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When youre building or updating an outdoor kitchen, you may be wondering whether a grill or a griddle will be best for your cooking needs. However, if you want a versatile and efficient outdoor kitchen that you can use to cook any meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, then both a built-in grill and a griddle are ideal. A griddle has a large, flat surface making it the perfect tool for cooking items that are not ideally suited for a grill, like bacon and eggs, pancakes, diced meats and veggies, and chocolate chip cookies, for example.

So, before you jump in your car and head to the nearest big-box retailer, remember that not all griddles are suitable for an outdoor kitchen. It is essential to ensure that the griddle you select is well-built for durability, will not stain or discolor, is easy to clean up, and has a lifetime warranty.

You Can Cook Everything On Them

One of the best reasons to add a backyard griddle to your outdoor kitchen is because you can cook everything on them. Grills offer the classic black stripes to whatever they cook, but because of the gaps in the grill, you cant easily cook everything on them. Griddles, on the other hand, are flat and smooth surfaces that offer endless possibilities for outdoor cooking. Having a Sunday brunch party in the backyard? Griddle up pancakes alongside your eggs and bacon seamlessly. Having a pool party? Throw hotdogs and burgers on the griddle. Hosting an evening BBQ? Bring out the steak, mushrooms, and onions to easily cook on the griddle for the same barbeque experience without anything falling through the cracks. Be wary, soon enough youll find yourself only cooking outside on your griddle.

Why Would I Want A Griddle

Griddles give you outdoor cooking versatility thats hard to achieve with any other tool. For instance, if you want to make pancakes, eggs, and bacon for a large group, neither your grill nor smoker will do the trick. Heck, you can even toast your bread on a griddle!

An outdoor griddle, though, will, in both instances, give you precisely what you need, and it gives you one more excuse to get outside when its hot inside!

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Griddle Vs Grill Whats The Difference

Its probably safe to say that most all consumers are familiar with the concept of a grill: Its essentially a metal grate that sits over an open flame heat source where food is cooked. From that basic definition, the types, styles and prices vary widely.

Grills are great for adding the sought-after smoky taste to foods cooked outdoors. They are the top choice for cooking meats and poultry because fats and liquids fall through the grate and help sear the surface of the meat for optimum browning. Grills are also very versatile because they can be heated to very high temperatures so they mark meats with the iconic seared stripes and are hot enough to cook pizza. At the same time, they can be used at lower temperatures for roasting and smoking.

A griddle, on the other hand, is a big flat metal surface that sits over a heat source, with no slats or gaps. Its basically like a giant frying pan outdoors, and, just as in your regular kitchen, you can cook almost anything on a griddle.

Can You Build A Blackstone Griddle Outdoor Kitchen

Benefits of Cooking on Outdoor Grill  yonohomedesign.com

At RTA, we get a ton of questions just like this one.

With Blackstone becoming the Weber of outdoor griddles It only makes sense that homeowners are clamoring to know the answer!

Theres a technical and a real answer to this question.

Well go over both.

Technically You can build an outdoor kitchen with built in Blackstone griddle.

Why do we answer this with trepidation?

Well, quite simplyWe dont recommend it!

Again, well get to why later.

For now Lets discuss how it could be done. Technically.

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Should I Get A Portable Non

The answer usually depends on How you plan to use your griddle.

A freestanding non-portable griddle is likely the best bet if you want to cook huge meals at home.

For camping, tailgating, or other mobile uses, a portable griddle is the only practical way to go for propane gas griddle cooking. The camping griddle as witnessed by many is the most practical carry item for regular campers.

If you already own a grill and only need a griddle for occasional use, a griddle pan will probably meet your needs quite well. Check out the #1 model from Sizzle-Q Above.

Why We Don’t Recommend A Blackstone Griddle For Your Outdoor Kitchen

Its the answer youve been waiting for.

Weve been hinting that were not a fan of the idea Weve even told you how to build one But we havent told you why we dont recommend building a Blackstone grill into an outdoor kitchen.

Theres no need to be on the edge of your seat any longer!

Lets start with why we dont recommend an RTF Blackstone grill island.

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Outdoor Kitchen Planning Guide

Whether you covet a grill and food-prep station on wheels or a built-in BBQ island with fridge and bar seating, don’t hit the home center before reading our expert guide to creating a first-rate backyard cook spot.

Few summer pleasures are as much fun as a cookout. The smell of grilling food is mouth-watering, everything tastes great and its hard not to have a good time – that is, unless youre the harried host running back and forth between the grill and the kitchen for the chicken and steak, forks and knives, beer and wine, and ketchup and mustard. And when everybodys done, all the leftovers must be lugged back inside.

Your solution? An outdoor kitchen! These structures can help you slow down and spend more time with family and friends by putting all the ingredients for outdoor dining close at hand.


