Where To Exchange Gas Tanks For Grill

How Long Does A 20 Lb Propane Tank Last

Connect/Install, Remove, Change, Check/Test Gas Grill Propane Tanks

As mentioned above, 20-pound propane tanks are used for modest tasks like cooking individual meals. As a rule of thumb, one tank of propane will typically last between 18-20 hours if youre grilling on a medium-sized grill. Whereas larger grills can burn through 20-pounds of propane in as little as 10 hours.

Mighty Flame Propane Exchange Near Me

  • MIGHTY FLAME RELIABILITY. For over 30 years, Mighty Flame has built a reputation for quality and reliability. Our propane exchange locations are ultra convenient, with many locations open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can rely on Mighty Flame Propane Exchange Near You whenever you need a new, clean, safety-inspected gas grill propane tank.
  • TAMPER RESISTANT SEAL. Our exclusive Tamper-Resistant Shrink Wrap Sleeve on every Mighty Flame propane tank is your guarantee of the integrity and quality of every MIGHT FLAME propane tank you buy. If the seal is broken, please always ask for a different tank.
  • WERE DEDICATED TO THE DETAILS. Mighty Flames state-of-the-art propane tank refurbishing, certification and safety inspection systems guarantee that every Mighty Flame BBQ gas propane tank is clean and freshly painted fully certified & inspected, precision-filled leak-tested and labeled for delivery to your nearest Mighty Flame Propane Exchange Near Me stores and partners.


So How Much Extra Is Swapping A Tank Costing Me

When we fill your tank, we bring it to the full and proper capacity. If the tank swap companies brought their tanks up to capacity, and if their price were $19.98, you would be paying them roughly $26.64 for a proper fill to 20 pounds of propane.

If our price for a proper fill to 20 pounds of propane were $15, you would be paying them more than 77% more for a proper fill. This also does not take into account the inconvenience of having to go out and swap tanks considerably sooner and more frequently which incurs additional costs.

Please note the price of propane fluctuates and the example above reflected pricing on February 2, 2017. Pricing will vary and we invite you to call us to get current pricing.

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Why Is Propane So Expensive 2021

Johnston says a large part of the increase is due to overseas demand, where prices are even higher than North America. Propane inventories even lower than they are for natural gas. And even lower still, because exports have grown even more dramatically in propane then they have in natural gas, he explained.

Propane Tank Disposal Made Easy

AMERIGAS Propane Tank Exchange

When you are ready to get rid of an unwanted or expired propane tank, its important that you do it the right way to keep everyone safe. Propane tanks cant be thrown away in your regular trash pickup, but we’re here to make disposal easy. Exchanging your old propane tank for a new one is the easiest way to dispose of it, but if you need to get rid of it for good, and we can direct you!

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Does Blue Rhino Take Old Propane Tanks

Blue Rhino has an exchange program similar to those of other retailers. If you have an empty tank, drop it off near the Blue Rhino display cage and see a store employee to swap your empty tank for a full one.

Blue Rhino also has a store locator and text system for users who are traveling or new to an area.

How To Know If Your Propane Tank Is Ready For Refill Or Exchange

There are two pretty simple ways to determine if your propane tank is empty.

The first option is to pour some warm water down the side of the tank. After you pour the water, then you can rub your hand along the side and feel for the cold spot. This should give you a general idea of where the propane level is in the tank.

Another option is to weigh the propane tank physically. On the label of the propane tank, you should see a number displaying the Tare Weight. The Tare Weight is the weight of the container when it is empty. If you weigh your tank and it is 25 lbs, and the tare weight is 17lbs, then you know you have about 8lbs of propane left in your tank.

One of the best ways to save money on a propane exchange is to make sure that you use all of the propane in your tank before bringing it in!

