How To Clean Pit Boss Grill Grates

How Do I Keep My Pit Boss Grill Clean

How To Clean Out Your Pit Boss Pellet Smoker/Grill

How do I keep my pit boss grill clean?

Should I put foil on my pellet grill? This is a major NO-NO. Laying the foil on the grates can restrict the intended air flow inside the grill, which could lead to damage of the internal components, not to mention create a dangerous situation.

Do pit boss grills rust? Pit Boss grills are made by Dansons and are made of high-quality stainless steel material. These grills are coated with high-quality paint that makes them immune to rust to some extent. However, with improper care, they will become rusty over time.

How do you clean the temp probe on pit boss? Some people use an SOS pad to clean their sensors. Ive found that a wet washcloth works just as well. Wet the washcloth in soapy water and wring it out completely before cleaning the sensor. You dont excess water dripping down in the electrical components of your grill.

Why Is My Pit Boss Not Keeping Temp

Poor Quality Pellets One of the biggest culprits of a pellet grills temperature swings or losing their fire during a cook is the quality of pellets. If youre using cheap inferior quality pellets that produce excessive ash, they can interfere with the sensors that help regulate the temperatures inside the barrel.

How To Clean The Grease Chute

To clean the grease chute, youll need an old toothbrush or a wooden or plastic scraper. Scrape as much of the buildup as you can. Unfortunately, its such a small area its hard to get it clean.

Ive found that its best to clean the grease chute when the grill is still warm. Not hot, but warm enough to scrape the gunk inside the chute.

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How Do You Season A Pit Boss Pellet Grill

Seasoning a Pit Boss Pellet Grill Make sure you have a high temperature oil or bacon grease. Remove your grill grates, Flame Broiler Plate, and clean them with dish soap and water. Apply a liberal amount of oil or grease to the grates and Flame Broiler Plate. Put the plate and grates back on the grill and turn it on.

How To Clean Pit Boss Pellet Grill

How Often Should I Clean My Pit Boss Pellet Grill? [&  Why]

The best way to clean your grill is by starting from the top and working your way down. Make sure you focus on the interior first before doing anything exterior!

  • Empty pellet grill: Open the lid and remove any of that extra gunk with a sponge, putty knife, or anything else at your disposal. Avoid using harsh abrasive sponges because theyll scratch up both surfaces!
  • Clean the door: Depending on how long you have been using it, the inside of this lid may have some buildup. Use a putty knife to remove any buildup that has accrued, and keep it clean for next time!
  • Clean the grates: Cleaning the grates is easy with a non-abrasive sponge and dish detergent. Once youve scrubbed them, soak them overnight in soapy water for easier clean up the next day! Avoid using power washers or your dishwasher as it may scratch their porcelain enamel surface finish.
  • Clean the deflector and flame broiler: When cleaning a pellet grill, remove all the buildup with putty knives. Next, use soapy water and soft sponges to get rid of grease or grime from cooking in it before popping back together again when done washing them off for storage! Always be sure not to wet anything inside your BBQ. Electrical components can be damaged by moisture leaking past these seals if left unplugged while being used outside.
  • Clean the ashes: Vacuum up the ashes inside the barrel and in the firepot.
  • Clean temperature sensor: use a soft cloth for cleaning all the black residue from the sensor.

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Why Do You Need To Season A New Pit Boss Pellet Grill

Seasoning your new Pit Boss pellet grill before initial use is important to laying the foundation for both delicious and hygienic BBQ results.

By doing so, youll be removing unwanted odors from the production stage, protecting the smoker from rust and the weather, and also curing the paint, which will help it look new for years to come.

Two Main Reasons Why a Smoker Should be Seasoned:

  • To get rid of debris and odors
  • To protect it from rust and the weather
  • How To Season A Pit Boss Pellet Grill

    Curing or seasoning a new Pit Boss is essential for several reasons. It burns and cleans out all the dirt, dust, oils, and bacteria left on the grill during manufacturing and transportation. It also prevents food from sticking onto the grates. Seasoning your grill will also cure the pain and avoid rust buildup on the grates and broiler plate to ensure it lasts longer. Before seasoning, make sure you have enough wood pellets to last over an hour, then follow the instructions below.

