How Do I Use My Traeger Grill

Can You Grill Pizza

How to Pair Your WiFIRE® Grill with iOS / Android | Traeger Grills

Yes, you can grill pizza! You can grill pizza on any type of grill, but we think its easier and tastes better when grilled on a Traeger. Since a Traeger can maintain its temperature with minimal babysitting, you can use a Traeger to cook a pizza like you would in an oven. You can grill homemade pizza, store-bought pizza, and frozen pizza on a grill. You can even reheat pizza on a Traeger.

How To Smoke On A Traeger Grill

Smoking is done at low and slow temperatures. If you are thinking about a smoker with pillowy white smoke billowing from the vent, your first Traeger experience will be eye-opening. You’ll be looking for a nearly colorless, bluish smoke.

The design of Traeger grills maximizes the amount of smoke your meat gets flavored with. Lower temperatures will increase the amount of smoke flavor but take longer to finish.

What Temperature Does a Traeger Smoke at?

A good starting temperature is anywhere from 175 degrees to 225 degrees. Larger, thicker pieces of meat will do better starting at higher temperatures, but don’t let the grill go over 275 or you’ll be barbecuing in no time.

Learning New Tricks

All those tricks you learned with your vertical smoker suddenly seem antiquated when you realize that you can set the temperature and walk away. The grill gets itself there and keeps the temp steady. It’s an amazing experience when you’ve spent years struggling to keep consistent temps in a manual-feed charcoal smoker.

When the grill is at temperature, place your meat on the rack. There isn’t a big difference in temperature between the racks in the smoker. The top rack will have slightly higher temperatures.

Is Traeger Better Than Weber

While the Traeger Ironwood pellet grills have a maximum temperature of 500 degrees, the Weber grills have a maximum temperature setting of 600 degrees. Weber also promotes the fact the Weber SmokeFire range of pellet grills can flame sear which will provide an even higher cooking surface temperature.

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How Do You Use Wood Chips In A Smoker Grill

For longer smokes, set up a fuse burn with charcoal and wood chips or chunks. Gas/Electric Grill: Place wood chips in the pack or smoke box and place over direct heat. Once the chips begin smoking, move them to the cooler side of the grill and add your food. TRUInfrared Grill: Place chips directly onto grill grate.

How Do You Season A Traeger Pellet Grill Or Smoker

Traeger Grills Class Action Says Wood Pellets Contain ...

Easy. According to the manual from Traeger, just Turn the Temperature/Dial to HIGH and run for 45-50 minutes at this setting with the door closed. This must be done before cooking any food on the Grill.

To get specific though, go through these steps which are for the Traeger 780. You may need to refer to your manual which could have a different procedure:

  • Plug your Traeger in
  • Put about 1 pound of pellets in the hopper
  • Flip the power switch to on
  • Press any button on the control panel to activate it
  • Press the menu button
  • Turn the dial to auger
  • Select prime auger
  • Wait 2 minutes for pellets to move to the firepot
  • Select Back
  • Turn the dial to set the temp to 350°F
  • Press ignite
  • Run for 20 minutes once it has hit 350°F
  • Turn the dial to set temp to 450°F
  • Run for 30 minutes
  • Initiate the shutdown cycle by pressing and holding the dial for 3 seconds
  • Youre done!
  • The first few times you use your new Traeger, it will prompt you to season it. But you only need to do it once, and that message will eventually stop showing up.

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    Remove The Ash From The Firepot

    Every once in a while, you will need to remove the grease drain pan, the porcelain grill grate, and the heat baffle in order to clean all of the ash both in and around the firepot. Unlike grease, you dont need to do any wiping.

    Using a standard vacuum or a shop vac, you can suck up all of the ash that can permeate the internal components of the grill. A good rule to keep in the back of your head is to vacuum your Traeger grill after every fifth use. This will make the cleaning process a little easier than if you were to let the grime build up and it will keep the grill working properly for a long time to come.

    Proper maintenance is the key with any appliance. By taking a few minutes to clean and prevent the buildup of debris that can decay the grill, you can keep it looking new and operating the way that it was meant to.

    Pro #: Control Of The Temperature

    Technologically speaking, one of the things that set Traeger far above its competition comes from how you can more easily control the temperature. You can choose from either the digital control upgrade or the three-speed smoker control.

    You can cook confidently with this and have high-temperature settings with it. This makes the cooking time more consistent than what you might get with some of the other grills, which means that you don’t have to babysit your grill worrying that you will burn the food. Some people have even cooked a pizza or biscuits on this grill with some pretty impressive results.

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    Can You Use Wood Chips In A Pellet Tube

    Fill the pellet tube with wood pellets or wood chips, smaller sized wood is better. Sawdust is a bit too small, I have all sorts of smoking woods. You always light the pellet tube vertically, then once its probably lit and the wood is going with some embers burning. You can place the pellet tube horizontally.

