How Much Are Diamond Grills

Quality Simulated And Real Diamond Grillz


Be the envy of all of your friends with a glamorous pair of glitzy grillz that will make you look incredible, not to mention wealthy! The best part is, you dont even have to break the bank to get the effect you are looking for from your bling.

At Custom Gold Grillz, we sell incredibly high quality simulated diamond grillz that achieve the same look of real diamond grillz. They are extremely convincing, and without the high price tag that celebrities are paying for the same thing.

If you’re looking to step it up, we also have real diamond options for many of our styles available. We have I, SI, VS, and VVS clarity diamonds available for those who are looking for the real deal. These are not diamonds that have been made in a lab to look like real diamonds, rather these are diamonds that have been formed naturally underground and through billions of years of heat and pressure.

While more expensive than our lab diamond offerings, these stones are more rare due to the natural process required to create the stones along with the effort required to excavate them from the ground.

If you’re looking for the same piece as some of your favorite celebrities, look no further than our VVS Diamond Grillz. The stones are very very slightly included, meaning that they are extremely close to flawless, hence the rarity and price tag for the pieces.

Can Dentist Make Grills

Its the latest trend in dental wear, but theres nothing cool about the damage it could do to your smile. Dental Grills are a cosmetic, metal and sometimes jeweled tooth covering developed in the early 1980s by hip hop artists. Grills, also called fronts, are removable and fit over the front teeth.

What Are Diamond Dust Grillz

Diamond Dust Grillz are standard solid gold grillz with a finishing option which is done by hand. We follow the same steps needed to make solid gold grillz, then instead of the grillz having a high-polished finished, we use a high-powered tool to give the surface of the grillz a “sandy” diamond dust finish. Diamond dust grillz look really nice in the sunlight and we notice a good amount of our clients like them to have a different look on their teeth.

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Alvin Kamara Nfl Career

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Alvin Kamara, above all else, is an eclectic human being. He just happens to play football.

Kamara grew up in Norcross, Georgia, north of Atlanta. He was best friends with three young men who grew up to become Migos Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff. The Migos and Kamara grew up under Alvins influential uncle, Coach K .

The fact the Migos and Kamara are so successful today is a testament to Coach Ks character.

Highly recruited out of Norcross High School, Kamara chose the Alabama Crimson Tide. His time in Tuscaloosa under Nick Saban was short-lived, and Kamara sought a way out. He took his cleats to Hutchinson Community College in Kansas, where he scored ridiculous touchdowns during the 2014 season.

His turnaround redirected Kamara toward the SEC and the Tennessee Volunteers.

Kamara ran an electric two seasons through Old Rocky Top before entering the 2017 NFL Draft. New Orleans selected the young running back with the 67th-overall pick the third pick of the third round.

Kamara was the fifth running back off the board behind names like Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey. While the Jacksonville Jaguars and Carolina Panthers dont regret their draft choices, its safe to say New Orleans is quite pleased with Kamara.

In 2017 alone, Kamara was named the AP Offensive Rookie of the Year, made his first Pro Bowl and won the New Orleans Saints Rookie Costume Contest:

Why Are The Prices Varies

How Much Do Diamond Grillz Cost? (Price Chart)

Prices of the grillz can vary because of the materials and complexity of the materialbeing used. the more glamorous the materials used, the more it is expensive. Andthe more complex materials, the more the prices get higher. For example, costaround $180,000 because it is made of 10g of pure carat gold and 156 diamondsweighing a total of 2.5 carats. The Dubai Dentist, Dr, Majd Naji who made had thegrillz being verified by the World Diamond Institute for its authenticity and clarity.But the world’s most valuable jewelry grill by the Guinness World Records was madeby Dr. William Dorfman which cost $1,000,000 which encrusted with diamonds andprecious gems stones and the actress Katy Perry wore it. But spending thousands oreven a million like the ones featured is out of question, so we offer you stainlessgrills and gold plated grillz that starts at a price of $19.99 which can give you a greatlook with thinking of spending that much.

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Why Is There So Much Of A Difference In The Pricing

The simple answers to this question are the materials and the complexity of the piece. The more exotic and rare the materials, the more expensive the grill is. The more complex the design is, the more labor is required to make the piece and the more expensive the process becomes. A perfect example of this would be Katy Perrys grill that is encrusted with diamonds and precious gemstones for a price tag in the 1 million dollar range.

How Much Do 14k And 18k Gold Grillz Cost

You get real 18K gold which is plated over a stainless steel grill using advanced IP plating techniques for a great looking grill that will last for years. If you have the money to step it up to the next level, we highly recommend you move up to a custom-fitted grill. Because those custom gold grillz are made of solid 10K, 14K, or 18K gold, you can be sure that they will never fade or tarnish. Basically, you’re looking at around $200 to $1800 and up for 14K and 18K Gold Grillz.

