Where Are Kalamazoo Grills Made

High Fuel And Electricity Consumption

Kalamazoo Premium Hybrid Fire BBQ Grills

You can cook a full turkey on these grills in about an hour. Due to the intense power of 154,000 BTUs, a Kalamazoo grill can suck a propane tank, that should last about 18-20 hours, dry in 2.5 hours. This means that you will have to stock up on fuel if you are planning on hosting.

You will be spending a fair amount of money just to run the grill since refilling bulk propane tanks frequently is expensive. You may even have to double the gas lines capacity to accommodate rapid fuel consumption.

Kalamazoo grills also require electricity to power the ignition, rotisserie, and lights that shine down onto the knobs.

I do not consider this to be a major problem because the grill does have a backup box that runs off one AA battery.

Also, it’s not too difficult or costly to put an outlet outside, but finding an electrician can be a pain.

Whos Buying Kalamazoo Grills

Our customer is usually very passionate about outdoor cooking and loves the experience and flavor of grilling food, says Don Sivesind, vice president, Sales. Of course, some of our customers have chefs that cook for them, so they may not actually use the grill themselves, but most do.

Adolph acknowledges that the companys awareness level is still low even among their target audience. When people know about us and can afford us, we convert them. Once we get into a neighborhood, well often sell outdoor kitchens to five more neighbors.

While its mostly the rich, and occasionally the famous, that buy Kalamazoo grills and outdoor kitchens, not every customer is super-wealthy. Adolph relates a story of a bakery truck driver, an avid grilling enthusiast who wanted to buy a Kalamazoo grill to cook the meal for his daughters wedding.

He saved a bit of each paycheck for years to be able to afford it, recalls Adolph. When he came to the plant to pick it up so he could save on shipping costs, there was not a dry eye in the factory. This was a huge splurge for him, but its not really any different from a guy who makes less than $100,000 a year, but buys an $80,000 Porsche because he has a passion for sports cars and wants the best.

The companys sales growth is due in part to an expanding dealer base. About three to five new dealers are added each year on average, for a total of about 32 dealers nationwide today, according to Sivesind.

No compromise there.

Bbq Depots Usa Grillmanufacturers

Heresa list of some of the American-made grills that BBQ Depot has extensiveexperience with by either selling or servicing through the years:

3. American Outdoor Grill – Manufactured byRH Peterson. Lifetime warranty on Burners.

4. American Muscle Grill – Manufactured by Summerset under their American Made Grills Brand

24. Weber Summit

25. Yoder

27. Wolf

Theres plenty more where this came from. Atthe BBQ Depot we take pride in the fact that we offer so many American-madegrills, and we realize its an important factor to many consumers on the huntfor a new BBQ.

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Not A Replacement For An Existing Built

Kalamazoo Grill And Outdoor Kitchen At Yale Appliance In Framingham

All of Kalamazoo’s grills are technically freestanding. This means that you cannot just purchase a grill head and drop it into your current outdoor kitchen.

This is great because for the price you are paying you will get a full-size grill with access doors, but that also means that you cannot use a Kalamazoo for replacement. Further, their grills are available in unique sizes; 28, 33, and 51 inches.

Even if they did have just the grill heads, you still would not be able to use Kalamazoo as a replacement. Your outdoor cabinets or masonry must be built around the grill itself. Unless you are planning on completely redoing your current outdoor kitchen, Kalamazoo will not work for you.

K1000 Freestanding Hybrid Fire Grill With Side Burner

The Kalamazoo Hybrid Fire Grill: The Ultimate Grill ...

Awesome firepower, custom dragon burners, enhanced heat circulation and live fire cooking capabilities. Nothing compares to the Hybrid Fire Grill.

Direct natural gas line required.

High-quality 304 grade stainless steel. Highly durable. Provides excellent resistance to rust and corrosion.

Rod grates come standard with this grill, or you may upgrade each rod grate to one of our laser-cut patterns at an additional cost. You may select up to 4 upgrades .


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Our Favorite Backyard Smoker

The amazing Karubecue is the most innovative smoker in the world. The quality of meat from this machine is astonishing. At its crux is a patented firebox that burns logs above the cooking chamber and sucks heat and extremely clean blue smoke into the thermostat controlled oven. It is our favorite smoker, period.

