How To Dispose Of Old Grills

Q: Which Parts Of Grills We Cant Just Throw Away

Propane Tank Disposal

Ans: Anything which is electrical or flame creating like an ignition button or spark must be taken out before you decide to throw your grill away. Also, the heated charcoal inside the grill must be removed and destroyed by burning.

Q4: How to discharge a propane tank?

Ans: The best and the safest way to discharge a propane tank is to take it to a reputable propane dealer in the area. Then remove a propane tank, turn off its valve and lose the bolts attaching the tank to the grill.

What You Should Do

  • Consider exchanging your cylinder for one with the new equipment. Most exchange companies charge a one-time upgrade fee and you get a filled cylinder with the latest equipment.
  • If you already have your new cylinder, you may be able take your old cylinder to one of the larger exchange locations and give it to them. They are more likely to have a place to put your old cylinder than a smaller location. Not all exchange companies provide this service. Blue Rhino and RapidXchange are two that we know of that try to provide the service.
  • Check with your local propane company. Some of them will take your old cylinder and send off several at a time for refurbishment and reuse.
  • Some commercial recycling centers will recycle propane cylinders if they are cut in half. Please heed the warning about not cutting up cylinders unless you know what you are doing, above.
  • Check back here regularly. We are working with the industry to come up with more options for you on what to do with old cylinders.
  • The Reason Behind The Requirements

    Most of our requirements are based on National Fire Protection Association standard 58 , the LP-Gas Code. There is a requirement there that all new cylinders of propane capacities from 4 to 40 pounds must have an overfill prevention device . This has been in effect since 1998.

    There is also a requirement that no cylinder in the same size range may be filled after March 31, 2002, if it does not have an OPD. Therefore, many cylinders became obsolete on April 1, 2002.

    For more information on OPDs and other types of grill cylinder valves, click here to go to another article on valves.

    Some people who know about this requirement have already purchased a new cylinder with the OPD and are looking for a way to dispose of their old cylinder. We are looking for ways for consumers to have easy and safe ways to dispose of their old cylinders.

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    How To Safely Dispose Of A Coleman Propane Tank

    Before disposing of your Coleman propane tank, always determine whether or not it really needs to be disposed of. If the tank is still in decent condition, you could still get more use out of it.

    With the use of a propane refill adapter, you will be able to refill the tank. However, if youre ready to get rid of the Coleman propane tank, you should check it over first.

    Always Empty Your Coleman Propane Tank Before You Dispose Of It

    How Do You Dispose and Recycle Your Old Gas Grill

    Once you determine how you are going to dispose of your old Coleman propane tank, you will need to get it ready.

    For safety reasons, you should never dispose of a propane tank that still has fuel in it. Even the slightest amount of fuel left in the bottom of the tank can cause a huge hazard.

    Emptying a Coleman propane tank is very easy. All you need to do is connect to a propane appliance and let the gas run out.

    We recommend connecting a lantern because you dont want to deal with a propane tank running out in the middle of cooking food on the grill.

    It may take a while for the Coleman propane tank to completely empty, despite how small it may be. As the tanks fuel levels decrease, the gas burns slower because of how the pressure shifts. We recommend always emptying the Coleman propane tank outdoors.

    You should also keep it away from open flames and other ignition sources.

    Make sure you keep the propane tanks valve open for a while after the flame has died off. There will still be vapor left in the tank and youll want to give it a chance to seep out.

    Allowing the tank to continue running after the flame is out will give it a chance to burn off all the vapor and make the recycling process safer.

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    Handling Your Tank Safely

  • 1Avoid putting your empty propane tank in the trash. Because propane tanks are pressurized, they can potentially explode when theyre compressed in a garbage truck. This means that not only is it dangerous to try to throw away your tank in the garbage, but most city sanitation departments wont even pick up the tanks along with the rest of your trash.XResearch source
  • Some municipalities have exceptions to this rule for propane tanks under a certain weight. For example, empty propane tanks under 2 pounds can safely and legally be thrown away in the garbage.
  • Check with your local city government to see if your propane tank can be safely disposed of in the garbage.
  • 2Refrain from storing your old tank in a heated room or in the sun. There will still be a little bit of propane left in your tank even when its empty. This leftover gas can expand when it gets heated up, causing the tanks safety valve to open and leak propane everywhere. Store your empty tank in a cool, shaded space until youre able to have a licensed professional remove the leftover propane.XResearch source
  • For safety, avoid storing your propane tank inside your home, in case a leak does occur.
  • Your propane tank needs to be stored somewhere where it will not reach 120 °F .
  • You can find a licensed professional to remove your leftover gas by contacting local propane suppliers in your area.
  • How Do I Dispose Of An Old Propane Grill

    Many recycling depots, transfer stations, and landfills are able to accept old propane tanks for disposal. Its best to check with your local recycling center first to see if they can be recycled in your area. If not, you may need to drop it off at a landfill or transfer station yourself.

