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How to Cook Ribs on a Gas Grill

Searching for the key to perfectly grilled pork ribs? Search no more. Weve given you the basics, now well take care of the smoke. If youre planning on loading up your grill with some gorgeous racks, smoke them like they deserve to be smoked.

We recommend 50/50 cherry& pecan wood pellets. The slight nuttiness paired with its rustic richness makes it a full-bodied smoke that we love wrapping our ribs with.

We recommend 50/50 cherry& pecan wood pellets. The slight nuttiness paired with its rustic richness makes it a full-bodied smoke that we love wrapping our ribs with.

Baby Back Ribs In The Oven

  • Preheat your oven to 250 degrees.
  • Remove the membrane on the ribs.
  • Season all sides of your ribs with your rub on top a piece of foil.
  • Place the ribs on the foil on a cookie sheet. Make sure they have enough room and arent crowded. Dont try to cram multiple slabs on one. If youre using Baby Back Ribs, place the bone side up. If youre using Country Style Ribs you should place them on their side.
  • Tent your ribs with the foil and make sure the tented part doesnt touch the ribs.
  • Place the ribs on the center rack of your oven and bake for 2 ½ to 3 hours. Total time will depend on the size of your ribs.
  • Remove the ribs from the oven, open the tin foil and flip them so the bone side is now down and the meaty side is up. Slather them with barbecue sauce on both sides.
  • Cook, uncovered for another 30 minutes.
  • Remove from the oven and rest 10 minutes. Dont skip this step! It helps to keep the meat moist, tender and improves the texture.
  • Cover with additional barbecue sauce and serve!

    Apply Your Favorite Barbecue Sauce

    If youve marinated and seasoned the ribs properly, theyll taste delicious even without barbecue sauce. Still, that finger-licking goodness is one of the best aspects of the rib-eating experience.

    When it comes to barbecue sauce, there are many different styles. In North Carolina, the sauce has a tangy mustard base. In Kansas City, meanwhile, the flavors tend more toward tomato and molasses. Choose the one that appeals to you most. Since youll have to plan the meal for at least one day in advance, you might even consider making your own sauce from scratch.

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    How Long Do Ribs Take In Foil On The Grill

    Grillers often ask how long ribs will take in foil on the grill, as this is a common method of cooking ribs. In general, ribs will take about 25-30 minutes to cook through in foil, but it can vary depending on the type of foil used and the cooks techniques.

    The bottom line is that ribs will cook quickly and evenly through foil, so dont be too worried if they take a little longer than expected.

    Do You Put Butter On Ribs

    Ginger Rosemary Smoked Pork Ribs on a Gas Grill Recipe

    If youre a fan of ribs, you may be asking yourself whether or not to put butter on them. Butter is a popular condiment on ribs because it helps to keep the meat from sticking to the bones and gives the dish a nice flavor.

    However, some people believe that butter will make the ribs too greasy, so its best not to add it unless youre really sure that you want it.

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    How To Cook Pork Ribs On A Gas Grill

    How to Cook Pork Ribs on a Gas Grill – Cooked low and slow on a gas grill in an hour, these ribs have all the flavor of smoked ribs without a smoker. This post will walk you through the steps to cook Whole30 pork ribs on a gas grill. The recipe also includes oven directions and a flavorful Whole30 dry rub for your grilled ribs.

    Weve been eating a lot of ribs lately. Im currently testing a coffee rib rub, so that means lots of sampling. The spice blend Im working on is tasty but needs a little extra something. Sugar is a common ingredient in most rib rubs, but a lot of blends are too sweet. Im currently trying to find a nice balance of coffee, spice, and sweetness. More testing is needed – Im sure Huck will not complain.

    Todays cooking method and dry rub need no additional testing. These ribs are delicious all on their own.

    Go Low And Slow For Fall Off The Bone Ribs

    There are other rules though and perhaps they are all important or why would we do them, right? Each of them adds a little bit of something special to making this recipe delicious.

    Here are the tips to get fall off the bone ribs:

  • Go low and slow. You want to make sure the grill doesnt go above 300 degrees with 250 degrees being the optimal temperature.
  • You will end up coming the ribs for just over 4 hours. Give yourself plenty of time!
  • Cook them inside foil the majority of the time.
  • Make sure to let them rest at least 10 minutes before serving. Pork will continue to cook after it is off the grill or out of the oven, so you want to give it the time to continue to do that. Letting it rest will also help to retain the juices and give you the best flavor.
  • Grab all my tips and tricks in the recipe below! And, as an extra bonus, you can find a recipe for how to cook ribs in the over for the same great taste and flavor!

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    Are Grilled Ribs The Same As Bbq Ribs

    You may be wondering if grilling ribs is the same as barbecuing ribs. Technically, theyre two different types of ribs using very different techniques.