    • Assemble your Pit Boss and set it up in an open place away from anything flammable.
    • Fill your hopper with wood pellets.
    • Plug the grill into a power source.
    • Turn the pellet grill on and turn the temperature dial to Smoke.
    • Increase the grill temperature to the highest setting .
    • Close the lid and allow the unit to smoke for about 30-45 minutes.
    • Turn off the grill, and now seasoned.
    • Allow it to cool completely before using it or storing it.

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    Pro Series Palmyra Cleaning Brush


    Clean your grill grates with the safe and easy-to-use Pro Series Palmyra Cleaning Brush from Pit Boss Grills®. The no-catch bristles feature all-natural material that softens or burns away when fallen out. Premium-gauge stainless-steel body provides dependable, long-lasting use while the built-in grate lifter and side hooks offer concentrated cleaning for each grill grate.

    The Pro Series Palmyra Cleaning Brush features a high-heat resistant grip, removable brush head for convenient bristle replacements, a built-in bottle opener and an extra-large hanging loop for improved storage. Its the perfect choice for tough cleaning thats safe for the family.

    For maximum results, wet the bristles before and during the cleaning of your grill.


    The Auger Motor Has Jammed

    Pit Boss Pellet Grill 1100 Pro Grate Upgrade Stainless Steel Grates for Your Pellet Smoker

    If the wood pellets are exposed to moisture in the hopper during storage, they will swell and jam the auger. The following instruction will help you clear the jam:

    • Remove the inner components of your grill.
    • Vacuum out any pellets from the hopper, auger, and firepot.
    • Remove the fan, auger, and auger motor from the grill.
    • Inspect the auger feed system by manually rotating the auger. If it has difficulty turning, it is jammed.
    • Use a shop vacuum to clean out as much sawdust and pellets from both ends of the auger tube.
    • Inspect the auger motor for cracks and damages. If it has broken, contact customer service for a replacement part.
    • If the auger motor is okay, return all the grill parts and restart it to test the auger motor.

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    Cleaning The Pellet Hopper

    Most people dont realize that the pellet hopper needs cleaning at least once a year. The hopper and electrical components are continually exposed to pellet ash.

    When I replaced the control board and installed the SMOKE IT Wi-Fi control board on my Pit Boss 820, I noticed the pellet ash on the top of the control board.

    Your Pit Boss has a clean-out feature that makes it easy to change out or remove the pellets from the hopper. You can use this feature to change out the pellets flavor, but it can also be used to remove the pellets and do a deep cleaning of the hopper.

    Consider The Following Before Cleaning Grill Grates

    Grill grates are found in different materials and coatings, and it is important to know what type of grates you have on hand before cleaning them.

    For example, some grill grates are porcelain coated, and porcelain can chip, exposing the raw metal. The exposed metal will rust, damaging your grate, and, yes, you can kiss it goodbye.

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    Warranty & Customer Service

    The Pit Boss 700FB comes with a 5-year warranty. The limited warranty will not cover normal rust or wear and tear.

    Most customers thought that it had above average customer service.

    During our grill review, I had to place a call to customer service regarding the temperature swings.

    They recommended removing the pellets and refiling the hopper. Their solution worked, and I have had stable temperatures on the control board ever since. The customer service was helpful and quick.

    Dont Use A Wire Brush

    How to Clean Your Pellet Grill

    Theres a story we came across a while back about a four-year-old boy who got hospitalized after he accidentally swallowed a metal bristle from a wire brush. Yikes!

    While wire brushes are marketed explicitly to barbecue grill owners, we dont recommend using them to clean your grates. Theres always a chance that some of the bristles from the brush may fall off without you noticing, latch onto your food while youre grilling, and end up in your body. Its simply not worth a trip to the ER.