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    Disposing Stationary Propane Tanks

    Disposal of large propane tanks installed above or below ground poses a challenge. The large size of the tank creates difficulties in the disposal of the tank. Selling the tanks to metal scrap yards is not an option since they dont generally accept large tanks.

    Contact a licensed supplier of propane tanks for assistance in removing the above-ground tank. The companies have special tools and equipment that they use to properly dispose of the tanks.

    For underground tanks, removing the tanks can be a costly and labor-intensive task. A more cost-effective option is to depressurize the tank and fill with water or sand.

    Install Protective Guards Or Caps

    Goodbye to Two of My Old Smokey Grills

    Make sure that the guards or caps are installed on the tank. The valves should be closed completely when moving to a disposal site.

    Also, never lift a gas tank by the guards or the caps to avoid damage to the valves.

    This is important to avoid a gas leak that can lead to a deadly explosion. Even a slight spark when starting the vehicle could ignite a leak resulting in an explosion.

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    Can You Put A Gas Grill Under A Covered Porch

    A gas grill gives you more options. You can place this type in a covered area, but dont try to use it on a screened porch. Make sure you have at least a 9-foot ceilingthe higher, the better. You dont need an expensive built-in grill to use a hood simply roll your current gas grill up underneath it.

    Grill Lid And Side Shelves

    Like the grill body, most grill lids and side shelves are also made of stainless steel and aluminium. For environmental friendly methods to dispose of them, they should be sold to scrap metal dealers. If the grill lid and side shelves are made from plastics however, check the plastic to see if there is an imprinted recycle logo.

    If there is none, then dispose of the plastic with the rest of your domestic plastic waste.

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    Disposing Of A Grill Tank Or Any Other Small Propane Tanks

    The easiest way to get rid of a gas grill propane tank is to take it to a Ferrellgas location or a Blue Rhino drop and swap location.

    You can either purchase an exchange at one of our thousands of retail providers or, if not looking for another grill tank, simply write “recycle” on it and place it next to a Blue Rhino retailers propane tank cage. Our friends at Blue Rhino will take care of it for you. Please note that Blue Rhino will not accept damaged propane tanks. If a Ferrellgas location is more convenient for you, contact us or stop by during business hours. Your friendly propane professionals will take care of this free of charge.

    There are external options too, however, quite limited. Many landfills, recycling centers, and scrap metal dealers will not accept grill tanks or other small propane tanks. Some hazardous waste disposal sites or local public works departments may take your tanks, while others recommend calling a propane supplier.

    So, to recap, if wanting to dispose of a small propane tank consider these options:

  • Refill or exchange your wanted tank. If you choose to refill, your tank cannot be expired
  • Drop off any unwanted tank you no longer need at a Blue Rhino reseller location
  • If you believe your small propane tank has more life left, you can reach out to your propane supplier and seek recertification. In the United States, small propane tanks are qualified for 12 years from the date of manufacture .

    Try Cleaning Or Fixing The Pans And Pots First

    How to Dispose of a Broken Gas Grill

    Interestingly, your pans and pots may be looking old because you do not clean them thoroughly, so they are all gross looking. Often, prolonged soaking can get the job done, getting the black residue off the pan.

    If that does not make it better, try cleaning them differently according to the material.

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    How Do I Get Rid Of My Old Barbecue Grill

    In most parts of the country, once the garden is put to bed for the winter, the barbecue grill is forgotten until spring. But if your barbecue has seen better days, you may be wondering how to get rid of it instead of how to store it. As is the case for many items, it turns out that getting a new grill is a lot easier than properly disposing of an old one.

    How Much Does Home Depot Charge For Haul Away

    How Much Does Home Depots Haul Away Service Cost? Home Depots delivery service costs $59-$99 if you do not spend over $396, and the haul-away service is an additional charge on top of this. Typically, most Home Depot stores will charge around $25 for haul away services, however, this can vary across locations.

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    Where Can I Go To Get Rid Of Old Grills

    When you use 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, you dont have to go anywhere! Well come right to you and haul away your old grill and any other items you want to get rid of. You wont have to lift a fingerwell remove the old grill right from where its located and load it into our truck for safe, responsible disposal. Many components of your old grill can be recycled, and we always do our best to ensure the items we collect are recycled whenever possible.

    If you wish to look into getting rid of your old grill on your own, you can start by contacting your local recycling or scrap metal salvage facility to see if they accept old grills. Keep in mind, you may need to also take the grill apart before dropping it off. Save yourself the time and hasslelet 1-800-GOT-JUNK? handle your old grill pickup.

    Keep Propane Tanks Away From Vents

    Propane Tank Recycling Tips

    You should always keep the tank away from windows or vents. In case of a leak, propane gas can enter the house and lead to a dangerous situation.

    Never place the propane tank near vent grates.

    Propane gas is denser than air. The leaked gas will sink to the ground and enter the vents.