Best 30 Bar Grills In Kalamazoo Mi With Reviews

Posted: Shifters Bar & Grill. Bar & Grills 28 YEARS. IN BUSINESS. 544-0060. 6857 W Main St. Club Car Restaurant & Banquets. Bar & Grills Restaurants. 25 YEARS. IN BUSINESS. Two Fellas Grill. Bar & Grills Restaurants. 552-9727. 1381 S Drake Rd Ste E. Kalamazoo, The Union Cabaret & Grille. Bar & Grills Hamburgers & Hot Dogs Caterers 19 YEARS. IN The Club Car Grille. Bar & Grills Hamburgers & Hot Dogs Bars. Website. 775-1267. 6225 W Rugger’s Up & Under. Bar & Grills Bars Taverns 27 YEARS. IN BUSINESS. Website. 373 Two Fellas Grill. Bar & Grills Caterers Restaurants 16 YEARS. IN BUSINESS. Website. 492 Old Burdick’s Bar And Grill. Bar & Grills Taverns Bars. 30 YEARS. IN BUSINESS. Website. Coney Island. Bar & Grills American Restaurants Bars. 106. YEARS. IN BUSINESS. Website. Gallagher’s Eatery & Pub. Bar & Grills Sports Bars Bars. 23 YEARS. IN BUSINESS. Website. See full list on yellowpages.com

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What Is A Kalamazoo Grill

Kalamazoo grillKalamazoo grillgrill

People Also Asked, How much does a kalamazoo grill cost?

Thats the promise behind the Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet K1000 Hybrid Fire Grill, but its a promise that comes with quite the price tag $20,695, to be exact. Or about the cost of 200 steak dinners at a fancy-schmancy steakhouse where they actually cook the meat for you, last we checked.

Also know, what is the most expensive grill? The Worlds Most Expensive BBQ Grills Reviews / Ratings


Heres Why You Should Avoidimported Grills

American Craftsmanship: The Hybrid Fire Grill from Kalamazoo, Michigan

1. Manufacturing, environmental and laborstandards. Companies building grills in the United States are subject tostringent regulations. This means that if your grill is built in the US, itslikely to be built by people who have been compensated fairly. Likewise, theenvironment likely wasnt harmed in its creation.

2. The frustration of not having access toparts such as grease trays, valves, manifolds, knobs, wheels, and bodyparts. These are just some of the parts you may not be able to replace. Many ofthe parts are only available on the aftermarket . Remember when you import products, you are subject to minimum quantity orders.When you have dozens of models using the same burners and heat shields, meetingthat MOQ is easier than other replacement parts thatare specific to model sizes.

3. There is no commitment to manufacturingequipment. When manufacturing is subcontracted, you are relying on thecontractor to stay in business and have quality and consistent manufacturing. Often, if they change equipment, the engineering of your grill model willchange thus making replacement parts obsolete. Then, when you need areplacement part, it no longer exists.

At that point, what are the replacementoptions? Often there is no replacement. Modification of the outdoor kitchen andcountertop becomes necessary, creating a huge expense. This situation rarelyoccurs in a US-manufactured grill, as we sell at the BBQ Depot.

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Cuisinart Clermont Grill And Smoker

Fuel: Wood | Cooking surface: 1,400 square inches

  • Big, easy to read control panel
  • Plenty of room to cook huge meals
  • May be too big for some patios

The Clermont is a behemoth, at nearly 65 inches wide and with 1,400 square inches of space. Think of it as a multipurpose outdoor cooker, with sealed glass doors, two oven racks above the grill surface, internal lighting, and a wraparound workspace. When smoking brisket, we placed it on the middle rack in the center of the grill, where temperatures were more stable. We grilled burgers, chicken, and vegetables on the main cooking grates without issue. But we did find a hot spot to the right of center on the main grill. When we did want to apply some direct heat, sliding the front lever to open the vents and warm up the sear zone to add some color and finish things off was easy.


Great Grills That Will Make You A Backyard Bbq Star

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial kickoff to outdoor cooking season, but for those of us passionate about cooking with fire, in all its forms, the season never ends. In most of the country it is now warm enough to cook outside, and to do that, consider the following awesome options.

