How Do I Cook Corn On The Grill

Why Does It Take That Long To Grill Corn

HOW TO COOK CORN ON THE COB 3 WAYS | Boil, Microwave Grill

Corns are healthy but they need to be cooked properly before consuming them. It can be boiled liked keeping the corn in the boiling water for about 4-5 minutes or can be grilled for 15-10 minutes. The time taken by the corns in grilling depends on the factor on which temperature or flame they are been grilled. The corns can be grilled fast on a high flame but it needs to be turned in every one or two minutes to avoid burning and overcooking otherwise it will lose its taste.

Eating any raw food is hazardous to our health so, in the same way, consuming raw corn is also dangerous too. Consuming raw corn can harm your digestive system as it is hard to get digest. The human digestive system is not capable of digesting raw food items. It can cause bloating, gas and in severe cases, it can cause diarrhea too which might affect your health for a longer time.

Sweet corns are very rich in sugar content it is not good for people suffering from diabetes as this may increase their sugar level in the body. Consuming more corn leads to an increase in your weight, and overconsumption can cause osteoporosis as it lacks calcium content. It is not good for our teeth also. It has a high risk of pellagra which means deficiency of vitamins in the body which is just not good for a healthy body.

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Can You Grill Frozen Corn On The Cob

How To Grill Frozen Corn On The Cob. If your local grocery store it out of fresh corn or if its not in season, frozen corn on the cob is just as easy to prepare on the grill. Coat each piece of corn in butter and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Finally, place them on the 375° F grill for 25-30 minutes.

Remove Some Of The Husk For Easy Grilling

Yes, you can throw the whole corn cob, husks and all, directly on the grill. Some people swear by this technique, but sometimes the husk catches fire and burns the corns tips. Instead, mindfully trim the stalks tassels and peel back a few layers of the husk, so the grill can get to work faster on the corn.

Leaving some of the husk intact prevents the corn from drying out on the grill and effectively steams the corn. It also makes peeling and getting rid of the silk easier.

Want some char? Simply pull back a one- or two-inch section of the cob and grill that section of the ears last.

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Tips For Buying The Best Corn

The key to the best grilled corn is starting with the perfect ear of corn. Keep these tips in mind to select the freshest corn on the cob at the market:

  • The freshest corn has bright green husks that feels slightly damp – not yellow or dry.
  • If you see any small brown holes, that’s a sign of insects and should be avoided.
  • When you gently squeeze the corn, it should be firm throughout the entire cob. There should be no soft softs or parts that clearly do not have corn kernels.
  • The tassel should be light brown or gold and slightly stick and smell sweet. If the tassel is dry, black, or mushy, choose a different piece of corn.
  • Once home, you can store corn on the cob at room temperature if you’ll be cooking it in the next day or in the crisper of the fridge.

More Tips For Grilled Corn

How to Cook Corn on the Cob (6 Ways!)
  • Soaking corn on the cob? Many people call for soaking corn on the cob in water first, before grilling. There’s no need if you are working with fresh corn to begin with.
  • Removing the silks: Some grilled corn on the cob techniques also have you pull back the husks, take out the silks, and then put the husks back over the corn before grilling. I’ve tried that. It does make it easier after the corn is done when removing the husks. But I find the corn more easily dries out this way, and the best way for juicy grilled corn on the cob is to not mess with the husks.
  • Want grill marks? If you want some grill marks on your corn on the cob, , you can pull off a few of the outer husk leaves, leaving less of a barrier between the outer leaves and the corn cob, for more the charring to reach the corn.

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How Hot Should My Grill Be

This isnt a low n slow dish, so you want your grill to be at least medium heat. Some people crank up the flames or stoke the coals until theyre white-hot, but I think its better to rein it in a bit and aim for medium-high for better control.

Theres no need to worry about temperature zones with corn direct heat is the way to go. You could try to roast over indirect heat, but youre more likely just to dry out the corn.

So aim for a grill grate temp of about 350f.

Does Corn Need To Be Boiled Before Grilling

Corn does not need to be boiled before grilling. Some cooks prefer to boil it first, which partially cooks the corn, then finish cooking over indirect heat on the grill to add smoke flavor. If you use a Traeger, you’ll be getting smoke flavor throughout the cooking process, making boiling even more unnecessary.

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How To Buy Fresh Corn On The Cob

When buying corn, its not always possible to peel back a corner of the husk to make sure the kernels are plump and fresh. In fact, at some places, its frowned upon. So, when buying corn, keep these tips in mind:

  • Feel the corn through the husk and make sure it feels firm it should not feel soft or mushy. The kernels should be intact make sure there arent empty places where the kernels should be.
  • The husk should be green and tight. Dried-out or brown husks means the corn is old. Also, keep an eye out for little brown holes, especially near the top, as this is a sign of worms or insects.
  • Look at the tassels sticking out from the top of the corn. They should be light brown or gold and a little sticky.

