprehensive Temperature Magnet With 80+ Important Temps

    Winner of the National BBQ Associations product of the year award. This 8.5 x 11 magnet contains more that 80 benchmark temperatures for meats , fats and oils, sugars, sous vide, eggs, collagens, wood combustion, breads, and more. Although it is not certified as all-weather, we have tested it outdoors in Chicago weather and it has not delaminated in three years, but there is minor fading.

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    Meatup in Memphis


    Blackstone Griddle 28 Inch

    Blackstone Griddle a Scam? My Review

    Compared to standard grills or BBQs, cooking on a griddle stove is a more convenient and hassle-free task. If you are confused between a grill and griddle stove, you will not regret investing in this Blackstone 28 giddle unit.

    No matter what meals you would like to have in breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you will find the stove to be more than enough for most cooking tasks. To minimize the food preparation hassle, there is a bottom and side shelf to keep foods for this purpose.

    The stove features two H-shaped heat zones that you can control the heat as per the dishes require. Each burner delivers 15,000 BTU of heat thus, foods that require high heat can be made on this without any trouble. As the heat is adjustable, it can handle slow cooking items as well.

    To fuel the unit, there is a 20 lbs standard tank with tank storage for convenience no need to arrange a suitable standing position for this propane storage.

    Due to its powder-coated black steel housing with stainless steel burners, you can rely on the griddle regarding durability. Its thick cold rolled steel cooktop ensures heat distribution thus, you get evenly cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner items each time.

    Highlighted Features:

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    Blackstone 36 Gas Griddle Features

    The Blackstones all in one product for griddling and grilling comes up with the top of the line features. For this reason, customers are not switching the brand and trusting Blackstone brand. First of all the cooking area of this griddle is 720 square inches.

    It means you can make a variety of food at a time. In addition to it, it is a good size to cater an event or party outdoor. Its 36 x 21 inches cold-rolled removable steel griddle contains support around sides and back. In this way, you can prevent accessories from falling off plus it also provides ample space for storage.

    The Blackstone 36 inches griddle station appears with 4 controllable heat zones and each dispersing 15,000 BTUS. By giving this option you can adjust the temperature and cook anything with perfection. Similar to the Blackstone 28 inches griddle this one has powered by liquid propane gas. Along with it, you can also find a container to hold the grease.

    What Can Be Cooked On A Griddle

    The simple answer is anything that can be cooked in a pan can be cooked on a griddle.

    And you can also put pans on the griddle service for cooking soups or boiling vegetables.

    Steaks, chicken, pork chops, and other meats cook and taste great. And cooking pancakes, eggs, hashbrowns, omelets, and french bread for breakfast is a snap.

    The flat surface heats evenly so hamburgers can be cooked in one area, hotdogs in another, and corn on the cob in another area. All at the same time.

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    Why It Isnt Safe To Use A Propane Griddle Indoors

    If youre a serious cook who cooks outdoors, a propane griddle can be a great choice for foods like pancakes or grilled cheese. Unfortunately, some people are under the impression that they can safely use a propane grill indoors.

    It is true that propane griddles use the same propane canisters as camp stoves and portable grills, but their griddles are designed for use outdoors only.

    A propane griddle produces heat on all four sides of its platform, which is where most of the heat and over-expanded moisture comes from. By contrast, a griddle that uses electricity or natural gas only produces heat on the top surface.

    Theres little insulation between you and the propane, and indoor air is far too flammable to risk.

    And if that doesnt scare you Prop 65 Warning disclaimers are now mandatory in California for any company selling products using this fuel. You can read the full warning here:

    Fuels used in liquefied propane gas appliances, and the products of combustion of such fuels, can expose you to chemicals including benzene, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

    So why would you want to risk using it indoors?

    You May Be Confused Because You See Similar Griddles Used Indoors At Restaurants:

    Youve likely seen barbeque griddles at restaurants, smooth stainless-steel griddles with lava rocks, or ceramic tubes to evenly distribute heat underneath.

    Blackstone 1565 36 Inch Outdoor Propane Gas Griddle Stainless Steel

    Blackstone 17
    • The versatility and durability of the Blackstone griddle make food preparation and cooking so much easier. This griddle is reliable and can cook enough food to feed large families or large gatherings.
    • You can get a griddle that covers 720 sq. in. It offers a lot of cooking space. The 4 independent burners produce 60,000 BTUs of heat. You can create a 2-zone cooking setup with gas burners. They allow you to easily control the temperature.
    • The removable surface makes cleaning the griddle so easy. A grease trap at the rear of the griddle top makes cleaning easier. It directs all fats and oils from food to the back of griddle.
    • With its 7-gauge rolled carbon steel surface and other sturdy parts, the griddle is unbeatable in durability.
    • You can also move it easily with solidly constructed wheels. It is easy to transport thanks to its wheels and external propane tank.
    • It is still not the most portable griddle, however, because it is heavy.

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    Can I Use My Blackstone Griddle In My Garage

    It really depends on the size, ventilation of your garage, and how messy it is. Do you have dangerous materials, chemicals, gas, etc close by? How far away can you place it from the walls? An so on

    So if you leave the garage door open and place it close to that door in most cases you should be fine. But you do need to be aware of the dangers of a confined space and you are cooking with an open flame so you need to be well away from other flammable materials and goods.

    You can use the Blackstone griddle on patios, decks, under pergolas, and anywhere outdoors and away from dangerous goods.

    In summary, ONLY use Blackstone Griddles outdoors.