    Barbecue comes from the Spanish word barbacoa, which originated with the Taino people one of the native inhabitants of the Caribbean islands before the arrival of Europeans. The Tainos would cook meat over smoking embers for a long period of time so that the meat would be infused with the smoke flavor and remain tender. That technique evolved to our modern form of American barbecue, but the essential technique has remained the same: you are basically smoking the meat over a very long period of time. While you can do this at home, it is a long, labor-intensive process that can sometimes take a full 24 hours and uses a lot of fuel. As well, you need special equipment to cook BBQ ribs.

    Grilling, on the other hand, means to simply cook food over flames covered with a grate. You can grill pretty much anything very quickly. The only problem is that for tougher cuts of meat, like ribs, you need long, gentle cooking to get the meat tender. The solution for most home cooks is to boil, braise, or bake the ribs first until theyre tender and then grill them to get a nice smokey char. As long as you have a grill any type of grill you can grill ribs quite easily.

    What To Serve With Bbq Ribs On Gas Grill

    Setup For Grilling Ribs On A Gas Grill

    This recipe is my personal adaption of an ethnic inspired recipe. It is not intended to be an authentic recipe. Ive recreated this recipe because I enjoy the flavors and I want to encourage my readers to expand their tastes and try new flavor combinations. The recipe, ingredients and processes may have been adapted to make the recipe accessible for the average American. I have provided links to authentic versions of the recipe in the post above. I encourage you to visit these pages and learn more about the traditional version of this recipe.

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    How Do You Know When Your Ribs Are Ready

    If you find that the probe on your old BBQ meat thermometer isnt the right size and havent gotten yourself a new one, like the Napoleon Bluetooth Wireless BBQ Thermometer, yet, try one of the following techniques. While theyre open to interpretation and definitely not fail-safe, these techniques can be helpful in making sure your ribs are ready for serving.

    Understanding The Difference Between Ready And Done

    When it comes to good pork ribs there is ready and done. Just because theyre cooked doesnt mean they are at their best for eating.

    Ready means that the internal temperature of the meat is a minimum of 145 °F , they are cooked and the meat is safe to eat, but you probably wont like it. The meat will be very tough.

    Done means the ribs have had a chance to gain a higher temperature of around 190 °F to 205 °F . Getting to this temp melts the fat and collagens that makes them tough, and instead makes them moist, tender and delicious.

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    What Type Of Ribs To Use

    You can use any ribs you like in this recipe, the prep and cook times will remain about the same. I used baby back pork ribs.

    Baby back ribs are from the high back and backbone. These are the ribs found in bone-in pork loin chops, but without the loin. A lot of people find these to be more tender and lean. They are usually more expensive than the other pork ribs.

    A slab or rack of baby back often includes 10-13 ribs and weighs 1- 3 pounds. One rack is usually enough to serve 2 people, maybe 3 or 4 if 2 pounds. This slab was a little over 3 pounds.

    Spare ribs are cut from the belly and behind the shoulder. They are closer to the belly and tend to have more fat. These ribs are also really flat. Because they have more fat, theres lots of flavor so some people tend to favor these.

    St. Louis Style ribs are spare ribs that have been trimmed down by cutting away the hard breastbone and chewy cartilage, otherwise known as connective tissue.

    Beef back ribs are from the upper part of the cow and are the same cut found in bone-in ribeyes. These are usually mostly bone and fat, with a small amount of meat, but have lots of flavor.

    Beef short ribs come from the lower part of the animal. These are typically really meaty and often served braised.

    Should Ribs Be Wrapped In Foil When Grilling

    Easy St. Louis

    Absolutely! Wrapping pork ribs in aluminum foil or butcher paper isnt simply for maintaining a beautiful color. Wrapping them also helps them cook faster and more importantly helps to break down the connective tissue helping get them tender.

    There are some basic guidelines about when to wrap the ribs, using internal temperature for example. Usually internal rib temperature of around 160° 165°F is a good time to wrap the ribs. If thats what youre comfortable with, roll with it.

    I prefer to go by a visual inspection when determining when to wrap the ribs. Im really looking for color and bones when I decide on when to wrap them up. Leaving them unwrapped for too long wont ruin them, but they will get darker than most people find visually appealing, and take longer to cook.

    So, when you start to see some bones peaking out on the side of the ribs, and the color is a nice bright red or mahogany, its time to wrap them up. This usually happens after about two hours on the grill.

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    When Cooking Ribs Should They Be Wrapped With Foil

    If you dont have a smoker, dont worry. On a gas barbeque, wood chips in an aluminium pouch or directly on the coals on a regular grill can be used to add smoke. The type of wood you use makes a difference, as hard woods are more abrasive than fruit woods. Pecan, apple, and cherry are the most common woods utilised by expert pit masters. In all of our competitions, I like a hickory-apple mix.