Ive covered a lot of grills here in the past, and you can see last years round up here. Im crazy for outdoor cooking, and unlike a lot of magazines, I dont just pull stuff from press releases, I live it. I currently have ten grills on my patio and lawn, burning coal, wood, pellets, gas and a combination of the above, for every conceivable dish and method. Ive got several more in my barn that get rotated in. These are my picks of the five hottest grills in different styles right now, each for a very good reason.

With the amazing American Muscle Grill you can cook over wood, charcoal, hardwood charcoal or 5… burners cranking out 110,000 BTUs – or all of these at once, to make a full meal in one shot. Photo: Summerset


The Komodo Kamado is an ultra-high quality, high-tech take on the kamado-style grill. It comes in… lots of gorgeous tile finishes, and is offered in 8 sizes – including this 1600+ pound 42-inch monster.

Komodo KamadoTraeger Grills

The Arteflame is outdoor furniture meets fire pit meets wood burning grill meets plancha or… teppanyaki style grill. Cool, useful and versatile!

ArteflameKalamazoo Grills

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The Worlds Finest Grills Pizza Ovens And Outdoor Kitchens

Our extensive outdoor kitchen collection includes innovations you wont find anywhere else. The Kalamazoo Hybrid Fire Grill is the ultimate grill in every way. Named the best gas grill in the world, it also cooks with charcoal and wood, in any combination. Every grilling and barbecue method is at your disposal, and the Hybrid Fire Grill does it all with ease.

Our wood-fired Gaucho Grill brings modern convenience and style to traditional Argentinian asado. A 30-inch spoked wheel effortlessly raises food high above the fire for lower-temperature cooking, and lowers the grill rack for searing heat. The Gaucho makes creating amazing flavors over a live wood fire not only simple, but an absolute pleasure.

The Artisan Fire Pizza Oven brings old-world authenticity to the modern outdoor kitchen. It delivers all the ease and convenience of a gas-powered flame, with the intensity and heat characteristics of a wood fire. After a quick pre-heat the Kalamazoo outdoor pizza oven reaches temperatures in excess of 800 degrees, and can cook a perfect Neapolitan-style pizza in less than three minutes.

We also make an extensive range of outdoor refrigeration, weather-tight stainless steel cabinetry, and much more. There are over 85 items in our outdoor kitchen collection for ultimate design flexibility. Every need is met and every detail covered with our superior selection of outdoor cooking appliances and cabinetry. Create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams today.

How Much Does A Kalamazoo Grill Cost



The World’s Most Expensive BBQ Grills Reviews / Ratings

  • #1 The Gold Plated Beefeater estimated value between $50,000.00 $150,000.00.
  • #2 Kalamazoo K 750 HT Hybrid $16,000.00 $20,000.00
  • #3 Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Propane Gas Grill $8,700.00.
  • Beside above, where are Kalamazoo grills made? KALAMAZOO Not every manufacturing company is abandoning Michigan. Chicago-based Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet does its manufacturing of high-end grills and other outdoor cooking equipment in Kalamazoo.

    Similarly, you may ask, what is a Kalamazoo grill?

    A Kalamazoo grill lets you cook using your choice of charcoal, wood, or gas. A Kalamazoo grill allows you to control the temperature precisely between 250 and 1,000 Fahrenheit. The hybrid grill is hot enough that you do not even need a sear burner.

    Are Lynx grills worth the money?

    When considering a high quality Made in the USA grill, Lynx Professional Grills should be first on your list. They manufacture Built-in Grills, Freestanding Grills as well as a variety of outdoor kitchen components.

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    Reduced Risk Of Flare

    Flare-ups that lead to inconsistent and frustrating grilling experiences are now a distant memory. Kalamazoo grills control flare-ups thanks to the lower placement of the burners and firebox. That reduces the risk of flames reaching the top of the grills grates, making it very unlikely. Since flare-ups occur when the grease or food reaches the flames, this almost eliminates flare-ups.

    PRO TIP – Make sure to contact our staff at 714-4938 to help you design your dream outdoor kitchen.

