How To Clean Stainless Steel Outdoor Grill

Inspect The Grill Before Cleaning

Home maintenance clean polish stainless steel outdoor grill by froggy

Before you start cleaning, inspect the entire grill. Try to look for any damages or dings on the outside and make sure that they are not a safety hazard in any way. A lack of maintenance might cause any damages or just simply wear and tear from regular use.

Whatever the reason may be, it must be immediately addressed and fixed before you proceed with cleaning. If there is any dent or ding, then it will be better to take your grill to a professional and let them fix it for you. Scratches and dents are not something you should ignore.

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How To Clean A Gas Bbq

To clean your gas BBQ, you need to disconnect the gas first to ensure your safety. Detach all removable parts and clean them individually. Wash the body of the BBQ, leave it to dry and reassemble the grill back.

Here is the detailed process of how to clean a gas BBQ:

  • Disconnect the gas The first and most important thing to do before you start the actual cleaning process is to disconnect the gas.
  • Prepare a bucket of soapy waterJust a bucket of warm water with added dish soap will do the job. There is no need to use any dangerous chemicals.
  • Dethatch the parts of the BBQUsing work gloves, remove the grates, the metal plates and basically all plates from the inside of the BBQ while they are still warm.
  • Remove the excess fatScrub the excess fat from the parts, again while they are still warm. When youre cleaning the grill scrub both of its sides to make sure any fat that is underneath is cleaned off as well.
  • Clean the partsPlace all hot plates, char grill plates, flame diffusers and warmer racks in the bucket of warm soapy water and use a sponge to clean them.Bonus tip: Stainless-steel food warmers can be soaked in warm water and laundry powder for an hour. After that scrub them with a scarer, rinse and dry.
  • Use hot soapy water to cleanGive the barbecue itself a good clean again with hot soapy water and a soft scouring pad.Bonus tip: BBQ wipes are great for keeping the BBQ look good between big clean-ups.
  • Let the parts dry
  • Additional Tips And Advice

    • Regular cleanings are a must, and stainless steel can tolerate it well. Unlike some other materials, stainless steel does not become worn or weakened by repeated cleanings.
    • Avoid using caustic or harsh cleaners on stainless steel surfaces. If additional cleaning power is needed, use an approved stainless steel cleaner.
    • For tough stains, see our guides with additional cleaning methods that are safe for stainless steel:

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    The Basics Of How To Clean Your Stainless Steel Gas Grill

    Stainless steel is brilliant and lustrous, making it a stunning focal point in your outdoor kitchen. The properties that make it durable and long-lasting also make it susceptible to scratching. The number one rule is never using abrasive brushes or cleaners because they will leave scratches, including paper towels, since they contain cardboard. Use soft clothes like microfiber towels, nonmetallic sponges, and plastic-bristled brushes, rubbing in the direction of the grain to maintain a smooth finish. A mixture of dish soap and hot water will yield the best results on your grill and components when in doubt.

    Prevents A Nasty Odor

    Gross to Gorgeous

    If you do not clean the food particles and grease off of your stainless steel grill grates on a regular basis, then that will lead to the accumulation of a bad smell.

    This is because it can attract bugs, rodents, or other pests, which in turn may cause an unpleasant odor coming from your grill grates over time if left uncleaned for too long.

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    Keep Your Grill Ready For When Opportunity Strikes

    With summer coming, it’s essential to have your grill ready if the perfect opportunity for an outdoor meal pops up. By following these simple tips, your grill will be clean and in good condition to enjoy a delicious and safe meal with friends and family.

    Now that you know how to keep your stainless steel gas grill clean, it’s easy to maintain its appearance and quality for years to come! Follow these simple tips to avoid build-up, corrosion, and contamination, and your grill will look shiny and new every time you use it.

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    How To Clean The Outside Of The Grill: Polishing & Protecting

    A grills high heat can also have a negative effect on stainless. Try something like Weber or Char-Broil suggests a dedicated stainless steel cleaner. Use a soft cloth or microfiber cloth. Avoid using a paper towel since they can too rough and scratch the surface. Also, avoid harsh cleaners like bleach.

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    Make sure to wipe with the grain of the stainless finish, which is usually from side to side. Rinse with clean water if youre using soapy water to grab the remaining dirt. Dry with a good, clean soft cloth to prevent water stains that can occur from air-drying.

    Cleaning on a regular basis can keep it looking new. Try to take a few minutes after each barbecue with a grill brush to scrub a grate or two. This will help make sure next time you use it, its looking great and ready-to-go.

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    Remember that cleaning exterior stainless is not as simple as cleaning regular metal. You cannot use steel wool or wire brushes as they may cause scratches or also pits that will get filled with debris.

    If you want to clean the grill without much effort, then vinegar is the solution to use. You may dilute vinegar with equal parts of water and spray it over the grill. Give around 10 minutes to sit and soak.