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How Much Does It Cost To Fill Propane At Costco

How much does a Costco propane refill cost? It appears that Costco has the best prices in this department. On our Hot Deals forum, many readers confirmed that the price of a propane refill at many Costco stores is $ 9.99. This is good value when a 20kg propane refill from other retailers is closer to the $ 15-20 range.

Advantages Of Propane Tank Exchange

How to Save Money on Propane Tanks For Your Grill or RV

If you exchange a tank rather than refilling, the process is fast and convenient. It is easier to find an exchange location that is open at odd hours, during nights, or weekends. There are usually far more exchange locations than refill stations. Many are at convenience stores, gas stations, chain stores like Wal-Mart and Home Depot, and grocery stores. In addition, there are services such as Forklift Propane Exchange and Propane Taxi that will deliver exchange tanks to your home or business.

With an exchange, you are assured that the tank is inspected, cleaned, leak-tested, and has up-to-date safety information and instructions printed on the tank. The tank will also have been requalified on its designated schedule. If you receive a tank in exchange that has a leak or problem, you should be able to take up the issue with the vendor.

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Become A Propanetank Refill Or Exchange Dealer

Looking for an easy way to boost sales for your business all year long? If you own a gas station, hardware shop, barbecue store, supermarket, or convenience store, think about adding propane into your customer offerings. You can reap the benefits of becoming a Paraco Cylinder Exchange Dealer or Propane Cylinder Refill Station.

Two Ways to Refuel Customers

1. Tank Exchange Program Benefits

Join our Propane Cylinder Exchange Program. Customers can either exchange their propane tank or buy a replacement tank.

  • Minimal up-front investment and ongoing support
  • Well provide all the marketing and training materials
  • Quality tanks made in our state-of-the-art production facility

2. Refill Stations

Install a propane refill pump at your location. Customers can conveniently bring their empty tanks in and refill them on the spot.

Call us today to learn more about our propane tank refueling options 800.647.4427

Tips For Propane Tank Exchange

  • Pay attention to weight. Different tanks have a different empty tare weight , yet the refilled tanks are filled to a total weight. If your tank weighs more empty than the new one, you’ll be getting less gas added on the refill. If you’re exchanging a tank, look for one with the lowest tare weight, which will be listed on the tank.
  • Inspect the tank’s condition. Do not accept a tank that appears to be corroded or old, nor one that is nearing the end of its lifespan. Otherwise, you may find that the exchange site refuses to accept it on exchange the next time. Some have a policy of not accepting tanks that are more than five years old. If you bought a new grill and the threading on your old tanks doesn’t match the regulator for the new grill, you can exchange them for ones with the correct threading.
  • Buy two at a time. A pro tip is to buy two of the cheapest empty code-compliant tanks you can find and then exchange both tanks for full tanks. Now you have a spare full tank at all times and you can use one tank until it is empty before exchanging it. This will ensure that you never run out of gas while grilling.

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Propane Tank Refill Service In Watsonville Ca

Looking for propane sales in Watsonville? From portable BBQ grill tanks to larger propane tanks for RVs, A Tool Shed Equipment Rentals is your one-stop shop for quick and efficient propane refills. We fill your tank in a matter of minutes â no more long waits while some store clerk looks for the keys to the exchange cage, and finally comes to help you!

Here is another tip: Most exchange grill tanks are not filled completely. At A Tool Shed Equipment Rentals, all grill tanks are refilled to their maximum capacity! Thats more gas than you get from most exchange tanks for less money and longer grilling!

Lastly, we also offer propane refills for forklifts and other industrial applications. Please or just call us for any questions on our propane sales/services!

A Tool Shed Equipment Rentals

The Reason Behind The Requirements

Propane gas grill tanks for Sale in Portsmouth, VA

Most of our requirements are based on National Fire Protection Association standard 58 , the LP-Gas Code. There is a requirement there that all new cylinders of propane capacities from 4 to 40 pounds must have an overfill prevention device . This has been in effect since 1998.

