Beef Ribs On The Grill Recipe

Time To Grill The Beef Ribs

How to Smoke Beef Ribs on a Pellet Grill | Recipe by BBQGuys

Place your beef ribs bone-side down on the grill opposite to the heat source if you have two burners and in the center if you have three.

Allow ribs to cook undisturbed with the lid closed for 30 minutes. This keeps both heat and smoke inside the grill. Adjust your grill so the temperature stays between 200 and 225 degrees Fahrenheit.

Grilling Boneless Ribs

The method to grilling boneless short ribs, for example, is the same as for bone-in beef ribs. Apply your rub to all sides of the meat.

Cook with indirect heat at 225 degrees Fahrenheit with your wood chunks and drip pan set up. Count on approximately four hours per pound for the ribs to be ready to eat.

*Pro-tip Without the bone, you can grill a pound of boneless ribs for two hours or until it reaches a core temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit and it is similar to a steak.

Slowly Braised Beef Short Rib Ragu

Im switching gears with this one, but its too good to pass up. Eating short ribs doesnt necessarily mean eating plain short ribs.

You can also add them to other dishes like this phenomenal ragu. It has tender, chewy noodles and lots of veggies.

Its cheesy and saucy, and the ribs arent even the best part.

Whip this up if you want to try something different with your short ribs. You wont be sorry you did.

If youve ever had Korean barbecue, you already know how fantastic these are. If you havent, I envy you.

Because this recipe is about to blow your mind and dazzle your tastebuds.

These saucy short ribs are so sweet and so spicy. They have the most amazing balance of sweet and savory flavors.

Every bite is pure bliss.

The texture is outrageous, too. You wont believe how melt-in-your-mouth soft this meat is.

Until youve tried it, its hard to imagine anything could taste so good.

If youre new to Korean BBQ, this is the recipe you need to try first. Dont wait another second to experience this bliss.

When You Want To Eat With Knife And Fork: Boneless Short Ribs

Usually from the chuck, these strips of meat are great for serving your guests when you want more of a fork and knife experience, and no need for a bib or wet wipes! While you might think that these are only for braising, their deep rich flavor and marbling actually make them wonderful on your grill. You can, of course, go the smoking route, but we love a shorter cook for a whole new taste sensation. Check out this recipe that could become this summer’s go-to dish: Short Rib “Steaks” with Grilled Kimchi.

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How To Make Beef Ribs On A Pellet Grill

If youve wondered how to make beef ribs, or how to make beef ribs tender, youve come to the right place. These beef plate ribs, sometimes called dino ribs for their size, have become pretty standard on any BBQ platter, and for good reason.

They not only look impressive, but they taste incredible. They take some time to prepare right, but they arent difficult and theyre well worth the wait. They usually come in racks of three or four, and one rib is plenty for one person.

Today were going to learn how to make beef ribs on a pellet smoker, but you can do this on any grill, its all about temperature management. I love making these on an offset smoker, or in my Kamado grill, they key is using indirect heat and time.

Dont worry about the time though, your backyard is going to smell INCREDIBLE during the entire cook so be ready for the neighbors to randomly stop by to return the tool they borrowed last summer.

How To Place Beef Ribs On The Grill

Braised and Grilled Beef Short Ribs with Sticky, Spicy Beer BBQ Sauce

Beef ribs need a long time to get cooked through. If you try to rush it, you can have chewy ribs, which are sometimes not done inside.

You may also burn the outer layer and end up with dry, uncooked ribs.

For the beef ribs to cook over the grill for a long enough time, it needs to be on indirect heat.

That means when you prepare the fire, leave one side with less to no coals so that it can be less hot than the rest of the parts.

Place the ribs on the colder grill section and turn it regularly to cook evenly on both sides.

If you notice it is too cool and not cooking, you can shift it slightly to the warmer part.

If you find your ribs cooking too fast on the outside and possibly drying out, quickly move them to the less heated section or remove them from the grill entirely until the heat reduces enough to avoid the ribs burning.

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Grilling Beef Ribs Recipe On A Gas Grill

No talk of Americas love affair with barbecue would be complete without mentioning ribs. Economical, flavorful, and tender when cooked properly, this finger food is one of the mainstays of casual and steakhouse cuisine. So how do you go about grilling beef ribs on a gas grill? Its not that difficult, as long as you dont make this one mistake that can ruin everything

However, the art of barbecuing ribs to butter-soft perfection eludes many. Personal war stories abound extolling the virtues of pre-cooking ribs before tossing them on the grill. I used to bake mine for an hour, slather them with barbecue sauce, and awkwardly arrange them on my backyard grill in a haphazard fashion. They turned out chewy and flavorless.

What if we told you cooking juicy melt-in-your-mouth ribs is not only easy but fun? Grilling beef ribs on a gas grill is an especially user-friendly way to prepare a succulent and delicious meal.