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    Can I Use Vinegar To Clean My Grill

    Cleaning your BBQ grill with vinegar is a straightforward process that only requires a few easy steps. It only need a spray bottle, tepid water, white table vinegar and a sheet of aluminum foil to complete this project. Then spray the vinegar on the aluminum foil and clean the grills inside with it. There is no need to rinse after using this product.

    Best Way To Clean Stainless Steel Grill

    Cleaning SS Grills

    When we talk about clean a grill made of stainless steel, we focus on three different cleaning sessions. These are

    • Scrubbing the grates of the steel.
    • Cleaning the interior of the gas stainless steel grill
    • Cleaning the exterior of the stainless steel grill

    In the following in-depth sections, we are going to unveil each of these washing processes with the utmost clarity for easy understanding.

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    Cleaning The Outside Of A Stainless Steel Grill

    As all of us here know, stainless steel grills are a thing of glory. Theyre sleek, shiny and look amazing in just about anyones back garden. Their only downfall is that they easily attract dirt, grime, oil, and other unsavoury for the eyes, junk. So, heres how to clean your stainless steel BBQ exterior.

    Clean The Cooking Grates

    • Use the putty knife and wire brush to remove all debris from the cooking grates, brushing it straight into the garbage can the grates are balanced on. Scrape the biggest pieces of gunk first, then use a wire brush on the top and bottom of the grates to get what’s left.
    • Once all debris is removed, spray the grates thoroughly with grill cleaner, then wipe them clean with a heavy-duty disposable shop towel.

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    All Exposed Stainless Steel Surfaces Require Special Attention If You Want To Keep Them Looking Clean And Bright

    Following these simple instructions will help avoid scratching or damaging the finish and keep your stainless steel attractive.

    CleanThoroughly clean stains, food, and grime using a sponge or damp cloth with warm water and mild dish soap. Use Fantastik or Formula 409 to remove heavier soil.

    RinseThoroughly rinse all surfaces and dry them completely with a clean towel. Do not allow stainless steel to air dry.

    PolishWe strongly recommend that you apply a surface protectant to all exposed stainless steel surfaces.

    Spray a small amount of WD-40 or Sheila Shine on a piece of paper towel and rub with the grain over the surface of the appliance. Using a clean terry cloth or paper towel, polish the appliance by rubbing with the grain until excess liquid is removed and the surface shines. It should not be oily to the touch, however, some residue is acceptable.

    Furniture polish, such as Old English, can be effective for polishing stainless steel and protecting the surface.

    Do not use Instant Rust Out, WD-40, or Sheila Shine near food or on food preparation surfaces as it is a health hazard. This includes the interior of the grill, grill racks, stainless steel sinks, the inside of cabinets, warming drawers, and ovens.

    FIRE HAZARDNEVER spray WD-40 or Sheil Shine near an open flame! These products are extremely flammable while in their aerosol forms.

    How To Clean Stainless Steel Grill Grates

    Gross to Gorgeous

    No matter whether you have a propane or charcoal grill, part of deep cleaning the grill means cleaning the inside, as well as the outside every time you set out to clean the grill. Sometimes the grates are the nastiest part of the process.

    However, you can learn how to clean stainless steel grill grates the easy way. Baking soda and water make an excellent homemade stainless steel grill cleaner for the inside of the grill.

    • Grill brush

    Cleaning stainless steel grill grates is not difficult and doesnt take a lot of time unless they have a lot of caked-on grime and debris. Before applying the cleanser to the cooking grates, remove them from the grill and place them on an old sheet or tarp on the grass or driveway.

    Make a paste with warm water and baking soda and apply it to the grates with your hands or a rag. Cover the entire surface and allow it to sit for at least 20 minutes.

    Using a wire grill brush that is safe for stainless steel, scrub the baking soda covered grates. Scrub everywhere, including between the bars and on both sides to remove as much grime as possible.

    After you clean grill racks thoroughly, rinse grates well with warm water or a garden hose and dry the surface with a clean towel. For extremely dirty grates, you may need to repeat the cleaning process or use a heavy duty grill cleaner made by a grill company like Weber.

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    How To Clean Stainless Steel Grill Grates Using A High Pressure Hose

    A garden hose is a quick and simple tool to use in getting your grill racks clean.

  • Remove your grill grates from your barbecue and place them against a wall.
  • Use a high-pressure hose nozzle and spray off the burnt-on debris.
  • Dry your grill grates off thoroughly with a towel or place it back on the grill and turn on the flames to dry it off before storing.
  • How To Clean A Bbq

    There are several parts to a BBQ that require regular cleaning. The grills, cook box, lid and burners are some of the more important parts you should keep clean. Having clean components such as burners can ensure the flames are spread evenly throughout your barbeque. Your BBQ can provide you with magnificent meals if you make sure to clean it.