Grill Maintenance 101

Best Accessories For Outdoor Griddles

Dream Outdoor Kitchen – Pour in Place Concrete Counters, Propane Griddle, Pellet Smoker and Storage!

When using a griddle, you cant use the same accessories you would go with a standard grill due to the flat cooking surface of a griddle. Ideally, you should have a flat spatula and a scraper for managing food on the griddle.

But, If youre just getting started with griddle cooking, Blackstone offers a griddle accessory kitthat will give you All the essential tools you need to start using your griddle like a Pro.

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How To Clean An Outdoor Griddle

We recommend, cleaning after every use. Wipe it with a cloth or non-scratch straight-edge spatula such as heat-resistant nylon or wood to remove and loosen food particles and other residue. You may heat up some water to assist in removing cooked-infood or seasoning.

Special griddle cleaners are commercially availablewhich may be used to remove heavy build-up.

Rinse the griddle with room temperature water if you use a cleaner.

Caution: We suggest not using cold water! Thismay cause griddle warping.

Shopping Guide How To Choose The Best Griddle For An Rv Outdoor Kitchen

How to choose the best griddle for an RV outdoor kitchen? There are thousands of different griddles on the market. How do you know which griddle is the best fit for your RV?

Im going to give you some tips to help you choose the best griddle for your RV outdoor kitchen.

While some RV owners enjoy cooking out on their RVs, others want to be able to cook inside and enjoy the RV lifestyle.

Here are some tips on choosing the best RV outdoor kitchen griddle.

Buy A Premium Griddle

A premium griddle can be expensive, but its well worth it.

Premium griddles are made from stainless steel and are designed to withstand heat.

Look For High Quality Materials

High quality materials will help ensure the longevity of your griddle.

Look for a griddle made from high quality aluminum and stainless steel.

Choose the Right Cooking Surface

Choosing the right cooking surface is essential for a successful RV outdoor kitchen.

Youll want to choose a griddle that has a nonstick surface so that you can easily wipe away any messes that you create while cooking.

Make sure that you choose a griddle thats durable enough to withstand heat, and that you can clean quickly.

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Our 5 Favorite Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Talk about making a statement! The stainless steel hood and grill really pop in this amazing outdoor kitchen. Using tan wood panels for the backsplash was a great idea. They even had space for a painting on the right to make this outdoor kitchen especially unique.

Have you seen this light green used in an outdoor kitchen before? I havent! Normally forest greens and browns are the go-to. You know, the earthy colors. But I think the light green looks elegant! The light coming in from the window on the grill and hood makes it stand out nicely in this small space.

This outdoor kitchen has it all! An outdoor hood, stainless grill, a small griddle, and a pizza oven. What a beautiful view too. Green and lush! Did you notice the hanging lights? You dont see people go with no fixtures too often.

Like the outdoor kitchen above, this one combines wood and stone elements effectively. They put a sweet wooden mold around the range hood too. Have you ever seen that?

We loved the view in the outdoor kitchen above, but this one just cant be beat. This is the first pergola weve seen. It lets just the right amount of light in. With some outdoor covers, you can move the panels to open and close the roof. Not sure if thats possible with this outdoor kitchen, but its amazing regardless!

This angle gives you a better look at how they used counter space in this outdoor kitchen. The old-fashioned clock is cool too! Its clear what style they were after. And it looks great!

Which Outdoor Griddle Should I Choose

Viking gas grills are built outdoor tough and feature completely ...

Many grill brands are adding griddles to their repertoire of outdoor kitchen offerings. So it is always best that If you have a grill brand in mind, first see if they offer a griddle as your outdoor kitchen will look more cohesive with like brands.

If not, don’t worry, there are a few brands we recommend that you can use to compliment many outdoor appliance designs.

We are going to go over the features of the Best Outdoor Griddles for 2022.

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Installing A Blackstone Griddle In An Outdoor Kitchen

In the case that you want to take on a DIY project and construct your own cabinet with a built-in griddle, youll want to use pressure-treated lumber to construct the base. Then, youll need to consider using something like a cement board or a metal heat shield to protect the wood from the heat of the griddle.

Unless you have a background in carpentry, youll need to follow a guide for constructing your cabinet base. You can find a lot of examples and guides online, or you can hire an expert to help you out. All in all, youll want to ensure that your cabinet frame is extremely sturdy and capable of bearing substantial weight.

We suggest using quality pressure-treated lumber for your cabinet frame and installing cement board or a metal heat shield between the wood and the spot where the griddle will go. Youll also need to make sure there is an opening to your griddle so that there is proper airflow and ventilation.

Once your base is built and you have the proper heat protection installed, you can insert your griddle top and add the countertop. Some DIYers have even added tile or creative designs to their counters, cabinets, or walls in their outdoor kitchens.

Just remember that safety comes first. You need a sturdy and heat-protected cabinet base that allows airflow to your griddle for this whole operation to work.