Pro Tip: Make In Advance

If youre a first timer or worried about cook timing for a scheduled meal , make it earlier in the day or even the day beforeor the day before! As with all slow cooked things , the flavour gets better with time and its really straightforward to reheat.

That makes this a sensational dinner party option! It plates up really elegantly, posh restaurant style and I have options below for fine-dining type sides instead of the hearty finger-licking type sides pictured

Heres a close up look at the homemade Barbecue Sauce you end up with in the pan. The beauty of this method of cooking is that the juices from the ribs mix in with the sauce, so youre essentially making it with the ultimate money-cant-buy beef stock!

ANOTHER PRO TIP: For a posh restaurant experience, strain the sauce to make it silky smooth. I do this for VIPs only.

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  • Cover a baking pan with foil.
  • Place the seasoned ribs in a single layer on the baking dish.
  • Cover the ribs with another sheet of foil, leaving some room between the ribs and the foil. Make sure the foil is tight, so steam does not escape.
  • Place the ribs on the center rack of a preheated oven.
  • Cook the ribs for 3 ½- 4 hours, until you’ve reached an internal temperature of 205° F. or until bone starts to separate from the meat and meat is tender.
  • Brush the ribs generously with your favorite barbecue sauce. *You can also finish the ribs without barbecue sauce.
  • Broil the ribs on low for 3-4 minutes until the sauce gets bubbly and begins to caramelize. Don’t let it burn!

How To Grill Beef Ribs In The Oven

Beef Ribs Recipe | Smoked Beef Ribs on the Grill

Grilling beef ribs in the oven follows the same process as grilling on open flames or a gas grill.

With the oven, you will need to preheat it to around 225°F before placing your beef ribs inside.

Put the meat on the middle rack and allow it to cook for 1½-2 hours, turning a couple of times in between.

You can cover it with foil to ensure it doesn’t dry out and remove the foil in the last 20-30 minutes to brown.

Another way to give that glazed, seared, and charred effect is by turning the oven to the broiler setting, which comes closest to grilling.

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How Long Does It Take To Smoke Beef Short Ribs

As a general rule of thumb, you should allow 6-8 hours to smoke a large rack of beef short ribs.

I wish I could give you a more accurate time estimate, but the cooking time will vary based on the thickness of the meat, the number of ribs in the rack, and the temperature you decide to smoke at.

If you are pressed for time feel free to smoke a little hotter, around 275-300°F.

Dont forget to include the time it takes to prep and heat your smoker, and an hour to rest the ribs.

So from start to eating, allow a solid 8-9 hours. This is why I like to always have more time than I think I will need because if the food is finished early I can always leave it in faux cambro for longer.

How To Tell Your Beef Ribs Are Done

In this low and slow method, your beef ribs will take six to eight hours to cook. You may see the fleshy part start to loosen from the bone as they reach the end. Use your tongs to see how tender they are. You can also cut into the meat to make sure there is no pink remaining.

If your ribs are in a rack, you can twist the center rib. If it comes away from the meat easily, your ribs are ready.

What about a meat thermometer? Ribs are not the most practical cuts into which to try to insert a probe. Some areas are pretty thin. Temperature measurements near the bone do not tell you about meat in the center of the rib.

However, where meat thermometer placement may be tricky, toothpicks work like a charm. When ribs are ready, a toothpick should slide easily in and out of the flesh between the bones.

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Rustic Finger Lickin Good Barbecue Sides

I dont know what it is about sides with mayo based dressings, but they just go so well with anything glazed with barbecue sauce!

  • Mustard powder – dijon or yellow mustard
  • Cider vinegar – white wine vinegar, sherry or Champagne vinegar OR 1/3 cup normal white vinegar.

3. Sauce adjustments4. Other cook methods:

  • Stove – 2.5 hours on low simmer, lid on
  • Slow cooker – 8 hrs on low, 5 hrs on high, then transfer to oven to caramelise 30 min uncovered, per recipe.
  • Pressure cooker – 1 hr on high, follow slow cooker directions above. Depressurise naturally for 10 min, then release valve.
  • Instant Pot – Follow slow cooker directions above but do the searing in your Instant Pot. Cook using slow cooker or pressure cooker function using above times.

Finish on GRILL! 5. Meat will be literally falling off the bone6. StorageFreezer7. Nutrition

What Makes This Recipe So Good

  • Theyre jam-packed with delicious flavor! Start off with a delightfully spicy yet sweet marinade, then finish them off with a slathering of your favorite barbecue sauce.
  • Theyre cooked at a low temperature, helping the beef ribs retain their juiciness! Slow cook them over a gas or charcoal grill for about an hour and a half, flipping every 20 minutes. This method may take a while but is surprisingly simple and definitely worth the wait!
  • Theyll make a great addition at your next summer barbecue! Surprise everyone with how tender and delicious beef ribs can be with this out-of-this-world recipe. Leave these to marinate about an hour before guests arrive, then transfer them to the grill and tend to them every so often. This flavor-packed barbecue recipe is one that everyone loves!

