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Where Are Fire Magic Grills Made

Getting Started with Your Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Grill

Unlike many other brands that seem American but have been bought up by foreign companies, Fire Magic is the real deal . Fire Magic Grills has its HQ in California, and all its grills are designed and manufactured in the USA.

So, if you want a high-end grill thats genuinely made in America, its definitely worth looking further into Fire Magic.

Do Fire Magic Grills Also Make Accessories

Theres a lot to get excited about here. Basically, you can get everything you need for your outdoor kitchen from the Fire Magic catalog, from a stylish island unit to a smoothie blender.

There are plenty of accessories to broaden your cooking options, such as smoker baskets and infrared burners, as well as practical items like covers and vents. Gift shopping for a grill enthusiast? They make all sorts, from classic BBQ tools to chopping boards.

With refrigerators, cabinets and even sinks, you can create a complete cooking set-up. If you want a seriously high-end outdoor kitchen, take a look at their built-in beverage center. Simply, wow.

Fire Magic Grill Collections

Fire Magic Legacy Collection This collection brings back feelings of nostalgia thanks to the traditional look and feel. While this grill is available with controls knobs on the front, most of the collection features the older drop-in style with the control knobs on the side, level with the grilling surface.

Fire Magic Aurora Collection While the Aurora may not have the same customizations as the more expensive Echelon Diamond, it does come with many of the same base features. With exclusive E-shaped stainless-steel burners, a removable warming rack, and a spring-assisted hood, the Aurora offers great values at its price point, challenging the idea of what a luxury grill is.

Fire Magic Choice Collection The Choice grills are a bridge between the traditional Legacy collection and more luxurious Aurora collection. The grills in the Choice collection feature updated modern styling, similar to the Aurora collection. Though it does not have as many features as the Aurora collection, it does have more than the Legacy.

Echelon Black Diamond Collection This collection comes with all the same amazing features as the Diamond series, but with a porcelain coated finish and satin stainless steel accents.

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Do Fire Magic Grills Come With A Warranty

Fire Magic claims that their grills are an investment that lasts a lifetime. Indeed, the stainless steel parts are under warranty for as long as you own your grill.

We recommend you take a look at Fire Magics website to find out more, as different parts of your grill come under different warranties. One product may be made up from parts with 1, 3, 5, 10, and 15-year warranties.

How Do I Clean My Fire Magic Grill Burners

Fire magic built in charcoal grill 12

Remove all burners from the grill. Take one burner and lightly scrub it with a copper pad or grill brush (see Fig.

Herein, how do you clean a grill burner cover?

What you’ll do:

  • Start with the inside of the grill.
  • Wash it with warm, soapy water.
  • Remove the grates and wash them with warm, soapy water.
  • Remove the grill burner covers and wash with warm, soapy water.
  • Scrape grease buildup in the cook box using a putty knife.
  • Clean each burner tube individually with a grill brush.
  • Furthermore, what is fire magic? Fire Magic is generally considered the most offense-oriented school of magic. Its skills deal out the most consistently high area of effect damage. Fire Magic skills usually deal fire damage, making it more effective against foes vulnerable to fire damage.

    Hereof, how do you fix a grill burner?

    How to Fix a Gas Grill

  • Step 1: Remove the cooking grate and rock grate. Photo 1: Remove the grate and rocks.
  • Step 2: Test the igniter. Photo 3: Check the igniter.
  • Step 3: Remove and clean the burner assembly. Photo 7: Remove the burner.
  • Step 4: Scrub the barbecue grill body. Photo 10: Scrape the interior.
  • Step 5: Restore the wood slats.
  • Where are Fire Magic grills made?

    Every Fire Magic product is manufactured in our US production facility. Only the highest quality materials are used engineered and built to the strictest safety standards and the highest performance metrics.

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    What Size & Weight Are These Grills

    There are some mighty grills here. The Echelon Diamond freestanding 48 inch grill with sideburners is awesome: it has four cabinets, to give you an idea of scale. If youre looking for something more modest in size, their 24 drop-in grills are pleasingly neat.

    Youll notice that Fire Magic specifies its grills in terms of cooking size rather than dimensions. Theyre renowned for having the largest cooking area in their class, meaning you can fit a lot of food on your Fire Magic grill.

    Finally, if space is tight, take a look at their electric grill collection. This range is created for small spaces like balconies , and has a real urban-chic elegance to it.

    Fire Magic Aurora Collection

    The Aurora collection is very similar to the Echelon line, with many of the features of the grills in both collections mirroring each other.

    However, Fire Magic Aurora grills are slightly smaller and more affordable but still maintaining the same high quality build and performance that Fire Magic is known for.

    Check out Fire Magic Aurora Grill Collection below:

    Aurora A540i Built-in Grill
    430i Built-in Gas Grill

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    Fire Magic Choice C540i Built

    Our most affordable line, Fire Magic Choice Grills feature superior design and materials housed in an Aurora style grill with a simple satin stainless steel facade. The precise grilling and ease of use that comes from a Fire Magic grill is combined with quality features in the Choice C540i Built-In Gas Grill. The three 14 gauge stainless steel tubular burners, producing 60,000 BTUs, are matched with push-to-light knobs and a 9-volt electronic ignition for a grill that is easy to start.