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Ways To Serve Grilled Corn

Grilled Sweet Corn Recipe | How to Cook Corn on the Cob on the Grill

Sweet corn straight off the grill tastes amazing as is. But if theres room for even bigger flavors, you know Im all for that! Heres a few delicious variations to try:

  • Chili Lime: Squeeze some lime over your corn then add a dash of paprika or chipotle powder.
  • Herbed Butter: Stir in some fresh chopped herbs with your melted butter before brushing on.
  • Garlic Parmesan: Mix in minced garlic into your melted butter before brushing onto the corn. Then sprinkle grated parmesan on top.
  • Chipotle: Whip up my chipotle sauce to give it a quick drizzle over the corn before eating.

And if youve got some leftover corn, shave it into this delicious corn salad!

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Should I Grill Corn In The Husk

Some recipes call for removing the husks entirely, but I suggest you resist the urge. To me, the best way to grill corn is in the husk. Theres no need to remove the silks before grilling, simply pull them back with the corn husks afterward. The husks act as a natural protective barrier between the corn and the grill, keeping the kernels tender and juicy.

Plus, the corn soaks up that wonderful smokiness from the charred husks, giving it more flavor. Not to mention theres less prep work to deal with if you skip husking the corn right away. Win-win-win.

How To Grill Corn In The Husk:

You can also grill the corn in the husk. Sometimes, the husks will catch on fire when grilling so I recommend removing a few of the outer layers of the husks before grilling.

Then place the corn with the husks on directly on the grill and cook for around 20 minutes rotating frequently until the kernels turn a bright yellow color.

Allow the corn to cool for 5-10 minutes before removing the husks as they will be hot when removing them from the grill.

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Grilled Corn On The Cob In The Husk

Grilling corn while it’s still wrapped in the husk will help keep in moisture, resulting in a juicier ear of corn. Whether you remove the silk before or after grilling is a matter of personal preference. To remove the silk before grilling, pull back – but don’t remove – the husk, pull off the silk, and smooth the husk back up. Or, simply peel the whole darn thing after grilling. Don’t be alarmed: The husk will char completely but the tender kernels inside will steam perfectly and the silk will come off cleanly.

Can You Soak Corn Husks Overnight

Grilled Corn On The Cob In Foil With Garlic Butter

Clean each container thoroughly before adding corn husks. I like to soak my corn husk overnight since we make a TON of tamales, but if you only plan to make a few dozen you can soak the corn husks for at least two hours in hot water. You want the husk to be soft and pliable, ready to wrap your tamales.

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How To Grill Frozen Corn On The Cob

So, you have a craving for grilled corn, but the produce section is empty. You head to the freezer section, but whats next? Most of what you find at the store is sweet corn that comes on the cob, so its perfect for either the grill or stove top. Loose kernels dont do so well on the grill for obvious reasons, so if you have your heart set on cooking corn on the grill, skip the bags of frozen corn and purchase corn on the cob instead.

Once you get this sweet, golden deliciousness home, the easiest way to grill the corn is to wrap it in aluminum foil while its frozen. Wrapping it up so that it cooks in the foil means less mess and clean-up. Plus, a nice steam builds up to draw out the natural sweetness of the corn. Another bonus to wrapping frozen cobs in foil is that theres practically zero prep time involved.

The next step is to prepare your grill, then place the corn over medium heat for roughly 25 minutes, turning occasionally. Corn on the cob, if frozen, has been previously blanched, meaning that its already partially cooked, so you dont want to overdo it.

Carefully remove corn on the cob from the foil , then sprinkle melted butter, garlic salt, parmesan cheese, or pepper to taste if you want to add flavor for the perfect summer dish.

If youre skipping the foil and decide to place corn directly on the grill, removing it around the10 minute mark helps to avoid overcooking. The lack of foil protecting it means less time on the heat.

Or Corn Husks Removed:

A second option for cooking corn on the grill is to remove the husk entirely! This method is good for a quick easy fix and often results in a bit more char.

I prefer this method for dishes like Grilled Corn Salad or Mexican Elote where youd like to have a bit more char and smoky flavor in the recipe.

  • To Grill Corn without Husks: Place on the grill, turning to a new side every few minutes until steaming hot and tender.

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What’s The Best Way To Reheat Grilled Corn

There are lots of ways to reheat grilled corn, but I like it best when it is placed back on the grill. Brush the corn with water and then wrap it in foil. Throw it on a hot grill for 4-6 minutes, turning once. You can also reheat corn in the oven or toaster oven using the same method. In a 400 degree oven, it will take 7-10 minutes to reheat.