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How Can You Tell When Beef Ribs Are Done

Stick a fork in them periodically to check for tenderness. Ideally, spend the last 30 minutes of cooking time brushing on the remaining sauce. Again, you want a good glaze on the meat, not a burned sauce on a perfectly cooked rib.

Let them sit briefly, covered, once they are removed from the grill. About ten to fifteen minutes is usually fine. This lets the meat redistribute the juices evenly.

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Simple Beef Ribs Recipe

Simple Beef Ribs Recipe. I think a lot of backyard grillers are a bit intimidated by beef ribs. If its hard to get them how is one supposed to practice with them? Not a lot of barbecue restaurants carry them and it seems even fewer butchers/grocery stores sell beef ribs. If a butcher or grocer carries beef ribs, they usually process them down to beef short ribs. They dont carry these monster plate ribs also known as steaks on a stick, or, brisket on a stick.

Where to find beef ribs

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Asian Beef Short Rib Burgers

What is the best cooking method for beef ribs?

Beef ribs are a cut of beef that, similarly to beef chuck, are definitely a labour of love! If youre looking to get the best out of your beef rib recipes, slow cooked beef recipes is 100% the best way to go! The low and slow method is the best way to cook beef ribs. They also need to be cooked over indirect heat, regardless of whether youre cooking in the oven, on the grill or using a smoker.

Cooking beef ribs low and slow transforms the beef ribs from tough and chewy to super soft and melt-in-your-mouth tender! If youre craving beef ribs and are wanting to get your hands on them ASAP, maybe youll have to order incause good beef ribs take TIME, and its well worth it, promise!

In terms of using beef ribs, serve them with beef salads, on top of beef soups or with noodles. Or you can demolish them straight off the tray, thats what I would do anyway!

Are beef ribs and short ribs the same?

Technically yes, beef ribs and short ribs are the same, but there is one major difference. The size! Short ribs are the lower 3-6 inches of the rib cage, which make them substantially smaller in size than your standard beef ribs. You might be hard pressed finding short ribs at your local grocery stores, so if you are desperate to get your hands on them, your local butcher will always be the best bet.

Whats The Best Way To Baste Beef Ribs

How to BBQ Beef Ribs smoked on the Grill | Recipe

Lightly! Dont worry about adding a bunch of sauce at once. This first slathering is to allow the sauce to melt into the meat. Most of your saucing will go on during the final 30-60 minutes as you paint on additional layers onto the meat.

We use a vinegar-based barbecue sauce for this, and if Im feeling adventurous I put on a thicker tomato-based sauce on during the end. Either works well here, however, so choose your own adventure!

Try our Smoked Dino Ribs Recipe too!

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Where To Buy Beef Back Ribs

Butchers can get more money per pound selling the high-value rib eye meat on top of the bones than they can sell the meat as back ribs. They trim back ribs down, leaving little meat above the bone. This aggressive trimming means you can see some of the bones peeking through the meat. Try and find back ribs with as much meat on them as you can and look for good fat marbling.

Beef back ribs are pretty affordable since they tend to be cast-offs from the rib eye production process. Look in the beef section of your grocery store or go right up to the counter and ask. A good butcher will be more than willing to sell you the back ribs and earn some money on a cut that often gets discarded. If you cant find them in a store near you, we have ordered them from Felton Angus Beef with great success.

Asian Braised Short Ribs

These are a sticky mess, but theyre so good that you wont care. Every bite is infused with tons of Eastern flavor.

They taste like something youd get at your favorite Chinese takeout place. Theyre tender, and the meat practically falls off the bone.

Plus, the sauce is so spectacular, youll want to lick it off your fingers.

Grab a whole roll of paper towels and relax. You might get messy, but youll enjoy every bite.

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What Kind Of Beef Ribs Should You Buy

We have the full slab back ribs and the short beef ribs. I like the full slab ribs for this recipe because it works well with my dry rub seasoning and BBQ sauce. You can use the short ribs to make the braised recipe.

The full slab ribs are mostly found at the back of the cow. You can request directly from the butcher or check into your local grocery store.

Removing The Fat Cap And Silver Skin

Sticky Barbecued Beef Ribs Recipe

If you have beef back ribs, they will not have a “fat” side whereas short ribs will. On back ribs, it’s recommended to remove the fat cap and the silver skin below it.

The fat cap will not render as nicely as the fat cap in pork. You could leave this layer on if you prefer, however it’s not very palatable.

The silver skin also will not render as it’s a thin membrane of protein/elastin that’s essentially inedible. On back ribs, the membrane also directly touches the meat too as the meat is between the bones, not on top of it like with beef short plate ribs.

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