There is also a requirement that no cylinder in the same size range may be filled after March 31, 2002, if it does not have an OPD. Therefore, many cylinders became obsolete on April 1, 2002.

For more information on OPDs and other types of grill cylinder valves, click here to go to another article on valves.

Some people who know about this requirement have already purchased a new cylinder with the OPD and are looking for a way to dispose of their old cylinder. We are looking for ways for consumers to have easy and safe ways to dispose of their old cylinders.

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Refill Or Exchange For Propane Grillers Theres No Wrong Answer

Spring is officially here, marking the time when many propane-powered grills make their triumphant return to decks and patios everywhere. But before the steaks can be marinated and even a single thought given to side dishes, you better make sure you have plenty of propane on hand to help put that perfect meal on the table.

When heading out the door with an empty propane cylinder, grillers have an important choice ahead of themshould they refill the tank or exchange it for a new one? Thankfully, its a question without a right or wrong answer because there are thousands of convenient locations across the country that allow faithful grillers to do both.

Lets start with those who prefer to refill. Hey, we get it. Its your tank. Maybe its the one that came with your grill. Perhaps its the same tank you used to grill the feast that still has everyone in the neighborhood talking. Either way, that baby is yours and the very last thing you want to do is return home without it. Refillers have the option to take their propane tank to one of hundreds of Ferrellgas locations across the country, or any of the thousands of gas stations, hardware stores, and other local businesses that resell Ferrellgas propane. Ferrellgas location pages list both the cylinder refill capabilities and dock hours of participating locations, and our friendly local employees can also steer folks in the direction of the closest resellers.

Selling Your Empty Propane Tanks

A propane tank that is still in good condition and not rusty can be sold to another user. However, make sure that your tank has not expired.

Most used tanks will sell between $5 and $10. The best option for reselling a used propane tank might be a garage sale or an online marketplace.

If you have a large propane tank, with a capacity of 50-1,000 gallons, it will be worth significantly more for resale.

A 50-gallon tank will sell for around $400 and a 1,000-gallon tank will sell for close to $2000. The larger the tank in this case, the heftier the resale value.

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Cleaning Tips Refilling Or Exchanging Propane Gas Whats Best For Your Weber Grill

Ever since Weber invented the kettle grill in 1952 and popularized the idea of backyard covered cooking, debate has raged: charcoal, propane grill, or natural gas grill? Over the years, a high-quality grill has become the center piece of the backyard come barbecue season, but how do you know what to choose? Not only do you need to select the right fuel type be it gas, propane or charcoal but then you need to decide which brand of grill will best deliver your homemade mouthwatering summer delicacies. And of course, which grill out there will give you the best value?

While there are many high-quality grill brands on the market, Yardville Supply and Smiths ACE Hardware stores specialize in the full line of Weber Grills. Since Weber pioneered the concept of the outdoor grill and customers still rave about Webers innovation, design and durability, we find Weber to be a popular and long-lasting choice.

While Weber offers a line of charcoal grills, the cleaning, preparation and function of charcoal cooking differs quite a bit from either propane, which uses tanks of fuel, or natural gas grills, which connect directly to your homes gas line. Gas and propane grills require similar care with a few key differences.

If youre new to owning your Weber grill or interested in buying one for the coming summer cook-out season, here are a few steps you should take to make sure its ready to deliver summer on your plate.

Replacing Your Propane Tanks

How To Connect A Propane Tank To Your Gas Grill | Weber Grills

If your Weber Grill is propane-based, you should make sure you have a fuel supply at the ready before you start cooking. One extra convenience of a Weber natural gas grill is having a constant source of fuel, though propane can be economical and convenient for those who do not have natural gas in their house or who cannot install an additional gas line to their yard.

Yardville Supply offers new 20lb propane tanks at all of our Smiths Ace Hardware store locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. At our Yardville location you can have your propane tank refilled.