    There are several other safer alternatives you can use that work just as well. One option would be to crumple up a piece of heavy-duty aluminum foil and shape it into a ball. Then, use a pair of tongs to grab it, and voila! You have a safe tool to clean your grates with.

    Alternatively, you could also use a wooden grill scraper instead. The best thing about it is that the block will start to develop groves that fit your stainless steel grates perfectly after a while of using it.

    Now, if you live on the wild side and insist on using a wire brush, ensure you double-check and even triple-check your grates for any stray bristles that might make their way into your food. Be sure to run a damp cloth across the grates once youre done scrubbing. You can never be too safe.

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    How To Prime A Pit Boss Pellet Grill

    Priming the grills allows the auger to feed the firepot with wood pellets. Priming also ensures the ignitor functions properly and prevents timeouts before it ignites the pellets. You will need to prime your Pit Boss if you have never used your grill before to test the functioning of the auger feeding system and firepot. You also have to prime your grill every time you run out of pellets in the hopper before you resume cooking. To prime your Pit Boss pellet grill:

    Getting Rid Of Debris And Odors From The Manufacturing Stage

    When a sparkling new Pit Boss pellet grill gets put inside its box ready for purchase, it brings with it a whole host of leftover dirt, odors, and oils from the warehouse it was made in, and the production process it has gone through.

    Remember when we had you burn a load of charcoal in that brand new galvanized trash can before we made Trash Can Turkey?

    Its the same principle here.

    BTW, if you dont know what Trash Can Turkey is, please stop what you are doing and check it out HERE RIGHT NOW.

    Well be here when you get back.

    Uncured paint, dirt, and oils present from the manufacturing process can remain on the finished product, particularly with offset smokers and pellet grills.

    Some of those chemicals can be toxic and harmful to your health, not to mention infusing your food with a less than appealing aroma.

    By seasoning before use, youll quickly remove all of those nasty production remnants and leave your Pit Boss pellet grill clean and free from any unwanted oil, solvent and paint residue.

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    How To Replace Your Pit Boss Grill Fuse

    The control in your Pit Boss grill uses a 5 amp, 120 volts, fast-blow fuse to protect the board from the ignitor. Sometimes an overloaded current or a shorted wire can blow out the fuse, which will require replacing. If the fuse has blown out, the grill wont ignite, and the LCD screen will be blank when you plug it in.

    Also, if the fuse keeps blowing up, it is usually a symptom of an underlying issue. So its important to identify the source of the problem to avoid further damaging your Pit Boss. Here is how you can replace the fuse in your grill:

    Prior To Using Grillgrates: Clean Your Grill

    How to Clean the Pit Boss 456D Pellet Grill

    Clean your grease trap and inspect your burners and flame tents. Remove debris that has accumulated on the ledges that hold your old grates. This will prevent flare-ups from igniting grease and debris in the bottom of your grill.

    Tip: Should a grease fire occur, turn off the burners and leave the lid closed until the fire is out. Do not use water to extinguish a grease fire.

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    Pit Boss Pellet Grill Troubleshooting

    Have you ever had a problem with your Pit Boss pellet grill? Here are all you need about pit boss pellet grill troubleshooting:

    • Wont start

    If your frill does not turn on, you should check the power outlet to see if it works or not. If not, unplug and replug it, ensuring that the GFI circuit does not trip.

    After that, shift the temp dial to Offsetting and move to Smoke function. The LCD screen must light up. Contact the manufacturer when the GFI trips.

    If nothing changes, move the grates and grease tray, examine the igniters. Still, nothing happens. Replace the 5 amp fuse on the control panel.

    Check the drill. If it does not feed pellets in the firebox, it needs to be replaced.

    • Wont ignite

    If your Pit Boss gets the igniting problem, tread carefully:

  • Contact the manufacturer if the grills stop lighting up in 18 months.
  • If your grill is old, examine the igniter and follow the above step.
  • If still not lighting, replace the igniter.
    • Does not produce smoke

    You might think that the whole smoker is broken and you need to replace it, but actually, it í one the problem with temp, firepot or pellets. The perfect temp is from 60 to 90 degrees F with a P4 setting.