    Traeger Grill Considerations When Buying

    How to Make the Best Ribs on a Traeger Grill

    Before we do a deep dive into the different models, lets cover some general considerations:


    Obviously, this one goes without saying, but how much do you have to spend? When buying a Traeger Grill, a big part of your decision is going to depend on your budget and what you can afford. Just keep in mind that depending on how often you use your Traeger, youll also need to allocate a few hundred dollars a year, or more, for wood pellets to operate your grill.

    Size of Your Family and Circle of Friends

    How many people do you expect to cook for? The amount of people will determine how big of a grill you buy. For a family of 2 adults and 2 children, or less, I think you can manage with any of the smaller sized grills. For larger families or families with older children that eat more, the bigger grill sizes are probably a better fit because you can handle more food at once.

    Also consider where you plan on putting your grill. You might be lucky enough to have a condo that allows grills on balconies, but your balcony might only have enough space to accommodate a smaller sized grill.

    To give you an idea of how big the Ironwood 880is, its enough for 10 chickens or 7 racks of ribs or 9 pork butts, according to the Traeger website.

    Buying a Traeger Grill Based on What You Want To Cook

    Do You Want Bells and Whistles? Buy Accordingly

    Grill Design and Aesthetics

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    How To Clean A Grill Without Washing It

    If you properly maintain your grill, you can get away with a quick clean that doesnt require soap and water. Let the grill cool down to a temperature in the 250-300-degree range. You can then use a grill brush or a wadded ball of foil if youre feeling creative and scrub off the leftover food and char that can build up on the grates.

    Keep in mind that this is a short-term solution. It should prevent major food and char buildup, but you will eventually need to soak the grates to provide a more thorough clean. In any event, a quick hit with the grill brush can keep your grill looking clean and new, ready for its next cooking adventure.

    Did I Answer Everything You Wanted To Know About Using An Extension Cord With Your Traeger

    Traegers are great grills to own.

    Not only are they safe and easy to use, but they are easy to clean, too.

    They need an outlet to work, but unfortunately, the installed cord is relatively short, coming in at 6 ½ feet.

    Luckily, you can safely use an extension cord to keep the grill a safe distance from your houses walls and to ensure smoke isnt billowing into the house.

    Just make sure its the right gauge, right length, and rated for outdoor use.

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    Are Traeger Grills Easy To Use

    Traeger grills are a simplistic design and are easy to use. To operate Traeger grills, all you have to do is turn it on by plugging its socket. Set the temperature in the thermostat on the front panel of the Traeger grill, feed some pellets into the auger, and the set up is ready to cook your favorite dish. The stainless steel drip pan underneath keeps everything nice and clean if there happen to be any drippings from your food.

    The variable temperature setting allows you to cook your food however you want.

    Keep The Traeger Grill Clean

    Country Smokers Traveler

    When you cook anything on your grill, there always some food residue left.

    You should clean the grates by using a grill brush to keep it clean. Also, clean inside and outside of the grill.

    There is powder coating on the exterior of the Traeger grill. For keeping the powder coating like brand new, use warm soapy water to remove the grease. Dont apply oven cleaners, any abrasive cleaners, or scouring pads on the outside of your Trager grill.

    The ash is very alkaline and corrosive, so it is a good practice to keep it away from the metal.

    Many of you have dedicated vacs to clear the ash. So, dont wait for a warning message and clean the ash more often than waiting.

    It is very much easy and hardly takes a couple of minutes.

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    How Are Traeger Grills Powered

    When you plug the Traeger grill, a rotating auger delivers pellets from the hopper to the firebox, where they ignite with the hot rod and are burned to generate heat for cooking. The auger which operates on electricity automatically feeds pellets to the central burn chamber. Traeger grills have a hopper capacity of about 40 pounds, so you wont need to feel the hopper now and then.

    How Does A Traeger Grill Work

    Traeger pellet grills use a hopper that stores pellets and an auger to draw pellets into a burn box where the fuel is ignited. This provides the means to control how much fuel is fed in at a time and easily control temperatures. One key to using a Traeger is that you must have a power source.

    Even the smallest smoker from Traeger requires electricity to ignite and control the flame. A fan forces smoke and heated air to circulate through the cooking area. Traeger uses several advanced high-tech features on many of their grill models to make smoking even easier.

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    What Is A Traeger Grill

    Lets start with the introductions. The Traeger is a wood pellet grill.

    To use it, pellets are drawn from a side-mounted hopper to a central burn chamber using an auger, then lit by a hot metal rod. This mechanism runs on electricity, so you need to plug it in before use.

    The use of wood pellets to produce heat/smoke has the added benefit of infusing your meat or veggies with an exquisite smokey flavor. This flavor can be altered depending on the kind of pellets you use .

    It also provides precise, digital temperature control as the regulator is integrated with meat thermometers. This means that you can set the desired temperature easily by choosing a setting on the dial. At the same time, Traeger grill assembly instructions are easy to follow.