    If you want to use a griddle indoors you can only use an electric griddle do not use propane griddles indoors.

    Plus there is no need to. Why risk your own health, and your familys health, or even your pets health by using a propane griddle indoors. Its just crazy.

    Not to mention the physical damage you can cause as well.

    It is so cheap and easy to buy an indoor electric grill for this purpose. Leave your Blackstone for outdoor use in better weather and use an electric griddle for all of your indoor cooking during winter.

    The 36 Inch Blackstone Is A Large Griddle With Wheels

    I love that the grill is large enough to make our entire dinner in one spot. Although it is large, having the wheels make moving it a cinch.

    • The wheels are tough enough to handle being pulled in and out of my garage easily enough.
    • It has wheels so you can wheel it around and the side tables and little table connected to the legs.
    • This is a nice product, the wheels around great, legs are sturdy and foldable. For the price and quality, you not be disappointed.
    • It is heavy but the wheels make it very easy to move and it is really fast and easy to assemble.
    • My husband and kids are cool and all but none of them can cook like this baby! I mean that. It has wheels so I can chef it up in any area of my yard.
    • The wheels make moving this heavy item a breeze.

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    Which Product Is Recommended For Whom

    Now the essential part of our Blackstone Griddle vs. Weber Grill comparison, which one is best suited for whom! When we talk about capacity, both Blackstone Griddle and Weber Grill do splendid jobs. Both of them are designed in a manner so that you can cater to a large group of people in no time. However, if you want outdoor cooking at its best then choose Blackstone Griddle. You can do anything you want and anytime in the day you want with your griddle.

    On the other hand, with Weber Grill, you will get that premium BBQ flavor for sure. Weber Grill is a better option than Blackstone Griddle when you want to enjoy outdoor cooking with having that sweet BBQ flavor in your food. Blackstone provides you with more variety than Weber Grill. So, in this Blackstone Griddle vs. Weber Grill comparison, we have the two best products from both these brands.

    Why You Should Be Cooking With An Outdoor Air Fryer

    The Blackstone 36 inch grill Review

    It’s important to address the highest level of innovation with this product. Blackstone has added a propane-fired air fryer to this griddle.

    The air fryer is heated with the same propane that powers the griddle. But powerful fans circulate hot air around the food creating a mini convection oven style environment essential for air frying.

    Simply put, an outdoor air fryer opens up so many delicious cooking possibilities. There are just so many things you can cook in the air fryer it’s mind-boggling!

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    Want A Similarly Priced Traditional Gas Grill

    Look into the Char-Broil TRU Infrared 480 Gas Grill

    Not everyone wants a griddle. For whatever reason if you would prefer a traditional gas grill at the $300 price point, then I would recommend the Char-Broil TRU Infrared 480 Gas Grill. This Char-Broil is not necessary top of the line for gas grills, nonetheless it delivers a solid grill and is attractive looking. Honestly, the grill is boring in comparison to a griddle, but will deliver dependable results.

    The Upgrades To The Blackstone Air Fryer Griddle Combo May Seem Subtle But They Pack A Punch

    I will spare you all the details of the Blackstone Air Fryer Griddle Combo and share my most favorite features. You can read more about all the specifics in detail at the Blackstone website or in my article about the launch of the air fryer griddle combo.

    Instead, share what I feel was done well with this outdoor grill .

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    Blackstone Products History And Customer Reviews

    Blackstone has not been around for long when compared to other leading grill manufacturers such as Weber, but they surely have produced some incredible products, which quickly were ranked among the best outdoor cooking tools.

    Their first product was launched in 2005, which is probably their most famous model, the 36 Blackstone Griddle.

    Since then, they have launched several cooking equipments and as they say, have partnered with pro chefs and backyard masters to craft a product which meets the highest standards.

    Nowadays, they have a full line of products, starting from full size 36 griddle grills, and continuing to more compact 28, 26 or even 17 models.

    Blue Rhino Griddle Vs Blackstone: A Head

    Blackstone 17

    This has always been a topic of argument among grill enthusiasts. Both Blackstone and Blue Rhino make amazing griddles and it can be quite confusing for a newbie to pick one.

    If you have never bought anything from these two brands before, this article is for you!

    We are going to go in-depth on the key features of these two brands and what makes them different from each other. Spoiler alert, both are great options that will serve you years. The question however is, which one is right for you?

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    Blackstone 22 Tabletop Griddle Outdoor Grill

    For regular cooking needs, you need to make sure the cooktop is large enough to be able to prepare multiple foods at a time. And for such requirements, you can consider buying this 22 inches unit that is neither too large nor too small and lies in the sweet spot between sizes.

    Due to its compact and portable size, you can prepare almost all types of full meals no matter wherever you are. Moving with this one isnt a matter of hassle as it weighs only 22 pounds. For parties, backyard barbeques, tailgaters, and camping, all you need is to have this stove and leave the cooking hassle to it.

    Regardless of your cooking expertise, there will be no loss of flavor or flare-ups at all. Foods will be juicy enough, and meats will have the perfect tenderness no matter how many times a day you need to cook.

    If you are concerned about whether it will burn the foods or not, I can assure you that the cooktop will not burn a thing while preparing several foods. This also allows you to keep foods warm while cooking others.

    Both the H-shaped burners are heat adjustable as per the dishs requirements. You can try high and low heat meals without any hassle while not taking too long. The unit features a built-in grease channel that draws grease from foods without bothering you.

    Highlighted Features:

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