    With A Chimney Starter

  • Fill the chimney with charcoal.
  • Add newspaper on the chimney grate and ignite the fire.
  • Pour out the coals when flames appear over the chimney.
  • In just under 15 minutes, youll have yourself a perfectly started grill!

    But what exactly is a chimney starter?

    Simply, it is a metal cylinder used to HOLD your charcoal pieces together.

    The kindling, most usually made of newspaper, helps spread the fire in the chimney faster AND at an even rate.

    The methods primary advantage is how you can grill LARGE QUANTITIES of hot coals in a SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME.

    It is also the cleanest and most organized on this list.

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    How Much Do Fire Magic Grills Cost

    OK, we did say higher end You can expect to pay over $4,000 for the smaller portable models, and a few hundred less for built-in. That enormous four-cabinet portable grill we mentioned earlier will set you back a cool $12,700. However, you are looking at a brand that offers a generous warranty, so you should expect your Fire Magic products to last.

    How To Use My Fire Magic Grill

    Theyre designed to be pleasingly easy to use. To light a gas Fire Magic grill:

  • Open the lid, check all the knobs are switched to off, and turn on the gas.
  • Choose which burner youre using. Press down its knob for five seconds, while turing it counterclockwise to the high position.
  • If it doesnt light, switch everything off and try again in five minutes.
  • Get cooking! Fire Magic grills are known for their great searing potential so maybe a nice steak is a good place to start before you start experimenting with smokers and rotisseries?
  • If you didnt already love Fire Magic, the page on their website with links to all Fire Magics manuals should convert you. This will give you the spec, set up, operating and troubleshooting instructions for your product, including accessories.

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    Choice Legacy And Electric Grills

    This group of grills are the smallest in Fire Magic line, making them excellent for budget buyers of those that live in areas where gas is not allowed. These Fire Magic electric grills have made it possible for more people to enjoy barbecuing at home.

    If you are starting out the BBQ hobby and would like an affordable but quality grill, Fire Magic electric grills are perfect.

    Below is an overview of the electric grills:

    Why Pick Us To Do Your Fire Magic Bbq Repair:

    Fire Magic Echelon Diamond E790i 36

    As Fire Magic BBQ repair specialists, we take our job very seriously. Our team has years and years of experience of working with Fire Magic BBQ grills. We also know how to work with you, our customer. Our team members are always on time, and always polite and knowledgeable. Your satisfaction is our goal.

    Also, BBQ Repair Doctor uses the latest technology and genuine Fire Magic parts. In fact most of the parts we bring with us in our trucks. So, that majority of the time nothing has to be ordered. Your time is very valuable to us.

    We do our best to keep your Fire Magic grill working and looking new. If you can dream it, we can make it a reality!

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    Your Ultimate Guide To Bbq & Grill Magic

    So, know that you know where to buy firelighters that wont let you down and how to start a BBQ fire with charcoal and firelighters in the most efficient way, what about getting a refresher of the best BBQ recipes to experiment with?Between these delicious, creative recipes and our brand-new BBQ & Grill range, perfect for exploring all the best BBQ wood fuels on the market, barbecue season has never been better. No matter if youre a self-proclaimed grill master or a green BBQ enthusiast looking forward to lighting the first fire of the season, keep your eyes on Lekto for everything you need to know about BBQ fire, wood-burning tips, and beyond!

    Why Choose Fire Magic Grills

    Theres no denying they feature an excellent warranty coupled with premium materials that will deliver a lifetime of enjoyment. When you think of Fire Magic Grills, the following aspects should come to mind.


    Constructed from heavy-duty 304-grade stainless steel, Fire Magic Grills can weather rust, corrosion, and anything else Mother Nature throws at them for years down the road. The Diamond Sear cooking grids made of stainless steel are not only heavy-duty but also non-stick, so they can easily withstand years of use.


    With the ability to attain low and high temperatures, this brand has produced one of the most versatile grills in the industry. While their cooking surface area has been engineered to be larger than competitors, the grill width is the same. Fire Magic Grills offer five ways of barbecuing, ranging from charcoal with an insert, grilling, rotisserie, and smoking, to searing.


    The grills from this brand capture anyones attention as they are regarded as pieces of art. From windows that allow you to peek into your grill to LED backlit control knobs, Fire Magic Grills are not only aesthetically pleasing but also impressively functional.

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    What Grills Are In The Fire Magic Collection

    Fire Magic is at the higher end of the outdoor cuisine market. They combine pro features with sleek good looks, and they certainly believe in quality materials . Their range includes built-in and portable models, with charcoal and electric grills as well as gas.

    Like a fashion house, their grills come in Collections. The Echelon Diamond series is at the top of the leaderboard, with stylish looks and super-sophisticated features. The Aurora series is also stunningly designed, with most of the same features as the Echelon collection. The Choice range is described as affordable . Theyre great-quality grills but dont have as many fancy features as the other collections.