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How Much Is Diamond Grillz Per Tooth

Our diamond single tooth grillz options vary depending on the quality of stone you would like for us to use. We use about .85 carats per tooth, and strategically hand-set every diamond to assure you the best look possible. We use smaller stones to make sure that we provide you with the industry-leading quality. Here are our cost for single diamond teeth:

Diamond Quality

History Of Diamond Grillz

Moneybag Yo Grill Style by Seattle Gold Grills

In recent times, many people are quite conscious about their appearance and try various techniques to improve their appearance and beauty. One of the cosmetic technique that people have adopted is the wearing of Iced grillz. Similar to other cosmetic jewellery, they are removable and can be detached once you are done with the event or the occasion. However, one can have permanent products.

The trend of wearing a diamond grills came started with the hip-hop industry. Identifying by the name of diamond grills or diamond caps, this fashionable teeth accessory became immensely trendy around centuries ago.

Selecting the look of your grills can be a difficult task, however, there are various style options to choose from. If you feel that the fully iced out diamond grillz is for you, contact us to get started on one to personalize on a perfect fit.

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How Much Are Custom Grillz

When you are ready to purchase your set of luxury custom grillz, make sure you go with a reliable manufacturer. Making custom gold teeth that fit properly is a multi-step process and requires a certain set of skills that only come with experience. The last thing you want to do is purchase a set of grillz at a discounted price, only to realize that you have issues with them fitting on your teeth. At that point, you have paid hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for a set of grillz that you are unable to wear because they do not fit properly.

At Luxe Grillz we pride ourselves on being a luxury manufacturer and only use the best materials when handcrafting each one of our grillz specifically for our client.

We understand that buying jewelry or grillz is an exciting, yet expensive experience so we are here to offer you the trustworthy customer service you need to feel comfortable when you are ready to purchase. Custom grillz are considered to be luxury items, which is why it is imperative for you to work with a gold teeth expert when you are ready to buy your set of grillz.

Our custom grillz options start $225 for a single gold tooth and our 10k solid gold fangs start at $345. We do not offer any gold plated grillz or any pre-made costume-style grillz. We only use precious metals for our custom grillz and do not have any stainless steel.

Most Read In Lifestyle

Celebrity dentist Dr. Anjali Rajpal previously told The Sun a single diamond implant could cost $2,000.

So, a smile like Kourtneys could cost into the tens of thousands of dollars.

You can add real diamonds, Swarovski crystals, or other jewels to the tooth structure so that when a client smiles you see this twinkle and sparkle in the teeth it makes their smile look a little more glamorous, Dr. Rajpal said.

There have been lots of celebrities doing it lately and flashing their smiles and showing off little diamond stars or hearts or Chanel signs.

Meanwhile, a full set of grills from Custom Gold Grillz costs upward of $13,000.

The price varies depending on the number of teeth chosen to be enhanced and the types of gemstones and materials used.

A single diamond tooth insert from Luxe Grillz runs between $925 and $2,235 per tooth.

While it may seem that the rich and famous can only afford to accessorize their smile, the prices are fairly digestible, considering the average engagement ring costs about $4,000, per Brides.

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Why Should I Get Grillz

Grillz have become famous to wearing it by some celebrities and even commonpeople. Buying the right grillz which is from your preference, make you look good inyour teeth specially when you smile and it will not cost much money in your bank or if can afford the expensive ones it will guarantee a lifetime tarnishing and a highquality. You may choose a solid grillz with diamonds, or an iced out grillz with gold and gems. It really depends on you but the most important thing is you want it and feel good about the grillz you will buy and wear.

How Much Are Grillz

Diamond Teeth

If you are wondering, How much are grillz? you are not alone. We receive this question pretty frequently from customers who are interested in gold teeth, or gold slugs or gold fronts, as they are commonly referred.

There are a number of grillz manufacturers who sell knock-off or pre-made grillz for under $50. These grillz are usually plastic or can sometimes be gold plated around stainless steel and are universally sized. This means that you will not have to worry about having a professional mold taken, because the pre-made grillz will be a one size fits all. These pre-made grillz are typically used for costume/halloween parties and are not too heavily sought after.

Custom Grillz pricing depends entirely on the number of teeth, gold purity, if you wish to have diamonds or other gemstones added, and other finishing options such as diamond cut and diamond dust, and deep cut.

Typically, high quality custom gold grillz start at around $200 – $250 per tooth when you order a single tooth. However, it is common to receive a better price per tooth when you order grillz with more teeth. Bottom 6 grillz in 10K solid gold costs $745 and if you want to upgrade to 14K gold, we charge $945.

If you are interested in adding diamonds to your smile, we can make that happen too. We have in-house wholesale diamond buyers who specialize in setting diamonds and other rare gemstones in grillz and other jewelry pieces.