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Recycling Propane Grill Tanks

Refuel Your Fun

Propane-fueled gas grills are being sold at a record pace for outdoor home cooking. Sales have out-paced charcoal, electric, and natural gas combined. Gas grill tanks are only fueled with LP-gas. Tanks are stamped with a manufactured date that indicates the start of its 12-year life span. Many tanks are now older than 12 years and no longer fit for use. Others have valves that no longer fit on newer grills. A new federal requirement based on the National fire Protection Association standard 58 , effective April 1, 2002, prohibits tanks without an overfill prevention device from being filled. However, this federal standard was not accepted by the Connecticut State Legislature. Thus, Connecticut is still under the old version of NFPA 58. This means that you may have your tank refilled even if it does not have an OPD. However, because of liability issues, most marketers and dealers are refusing to refill tanks without an OPD.

Most people are taking their tanks to their local propane dealer or supplier where their old tanks are recovered. Do not expect to receive a “deposit”. If reusable, the tanks are then repainted, re-certified and installed with an OPD. If you are an individual looking for a disposal option for a spent tank, refer to marketers and dealers at the end of this fact sheet. If you are an individual, please also observe the following safety precautions:

What Is Propane?


Handling / Storage and other Management Options

Transporting Tanks

Small Propane Tank Refills

If you only use a small propane tank for your BBQ grill, you have a couple of options for refills. There is a lot of debate on whether it is better to refill or exchange your propane tank.

But whatever you choose, there are usually many places that will refill or exchange it, like gas stations, convenience stores, hardware stores, and local delivery services in Pennsylvania and Delaware.

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Lb/8 Kg Propane Gas Tanks

  • Propane tank exchange If you have a 16 lb empty propane tank, you can quickly and conveniently exchange your approved tank for a full, certified propane tank at Petro-Canada gas stations.
  • Buy a tank and tank disposal If your tank is obsolete or damaged, you can start fresh with a new approved propane tank at Petro-Canada gas stations, and leave your old tank behind for disposal, no charge.

Safe propane tank storage

Over the winter, don’t store your propane cylinder in an enclosed space like a basement or garage. Keep your tanks outside, in an upright position, away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

Paracos Bbq Tank Exchange

AMERIGAS Propane Tank Exchange

Exchange Locations

Look for our tank exchange cages at our partner retailers, including The Home Depot, 7-Eleven, Global Gas Stations, Nurseries, and more.

Exchange & Refill

Exchanging a BBQ propane tank for your grill is as easy as, drop off your empty propane tank, grab a new one or refill your own and go!

BBQ Grilling

Good food brings people together! Enjoy those moments! Surround yourself with good friends and great food. Happiness is a BBQ, Friends and a Backyard!

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Refilling Or Exchanging Propane Tanks

When you are hosting an event or just trying to grill your dinner the last thing you want to encounter is an empty propane tank. When your propane tank starts to get low it is time to start thinking about if you want to refill the tank or exchange the tank for a pre-filled one. At Ace Hardware we give you the freedom to choose which option you prefer – we offer refill services as well as exchange services. Both have options have benefits therefore it really comes down to personal preference.

To help you in deciding the following is a breakdown of the benefits of each:

Benefits of Exchanging Propane Tanks

  • Quick and Convenient: Exchanging a propane tank is a quick and painless process. If you are short on time this is the route you want to go as it is quick and easy.
  • Odd Hours: Typically you can find exchange stations to swap out your tank at odd hours versus having to find a location during typical business hours.
  • Peace of Mind: When you get an exchanged tank you have the peace of mind that the tank should be safety complaint and not expired as the tanks are inspected when they are exchanged. If you do refill your own tanks you should always be careful to check the expiration date of the tank and make sure operating properly.

Benefits Refilling Propane Tanks

At your local Ace Hardware we are happy to help you with which ever option you chose and are always happy to help you chose a safe, efficient and cost beneficial option.

Need help? Call 1-866-290-5334

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