    Unusually, they have an Accessible range to accommodate chefs who may have additional needs. Common Area grills are designed for clubs and condos. If you want a simple grill that easily slots into your outdoor kitchen, check out their Legacy series.

    What Do The Reviews Say About These Grills

    Porchetta on your Fire Magic Grill | The Lapa Company

    Well, this is an interesting one, as there arent many customer reviews out there. We took a look at an Echelon built-in burner on Amazon, and it seems to be a real love-it-or-hate-it piece of kit.

    It attracted a bunch of five star and a bunch of one star reviews, with literally nothing in between. Those who loved it praised its many features while others complained about how quickly those features fail.

    Professional reviewers on the other hand, just love Fire Magic. The Grilling Life review gave it five stars and a whole heap of praise, and Outdoor Cooking Pros love the attention to detail.

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    How Do I Store My Fire Magic Grill

    Its worth taking care of your Fire Magic grill after all, its a long-term purchase. If you have a portable model, try to store it indoors if its out of action for a time. A dry shed or garage or other safe outbuilding is ideal however we appreciate that some of these grills are huge

    The same prep applies whether youre winterizing it indoors or outdoors. First disconnect it from the gas, then give it a real good clean. You need to get any crumbs or baked-on food out of there, before it attracts bugs, rodents and mold. Then, make sure its dry, as you dont want to put it away when its damp.

    Cover it with a robust grill cover, and wheel it into its winter home. If you dont have space indoors, move it to the most sheltered spot in your yard. Dont worry about the gas canisters, as they can withstand very low temperatures.

    But what if you have an outdoor kitchen? Well, our take is, if you have a set-up as gorgeous as a Fire Magic island kitchen, youll want to use it all year, so you wont need to pack it up! However, if youre planning on sticking to indoor cooking for a time, give your grill a good clean, as above.

    Find The Best Fire Magic Grills At A Low Price

    Nothing beats backyard barbeques. Foods that come off the grill occupy an echelon character and flavor that is nearly impossible to emulate elsewhere. Taking the time to smoke pork ribs throughout the day or simply grilling a few ears of corn ushers in more than an unmatched payoff. Thats why you should only trust the top of the range grills and accessories to get the job done.

    With over 80 years in the BBQ industry, Fire Magic Grills have reached the pinnacle of outdoor grilling experiences. If youre looking for performance, style, and quality rolled into one, your search ends here.

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    How To Easily Clean You Firemagic Grill


    The Fire Magic gas grill is the most trusted name by professional chefs throughout California and New York. Although the Fire magic grill is less well-known than other grill brands, the fire magic grill is nevertheless the best grill you could ever find in the market today. As they say, once you have a Fire Magic gas grill, you will feel like a professional chef and a master griller all in one.

    The Fire magic grill, like all appliances, need a regular dose of cleaning and maintenance to maintain its top performance level. A very dirty Fire Magic gas grill will affect the quality of the grilled food. Unclean Fire Magic Gas grill accumulates dirt and bacteria and encourages the growth of microorganisms that are very unsanitary when cooking your food. It could affect the health of the people grilling food in the fire magic grill. An unclean Fire Magic gas grill will also have considerable amount of decline in terms of performance as some unwanted blockages and buildup might be affecting its smooth performance. To maintain your Fire magic grill in its top shape and protect it for years and years to come, cleaning it is essential.

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    What Bbq Repair Doctor Can Do For You:

    Fire Magic E1060S4LAN51W 111 Inch Freestanding Gas Grill ...

    We can solve virtually any issue that you may have with your Fire Magic grill. Here are just some of the problems that we solve for our customers.

    • Grill wont get hotter than 250 to 300 F
    • Flavorizer bars need cleaning or maintenance
    • Frost on grill regulator
    • Gas regulators, hoses, and attachments
    • And much more

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    Fire Magic Gas Grills

    With more than 80 years in the BBQ industry, Fire Magic Gas Grills have reached the pinnacle of the outdoor grilling experience. For those who want quality, style, and performance, look no further. Fire Magic grills feature premium materials and a great warranty that will provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment. When you think of Fire Magic Grills, think of:

    Durability Made from heavy gauge 304 stainless steel, Fire Magic grills resist rust and corrosion for years to come. The Diamond Sear stainless steel cooking grids are non-stick and heavy duty, so theyll easily withstand many years of use.

    Versatility Able to reach both high and low temperatures, Fire Magic has created one of the most versatile grills on the market. Their cooking surface area has been engineered to be larger than competitors at the same grill width. Fire Magic offers five ways to BBQ: grill, sear, smoke, rotisserie, and even charcoal .

    Aesthetics People take notice when they see a Fire Magic gas grill. Fire Magic grills are considered pieces of art. From LED backlit control knobs to windows that allow you to look into your grill, Fire Magic makes sure your grill is beautiful, but still practical.

    Fire Magic has proven to be one of the most innovative BBQ grill brands, with various collections to give you plenty of options to find the perfect grill for your needs.

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