    For more smoke out, cook at the lower temp around 225F and make sure that your pellets are dry without clumping.

    • Temp issues:

    The temp is not high enough also because of low pellets. So you should add some more pellets and ensure they are not damp or old.

    • Err code:
    • LCD is blank
    • Flare-ups

    How To Clean The Inside Of Your Pellet Grill

    It is often easiest to clean the inside of your grill at the same time as the outside because you have already unplugged your grill and it will be cold and emptied of wood pellets. Cleaning the inside of your pellet smoker involves several steps to ensure proper pellet grill maintenance, including cleaning the grease drip tray, vacuuming, scraping the burn pot and scrubbing the grill grates.

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    How To Shut Down A Pit Boss Pellet Grill

    In contrast to other grills, pellet grills dont burn themselves out. Instead, they require you to turn it off using a specific procedure. The following process will work for any Pit Boss grills, but the settings may differ depending on the model.

    • Once complete cooking your food, take it off the grill.
    • Increase the temperature dial to the highest setting for burn-off.
    • Let the grill run at its highest temperature for five to ten minutes. This step burns off any wood pellets remaining in the firebox grease buildup to reduce the possibility of a grease fire the next time you turn on your grill.
    • Once burn-off is complete, turn the temperature dial to the Off position.
    • Lift the lid and allow the grill to cool off until its cool to the touch and the fan is off.
    • Close the grill lid and press the Power button to turn the grill off. You should never turn off the power button whenever the fan is running.
    • Unplug the pellet grill from the electrical outlet.

    The Best Way To Clean Your Pellet Grill

    How To Clean a BBQ Grill : BBQGuys

    Even though you are now informed about the most common flaws in a pellet grill work, it is still necessary to maintain the unit properly. This way, you will extend its lifespan and prolong its service term.

    In addition, a properly cleaned grill will be working much better and grill your foods more effectively and thoroughly!

    Fortunately, we know a very simple and efficient way of cleaning your Pit Boss like a pro! It will take you only a few easy steps.

    • Clean the lid using a putty knife and a nylon scrubber to deal with the buildup.
    • Empty the unit out removing the grates, drip pan, and the deflector plate.
    • With a putty knife and scrubber, rub them down and get the gunk off.
    • Scrape the insides of the barrel and clean the chimney.
    • Clean the grates either in a dishwasher or manually with a nylon scrubber.
    • Clean the thermometer and the grease chute.
    • Vacuum all the gunk out.
    • Clean the exterior to get your smoker sparkling clean.
    • And reassemble it back again.

    Like this, your grill will be working even better than before!

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    How To Use A Pit Boss Pellet Grill

    Do you know how to use the pit boss pellet grill? It will be very easy if you follow these instructions correctly.

    Step 1: You should prepare your food wheels and identify what will be your time-temperature plan.

    Step 2: Do not forget to fill up the fuel for in your hoppers

    Step 3: Its a good idea to always check your firebox before you start cooking. You want the box clear of any debris or ash so that it doesnt get in contact with food and burn it, making for sour flavors throughout whatever meat is being cooked on top.

    The best way I know how has been found through trial by error over time, which gives us hints like when checking your grills cleanliness may help prevent flare-ups during use too!

    Step 4: You should scrape the grates properly, especially where your food will go.

    Step 5: After checking thoroughly. just spray the grates with the non-stick cooking spray

    Step 6: Find the energy sources, plug the grill in and ensure that the temp knob turns into the lowest smoke set.

    Step 7: Open the grill and press a button to turn on your flame. Youll hear it start up, followed by some smoke coming out of vents for pellets to be fed into a firebox where they ignite before being blown out through other channels as well. This whole process takes around 5 minutes!

    After about 1 minute, you will see the smoke come out, open the lid or door again, and leave the pellets burning for 4 minutes until the smoke gets clear.

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