Types Of Outdoor Griddles:

What is the best outdoor griddle? Depending on what Size of Griddle you need, the best full-size griddle we recommend is the Blackstone 1554 with LP gas.

For tailgating or camping, the best Mid-size Griddle is the Cuisinart CG-501 portable LP gas griddle.

Lastly, the Best Griddle Pan for use on a standard outdoor grill is The Sizzle SQ180.

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Designed And Manufactured By The Company That Brings You Fire Magic Premium Grills

American Outdoor Grills are made with a stylish sleek appearance. The rounded hood and contoured face feature asatin finish that enhances any outdoor kitchen. The AOG grill is constructed from the finest commercial-grade stainlesssteel and features a large cooking surface with stainless steel rod cooking grids and sleek analog thermometer forprecision grilling. With its recessed backburner, warming rack, spit rod and motor, the American Outdoor Grill allowsyou to create any meal outdoors.

Camp Chef Professional Fry Griddle

Weber Crafted Flat Top Griddle Overview and How to Season

This model has a 16 x 38 cooking surface and includes a grease strain and a grease cupholder, allowing you to keep everything neat and tidy throughout the process.

The griddle is made from heavy-duty steel and is finished with Camp Chefs patented True Season process to extend its lifespan and durability.

One major downside is that it only has one handle near the front and this is not removable, so be sure to let the griddle cool down fully before you try to handle it and remove it from your grills surface.

Get the latest price on Camp Chef.

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Why Choose A Built

Besides being the most stylish option for an outdoor kitchen, a built-in grill takes up less space than a freestanding grill. The more compact design means that you can probably fit one into a yard or patio that is too small for a full-size freestanding model. Built-in grills are made using the same high-quality materials as good, freestanding grills because they need to last. Finally, with built-in grills, theres no cart to worry about or need to wheel anything around.

Is An Outdoor Griddle Better Than A Grill

Not necessarily, but it is different. Griddles allow you to cook food differently than you could on a grill, such as sauteed vegetables, putting the perfect sear on meat, and griddles prevent common flare-ups that often occur using a grill.

The Outdoor Kitchen Griddle is an extremely popular cooking tool as evidenced by how often they are being used in restaurants. According to restaurant business online, griddles have quickly become a staple in commercial kitchens and food trucks.

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Rtf Blackstone Griddle Built In Kitchen

If youre not familiar, RTF stands for ready to finish.

These are also frame systems built in the same way. The only difference is, some of the work has been done for you.

With an RTF system, you purchase pre-framed cabinets. This puts a bit less pressure on you when it comes to design.

You can simply purchase the cabinets you want for your ideal layout. To accommodate the Blackstone griddle Youll just need a cabinet that can fit the size of your appliance.

Once youve acquired your cabinets The next step is to bolt them together.

From there, drop in your appliances.

The final step is to finish the exterior. This process is exactly the same as the method listed above. Stucco, stone, tile, and brick are your options.

And thats it! Your Blackstone built in outdoor kitchen is ready to use.

Now youll recall that we have reservations about building a Blackstone griddle into a BBQ island.

Its time to tell you why.

The Best Infrared Grill: Char

Outdoor Kitchens

A great multi-purpose grill for camping, tailgating, BBQ, or even serving large gatherings, the Blackstone 20 Outdoor Barbeque Griddle is built to last with heavy duty construction and durable stainless steel, making it the ideal griddle for RV campers and anyone else who wants to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family.

This griddle is constructed of heavy duty stainless steel, has two burners, knobs and is equipped with an ignition, which will ensure you a perfect grill experience.

It is the perfect way to prepare hot foods, especially meat, for any outdoor event.

The griddle is ideal for RV use as well. This is a must have for anyone looking for a good griddle for their RV.

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Brick Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

The colors on the brick are beautiful! They blend so well with the granite too. At the top of the photo, youll notice the chimney is covered with wood panels. This kitchen features a unique blend of earthy colors. What a cool view, too. It looks like theyre a few stories up!

The classic red brick. I dont know about you, but I think it complements stainless steel appliances well. Check out the crown molding on the canopy too. The dark wood ceiling contrasts nicely with the white. And look, they brought a piece of nature in with them next to the built in grill.

Are you thinking what Im thinking? Whats H stand for? It certainly caught my eyes first! The brick features a nice variety of shades of red and black to give this outdoor kitchen a rustic feel.

The brick looks worn, but trust us, thats by design. Its a cool effect, dont you think? If it werent for the range hood and built in grill, Id think were stepping into an old brick building. Do you prefer a rustic or more modern feel?

Do you feel like youre on a boat? The fish stencil on the chimney is a nice feature! That and the Playpen decor make me feel like Im out at sea. One subtle aspect of this patio kitchen you might not notice is the blinds. You can cook during the day without getting sun in your eyes. Pretty practical dont you think? Especially if the sun shines through in the evening.

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