    In short, Traeger grills are much simpler to use when compared to old-fashioned charcoal grills. They also give you the benefits of unique smoke-infused meat, combined with easy temperature control. This makes it a great choice for grill novices!

    Do You Have To Season A Pellet Smoker

    How To CLEAN a TRAEGER Pellet Grill | Maintenance 101


    According to the Traegers Owners Manual, the smoker must be seasoned before you place any food on the grill.

    The grill will need to run on high for 45 minutes with the door closed to be seasoned properly.

    Grills need to be seasoned for two reasons.

    • The first is to burn off any oils and coatings that were introduced during the manufacturing process. You certainly dont want to eat any of that nasty stuff.
    • The second is to cure the paint. Many paints used in grills generally require high heat to burn off volatiles and form an impermeable barrier.

    Seasoning also makes food taste better and will extend the life of your grill. Seasoning isnt just for pellet smokers. Any grill should be seasoned before use.

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    What Do You Get In The Timberline And Ironwood Lines That You Dont Get In The Pro Line

    Initially, all three lines look pretty similar.

    All current Traeger models use their new D2 Direct Drive & WiFire control systems. They also all look pretty similar and have basically the same functions.

    On all current models, you have a meat probe that just plugs into the front panel. This allows you to see the internal temperature of the meat on your mobile app.

    All current models also have a magnetic door at the bottom of the hopper making cleanout a breeze.

    And all models come with a 3-year warranty.

    After that, as you move up the lines, the most notable differences are in hopper size and max cooking temp .

    In each line, there is a large and small model. The small models in all 3 lines have a main cooking surface of 22×19. The large size increases that to 30x 19 in the Pro and Timberline lines but 34 in the Ironwood line.

    However, there is a secondary cooking surface that is quite a bit larger in the Ironwood and Timberline models. The width, of course, is the same as the primary cooking surface for all large and small models. But on the Pro line, the depth of that secondary cooking surface is only 7 compared to 10.5 on the Ironwood and 14 on the Ironwood.

    So that is a lot of extra cooking space!

    When you move up to the Ironwood line, they add a gasket to the lid which helps keep more of the heat and smoke inside. Then the Timberline takes that further by making the whole grill double-walled for even better heat retention.

    Can You Use A Traeger As A Grill Or Just A Smoker

    Absolutely. It can do both of those things and more!

    Traeger boasts their grills are a 6-in-1 grill. All of their grills can:

    • Grill
    • Braise
    • Barbeque

    Because it heats using indirect heat, grilling is a bit slower than on a traditional grill.

    Because it is an electric grill, it cant get as hot as a charcoal grill or even a propane grill. Trager grills get up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit .

    Charcoal grills can get well over 650 degrees and gas grills can get between 600 to 650 degrees.

    Of course, charcoal and gas grills also allow for two-zone cooking, where you can leave one side cooler than the other. This lets you grill over direct, very hot heat or indirect, lower heat.

    So while you can grill on a Traeger, if you are only going to use it for grilling, you may be better off purchasing a gas or charcoal grill. You may not have as much control over the temperature setting itself, but you have more control over whether you cook with direct or indirect heat.

    You can even grill veggies on it, just like you would your traditional grill.

    But you dont want to burn them. Read this recent article on my site for tips on how to grill delicious, perfectly cooked veggies.

    Just click that link to read it on my site.

    Note: You cant actually burn anything in the Traeger. Again, because it uses indirect heat. But you can overcook it. Wood pellet grills produce a varying amount of smoke based on the cooking temperature.

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    How Hot A Traeger Grill Gets On High

    Traeger pellet grills will get as hot as 450°F on the high-temperature setting.

    However, a Traeger can briefly reach higher temperatures if the air temperature is warm, the grill is placed in the sun, or if the pellets are rapidly being fed into the firepot.

    Keep in mind that grease and oils can ignite around 450°F so make sure to clean the drip tray and grill before setting the temperature on a Traeger to high.

    Traeger Vs Big Green Egg: Which Is Better For Grilling Meat

    Traeger Pro 780 Review: Why your next pellet grill needs ...

    We threw a slice of venison on the two fanciest grills around to find out which cooks best

    Both propane and charcoal briquets pollute the taste of your meat. Thats why serious barbecuers use either pellets made from select hardwoods or natural lump charcoal, containing only hardwood. Those two approaches are epitomized by Traeger and Big Green Egg, respectively. But, is one better than the other? The answer surprised us.

    The Traeger is a wood pellet grill. In it, pellets are drawn from a side-mounted hopper into a central burn chamber by an auger, then ignited by a hot metal rod. Those mechanisms run on electricity, so youve got to plug it in. It offers precise, digital temperature control integrated with meat thermometers. To operate it, all you have to do is fill the hopper with pellets, turn it on, and dial in whatever temperature you wantanything from smoke to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

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