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How Much Are Diamond Teeth

The price for real diamond grillz made using natural stones depends on the quality of the diamonds that are being used in your iced out set of teeth.

The simple break down of the price of a set of diamond teeth is the sum of the cost of the diamonds, the cost of the gold, the labor to manufacture, polish and finish the gold grill and the labor to set all of the diamonds.

Unfortunately, a lot of the jewelry industry is dominated with people who are “flexing” that they have flawless VVS diamond grillz when in reality their jewelry and grillz are made using SI diamonds, man-made lab-grown diamonds, or Cubic Zirconia stones.

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Since the diamonds used to make diamond teeth are so small, it is not that easy for the untrained eye to tell the difference, but you do not want to think you are purchasing authentic natural diamonds, and find out later that your jeweler ripped you off by using low quality or fake stones.

To get an idea of how much it costs to actually manufacture diamond grillz, check out the chart below for a break down of the market price for all of the diamond grillz options we offer:

Diamond Clarity

How Much Are Diamond Dust Grillz

For Diamond Dust Grillz, we charge an additional $150 on top of the standard price of our grillz. For example, we charge $745 for a Bottom 6 Grillz in 10K and $150 for the diamond dust, so the subtotal would be $895.

For Grillz options that have less teeth involved we charge an additional $75 to add the Diamond Dust feature.

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Criticism And Health Hazards

According to the American Dental Association in June 2006, no studies have shown whether the long-term wearing of grills is safe. If the grills fit properly and are worn only intermittently, wearers are at a low risk for dental problems, according to the ADA. The ADA has warned, however, that grills made from base metals could cause irritation or allergic reactions, and that bacteria trapped under a grill worn on a long-term basis could result in gum disease, cavities, or even bone loss. School districts in Alabama,Georgia, and Texas have banned grills for reasons both disciplinary and health-related.

Just as other hip hop fashions have been criticized, grills have been denounced by some commentators as expensive, ostentatious, and superficial displays that strain the finances of poor youth.

Our Diamond Grillz Process

How to MAKE GRILLZ : Molding Grillz!

At Luxe Grillz, our diamond grillz process works a little bit differently than other companies. For starters, we only use the highest-quality natural stones during our manufacturing process.

We start by taking a mold of your teeth. At this time, we will also take full payment . After we take your mold, we will pour a liquid cement into your mold, making a cement replica of your teeth which we will use to base your diamond grillz on. We will then do a hand-made wax version of your grillz on top of your cement teeth, which will be casted by our in-house team of gold casters. After that, we will work on the gold grillz to make sure fitment is on point and nothing is stabbing you in the gum or lip.

We will have you come by our Luxe Grillz headquarters located at 640 S Hill St, Suite 865B Los Angeles, CA 90014 to try on the solid gold version of your grillz to make sure fitment is 100% on point. After we make sure the grillz fits exactly how you want it, we will bring the gold grillz to our trusted diamond setters to allow them to start mapping out where all of the diamonds will be placed to fit as many diamonds on every tooth as possible, providing you with the highest quality set of diamond teeth money can buy.

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How Often Does Riff Raff Wear Them

Riff Raff pretty much seems to be wearing grills on all his music videos, concerts, and regular social media posts. But like Johnny Dang said, wearing grills is high-maintenance. He said he couldn’t even speak with them on. He said in his feature with Vice that it’s also such a struggle dining out and having to remove your million-dollar grills for a while.

Just imagine carrying that whole precious item with you while you enjoy a nice meal with your friends and family. Riff Raff may be seen with his iconic shark grills all the time, but they can’t really be worn for extended periods. So no, he doesn’t wear them to sleep, he doesn’t brush them like he would his regular teeth, and it’s definitely all just for show and public appearances.

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There are no studies saying wearing grills are harmful. There are no studies saying long-term use is safe either. It’s the glue and other adhesives that could damage the teeth and gum tissue. Whatever the risks are, the most stylish rappers in the industry we see wearing them don’t seem to mind. After all, those are real diamonds on your teeth. Why think twice, right?

Who Even Makes These Teeth Grills

Riff Raff’s grills are designed by Paul Wall. He is also a Houston rapper who’s known for designing grills for rappers. He was even featured on Nelly’s hit Grillz. Paul has also worked with the hip-hop king of bling, Johnny Dang. Johnny Dang has also made grills for Riff Raff. He continues to be the grill source for big names in the rap industry like Travis Scott, Post Malone, Snoop Dogg, etc.

Johnny Dang told Vice he always just wanted to create something different and start a trend. So that’s how he started a whole culture of big diamond bling and fancy grills the designer himself admitted to being too high-maintenance. Rappers come to Houston just to get their custom jewelry pieces from him.

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