    You should also not keep your propane gas near the air conditioner or radiator. These appliances can pull a gas inside your home creating a dangerous situation.

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    How To Dispose Of Propane Torch Cylinder

    Again as with other small non-refillable propane bottles, you can dispense with your used propane torch cylinder in different ways:

    Of course, theres no one size fits all and the right method is determined by your local regulations.

    Since less waste is, without a question, a good thing, follow the above steps to get rid of those old green canisters correctly and safely.

    The most important thing is to be sure youre on the safe side of the environmental regulations they vary significantly between territories so start by checking what your local laws say.

    Exchange Them At Various Retailers

    A 16.4 oz propane tank lasts for 2 hours on camping stoves and becomes recyclable trash. The bigger 20lb can be used for a longer period but can be refilled and exchanged. You can exchange your refillable empty Propane gas cylinder for a filled one from a number of retailers. You only have to pay for the gas inside. To avail of this, you will have to make sure that the cylinder you are exchanging is fit for service and has no damages.

    Most of these gas retailers accept all brands. You dont have to exchange your cylinder from the same brand. This makes things quite easy. For example, you can exchange a Coleman cylinder at RapidXchange and take a filled RapidXchange cylinder.

    The below list covers some of the notable retailers in the US where you can exchange your empty propane tank.

  • RapidXchange: You can turn old propane tanks at RapidXchange station and get a filled one. They cover most of the states and you can actually search your nearest RapidXchange station on their website. To know more about their program and how it works, go to RapidXchange website.
  • Lakes Gas: If you live in upper midwest , you can exchange your empty propane cylinder at any nearest Lakes gas station and get a new one. You can find your nearest location by searching your zip code here.
  • Walmart: You can exchange your empty tank at most of walmart stores as well. They accept Blue Rhino, AmeriGas, Flame King and Backyard Grill and other brands easily and will give you a filled tank for a lower price.
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    How Do I Get Rid Of Old Bbq Grills

    For environmental friendly methods to dispose of them, they should be sold to scrap metal dealers. If the grill lid and side shelves are made from plastics however, check the plastic to see if there is an imprinted recycle logo. If there is none, then dispose of the plastic with the rest of your domestic plastic waste.

    Frequent Question: How Do You Dispose Of Old Grills

    BBQ Grill Removal &  Disposal
  • How much does Home Depot charge for haul away?
  • If you wish to look into getting rid of your old grill on your own, you can start by contacting your local recycling or scrap metal salvage facility to see if they accept old grills. Keep in mind, you may need to also take the grill apart before dropping it off. Save yourself the time and hasslelet 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

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    Why Many People Have Difficulty Recycling Coleman Propane Tanks

    Back in 2008, Coleman teamed up with Green Key to provide a tool to make recycling easier. This Green Key tool was made to make puncturing and completely emptying the propane tanks easier for safe recycling.

    At the time of their release, one would come with each Coleman tank. They were even available to order on Colemans official website.

    However, many recycling programs didnt take well to this tool. While customers loved that it made the recycling process easier, many recycling facilities werent happy about the tanks being found in recycling bins.

    This caused the company to discontinue them in 2010.

    Since then, many customers have found the disposing process to be overly complicated. While they do have the option to purchase a Jetboil Crunchit, they arent as easily available as the Green Key tool was.

    Keep The Propane Tanks Upright

    Secure the propane tanks by keeping them upright. If the propane tanks are not secured, they can drop and hit someone. Moreover, keeping the tanks upright will avoid damage to the valve.

    To keep the tank upright, consider using a strap or a chain in a cylinder cart. Moreover, you can use a milk crate to keep the propane gas tank in an upright position.

    A standard milk crate can be used to secure a 20 pounds propane tank.

    You can also use special platforms for holding propane tanks that cannot be secured using a milk crate.

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    Finding A Waste Disposal Site

  • 1Read the storage and disposal instructions on products label. Follow any instructions the manufacturer has printed on the products label as closely as you can. Also, look for any information about whom you can contact for more information about how to properly dispose of your lighter fluid.XResearch source
  • If the label contains a website or phone number, explore these options as well.
  • 2Search online for a local household hazardous waste disposal site. To find a household hazardous waste facility near you, just enter the name of your town, city, or county and the phrase household hazardous waste site into an online search engine. Look through the results to find one that accepts lighter fluid.XResearch source
  • Many household hazardous waste disposal facilities charge a small fee, so be sure to ask about the cost of the service before dropping off your lighter fluid.
  • At some locations, you may also need to schedule an appointment to drop off your lighter fluid.
  • 3Visit to find a hazardous waste disposal site near you. Go to . Type in lighter fluid in the SEARCH FOR box and your zip code. Then, click the SEARCH button to see a list of hazardous waste disposal sites near you.XResearch source
  • Each listing for a hazardous waste disposal site will include the facilitys phone number, address, and web address.
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