    Tip #2: Dont over-smoke.

    When it comes to smoking meat, a little goes a long way. Its preferable to have too little smoke than too much. The most common error made by BBQ pit masters is over-smoking. It produces dark-colored meat with a harsh flavour. If youre using a charcoal grill, keep in mind that charcoal naturally produces smoke, so use less wood than if youre using a smoker or gas grill.

    Tip #3: Skip the leg work.

    Rubs and sauces have been perfected for years by professional BBQ teams. You could make your own, but if you want to save time, trust speciality sauces and rubs to get the job done. Many different flavours can be found at local or online specialised BBQ shops. The sweetness or heat of the completed dish is determined by the rub and sauce used on the meat. We try to strike a decent balance between the two. The palate will be smacked with sweetness first, followed by some fire on the back end. A sweet sauce and a mild/spicy rub are used to achieve this.

    Tip #4: Wrap and butter it up.

    Tip #4: Touch, not thermometer, tells you when meat is done.

    Tip #5: Let it rest.

    Pork Ribs On A Gas Grill

    by Chef Michael | Published Jun 19, 2019 | Last updated Mar 22, 2022 |

    CategoryPrep TimeCook TimeTotal TimeYields

    Serving Size Amazingly delicious ribs


    Start by removing the ribs from the packaging. Rinse the ribs and pat dry with a paper towel.

    Remove the membrane from the bone side of the ribs. Check this YouTube video for an easy demonstration.

    Coat the ribs with a thin layer of yellow mustard and then sprinkle the BBQ rub liberally. Be sure to cover both sides. The ribs can sit for up to 24 hours refrigerated.

    Set up your gas grill for indirect cooking. See our short tutorial on Two Zone Grilling.

    Turn on one burner on the direct side on to its lowest setting.

    Fill the Smokist Pouch with your desired wood and place on top of deflector or flavorizer bars. For the Tube Smoker, fill and light with a propane torch before placing it in the grill.

    Allow the grill’s temperature to level out and the smoke begin to roll. Hopefully it will stay below 300°F and hover around 250°F.

    Once the grills’s temp has settled in go ahead and place the ribs in the rib rack on the grill on the indirect side. Close the lid to your grill and let it cruise for about 3 hours. And Remember: If you’re looking you ain’t cooking! Don’t keep opening that lid!

    Place the wrapped ribs back on the indirect side of the grill and close the lid. At this point you can raise the temperature of the grill about 50°F. Allow to cook for another 90 minutes to 2 hours.

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    How To Cook Bbq Ribs On A Gas Grill

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    I love to host friends and family for backyard get-togethers, but the standard menu of hot dogs and hamburgers can only go so far. Thats what prompted me to expand my grilling repertoire. If youd like to learn how to cook ribs on a gas grill so that they come out perfectly every time, youve come to the right place.

    Pork Ribs On The Grill

    How To Smoke Pork Ribs on a gas grill

    Looking for a tasty grilled rib recipe that goes from the fridge to your plate in just 4 hours?

    Look no further.

    The secret to a quicker grilling time in this recipe starts with cooking at a higher temperature as well as some time wrapped in foil and smothered in braising liquids and butter.

    Whether you prefer them saucy and tangy or simple and to the point, this recipe is perfect for all taste buds.

    Read More > > How To Reheat Ribs Without Drying Them Out

    While you wont get the smoke ring you would for a traditional smoked rib, these ribs are just as tasty.

    The rub and braise used in this recipe cook a delicious, pork flavor into the ribs, leaving them falling off the bone.

    Youll also get that crunchy chew on the edges that many rib enthusiasts love, thanks to the rub, sauce, and braising liquids coating the ribs in caramelized sugars.

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    Prepare Your Ribs For Smoking

    While the grill is coming up to cooking temperature, you can prep the ribs.

    Pat dry a rack of baby back ribs and remove the membrane. You could trim the ribs competition style, but since this is a casual home cook, not much trimming is needed. Just take off any uneven parts of meat or flaps of fat and youre good to go.

    Let the ribs sit at room temperature until the grill is steady and the smoke is ready.

    Prepare The Rib Rack For Your Gas Grill

    Before grilling ribs, youll need to take a few extra steps to ensure that the meat is as tender and tasty as possible.

    Depending on the rib cut you choose, you might want to trim the ribs and remove the membrane. I like to inspect the ribs and trim any odd chucks or thin areas that I know might burn or dry.

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    How Do You Prepare Ribs Before Grilling

    A: To prepare ribs before grilling, you should first remove the membrane from the back of the ribs. This is a thin layer that covers the bone and can be removed with your fingers. Next, you should rub them with salt and pepper to season them before placing them on a grill or in a pan over medium heat.

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