    Below we take a closer look at how to clean a BBQ:

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    Clean Cast Iron Grill Grates Without Removing From The Grill

    Cast iron grill grates are durable and heat evenly but can be prone to rusting. If you open your grill to see rusty cast iron grates, dont despair. Reach for the baking soda, even if your cast iron grates dont easily come out of your grill.

    • Make a paste of 1 ½ cups ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda, ¼ cup dish soap, and ¼ cup white vinegar in a small bowl. It should be a frothy liquid consistency that sticks to the grill grates.
    • Using a brush, paint the grill grates with the paste, avoiding the heating elements if this is a gas grill. Close the grill. Note: do not turn the grill on.
    • Let the paste sit for 8-12 hours or overnight.
    • Use a nylon-bristled brush or scourer sponge to remove the loosened debris and grime.
    • Use a damp sponge and warm water to wipe away any remaining residue.

    Once all the rust is removed, thoroughly dry the grates and rub them with a generous amount of vegetable oil to coat them and protect from moisture. You can also turn the grill on high after coating with oil to help lock in the seasoning and be ready for your next BBQ.

    Maintaining The Grills Interior

    Stainless Steel Grill Cleaning | Weber Grills
  • 1Brush the flame tamers. The flame tamers sit directly on top of the burners to form a barrier between the burners and the grate. Food debris can sometimes build up on the tamers, so you should remove them and use a small, dry wire brush to remove any residue. Wipe them down with a clean piece of paper towel afterward.XResearch source
  • Make sure that your grill is cool and not turned on before cleaning any of the interior components.
  • If youre not sure where the flame tamers are in your grill, consult the owners manual. They are also sometimes known as heat tents or vaporizer bars.
  • 2Remove food residue from the burners. When you take out the flame tamers, the burners will be underneath. Food buildup on the burners can led to uneven heating and burner failure. Clean tube, flat, u-shape, and cast burners with a small, dry wire brush, paying special attention to the burner port area where the gas comes out.XResearch source
  • If you have ceramic burners, dont clean them with a brush. Turn the grill on for 10 minutes to burn off any food residue, and once the grill is turned off and cool, use tweezers to remove large food debris.
  • If youre not sure what type of burners your grill has, consult the owners manual.
  • The venturi tubes are narrow tubes that have a series of small holes along the sides and/or ends. They may be curved and connected to the the burner assembly, or they may be straight and easy to detach from the burner assembly.
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    Cleaning The Stainless Steel Grill Exterior

    Likewise, the interior, the surface of a stainless steel grill, may get dirty over time. However, cleaning it is pretty straightforward. Firstly, pour a soapy detergent on the exterior and wait for 3-5 minutes to allow the soap to unfold its magic.

    After that, use a soft brush or microfiber cloth to wipe out the detergent from the exterior. It will eventually remove any residue presenting you with a shiny surface. Then rinse the exterior for the one last time with water.

    Lastly, use the mesh cloth once again to rinse off any leftover residue and let it dry and replace the exterior on the original position. Thats it- your stainless steel grill is all set to work like a horse once again.

    Polish Your Stainless Steel Grill

    Vegetable oil is a great way to keep your food from sticking to the grates. It can also be used to polish the outside of your stainless steel grill. To shine your BBQ, you need to start with a clean grill.

    Dampen your microfiber cloth with some cooking oil and buff the outside. Go along with the grain of the stainless steel for the best results. If you are unhappy with how it turns out, use a stainless steel polishing wipe to shine your grill up nicely.

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    Ways To Clean Grill Racks From The Oven

    When it comes to cleaning grill racks in the oven, either go with a store-bought cleaner or use a homemade degreaser for oven and stove deep-cleaning. Commercial grill rack cleaners are safe for use on oven interiors too.

    The easiest, scrub-free way to clean dirty oven racks is to use the dishwasher. For this method, grab the dish soap. Place the oven racks inside the dishwasher and run on the harshest cycle. The bottom shelf works best.

    How To Keep Your Stainless Steel Gas Grill Clean

    Gross to Gorgeous

    If you’re like most people, you probably enjoy spending time outdoors grilling delicious food for your friends and family. But if you’re not careful, that shiny new grill can quickly become covered in grease and dirt. So fire up the barbecue, and let’s get started! This blog post will show you how to keep your stainless steel gas grill clean and looking good as new.

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    What Is The Grain On Stainless Steel

    You mightve heard of cleaning with the stainless steel grain if you havent yet, then you will in a minute so lets take a moment to explain what we mean. Similar to whats found on wood, stainless steel has a grain that runs along the metal as a result of the brushed finish applied in manufacturing. These lines are essentially small notches in the material, and they can collect small particles and create further scratches if not cleaned carefully.

    S For Cleaning Stainless Steel Grills

    If youre wondering how to clean a BBQ, it is important to understand that there are two main types of grills and cooktops. The two materials used for cooktops in BBQs are cast iron and stainless steel. Whilst the method for cleaning these two grills are very similar, there are a few differences.

    Below we share some methods on how you can clean your stainless steel grills:

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