To reheat corn in the microwave, start by wrapping the corn in a moist paper towel. This will keep the corn from drying out. Then microwave it for 45-60 seconds or until it is heated through.

Other One Hot Oven Farmers Market Recipes

How to Grill Corn on the Cob

Blue Lake green beans from the farmers market are used for Barbequed Green Beans. These beans are tender and braised in a tangy barbecue sauce with ham and onions. A delicious twist on regular green beans.

If you love pickles look for pickling cucumbers at the farmers market to make these Bread and Butter Pickles. They are sweet, tangy, crunchy, and delicious. If you havent made pickles give this recipe a try, it is very easy.

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Grilled Corn Serving Suggestions

No matter which method you choose, serve the grilled corn hot, with olive oil or butter and plenty of salt and pepper. For a zesty twist, try rubbing it in cilantro lime butter , and sprinkling it with chopped cilantro and red pepper flakes. It would also be fantastic with drizzles of chipotle sauce, cilantro lime dressing, green goddess dressing, or vegan ranch!

I love serving grilled corn on the cob as a side dish with vegetarian tacos, but of course, its also great with classic cookout recipes like these:

The Best Way To Grill Corn On The Cob

I consulted “She-who-knows-everything-when-it-comes-to-home-cooking” who informed me that the best way to grill corn on the cob is to grill corn in the husk, directly on a hot grill.

The husks protect the corn on the cob from getting dried out, and the corn essentially steams in its own moisture while getting infused with smoky flavor from the charring corn husks. It’s also so easy! No need to even break off the silks. Just place the corn, as is, in husks, on a hot grill.

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How Long To Grill Corn In Foil

Christine AlburyFebruary 27, 2019

Wondering how long to grill corn in foil? Weve got the answer!

If you love corn on the cob, youve to try cooking corn on the grill. Its delicious!

Grilling corn in foil is a great option for parties because foil keeps the corn warm while it sits on a buffet table. Its also an easy way to serve the corn.

Grilling Corn on the Cob in Foil

  • Shuck your corn.
  • If desired, spread butter on the corn
  • Wrap the corn in heavy-duty foil and grill it on a rack or directly on hot coals.
  • How Long to Grill Corn in Foil?

    Grill the foil-wrapped corn for 15-20 minutes, turning as needed. Use tongs to remove the cooked corn to a platter.

    Store leftover grilled corn in the refrigerator for up to five days or freeze it for up to eight months.

    How to Shuck Corn

    Shucking corn means to peel off its husks. Ideally, you can peel off the green layers leaves right at the grocery store, so youll have one less task to do later.

    To shuck the corn, grasp the bottom of the corn with one hand, and peel away the green leaves with your other hand. Break off the bottom of the corn.

    Pull off as many fibers as you can. Then, use a vegetable brush to remove the remaining fibers while you run the corn under cold water.

    How to Cut Corn off the Cob

    If youre not planning to eat the corn right off the cob, you can cut off the kernels. The best way to do this is by using a Bundt or tube pan, if you have one.

    Do You Have to Soak Corn on the Cob Before Grilling?

    Tips To Perfect Grilled Corn & Faqs

    Grilled Corn on the Cob

    How to grill without husks. Removing husks from corn before adding it to the grill does two things – it does lower the smoky flavor charred husks brings to grilled corn, and can make corn more prone to burning and sticking on your grill grates. Corn’s husks are great for naturally protecting the corn on the cob as you grill it – but can also be a pain. I’m going to help you decide if you want to grill corn with or without the husks, and how to make sure either way is perfect!

    How to grill husks-on. If you’re cooking your corn on the cob on a propane grill, but still crave a smoky flavor, you can use some of the corn’s husks to create the smoky flavor you can’t get from propane alone. Keep the smoky charred corn husk flavor by leaving 1-2 husks on the corn – OR remove all husks and prep corn as noted in the recipe below, laying a couple of the husks flat on the foil we will wrap corn in.

    When corn has been prepped, lay on the husks and fold foil into a pouch to grill. Keep husk side down, and check after 30 minutes. If husks are charred, remove from pouch

    How to tell corn is done. Grilled corn is done when the kernels look slightly wrinkly, are soft to the touch, and have a lovely golden char to each side

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    How To Grill Corn In Foil For The Juicy Kernels

    Grilling corn in foil won’t provide any char or smoky flavor, but it does keep the kernels moist. It’s also a very forgiving method, so it’s great when you can’t constantly watch the cornor if you want to cook the corn over a campfire or at a park.

    1. Shuck the corn like the first two methods and wrap each cob in heavy-duty foil before placing on the grill or over the fire.

    How long to grill corn in foil: Place the foil-wrapped corn on a grill heated to medium-high and cook, turning occasionally, for about 15 minutes. Let cool slightly before carefully unwrapping.

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