    Selecting The Right Grill

    Its not difficult to select the right grill. The most important thing you can do is think about what you want to cook and how you want to cook it. If all you want to do is grill a few hot dogs and hamburgers at the campsite, theres no sense in getting carried away. Buy an inexpensive grill and use some common sense in preparing that food. If thats where you are now, but you want to, say, move on to grilling seafood or smoking brisket, youre going to need a grill that has the capacity to take you where you want to go. The most important thing for making more sophisticated food on any grillgas, charcoal, or pelletis the ability to control the heat source. For charcoal grills, that means plenty of space for fuel and the means to either add more charcoal, raise and lower the cooking surface, or mound the charcoal up on one side for indirect cooking. For gas grills, you need two or more burners. For pellet grills, its a bit easier, because they have automated temperature control systems.

    All of these grills are mobile to one extent or another. However, if mobility is one of your main needs, pay close attention to the portable grills we tested. These are ideal for tailgating and do double duty to expand your firepower in the backyard when your main grill doesnt have enough surface area to cook everything you need when company is expected.

    Watch: Dave Joachims best grilling tips.

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    Are All Imported Grills Bad

    Does this mean all imported grills are bad? Notnecessarily. But as mentioned earlier, they are not held to the same standardsthat American-made grills are held to. You can feel the quality difference.

    BBQ Depot does sell some imported brandsincluding Summerset and Blaze.This is because these brands have shown product support. It may take months andmonths for parts, but eventually those parts become available. With that being said, there are definitely quality issues as well asmanufacturing choices that can end up turning into a headache for the consumer.For example, these grills use flame thrower valves. If you need to replaceyour ignition electrode, you will have to replace the entire valve. Thiscreates a large expense for an inexpensive part. Since the electrode is builtinto the valve, there is not a replacement for it.

    There is much that could be said about eachindividual brand that imports their grills. Since a large part of our businessinvolves service and selling replacement parts, we are frequently put in thedifficult position of explaining to customers why there is no product supportfor their grills.

    Because of this, we have had to make thedifficult choice of not displaying imported grills in our showroom. When wedisplay a grill and a customer purchases that grill, they hold us accountablefor the quality of the product. Due to the many inconsistencies, we had noalternative but to display products we can stand behind, like our American-madegrills.

    K1000 Freestanding Hybrid Fire Grill With Side Burner Added To Cart Successfully

    Kalamazoo Grill Overview | Why is it the best bbq grill?

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    • Four cast bronze burners, 25,000 BTUs each
    • Ignition burner with electronic hot surface ignition
    • Rotisserie system with infrared burners; motor mounted in cabinet
    • Dual 18,000 BTU cooktop burners
    • Ambient control panel lighting
    • Advanced deep hopper clean-out system
    • Two Hybrid Fire Grilling Drawers for wood and charcoal
    • Right end cabinet for optional propane cylinder storage
    • One side shelf
    • Standard heavy duty stainless steel rod grilling surface
    • Six wheels with heavy-duty locking casters
    • Built from heavy-gauge 304 stainless steel
    • Handcrafted with pride in Kalamazoo, Michigan
    • For outdoor use only, do not install below overhead combustible surfaces

    Specifications & Resources

    • 46″ x 22″ grilling surface
    • cast bronze dragon burners
    • 179,800 total BTUs

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    Traeger Pro Series 575

    Fuel: Hardwood pellets | Cooking surface: 575 square inches

    • WiFi/app connectivity
    • No sear zone

    From the originators of the pellet grill, the Traeger Pro 575 is a solid performer. In our testing, it produced plenty of smoke at consistent temperatures for our brisket, which we cooked overnight. And Traegers app delivers all the info we needed so we didnt have to step outside to check on the grill. The white bread test revealed remarkably even heatamong the best of the pellet grills we tested. This meant that we didnt worry about leaving anything in one place for too long, and that the burgers were all done about the same time. The 575 delivers pleasing, consistent results and can smoke at lower temperatures than many others.


    Fuel: Propane | Cooking surface: 206 square inches

    • Two folding shelves
    • Heat control isnt precise


    Fuel: Propane | Cooking surface: 380 square inches

    • Breaks down for transport easily
    • Not the best choice for burgers and dogs


    Fuel: Charcoal, propane starter| Cooking surface: 363 square inches

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